Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 542

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 542

Episode 542


The Unmado riverboat was on fire.

There was not a single person alive inside the huge Unmado riverboat.

The soldiers of the Ghost Fleet killed all those on board the Unma Dogangseon. I searched two or three times to see if there were any survivors and killed them again.

It wasn’t just killing people.

All the female passengers were raped and then killed.

After killing everyone like that, the ship Ko Il-won was on suddenly disappeared.

It was another boat going to and from the Yangtze River that discovered the burning Unma Riverboat.

“What is that?”

“The ship is on fire.”

“Put it close.”

The boat approached the Unma Island River Ship to rescue any survivors. However, there was not a single survivor in the burning ship.


“What is this?”

Those who witnessed the horrors inside the Unma Riverboat could not stand the nausea and vomited.

A terrible sight was unfolding before his eyes.

“Some celestials would do this…”

muttered the captain, clenching his fists.

He was familiar with Hwang Cheol, the captain of the Unma Dogang Ship.

He hurriedly searched the ship for Hwang-chul’s body.

Hwang Chul’s body was found in the player.

Even with his limbs cut off.

The captain closed his eyes at the terrible appearance of Hwangcheol.

It wasn’t just yellow iron. Jang Doo-san, the crew, and all the passengers were out of breath.

the captain exclaimed hastily.

“Come on, turn off the lights. I will take this boat to Lake Poyang.”


The sailors hurriedly began to extinguish the fire on the Unmado riverboat.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult to put out the fire on the boat that was soaked with water.

The captain and crew connected the Unma Dogangseon, whose lights had been turned off, to the rear of their ship.

Throughout the operation of the ship, the crew were angry and shed tears.

“What the hell kind of people did this kind of wrathful thing?”

“They must be the Murim people, right? Who else would do this other than them?”

“Geumcheonhoe? Or union association?”

“What do you know who? It’s ugly, but they’re all the same.”

The sailors vomited indignation.

I’ve been to and from the Yangtze River countless times, but I’ve never been as nervous as I am now.

Since the fight between Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe is so vicious, she is extremely nervous every time she goes to and from Poyang Lake.

The boat slowly entered Poyang Lake with the Unma-do steel wire tied to its tail.

People’s attention was focused from the moment the half-burnt Unma Dogangseon appeared.

The fishing boats that carefully operated in Lake Poyang, as well as the boats related to Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe. And all the people waiting for the boat at the dock could not take their eyes off the Unma Dogangseon.

Among them were Pyowol and Hong Yushin.

“No, why the Unmado River Line?”

Hong Yu-shin looked at the half-burnt Unma Dogangseon with a puzzled expression.

On the other hand, Pyowol’s face was hardened beyond words. Instinctively, he sensed that something big had happened.


Finally, the boat with the Unma Riverboat tied to its tail docked at the dock.

People waiting at the dock approached the captain and crew.

“What is it?”

“Why did you bring the Unmado steel wire?”

The captain shook his head in response to people’s questions.

“See for yourself.”


“You will know when you see it for yourself.”

At the words of the captain, people hurriedly climbed onto the Unma River.



Those who unknowingly climbed the Unma Riverboat covered their mouths with their hands.

The deck of the Unmado riverboat was lined with half-burnt bodies. At the sight of the terrifying corpses, those with weak stomachs began to vomit.

“What kind of people…”

“The captain of this ship is definitely Hwangcheol-hyung. That older brother will be retiring in a few days…”


Weeping voices were heard from everywhere.

People couldn’t even dare to look inside the ship anymore at such a gruesome sight.

Pyowol climbed onto the deck and looked around slowly.

‘Like a cow in a slaughterhouse, he was slaughtered while being trapped in a boat.’

He checked the condition of the bodies.

Each wound was deep and fatal.

He wasn’t aiming for urine or bloodletting with an elaborate herbivore diet. It was ignorantly strong internal air or power.

It was a phenomenon that appeared among those who had mastered martial arts.

The more I looked, the more familiar the scars were.

I had seen this kind of wound somewhere before.

Pyowol carefully inspected all the wounds of the dead on the deck.

“Did you find out anything?”

Hong Yu-shin came to Pyo-wol’s side.

Pyowol shook his head and looked at the next corpse.


“Why is that?”

Hong Yu-shin looked at Pyo-wol with a puzzled expression.

“This person is like a guru of non-partisans.”


“This is the face I saw when I went to the shaman group before.”

The person Pyo-wol pointed to was Yun-gwang, the third generation disciple of the shaman faction.

Yoon Kwang was dying with his mouth wide open and a painful expression on his face. Not far from Yoon-gwang, Han-gwang had stopped breathing.

“Why are you a disciple of a non-partisan faction?”

Hong Yu-shin frowned.

Currently, the shaman faction was half sealed.

Although it was not officially declared, the door was locked and refrained from external activities.

“If this happens, the shamans will be given a reason to intervene in the Great War.”

A disciple of Jaffa died at Lake Poyang in the midst of the Great War between Gangs and Lakes.

As a non-partisan, it was more strange to stay still.

It wasn’t just the non-partisan disciple who died.

A number of dead bodies were also found with swords or swords in their hands.

I don’t know which faction these warriors belong to, but those who are related to them won’t stand still.

“A storm will blow over Lake Poyang.”

Hong Yushin shook his head.

It was as if he could see Lake Poyang, which had already turned into a sea of blood.

Thanks to Pyo-wol’s unified affairs in the area, the Gang-ho War seemed to fall into a lull for a while, but it was almost certain that it would flare up again because of today’s incident.

