Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 536

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 536

Episode 536

The news of the uproar at Dochang reached Geumcheonhoe across Poyang Lake.

Because of this, Baekbi-gak (百臂閣), an intelligence organization within the Geumcheonhoe, was in an uproar.

King Taejin of Baekbigakju shouted at his subordinates.

“What do you mean? Why Dochang?”

“We are still figuring it out.”

“Once you figure it out, when are you going to send troops across the lake?”

No matter how fast a boat is, it will take a full day to cross Lake Poyang. By that time, it was clear that the disturbance of the Dochang would be settled.

For information, time was life.

If you collect it late in the day, that much effectiveness disappears.

That is why it was necessary to gather information as quickly as possible.

Even if it happens on the other side of Lake Poyang.

Dochang was a place where the breath of the Union Association reached a lot.

If there was an uproar there, it was clear that there was a problem within the union association.

If he could catch the weakness of the union association, there was no business left beyond that.

Taejinwang shouted.

“Come on, think. Can’t it be nice?”


“Such incompetent…”

King Taejin criticized when the subordinate could not answer.

Suha desperately shook his head to escape the criticism of his superior.


“why? What did you think of?”

“Currently, Rakshadae is returning by boat.”


“yes! They should have come to Poyang Lake by now.”

“Didn’t Rachaldae say that he suffered a lot of damage? I heard that Chusu Lee and Ssanghwa Bingyeom have become obsolete.”

“Yes, but you can do at least simply gather information.”


“Isn’t there another number anyway?”

Raksha Daeju Lee Chu-su, his confidant Bingyeom Ssang-hwa, and the Rakshadae led by them were attacked by unknown masters, and their return was delayed.

The mental wound was greater than the physical wound.

For that reason, the Golden Temple sent a ship to bring them back.

If they were returning as planned, they would be passing through the middle of Lake Poyang.

“No matter how crippled you are, you won’t have any problems managing your subordinates. If you’re not fighting directly, but just hiding and gathering information, they’ll be happy to do it.”

“good! Let’s do it. As you said, there is no other option at this point.”

“Then I’ll send a jeon seo-eung.”


When the superior gave permission, the subordinate hurriedly ran outside. And after a while, a hawk soared through the dark night sky.


Lee Chu-su and Bing-yeom Ssang-hwa were sitting crouched on the deck of the ship.

They were all wrapped in thin blankets.

The former majesty was nowhere to be found in their trembling bodies with pale complexions.

This is because both of them suffered severe physical and psychological damage.


Lee Chu-soo stroked his side and bit his lip.

I felt excruciating pain in the area where my hand touched.

It was the part where Salno had a hole in it.

Fortunately, I was able to live with treatment, but I felt extreme pain from the wound that had not healed.

It wasn’t just the side that was hurt.

A splint was also attached to the left hand, and a cloth was tied tightly. Because the fingers were all broken.

The wounds inflicted on Salno not only robbed her of her self-confidence, but also took a serious psychological toll.

The wounds of the body were recovered enough to be able to move thanks to the treatment of a good doctor, but the broken spirit did not recover easily.

It wasn’t just Lee Chu-soo.

Her henchmen, Ice Flame Twins, also suffered severe mental and physical damage. Because of that, they could not immediately return to the Golden Temple and had to waste time.

After spending such a long time, his mind and body were restored to the extent that he could move. So, I was able to get on the boat sent by the Geumcheonhoe and finally get on the way home.

The memory of that day still remains as a nightmare.

Now, the body has recovered enough to be able to move to some extent, but I still used to have nightmares when I slept.

When Lee Chu-soo returns to Geumcheonhoe, he will not do any missions for the time being and will focus only on treatment.

The mental and physical damage she suffered was enormous.

So much so that I don’t want to think about it again.

‘Shit! Shit! How did I end up like this?’

Not too long ago, she was a promising warrior within the Golden Heaven. But now she was just a deaf person.

It seemed impossible to fully recover from the psychological blow until there was a trigger.

It was the same with ice salt twins.

Bingyeom Ssanghwa, who had been living with her like a real sister, also suffered severe mental and physical damage, and her words decreased dramatically.

It was also the responsibility of Lee Chu-su, the Rakshadae master, to take care of them.


It was when Lee Chu-su let out a sigh without realizing it.

Good food!

Suddenly, with a violent flapping of wings, a falcon landed on the spot where they were.

“Jeon Seo huh?”

Lee Chu-su recognized at once that the hawk was Jeon Seo-eung sent from Geumcheonhoe.

A small barrel hung from the falcon’s ankle. And inside the box was a note with instructions from the Geumcheonhoe.

Lee Chu-su read the note with an anxious expression.

“Are you crazy?”

“What’s wrong?”

“What do you say?”

Ice Flame Ssanghwa asked cautiously.

Lee Chu-soo replied with a puzzled expression.

“They ask us to stop by the Dochang and assess the situation.”


“Do you see us?”

The Ice Flame Ssanghwa narrowed its eyes in disbelief.

They have already informed in detail how devastated they are now. It was also said that recuperation was inevitable for the time being to recover. And yet, this order was given.

“Aren’t you crazy?”

“How can you give an order like this knowing our condition?”

The ice salt pair protested.

Their reaction was natural. It was to the point where Lee Chu-soo thought that the person who gave the order hadn’t gone crazy.

However, unlike Ice Flame Ssanghwa, Lee Chu-soo could not just resist. In any case, she was the ruler of Rakshadae and had the duty to clearly distinguish between public and private affairs.

