Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 539

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 539

Episode 539

Pyowol returns to Solgawon with Eunyo and Doyeonsan.

Fortunately, Eun-yo’s condition was not bad. It was thanks to the lifeguard given by God.

Although the internal wound could not be cured at once, it improved considerably. That was enough.

Eun-yo went straight to Ungong Yosang, and Do Yeon-san was put in a training center.

This is what I realized. It means that his martial arts are still lacking.

Do Yeon-san started training with poison.

I thought the moon was a good phenomenon.

This is because what Do Yeon-san lacked the most was poison.

After avenging his parents and younger brother, Do Yeon-san had no particular desire. At least he met Eun-yo and regained his energy to live, but he couldn’t find a reason to become stronger.

I trained because I wanted to make good use of the power left by the ghost king, but that was all I wanted to do to make good use of what I had.

I hadn’t even thought about getting stronger and drawing more power than I had. However, this incident changed his mind.

Pyowol willingly accepted such a change in Doyeonsan. So I gave him a training center.

Pyowol came out as a sponsor. Then Salno approached cautiously and asked.

“Is the potter okay?”

“It will be fine.”

“Fortunately, the. Because you are strong.”


“By the way, can I ask you one question?”

“What are you curious about?”

“Namgung Sojeo.”

“Why did you just let it go?”


Salno answered honestly.

Namgungseol was a woman with great ambition.

Just looking at how she tried to subjugate Eunryeonhoe and dedicate it to Lee Geom-han showed how great her ambition was.

It was clear that a big incident would happen because of her if left alone. It didn’t make sense to just leave such a risk element unattended.

“It’s because of this sword.”

“Are you afraid of him?”

“It’s not scary, but I don’t want to turn it into an enemy at this time.”

“As expected…”

Salno made an expression of admiration.

Even the clash between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe was sinking the world into deep confusion. In addition, if the variable named Lee Geum-han intervenes, the confusion will reach the extreme.

If possible, Pyo-wol wanted the union association, where he had many people he knew, to be the winner of this great battle.

It was because they thought that if they took hegemony, the whole world would find a little more stability.

It was the destiny of Salmun to prosper only when the world is chaotic.

This is because a lot of requests come in and you can earn a lot of money.

It was an attribute of life-style to become parasitized in war and raise taxes. However, as Pyo-wol became the supreme being, the money line of the subjugated Salmun was tightly blocked.

For the time being, I could bear it, but as time went on, it was clear that the money supply would gradually dry up and die.

It was a problem that Pyowol had to solve as long as he decided to become the supreme leader of Salmun.

Salno wondered how Pyowol would solve it. But what I was more curious about was the point of view of the moon.

It was a common symbol for all the gates that came in near Poyang Lake.

Except for Baek Guryun and a few Salmun, most of them were a group of mediocre assassins, but they formed a force that could not be ignored.

Even if it was just yesterday, the commotion that arose in the Dochang was put to rest in one fell swoop. And that too without any casualties.

It was not simply a power that could not be ignored, but a force that could put a foot in the hegemony of Lake Poyang.

Salmun may not be able to seize the hegemony of the world, but it was clear that the direction they took would change depending on which side they took.

What Pyowol did last night was a kind of show of force.

Now the world will know.

It means that Pyo-wol has been able to do it all.

Salmun subdued all the warriors fighting in the Dochang without shedding a single drop of blood.

No matter how busy they were fighting each other, it was a very shocking event to subdue them all without a single wound.

It’s still quiet, but what happened last night will spread through the mouths of the warriors who were overpowered by Salmun’s assassins. And everyone will know how formidable the power of unified proselytizing is.

Pyo-wol, through a single show of force, made known to the world the power of living in unity with himself.

Now, the munpa who participated in the Gangho Daejeon will not be able to recklessly attempt to assassinate a political opponent using prostitution.

That alone could calm the bloody wind that was raging all over the world.

