Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 540

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 540

Episode 540


Hong Yushin looked at the river and sighed.

There was a sense of desolation in his sigh.

“I asked you a favor, but I really thought you would do it.”

Hong Yu-shin shook his head with a puzzled expression.

He picked up a stone and threw it into the river.


The wide stones stretched out, making water swallows.

Countless ripples were created where the stone hit the water’s surface.

Hong Yu-shin looked at the traces made by the stones with his arm on his waist.

“Stupid human. I thought you were going to suppress the murder by just being scared, but you did it all at once.”

A series of inquiries.

It was something no one had ever dreamed of.

Right now, he only organized the slaughterhouses that flocked to the Poyangho area, but if he is given time, he will be able to put all the slaughterhouses in the world under his feet.

If that really happened, another force threatening the Geumcheonhoe or the Eunryeonhoe would emerge.

Thinking that this happened because of a request he had made to Pyowol, he suddenly felt chills.


Hong Yu-shin rubbed his shoulders with both arms. Even so, the chills did not go away.

“Phew! I don’t know anymore.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

At that moment, someone’s voice came from behind.

Hearing the familiar voice, Hong Yu-shin cautiously turned around. Then he saw the person he had mentioned earlier.

“Pyo… Daehyup?”

A man wearing a hat with a bloody coat was standing behind him before he knew it.

Even though his face was not visible because of the deeply pressed hat, Hong Yu-shin recognized his face at once.

Pyo-wol was the only man with such a unique and disparate atmosphere.

Pyowol said.

“Long time no see.”

“Are you here yourself?”

“why? Is there anything I shouldn’t be doing?”

“That’s not it… Ah!”

Hong Yu-shin stuttered.

It was because Pyowol’s status had changed, so he was careful about how to speak.

After thinking about it for a while, he decided to just talk comfortably as before.

“Wasn’t it tidying up the inside of the door? After all, since we took in those who were strong enough to live, it must be a problem starting with setting the order?”

“Nothing to worry about.”


“Because I can make it clear on my own.”

“What is it?”

“Anyway, the strong one will occupy the high position.”

Pyowol smiled softly.

He knew very well what Hong Yu-shin was worried about. But he didn’t have to worry.

Pyo-wol pushed all the assassins of Salmun under his command into one space. He had driven them into an underground cavity-like environment in which he had spent his childhood.

From now on, they will compete with each other and fight bloody battles. And those who are strong will naturally rise to the top, and those who are not will be placed at the bottom.

Some might say harsh.

In order to maintain an organization for a long time, bloody competition is good, but an appropriate policy of unity was also necessary. Organizations that failed to do so had no choice but to collapse like a sandcastle.

Pyowol knew that too.

Nevertheless, the reason why I used this method was because I had no intention of maintaining a consistent life for a long time.

When the chaos of Kang Ho is over, the unified Salmun will disband again.

Until then, he intended to rule with an iron fist.

Pyo-wol only took the big picture and left the details to Salno and Hong Ye-seol. Now they will take care of themselves and organize the unified sales and raise their power.

Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo Nam Shin-woo also decided to take this opportunity to practice at the closed hall.

They had a foundation that would make them much stronger than they are now.

If you work hard, you will definitely achieve great results.

After Pyo-wol sorted everything out, he left Solgawon alone and found Hong Yu-shin.

Hong Yu-shin asked Pyo-wol.

“Did you have dinner?”


“Good for you. I am still empty. There is a guesthouse with good food in Poyang Lake. We eat and talk there.”

“Do that.”

“Let’s go.”

Hong Yu-shin took the lead.

Pyowol also followed suit.

The wind was cold, as if autumn was coming to an end.

“eww! cold.”

Hong Yu-shin deliberately exaggeratedly trembled.

Pyo-wol knew it was a gesture to shake off the awkward atmosphere.

As I walked along Hong Yu-sin, I arrived at Poyang Lakeside city before I knew it.

