Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 537

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 537

Episode 537

The battle between Zhang Zi-liang and An Ji-san is reaching its climax.

Daeju of the Mangeomdae and Daeju of the Seolhwageomdae exerted all their strength to celebrate the feast.

The whole area was devastated by their clash.

Three houses collapsed and the people inside screamed and ran out. Still, they didn’t even look at each other and attacked each other with all their might.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

An extended explosion erupted and the two became a mess.

He wasn’t an opponent that was easy enough to fight over circumstances.

Both of them came out with a focus on attack and neglected defense. As a result, the wounds increased one by one.


A moan escaped from Zhang Ziyang’s mouth.

It was pushed back by An Ji-san’s wave attack and got caught on a rock. He quickly regained his balance, but Ahn Ji-san did not miss the short gap and spread the grass.

A light of despair flashed in Zhang Zi-liang’s eyes.

He instinctively felt that no matter how he responded, death could not be avoided.

He closed his eyes and waited for death. However, no matter how long he waited, he did not feel the pain he had prepared for.

Zhang Ziyang carefully opened his eyes, wondering what was going on.

An unbelievable sight unfolded before his eyes.

An Ji-san stopped in the same posture as when she was spreading the grass.

If he extended his sword just a little longer, he could have taken Zhang Zi-liang’s life, but he didn’t.

It was not An Ji-san’s will.

Four swords were touching his neck, chest, abdomen, and sacrum. If An Ji-san came forward even a little, his body would be divided into five parts.


An Ji-san broke out in a cold sweat.

The swords on his neck, chest, abdomen, and stomach were all different.

Four warriors all wearing black masks.

They approached without a sound and subdued Anjisan.

Ahn Ji-san realized that they were different from ordinary warriors.

“Are you an assassin?”

Assassins were the only ones who approached and subdued opponents in this way.

But these were no ordinary assassins.

No matter how preoccupied he was with subduing Zhang Zi-liang, it didn’t make sense that he hadn’t noticed until he got this close.

It was not a common assassin that can be commonly seen in Gangho.

There was only one place that had assassins so refined.

“Are you Baek Guryun?”


The assassins did not answer.

It didn’t move like a stone statue.

It was just controlling An Ji-san so that he could not move hastily.

At that moment, Zhang Ziyang tried to attack Anji Mountain.

I don’t know why the assassins subdued An Ji-san, but they thought it was a golden opportunity to take his life.


But at that moment, a black-edged sword protruded from behind and landed on his neck.

If you move even a little, your head will be cut off.


Beads of sweat flowed down Zhang Zi-liang’s forehead.

Then an old man walked out of the darkness.

The old man with dark spots on his face was Salno. And those who subdued An Ji-san and Zhang Zi-liang were the Heuksaldae.

Salno said to the two of them.

“Stay there for a moment. If you stay still, you won’t lose your life.”

“Who is the old man?”

“Have you already guessed?”

Salno answered Ahn Ji-san’s question with a smile.

“Why Baek Guryun?”

“The Most High has business here. I don’t want to bother him.”

“Jijon? You mean the Baek Guryunju came here?”

This question was asked by Jang Ja-ryang, not An Ji-san.

Salno nodded again.

The complexion of An Ji-san and Zhang Zi-liang turned pale.

I had heard the name Baek Gwi-ryun a lot, but they were the ones who laughed at them inwardly.

No matter how infamous they were, they were demeaned as a group of insignificant assassins. However, the inaction of Baek Guryun, who experienced it himself, was beyond their imagination.

Ahn Ji-san shouted.

“Do you think Baek Guryun will be okay? My men will not stand still.”

“You don’t have to worry about us. They will be sorted out soon.”


“Listen and see. Isn’t it nice that the streets are quiet?”

Salno gave a satisfied smile.

His smile seemed to the two of them the smile of the King of Flames.


Rakshadae soldiers cautiously walked the streets at night.

“Is it strange?”


“It’s strange. It’s too quiet.”

The expression of the eldest woman changed seriously.

I came all the way here after receiving an order to figure out what was going on at the Dochang.

One of the information they received was that there was a huge fight going on in Dochang right now.

I was very tense because of that.

But the street was quiet.

Traces of the fight were clearly visible throughout the streets.

If I hadn’t seen the blood spatter and the destroyed house, I wouldn’t have believed that there was a fight here.

It was clear that a fierce fight had just taken place. The problem is that those who fought so fiercely here are nowhere to be seen.

Where there are winners, there are always losers.

The losers were injured and unable to move or were left lying dead in the streets. But now there was no one to be seen on this street.

neither winner nor loser.

It was as if the whole street held its breath.

Rakaldae could not understand the current situation.

Suddenly, cold sweat ran down the eldest woman’s forehead.

The atmosphere back then was unusual.

It was the first time I had ever seen a street so quiet.


The reason why the rachaldae, which had been on a winning streak, was broken like this was because Hong Ye-seol and her party were defeated.

Lee Chu-soo and Bing-Yeom Ssang-hwa were damaged due to mental and physical damage from them.

As a result, their minds and bodies were greatly weakened. My heart was greatly shaken when I encountered such an unfamiliar landscape in such a worst condition.


