Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 538

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 538

Episode 538

Namgungseol’s beautiful face is distorted like a yakcha.

Despite receiving her frightening eyes, Pyo-wol paid no attention and looked at Eun-yo in her arms.


“It is a little late. Are you okay?”


Eunyo shook her head.

Namgungseol’s attack inflicted serious internal injuries on her.

The internal wound was so deep that it could only be healed after a few months of regular training.

At that time, Doyeon Mountain approached Pyowol.

Doyeonsan’s body was drenched in blood and sweat.

Do Yeon-san’s eyes shook as she looked at Eun-yo.

Eun-yo was hurt because he couldn’t deal with the Seolhwa sword quickly. Doyeonsan couldn’t bear to look at her directly.


Pyo-wol handed over the silver song to Do Yeon-san.

“are you okay! You might get hurt a little.”

Eun-yo spoke differently from Pyo-wol.

If he complained to Pyo-wol, it was a way of speaking to reassure Do Yeon-san.

Do Yeon-san gritted it.

Because he was weak, he couldn’t shake off the thought that Eun-yo was injured.

‘You have to be stronger. more!’

Doyeonsan quietly stepped back with Eunyo in his arms and took the life jacket. Even so, he did not take his eyes off Namgungseol.

Namgungseol’s eyes were fixed on Pyowol.

She was glaring at Pyowol with fearful eyes, but deep inside she was very perplexed.

I couldn’t feel the presence of the Seolhwa Sword Corps, which always hovered around me.

I felt like I was abandoned all alone.

I was afraid because it was the first time I felt this way.

“What the hell have you done? Couldn’t you have removed all of the Seolhwa Sword Belts?”

“I held it down for a while.”

“You mean you subdued that many people alone?”

“There’s nothing I can’t do.”


Namgungseol resolutely denied it.

A smile came to the corners of Pyowol’s lips.

Seeing him smiling with his white teeth slightly exposed, Namgungseol shuddered slightly.

Pyowol said.

“It’s a lie.”

“After all, you weren’t alone.”

“Because I don’t have to move alone.”

“for a moment! Not being alone…”

Namgungseol’s face turned white.

Pyowol’s feeling known to Gangho was that of a wolf wandering Gangho alone.

Although they were armed with unimaginable killing methods and strong martial arts, they did not form a specific force or move for a specific purpose.

For that reason, many people paid attention to transcendence, but were not very wary.

There are bound to be limits to what one can do alone, and this was especially true in times of chaos like today’s strongholds.

There were clear limits to what individuals could do in a chaotic world where groups were formed and fiercely confronted according to ideals and ambitions and individual beliefs.

That’s why everyone was afraid of transcendence, but they weren’t particularly wary of him.

However, if there are those who follow Pyowol, the story is different.

No matter what anyone says, Pyowol is a man who has risen to the pinnacle of assassins.

Even though he was an assassin, he was the kind of warrior who would not be pushed back even if he fought head-on with the Eight Constellations.

If followers follow such an absolute adherent, the problem becomes serious.

Forming power is because it has the same property as a snowball, so the more it rolls, the bigger it grows.

It was difficult in the beginning, but once the followers of him started attaching themselves, it wasn’t that difficult to call the force.

‘It’s not an ordinary moonpa or warrior. If such people had followed the author, they would have already been detected by the intelligence network.’

With Namgungseol’s intelligence and intelligence, he was able to quickly grasp the extent of the movement of quite a few munpa. However, the power was wide and there were places where her influence did not reach.

Just like Pyowol, beings who live in the shadows.

‘Could it be the assassins?’

The worst assumptions came to her mind.

It was quite possible.

If Pyowol, standing at the apex of the assassins, decided to unite them, there was no one to stop them.

If Pyowol had taken the assassins under his command, the current situation would have been understood.

this stillness.

The Sulwha Swordsman’s actions were hidden.

The collision of unmanned people that suddenly stopped.

Dochang’s silence was all understood.

All of this was done by the assassins who followed that man.

I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t know how it was possible, but it was clear what Pyowol’s subordinates had done.

‘Even if it’s not the case, does that mean that a scary person even has the power?’

A word popped into her mind.

“Salmun is unified. Could it be that you’ve been able to get through the door?”


“My God!”

Pyowol did not answer anything, but Namgungseol was sure.

It was then.


Black shadows began to gather around the moon.

They were the very beings that Namgungseol mistook for a black tidal wave.

Hong Ye-seol’s brain, hemophilia, Sayoung’s salno, and even the black flesh.

Everyone stood quietly behind Pyowol’s back.

The bleakness and silence typical of assassins took over the streets.

Namgungseol couldn’t even breathe deeply because of the yin energy they radiated.

This feeling, as if hundreds of blades had been pressed against one’s body, could never be understood by those who had not experienced it.

Namgungseol’s gaze turned to Hongyeseol, who was behind Pyowol.

I knew the moment I saw that he was the assassin who killed the seven sages and brought about this turbulent world.

It was impossible not to know because he personally moved his troops to catch Hong Ye-seol. In fact, Hong Ye-seol was seriously injured and wandered the line between life and death.

Because of that, Hong Ye-seol had a great grudge against Namgung-seol. Although he was pursued because of what he had done, he could not forget the memory of being chased by Namgungseol like a prey as if nothing had happened.

In Hong Ye-seol’s mind, he wanted to attack Namgung-seol right away and take her life. But she knew how to discriminate between public and private affairs.