In addition, public sentiment will become even more brutal.

Most of the passengers on the Unma Dogangseon were people who had nothing to do with Gangho.

It was an unwritten rule of the Gangho that no matter how fiercely the fighters fought, they did not harm the civilians.

History has shown that the Munpa, who lost public sentiment, could not dominate the world no matter how strong they were.

Because of that, Gangho’s literary faction tried hard not to lose public sentiment.

It was the same for the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe, but what happened today was like adding fuel to the angry public.

“Everyone get off the boat.”

“Everybody get off.”

The warriors of the Union Association who came running late forced the people on board to disembark.

A look of bewilderment was evident on their faces.

Only the warriors were capable of committing such atrocities.

It was not something the union association did, but it was clear that they would be tied together and criticized.

I had to stop the spread of rumors somehow.

At least until we figure out who did this. However, it was after many people had already witnessed the horrors of the Unmado River Ship.

It was impossible to keep everyone in the dock at bay.

“What kind of people did this?”

The face of the union leader’s face turned white. And Pyowol was watching him.


The massacre of the privately operated Unma Riverboat near Poyang Lake was quickly known throughout the river.

Because it was such a shocking event.

All the unmanned soldiers on the Unma Dogangseon died with horrendous wounds, and the passengers were also devastated.

At least the male passengers died cleanly, but the bodies of the female passengers bore clear signs of coercion.

Witnesses were speechless at the sight of everyone from a young girl to a middle-aged woman being slaughtered.

A series of incidents infuriated people.

Even if it wasn’t, he wasn’t friendly to the unmanned people, but his anger exploded due to this incident.

Ordinary people had only one way to oppose the warriors or gangho clans.

It was just not cooperating with them.

No matter how powerful the munpa was, without the cooperation of the residents living nearby, the eyes and ears were blocked.

For that reason, the Daemun factions took special care of the cities where they had influence. It has been managed for hundreds of years to make it favorable to them. However, the massacre of the Unma Dogangseon at Poyang Lake was enough to demolish the tower that had been built over hundreds of years.

In particular, the closer the area to Poyang Lake, the more severe the public sentiment was.

As a result, many munpa took an emergency.

The fire also fell on the feet of the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe.

The two forces blamed each other and said that the cause of all this was the other.

Kang-ho fell into deep confusion.

One of the munpa who fell into such confusion was the non-partisan faction.

All the leaders were gathered in the shaman faction’s Jaso Palace.

Jinin Cheongjin, a long-time scholar, Jinin Gonjin, Jinang, Jinin Sangjin, who is called the shaman’s first sword, and other elders gathered together with serious expressions on their faces.

Gongjin Jinin, who had been silent until now, opened his mouth.

“It is said that Taewon’s body has been found.”


“In the end…”

The elders let out a sigh and closed their eyes.

The bodies of Yoon-gwang and Han-gwang were found on the Unma Riverboat. But for some reason, Taewon’s body was nowhere to be seen, so he had a glimmer of hope that he might be alive.

Gongjin Jinin continued.

“It is said that a secular disciple of the main sect found it while searching for the Yangtze River, which suffered a cataclysm. However, the condition of the body is said to be very gruesome.”

“How is it?”

“It is said that his head is crushed and it is difficult to recognize his true form.”

“It can’t be….”

“What kind of people did this kind of wrathful thing?”

The elders shouted indignantly.

Taewon belonged to the lower ranks among the disciples of Lee Dae, but was loved by the elders for his calm personality and outstanding talent.

Because of his calm nature and excellent judgment of the situation, he was entrusted with the important task of grasping the situation of the river ahead of the other disciples.

The elders had no doubt that Taewon would do an excellent job. But unexpectedly, the sad news came.

Tae-won, Yoon-gwang, and Han-gwang, who were sent to Lake Poyang by the shaman faction, were all killed.


Sangjin Jinin hit the desk and jumped up.

“Long sentence death penalty! This is undoubtedly a challenge to the nonpartisans. please send me down I will find those who made Taewon and the children like that and make sure they pay for their sins.”


“If we go on like this, the people of the world will look down on us. No matter how much the head faction is in the middle of a temporary siege, the face of the head faction will fall to the floor if this task is overlooked.”

“You’ll get attention when you go. If we do something wrong, the battle between the strong and the strong might further expand.”

Jinjin’s face was full of worry.

Although they have fallen away from people’s attention a little, shamans are still strong.

When Sangjin Jinin, a symbol of non-party force, moved, both Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe could misunderstand that the shaman faction was trying to intervene in the Gangho War.

If done wrong, the shaman faction could get caught up in a real gang-ho war.

Cheongjin Jinin wanted to prevent such a situation.

Sangjin Jinin protested.

“Are you going to stay like this? Three of the children of the main faction died? We must find out who the beast is and punish them.”

“Let’s do this. They belong to the main faction, but the people send out those they do not know.”

Chongjin Jinin came up with an answer after much thought.

“Is there such a person in the main sect?”

“Could it be a long sentence?”


The elders recalled someone and exclaimed.

Chongjin Jinin said with a smile on his lips.

“Yes, let the child go.”

“But doesn’t he catch and teach the Ilgeom Sasuk?”

“I received a call from my teacher a while ago. He said he taught everything to teach.”

“If so…”

The elders looked at each other.

It seemed that everyone was thinking the same thing.

‘It’s a graveyard.’

Everyone except Chongjin Jinin thought so.

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