If Pyo-wol could not hold back his anger yesterday and killed Namgung-seol, Lee Geom-han would have participated in the Great War without hesitation.

If the successor of Gwangmumun, one of the strongest clans in the world, participates in the Great War, chaos will grow out of control.

So, Pyo-wol suppressed his anger and only slightly hurt Namgung-seol.

That much alone made him think that he had erased his debt to Lee Geom-han.

Of course, it was still unclear whether the other party would accept it that way.

Salno asked cautiously.

“If you do, what do you plan to do next? Are you going to stay at Solgawon like this?”

“no way?”


“We have to train the ragtags first.”

“You mean the assassins you recently accepted?”

“Everyone including them.”


At Pyowol’s declaration, Salno unknowingly let out a quiet voice.

All the saloons gathered around Poyang Lake were united, but there was a considerable gap in power between them.

The assassins of the Ten Bloods and the Baekgwiryun had the best fighting power, but the killing methods and martial arts of the other assassins were not far behind.

This is because most of them learned how to kill with fists, except for a few salmun.

Most of the people who overpowered the warriors of Dochang last night were the assassins of Baek Guryun.

In order for the unified salmun to work properly, they had to raise their level first.

Just like So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-woo did.

Pyowol’s eyes grew cold as he remembered the two.

Although they are hiding right now, it was clear that they would intervene in Kang-ho’s affairs in some way.

Gangho Daejeon was a golden opportunity that they had wanted and promoted so much.

Such a huge war is bound to turn into money, and the gold seeds sown here will become nourishment for them to grow.

There was no way Sawyeowol would miss such a good opportunity.

At least, So Yeo-wol, whom Pyo-wol knew, was a person who knew how to seize the opportunity that came to him.

To keep So Yeo-wol and Guryongsalmak in check, first of all, they had to raise the level of the skilled assassins.

To do so, severe training had to be accompanied.

Salno said cautiously.

“I know what you mean, but it will take a lot of time. Any ideas?”

Pyowol smiled instead of answering.

Salno unknowingly shuddered at his cool smile.


The whole story of the incident that happened last night spread rapidly.

Because it was such a shocking event.

Conflict between Seolhwa Swordsman and Mangeomdae, and the intervention of the warriors at the swordsman led the situation to grow out of control.

Due to their fight, the Dochang was destroyed to such an extent that it could no longer be found. However, there was shocking information that it was the assassins who ended the fight.

At first nobody believed it.

Because it was such an incredible story. However, the truth of the incident was revealed through the mouths of the warriors who jumped into the fight the previous day and were subdued by the assassins.

“We were fighting fiercely for a long time, but he came up like a cat and put a sword to his neck. rebellion? Shit! How do you rebel in that situation? If you don’t want to die, you should be suppressed quietly.”

“They quietly dragged us to the clearing in Dochang. He hadn’t said a word until then. I tried to ask her identity, but when I tried to open her mouth, she tried to stab her with a sword. oh my god? You should be quiet.”

Taken to the clearing, they were soon overpowered by blood.

The assassins left them unconscious and went to subdue the other warriors.

A series of actions continued throughout the night, and the empty lot was filled with subdued unmanned soldiers.

There were no dead or wounded.

I couldn’t even dream of rebelling.

It was because they didn’t even detect the approach of the assassins.

Three or four assassins attached to one soldier and subdued them.

The great uproar that seemed to burn the night of the swordsman was evolved by the assassins.

At the center of it was a pyowol.

The only time Pyowol showed up was when he subdued Namgungseol.

The Seolhwa Sword Corps, which followed Namgungseol, were all overpowered by the Heuksaldae led by Pyowol.

Most of the warriors of the Seolhwa Sword Corps were taken to the clearing, but there were those who remained subdued and watched as Namgungseol was insulted by Pyowol.

They kept their mouths shut to protect Namgungseol’s honor. However, it took a toll on his mind so much that he drank alcohol. And drunkenly, without realizing it, he talked about it hesitantly.