That’s why I tried to calm my anger and stayed quiet.

Namgungseol said to Pyowol.

“Are you going to kill me?”

“Not yet…”

“Looks like you don’t want the problem to get any bigger than this.”

“Not yet…”

“Good. I’ll leave quietly. It seems that today is not the day.”

In my mind, I wanted to attack Pyowol with all my might. However, there was a high risk of injury or loss of life.

I wasn’t afraid of getting hurt, but I wanted to refrain from getting hurt without getting anything.

Pyowol said.

“You’d better get out of the union association.”

“Is it a threat?”

“I’ll leave it as advice.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“It sounds like you’re not going to back down.”

“Because there is a situation on this side as well.”

“Is it because of this sword?”

“To some extent.”

“I don’t think he wants you to act like this.”

“He will understand.”

“My ears are blocked. Seeing that you only think of what you want.”

“Most successful people think that way. Sometimes that one-sided flow of thought is a powerful driving force for success.”

Namgungseol broke through, so I glared at Pyowol.

It was clearly a frightened expression. Nevertheless, Namgungseol tried to protect his pride by hiding his feelings until the end.

Pyowol said.

“go back. I will let you go today.”

“Is it because of the sword?”

“that’s right!”

“Is it because he doesn’t want to get into this mess?”

“I know you well.”

“You know what? That you and Geomhan are very similar.”

“I consider it an honor.”

“I am not kidding. Only the temperament is different, but the direction and essence of thinking are similar.”

“So what do you want to say?”

“I’d rather join hands with us.”

“Is this a recruitment offer?”


Namgungseol answered without hesitation.

Two emotions were clashing in her heart right now.

One was the fear of the leap, and the other was the desire to use the leap.

If Pyo-Wol, who had a good command of Salmun, was under his command, Lee Geom-Han would gain huge wings.

Pyowol really had infinite uses.

If used well, it could have a stronger effect than any other group or unmanned force.

“I’ll give you anything you want.”


“What about one or all people?”

“If I want you, can you listen to everything?”

“It is possible.”


“You just need to hold my hand. It will protect you and all assassins under your command. Not a bad suggestion for you either.”

“No reservations.”

Pyo-wol rejected her offer at once, as if it was not worth even trying.

Instantly, a light of anger flashed in Namgungseol’s eyes.

“Think again. Because it’s an offer I won’t do again.”

“No matter how many times I think about it.”

“You will regret it.”


“You will regret today’s decision for the rest of your life. I will make it for you.”

“You are misunderstanding something.”



At that moment, a fiery pain hit Namgungseol.


Namgungseol screamed involuntarily and stumbled. Her collarbones were studded with tiny gifts that were hard to distinguish with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Pyowol attacked with a suhonsa without warning.

It was a covert attack to the extent that it was impossible to prepare for it even if it had been noticed in advance.

Namgungseol hurriedly swung his sword and cut off the suhonsa. But at that moment, the hand holding the sword felt a fiery pain.

Another strand of suhon thread pierced the forearm.


There was no sound or sign of the suhons flying in the darkness.

Namgungseol raised his senses, but he couldn’t sense it.


Namgungseol protected the whole body by raising the energy of the whole body with spirit.


A few strands of sutures bounced off her self-defense device. But it was too early to be relieved.

It was because the moon in front of her eyes had completely disappeared.

Namgungseol felt a strong sense of danger and hurriedly stepped back.

At that moment, the whisper of the moon was heard.

“You better stop. If you don’t want to die…”

Namgungseol did not ignore Pyowol’s warning.

Instinctively, I immediately stopped on the spot.


At that moment, her sleeve was cut off.

Something sharp cut the sleeve. If she was even a little late in stopping, not only the sleeves but also the wrists would have been cut off.

Cold sweat ran down Namgungseol’s cheeks.

She carefully looked around.

A faint gift wrapped around her like a spider’s web.

It was Jiju Silver Net (蜘蛛銀網), one of the seasons of Pyowol.

In the place where Namgungseol was expected to move, he had already spread the favor of the landlord.

If Pyowol’s whisper had been delayed even a little, Namgungseol’s body would have been cut into dozens of pieces by Jiji’s silver net.


Namgungseol’s body trembled.

I realized that I had stepped into the river of death.

Had it not been for the whispers of the moon, she would have gone to the other side of the river already.

Pyowol took out a booklet from her arms. It was the booklet she had stolen from Eun-yo. Only then did he reap the favor of the landlord.

Even though the net of the angels surrounding him disappeared, Namgungseol could not move.

The body is frozen in fear and refuses to listen.

‘in action! Please move!’

She didn’t want to die.

Even if I died, I didn’t want to appear depressed.

If he, who represents Lee Geom-Han, shows a fearful appearance, he will lose his face.

Those thoughts made her move.

“Huh! Huh!”

Namgungseol, who managed to move his body, took a deep breath.

Pyo-wol said to Namgung-seol.

“Are you still thinking the same thing? Do you still think it’s possible, whether it’s one or all?”

“no. I was wrong. You are not someone to be under anyone.”

Namgungseol answered honestly.

Now I know for sure.

Pyowol was not a clumsy knife that could be used as desired.

It was a weapon with sharp edges even to the handle that could injure even its owner. It was impossible to tame such a person. So, through Namgungseol, he warns Lee Geum-han not to think of using himself.

‘He’s crazy. But he’s qualified.’

Namgungseol gritted his teeth until they bleed.

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