Poyang Lake was a huge lake, reminiscent of the sea.

The vast lake made the nearby soil fertile, and the crop-growing land attracted people.

The people gathered like that made a huge city.

There were several cities built like that along Poyang Lake.

It was one of those cities that Hong Yu-shin brought Pyo-wol.

The atmosphere in the city was very grim. There were hardly any people on the streets, and all the people who happened to be seen were unarmed armed men.

Ordinary people lock their doors and refrain from going out.

Yushin Hong said.

“Otherwise, the atmosphere was gloomy because of the Gangho Daejeon, but the atmosphere completely went to hell because of the Dochang incident.”

Dochang was one of the largest cities in Poyang Lake. Such a large city suffered great damage due to a mud fight involving Seolhwa Geomdae, Mangeomdae, and strong warriors.

It was the assassins of Pyowol and Salmun that had a decisive negative impact on public sentiment.

The assassins of Salmun completely subdued the warriors.

The problem was that not a single person died, including Mangeomdae, Seolhwageomdae, and even the warriors.

Kang-ho’s common sense was that it was harder to subdue without killing than to kill.

Even more so, if the opponent was a warrior who had learned martial arts, it was several times more difficult to subdue them without killing them.

Nevertheless, the assassins of Salmun, led by Pyowol, completely took control of the chaos of Dochang and subdued the warriors.

He did what everyone thought was impossible.

A series of events instilled great fear in the people around Poyang Lake. That’s why people refrain from going outside even in broad daylight and stay inside their homes.

At least, the inns that were selling to unmanned people were open, so we were able to get a meal.

The place where Hong Yu-shin took Pyo-wol was a very shabby inn.

The guesthouse run by an elderly couple was not very large.

It was small enough to be operated by only two people. So there were not many guests.

If possible, the warriors looked for a large and fancy inn, but they did not find such a shabby inn. But those in the know knew. How delicious is the food in this shabby guesthouse.

“Old man, please bring some red chicken meat and some rice.”

As soon as Hong Yushin sat down, he ordered.

The old owner glanced at Hong Yu-shin, nodded, and went inside.

Yushin Hong said.

“The red chicken is excellent here. There is no paradise with a glass of alcohol. Would you like a drink?”


“Then I will drink alone. Will that be okay?”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

“thank you. Hehe!”

Hong Yushin laughed.

The tension seemed to have eased somewhat now.

Even after entering the room, Pyowol did not take off his hat. It was because of people’s eyes.

His appearance is so famous that if he reveals his bare face, his true identity will be revealed before he can get a glimpse of it.

At times like this, the appearance that stands out too much felt cumbersome. However, I couldn’t spend my whole life changing my face with a reverse bone ball, so I had to endure some discomfort.

While the food was being served, Pyo-wol looked at the street in silence. At the same time, Hong Yu-shin also looked at the street.

Looking at the deserted street, Pyowol opened his mouth.

“How’s the atmosphere at the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe?”

“It’s an atmosphere of great shock and restraint on both sides.”

“Because of work at the dock?”

“It must have been a spine-chilling event for them. I didn’t know that the assassins they ignored and looked down on so much could band together and commit such a big thing.”

Until now, purchases were just consumables that could be used and discarded at any time. If you give me a few pennies, you can do whatever you want, so there was no better tool than this.

However, that perception has changed due to Dochang’s incident.

They began to perceive Salmoon as a threat rather than a usable hand.

Moreover, Pyo-wol was the head of the unified salmun.

The combination of Pyowol and Salmun was recognized as a major threat to the existing ganghomun faction. That is why they refrain from outside activities and take measures against murder.

Yushin Hong said.

“Now they will be a little more self-respecting.”

If it was the same as before, they would have fought against each other regardless of the damage around them, but since the third forces, Pyowol and Salmoon, appeared, they had no choice but to pay attention.

A sense of crisis overtook them that if they made a mistake, they could be eaten by the moon.

It was the result Hong Yu-shin wanted so much.