If she refused the mission just because she suffered a psychological blow, her position within the Golden Heaven had no choice but to shrink.

‘Above all, it’s not that we ask us to move directly, but rather that we send a few healthy kids to figure out what’s going on.’

On that day, the three suffered a lot mentally and physically. However, the power of Nachaldae was not so greatly affected.

There were a lot of normal people, so it seemed like it would be just a matter of letting them in and figuring out the situation.

Lee Chu-soo said.

“Let’s select ten children and send them to the school.”

“Daeju sister?”

“You want to follow orders?”

Ice flame twins raised their voices and protested. However, Lee Chu-su’s decision did not change.

“We’re not getting off the ship anyway. Nothing will happen if the kids sent to the school come back and leave right away.”


“You can show condescension, and if you are lucky, you might get some useful information. Then we can make up for some of our failures.”

After listening to it, Lee Chu-soo’s opinion was valid.

If he returned like this, his position in the Geumcheonhoe had no choice but to shrink. However, if you get even one useful piece of information, your position will be restored to some extent.

“all right.”

“I do.”

In the end, Bingyeom Ssanghwa agreed with her opinion.

The boat with the Rakhaldae docked at the dock, and ten unmanned soldiers went into the canyon that became a mess.



Namgungseol slightly frowned.

It was because the shock felt in the hand was not small.

Contrary to her expectations, Eun-yo’s martial arts were not easy. Because of that, it took quite a while to subdue.

Eunyo’s martial arts were like waves.

Even if you hit it again and again, it keeps coming in, just like a wave.

I felt like I had heard of a martial art like this one day.

“that’s right! I’ve heard that there is a projection resembling a wave in Soroeeumsa. It is clear that the teaching method is that of Soroeumsa.”

Namgungseol finally found out the identity of Eunyo’s magic trick.

It was an amazingly bright brain.

Namgungseol was the first person to realize that Eunyo was from Soroeumsa just by looking at the martial art she performed.

It also meant that Namgungseol had abundant knowledge.

I didn’t know that Eunyo was from Soroeumsa. And I didn’t expect it to be this strong.

Eunyo’s achievements were superior to her expectations. But it wasn’t enough to pose a threat to Namgungseol.

It wasn’t that Eunyo was weak.

she was strong

There won’t be many warriors stronger than him in his age group.

The problem was Namgungseol.

Namgungseol was strong.

He was not simply strong among his peers, but strong enough to conquer the world.

Thanks to being born with the surname Namgung, he mastered thousands of supreme sword attacks.

He did not suddenly become stronger after receiving something like Eunyo, but he was a true strongman who built up step by step from the basics.

Her true martial arts skills were more than enough to overwhelm Eunyo.

“Now let’s finish it.”

Namgungseol thrust out his sword with a cold voice.

Her momentum changed.

There was only one swordsman in the world who could radiate the power of a king just by spreading his sword.

Emperor sword type.

The legendary martial arts that made the Namgung family exist in the past have survived for a long time and have been continued thousands of times.

Namgungseol learned this legendary swordsmanship.

Just because she was a woman, her father did not fully teach her how to use the royal sword.

In addition, he mentioned the principle of non-human incompetence and prohibited him from passing it on to others.

That was one of the reasons Namgungseol left thousands of episodes.

She was disappointed with her father and thousands of times who suppressed her growth just because she was a woman.

Compared to her other siblings, she was superior in both talent and ambition. And yet, the father pushed her away just because she was a woman.

Because of this, anger filled her heart.

She wandered around the world and accumulated achievements. As a result, she met and became a lover with an outstanding hero named Lee Geom-han, but a deep sediment still remained in her heart.

Namgungseol poured all his anger into the emperor sword.


Herbsik of a different level of power hit Eunyo.

Eunyo also held a seven-second ceremony of the paranggucheonmado against him.


The two herbivores collided in the air and a huge aftermath swept the area.

The shrine, which was barely maintaining its shape, collapsed and the surrounding buildings suffered great damage.


Eun-yo was thrown into the middle of a collapsed wall and coughed up blood.

Her chin and chest were stained red with gore.

The pale face is a serious internal injury.

Namgungseol approached Eunyo with his sword hanging down.

Namgungseol’s gaze was directed to Eunyo’s chest.

A small booklet was sticking out from between her breasts.

Namgoong Seol stretched out his white hand and pulled out a booklet from Eun-yo’s chest.

Even after seeing her take the booklet, Eun-yo could not resist. It was because I couldn’t use my strength as if my whole body was crushed.

Namgungseol flipped through the booklet and read it quickly.

“The trend of the Munpa near Poyang Lake? It looks like you got it from the Haomen branch.”

Namgoongseol frowned at the beautiful army.

He couldn’t understand why Hao-wen, who coldly rejected his request, handed over such high-quality information to a young girl.

In any case, this gave him a reason to subdue and take Eun-yo and Do-yeon-san.

With this level of evidence, even his lover Lee Geom-han or Union Reunion would not blame the commotion too much.

Namgungseol tried to tell his subordinates to take the fallen Eunyo. But something was strange.


Even though the area was quiet, it was too quiet.

Her common sense didn’t make sense that it was so quiet even though Doyeonsan and his subordinates were fighting nearby.


Namgoong Seol looked back.

The whole street seemed to be holding its breath.

A black tidal wave was rolling in.

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