Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 541

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 541

Episode 541

Hwangcheol worked on the boat for 30 years.

It took 20 years for him to start learning seafaring as a chore on the Unma Riverboat, pass through as a low-level sailor, and finally have his own ship.

Under the support of a strong water owner, he became the captain of a large Unma riverboat, and for 10 years he safely sailed the ship without a single major accident.

Working under the scorching sun, my skin was wrinkled and tanned. So he looked much older than his peers.

Hwangcheol still thought it didn’t matter. Because I worked so hard that all my children were healthy and independent.

“Now this will be over in a few days.”

Hwangcheol murmured as he looked at the vast Yangtze River.

Now he is over fifty years old.

It was too much for him to do the rough boating.

Of course, if you are a little more greedy, you will be able to do it for several more years. However, at this point, Hwangcheol decided to withdraw from the front lines.

I had to leave the house for a month or two after driving the Unma Riverboat to and from the Yangtze River once. When I was raising my children, I didn’t know how hard it was to be away from home like that, but now that I have grandchildren, I keep seeing them in my eyes.

He had saved up quite a bit of money, so he wanted to spend the rest of his life relaxing at home and taking care of his grandchildren. So I told the landlord that I was retiring and got permission.

When he arrived at his destination, Lake Poyang, his 30-year life as a sailor was over.

It was both cool and sad.

Just then, Jang-han, who appeared to be in his mid-40s, approached him.

It was a man named Jang Du-son, who would succeed Hwang-cheol as the captain of the Unma Dogang Ship. Jang Doo-son was a skilled sailor who had worked with Hwang-cheol for nearly twenty years.

Having learned from Hwangcheol, he has an excellent eye for reading the water and has an excellent ability to lead the crew under his command. So, without hesitation, Hwangcheol pointed out Dooson Jang as his successor.

Jang Du-son laughed and said.

“What kind of a young monk are you? Anyone who sees it will know it’s silly. Hehe!”

“It was modest. To that river…”

“Damn it!”

“Hehe! Isn’t that true? Now that you think you have to leave the river and live only on land, the screening is complicated.”

“It’s worth it. How hard would it be to say that you have lived on water all your life and have to adapt to an unfamiliar environment? Still, my brother will be fine.”

“It’s good to have you. Thanks to you, I can retire with peace of mind.”

“Hyung-nim too….”

“Now you will be a captain soon, so would you like to hold the rudder?”

“Is that okay?”

It was the captain’s prerogative to hold the rudder.

It was unacceptable to hold the rudder without the captain’s permission.

In the meantime, Hwang-chul had Jang Du-son hold the rudder whenever he had time. He was raised as a captain beforehand.

Because of that, I was used to holding the rudder, but it felt new to hold it with the promotion of captain right in front of my eyes.

Hwangcheol said as he looked around the Unma Dogangseon.

“It’s your ship now. Please treat it with respect.”

“Don’t worry bro!”

“Then I will entrust you with sailing to Lake Poyang.”

“Aren’t you going to finish it yourself?”

“Will driving a boat for a few more days make a difference? I need to stop lingering from now on.”

Hwangcheol laughed and went down to the deck.

Jang Du-son looked at Hwang-cheol’s back with a salty expression.

It was heartbreaking to know that the sky-like older brother who had led him was retiring, and the fact that he had to take responsibility for this big ship after him made him daunted.

To be born as a man and be able to take full responsibility for such a large ship was amazing.

“From now on, I will be in charge of this ship.”

Jang Du-son muttered that and looked ahead.

Fortunately, it has not rained recently, so the current of the Yangtze River was not strong. Because of that, it wasn’t too difficult to climb the waterway.

Jang Du-son still remained vigilant.

It was Hwangcheol’s idea that big things happen when he’s not paying attention, and Jang Doo-son also took his teaching and paid attention.

It was then.


There was a strange sight in his eyes.

A large ship appeared in the distance.

“what? Why is the sea or a sailing ship in a place like this?”

Having been boating for a long time, Zhang Duson noticed that the boat in the distance did not match the Yangtze River.

The bow was high and the hull was streamlined to make it easy to navigate through high waves. It was unnecessarily good to operate in fresh water with a gentle flow and few waves, such as the Yangtze River.

Occasionally, there were boats going up the Yangtze River, but it was true that they were hard to see.

The problem is that the big ship is coming straight towards the Unma Island.

If we went on like this, we could collide.

Jang Du-son hurriedly turned the rudder and shouted.

“A big ship is approaching ahead. All sailors prepare for a crash.”

Surprised by his cry, the sailors moved busily.


Hwangcheol, who was spending a leisurely time among the passengers, looked ahead in surprise.

Even his eyes could see a large ship approaching at terrifying speed.

Anyone can see that the Unmado River Line was the goal.

“Numerical? Of course, at this time…”

He made a puzzled expression.

The Great War was now in full swing.

Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe, and the munpas related to them were colliding. Among them, there were many large wild vegetables in the green forest. There was no room for the enemy to dare to intervene.

When the Unmado Gangseon changed direction, the large ship also changed its direction and followed.

This made it clear.

The fact that the target of the approaching ship is the Unma Island River Ship.

Dang dang dang!

The bell announcing an emergency rang.

Still, there were people who were unconcerned.

“You dare to be a number…”

“No luck. You’re targeting the ship we’re on.”

They were soldiers who went to Lake Poyang to participate in the Gangho Daejeon.

They were those who jumped into the battlefield for the sake of fame.

Rather, they were happy with the current situation where they could make a name for themselves.

On the other hand, there were also those who looked at the warriors with a worried expression.


“Were there any bandits near Poyang Lake?”