It is impossible to predict how the situation will develop after that, but for now, just being able to catch my breath was satisfying enough.

After a while the food came out.

The broth was all red and looked very spicy.

Hong Yu-sin said while scooping red chicken meat into Pyo-wol’s bowl.

“Try it once. You will be able to experience a miraculous experience in which your whole body is sweating.”

He filled his bowl with red chicken meat.

Pyo-wol carefully took a bite of the red chicken and ate it.

In an instant, a deep gorge opened between his brows.

It was because of the intense spicy taste that stimulates the tongue.

It wasn’t just the color red. The red chicken meat had a strong spicy taste that seemed to hit the brain directly.

Hong Yushin smiled lightly.

“Awesome, right? Right now, your tongue will feel numb, but you will become addicted to the taste when you eat it.”

He greedily began to eat red chicken.

Thick drops of sweat flowed down Hong Yu-shin’s face like a waterfall.

Pyo-wol looked at his face for a while and ate the red chicken again. Beads of sweat soon formed on his face.

It was a very addictive taste.

I could see why Hong Yu-shin highly praised the food here.

Pyowol ate some and put down his chopsticks. I deliberately stopped eating halfway through.

Such a pungent taste dulls the senses of an assassin. For that reason, Pyo-wol deliberately left food without eating it all.

Hong Yu-shin was different.

He ate all the red chicken meat without leaving a drop of broth. Thanks to that, his whole body was drenched in sweat, but he had a very happy expression.

Hong Yu-shin took a drink to relieve his thirst.

Even if it wasn’t so, when the solo drink entered his hot mouth, it felt as if his insides were on fire. Still, Hong Yu-shin did not erase his happy smile.

After finishing the meal, Hong Yoo-shin tilted his glass and told Pyo-wol about Kang-ho’s current trend.

It had already been delivered as a booklet through Doyeonsan and Eunyo, but hearing it through Hong Yushin’s mouth felt different.

It felt much more lively, and the situation at Poyang Lake was organized more clearly.

Pyowol listened to Hong Yushin’s words and looked out the window.


Suddenly, Pyowol’s eyes shone.

It was because a group of unmanned soldiers walking down the street in front of the guesthouse caught his eye.

The young warriors, who seemed to be the same age as Doyeonsan, were walking along talking about what was so fun about them.

I saw a familiar face among them.

‘Debt prison!’

He was Chae Chae-ok, a young soldier who came with Pyo-wol and Sang-eum.

He saved Go Mo-jin from being pursued by Rachaldae in Sangeum and escaped with him, and he appeared on the shore of Poyang Lake.

It wasn’t just debt prison. The rubber jean he saved was also walking in the lead.

Then Hong Yushin said.

“Do you know anyone at Uicheon University?”

“Uicheon University?”

“The group Pyo Daehyeop is looking at is Uicheon University. It is a group led by Gomujin Sohyeop of Chiljeolmun (七絶門) and has recently emerged at the Eunryeonhoe. It is said that there are a lot of people who follow him because he is loyal and popular. Especially that little boy.”

The person Hong Yu-shin pointed with his finger was Chae Chae-ok.

“Why is he?”

“This is a boy named Chae Moo-ok, and he is famous for his strong martial arts and upright mind. It is one of the new deities created by the Gangho Great War of Lake Poyang.”

“is it?”

It was then.

As if by chance, Chae Chae-ok headed to the place where Pyowol was.

Pyowol pressed his hat deeper.

Chae Chae-ok tilted her head at the sight of such a pyowol.

Gomujin, who was walking in the lead, asked.

“what’s the matter?”

“Oh no. I just felt like I saw someone I knew.”

“Then go and say hello.”

“no. It seems to be an illusion. He can’t be here.”


“There is such a person.”

Chao Chao-ok smiled and took the lead.

Pyo-wol looked at Chae-ok’s back for a long time. The lips exposed under the hat were drawing an arc.

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