That’s how the truth of last night became widely known to people.

People were astonished.

It was shocking that the assassins intervened in Do-chang’s case, but it was even more shocking that they all listened to Pyo-wol’s orders.

People thought of Pyowol as a single-minded general.

He might be strong enough to be called the Four Gods, but he was not one to be the leader of a group because of his lack of interpersonal relationships.

That is what people think of as transcendence, which is human identity.

So I never imagined that he would integrate Salmun and put it under his feet.

The combination of pyol and salmun was the worst combination.

It is for the warriors who live with enemies in the world of Kang Ho.

In particular, those who were most shocked by the series of events were the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe.

Only then was the question resolved.

This is the reason why the assassins of Salmun, who have gathered around Lake Poyang, have not been accepting their requests for some time now.

Also, the reason for canceling and paying the cancellation fee for the already accepted request.

Immediately, an emergency was put on the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe.

Because it was completely unexpected.

Fortunately, the union was better.

This is because Namgungwol, who exerts the greatest influence at the union association, has a close relationship with Pyowol.

Even if he didn’t receive the Union Federation’s request, he was sure that at least he wouldn’t be hostile.

On the other hand, there was an emergency in Geumcheonhoe.

This is because everyone from Jang Moo-geuk, the owner of Geumcheonhoe, to Dokgo-hwang, Lee In-ja, was at odds with Pyowol.

It was a big loss from the fact that the priests did not accept the request of the Geumcheonhoe right away.

Because of this, Geumcheonhoe felt the need to completely revise the Daegye.

All efficient methods that had been done so far had to be reviewed from scratch.

Because of that, the Geumcheonhoe was upset.

“Couldn’t it be that the god of death has even taken over the hundred ghosts? Still, Baek Guryun is the best person

in the world…”

“It would be the worst situation if the Shinigami even reaped a hundred ghosts.”

“yes! It’s like a tiger even got wings.”

Zhang Wu-geuk frowned at the sound he heard from outside.

He was good at controlling his emotions, but he couldn’t this time.

That’s because the psychological damage he suffered was quite large.

“Was it not a wolf, but a tiger? I underestimated his vessel.”

“sorry. It looks like we sent you the wrong information.”

There was a man who apologized to Zhang Mu-geuk.

It was a middle-aged man in a black military uniform.

The crown on his head, the clothes he was wearing, and the Seopseon he was holding were all black. Conversely, his skin was very pale, in contrast.

Zhang Mu-geuk looked at the middle-aged man with deep sunken eyes.

The middle-aged man was not his subordinate.

He was the henchman of his father, Jang Chun-hwa.

It was the first black and white insignificance, which can be said to be the left and right wings of Jang Chun-hwa, and was a false signal.

Wei Shin-ho was not only strong in martial arts, but also had a deep heart, and was trusted by Chang Tian-hwa.

Not only did he have tremendous authority to handle pretty much anything without Zhang Chunhua’s permission, but he was also a talented person who never let Zhang Chunhua down.

Wisinho said while gently sending Seopseon.

“If the Archduke is concerned, we will take care of it ourselves.”

“No reservations.”

“Do you have any reason to go back the hard way?”

“Until now, I have achieved everything on my own. Now, I have no intention of leaving a stain on my career with the help of the chief.”

“If that’s what the Grand Duke thinks, then I won’t force you any further. Be careful instead.”

“Why do you think I will be beaten by him?”

“It’s not like that…”

“That’s okay. Go away. Before others see…”


The fake signal bowed its head.

his lips were swollen.

‘Maan Seo Woo-il is dead.’

I wanted to say one last thing, but I couldn’t bear to say it to Zhang Wu-geuk.

It is because when Seo Woo-il’s death is announced, he has to tell the truth that he secretly took care of Jang Mu-geuk.

Zhang Wu-geuk had a strong sense of pride and hated such help.

‘I’m sure he’ll get through it on his own.’

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