At first glance, they looked like ordinary warriors, but in fact they were shamanic warriors.

In order to grasp the situation of the Gangho War triggered by the conflict between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe, the shaman faction secretly sent out guru.

Tae-won, the second great disciple, and Yun-gwang and Han-gwang, the third great disciple.

The shamans were currently locking the door and building a wall with the outside. But that didn’t mean I completely let go.

Along with Shaolin Temple, he was always closely watching the trend of Kang Ho because he was proud of being the North Head of Mount Tai.

From the point of view of the non-partisan faction, Kang-ho’s situation was not serious.

The damage is much greater than they expected, and adverse effects are appearing on the entire river.

There was a limit to only the information heard across one bridge. So, the shaman faction sent one of the second generation and two of the third generation directly to Poyang Lake to find out the situation.

Taewon looked at the approaching ship with sharp eyes.

“It seems like it’s not an ordinary boat.”

“What should I do? Sasuk!”

“For now, we keep an eye on the situation and intervene when it gets worse.”

“You want to intervene? Then your identity may be exposed.”

“Saving people’s lives is more important than exposing our identities. Most of the passengers on this ship are ordinary people. How can I ignore them?”

“My thoughts were short.”

Yoon Kwang immediately apologized.

Taewon nodded and looked ahead.

In the meantime, the big ship was getting much closer.

Sailors shouted.

“Turn around.”


They continued to shout, but the big ship came at full speed, ignoring it, and crashed right into it.


With a roar, the bow of the Unma Dogangseon was shattered.


“Gagging! help me!”

The deck of the Unma Riverboat became a mess in an instant.

Passengers screamed as they were thrown in all directions.

In just one collision, most of the passengers suffered serious injuries or fell into the water as a result of the impact.

“These guys!”

“What is this?”

The soldiers on the Unma Dogangseon were furious and pulled out their swords.

At that moment, sailors armed with hooks, harpoon knives, and swords jumped out of the large ship that had crashed into the Unma Riverboat.

They slaughter the passengers on the Unma Riverboat without any hesitation.



“Buy and save me!”

Passengers screamed and ran away. However, those who came over from the big boat pursued them to the end and killed them.

“These madmen!”


The soldiers on the Unma Dogangsun fought against those who got off the big ship.

Chow Chow Chow!

The sound of weapons clashing echoed loudly.

Enraged warriors fought bravely against the invaders.

The martial arts level was similar.

The warriors who jumped off the big ship were strong, but the level of those who rode the Unma Island River was also not good.

The problem was the numerical inferiority.

The number of soldiers who jumped in from the big ship was over a hundred, but there were only about 20 soldiers on the Unma Dogangseon.

Being outnumbered and outnumbered, they had no choice but to be pushed back helplessly.



One after another, unmanned people and passengers died.

Among them was Captain Hwang Chul, who was about to retire.

‘Damn your wife. I’m going to push you to retire a little earlier. He told me to work more for no reason…’

The fat and ugly face of his wife flickered in front of his eyes. It was the last memory he recalled alive.


A steel sword mercilessly cut his throat.

Beside him, the eldest son who had inherited the captaincy was dead.

Tae-won, unable to see the tragedy, gave orders to Yoon-gwang and Han-gwang.

“We are also participating.”


“All right.”

Yoon-gwang and Han-gwang answered as they drew their swords.

“let’s go!”

Tae-won jumped into the lead, followed by Yoon-gwang and Han-gwang.

As a disciple of the prestigious shaman faction, their inaction was great.

It was enough to change the atmosphere of the battlefield in an instant just because they jumped in.

“Stop the slaughter.”

“Back off.”

The three held a shamanic feast and drove those who jumped off the big boat.

Those who slaughter the passengers and unmanned without hesitation in their fearsome inaction hesitated for a moment.

Taewon swung his sword and shouted.

“Who are you guys doing this slaughter?”

His sword cut the opponent in two and fell down.

It was when Taewon was looking for the next opponent and blinking his eyes.

“A non-partisan guru.”

Suddenly, a heavy voice was heard.

Taewon turned his head to find the owner of the voice.

The owner of the voice was a large man standing at the bow of a large ship.

The hair that hung down to the shoulders and the long cloth made of animal skin were impressive.

He was looking at Taewon with his arms crossed.

Tae-won shouted.

“You are their leader. Why don’t you reveal your identity?”

“A guru or something like that shouts pretending to have quite a bit of stamina.”


Taewon got angry and jumped on top of the big boat.

he shouted as he pointed his sword.

“If you don’t reveal your identity, I will cut you down.”

“If you can, do whatever you can.”


Taewon was angry and held a shamanic feast.


His sword split into dozens and attacked the man.

As a disciple of the shaman faction, Taewon’s swordsmanship was on a very high level. It’s not a level that a martial artist can handle. But unfortunately for him, the man wasn’t the kind of warrior that is often seen in Gangho.


As he lightly stepped on the advance, a harpoon rolled across the deck floated to the surface and was placed in his hand.

The man threw the harpoon directly at Taewon.


“joy! This little thing…”

Taewon tried to cut down the flying harpoon at once with a sharp pangong sound.


However, with a metal sound, his sword bounced emptyly.



The harpoon that bounced off Taewon’s sword pierced his chest.


Tae-won collapsed with a desperate scream.

Taewon looked up at the man with an expression of disbelief.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Go Il-won.”

“Go… member?”

“I am the sole owner of the ghost fleet.”


Go Il-won stepped on Tae-won’s head with his big foot.

Taewon’s head exploded like a rotten pumpkin.

Go Il-won, who killed Tae-won in an instant, told his subordinates.

“Leave no one alive.”

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