It was when the older woman was about to warn her with an uneasy premonition.


A sharpened sword suddenly emerged from behind and aimed at her neck.



The groans of the Rakhaldae soldiers came one after another.

A blue blade was also draped over their necks.

As if they had become stone statues, the Rakhaldae warriors could not move. It felt as if the sword aimed at his neck would dig in if he moved even slightly.

“iced coffee!”

someone moaned.

My body trembled uncontrollably from the uncontrollable fear.

The nightmare of that day came to mind.

The memory of that day when I couldn’t even move and was brutally beaten.

It was then.

“It’s nagging.”

I heard a voice I will never forget.

At that moment, a woman appeared through the darkness.

At first glance, it seems ordinary, but once you see it, it is a woman with a strange charm that makes it impossible to take your eyes off it.

It was Hong Ye-seol.

Rakshadae soldiers recognized Hong Ye-seol.

This is because the woman who mercilessly destroyed the Ice Flame Ssanghwa was Hong Ye-seol.

It was a face they would never forget.

At the appearance of Hong Ye-seol, the Rakshadae warriors closed their eyes tightly.

It was the worst situation that could be imagined


I couldn’t even figure out how to get through it.

Then Hong Ye-seol opened his mouth.

“I will give you a chance to live.”



Hong Ye-seol smiled and answered the older woman’s question. But her laughter was enough to make the onlookers terrified.

Hong Ye-seol pointed at the dock with his finger.

“Just like this, you can quietly go back and get on the boat. And leave Dochang and head for the original destination.”

“Are you really going to let us go then?”

“sure. Do you think we are blood-crazed flesh demons?”

At Hong Ye-seol’s words, the older woman almost became angry.

‘It’s blood-crazed flesh.’

Her voice only lingered in her mouth.

I didn’t want to hurt Hong Ye-seol’s planting and bring on his anger.

The suffering was enough.

I wanted to go back to Geumcheonhoe and report back, then rest.

Hong Ye-seol did not miss the mental and physical fatigue that appeared on Nachaldae’s face.

Those whose minds were broken like this were bound to give up everything at the slightest shock.

Just like right now.

Rakshadae turned around helplessly.

Hong Ye-seol looked at them from behind and smiled even deeper.

‘Now everything seems to be getting organized.’

It wasn’t just Hong Ye-seol and Heuksaldae that entered the Dochang.

Support came out to ten bloodstains, such as Sayoung, who had hemorrhage in the brain.

They intervened in the fight of the unmanned people in various places of the Dochang and suppressed them.

If it had been a fight in broad daylight, even the hundred ghosts would not have been able to subdue it so easily.

Unfortunately for the other warriors, it was night now. Besides, they were all distracted from fighting each other.

Because of that, Baek Guryun’s assassins were able to subdue them easily.

Hong Ye-seol’s gaze turned to the dark street even in Dochang.



Namgungseol’s shoulders trembled slightly.

It was not just her illusion that the street felt especially dark.

At least, even the lanterns that were dimly illuminating the street were all turned off, and complete darkness took over the street.

Even the warriors of the Seolhwa Sword Corps, who had been fighting fiercely with Doyeonsan until just a little while ago, did not appear to have been eaten by the darkness.

There was something in the dark.

Namgoongseol focused his energy on his eyes.

Even with her eyesight stretched to the limit, she could not clearly see the existence in the middle of the darkness.

The darkness shook as if only that part was another world.

Namgungseol raised his sword and raised a shout.


But despite her cries, the being in the darkness did not answer.

Namgungseol shouted once again.

“I will reveal my identity.”


The air around the area shuddered after the lion, filled with energy.

Still not getting an answer, Namgungseol aimed his sword at Eunyo’s throat.

“If you don’t come out right away, I will take this child’s life.”

As if her threat had worked, someone stepped out of the darkness.

A pure white face that stands out even in the thick darkness.

The moment he saw that beautiful, out-of-this-world face, Namgungseol immediately recognized her identity.

“Pyowol! Why are you?”

Namgungseol’s voice trembled at how surprised he was.

It was Namgungseol who looked down on the world and looked down on many people at his feet, but some people did not dare to do that.

One of those few was Pyowol.

Pyo-wol was the man who could not be said to be the strongest in the current powerhouse, but who could be said to be the most dangerous.

Namgungseol asked.

“What have you got to do with this kid?”

She secretly raised her gong power.

I was thinking of taking Eun-yo’s life if I had to.

Bravado does not work for masters of the level of Pyowol.

It was clear that if he made a false threat, he would be exposed quickly.

I really had to threaten to kill him.

Pyowol had no answer.

Her speechless figure looked like a lifeless doll.

“no way?”

It was then.

Like a lie, Pyowol’s figure fluctuated and then disappeared.


Namgungseol stabbed Eunyo with his sword without thinking further. But I didn’t feel any touch.

When I turned my head and looked at the place where Eunyo was, it was empty. Then I heard Pyowol’s voice.

“He’s my dearest little brother.”

At the place where the voice came from, Pyo-Wol was standing there holding Eun-Yo.

With Ma Yeonghwanwi, he deceived Namgungseol’s senses and rescued Eunyo.


Namgungseol’s face was contorted with humiliation.

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