Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 535

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 535

Episode 535

Namgungseol’s eyes were directly on the wall where the mortuary tablet was hanging.

Doyeonsan and Eunyo were hiding behind the wall.

Namgungseol called them once again.

“I know everything is hiding there, so come out.”

A voice that seemed to whisper came out exceptionally clearly.

It was the moment when Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo exchanged glances to understand each other’s opinions.


An eerie roar erupted from the other side of the wall.

Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo bowed their heads almost at the same time.


The wall where the mortuary tablet was hanging cracked and collapsed.

If the two of them had been a little late in lowering their heads, they would have been decapitated.

Beyond the wall that had been cut off, Namgung Seol was seen with his sword drawn.

She smiled at the two who appeared.

“He was also hiding there.”


Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo sighed and came out of hiding.

“It’s obsessive. Why are you doing this?”

“I am really curious. Why are you hiding like this?”

“You persecuted them first.”

“Why did you go to Haomen?”

“I have personal business to do.”

“I wonder what that personal thing is.”

“I don’t think there is any reason to say that. Like I said, it’s very personal.”

The smile disappeared from Namgungseol’s face at Doyeonsan’s calm reply.

Her expressionless face was truly terrifying.

Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo tried hard to pretend to be calm, but they felt a strong sense of danger.

Namgungseol sighed softly.

“phew! I didn’t want to do this, but I can’t help it. Just keep in mind one thing. That it was you who made me move. So everything that happens after that is your responsibility.”

“You are a master of sophistry. Do you always think only of yourself like that?”



At that moment, an explosion erupted in front of Doyeon Mountain.

Namgungseol’s blow was blocked by Eunyo instead.

Do Yeon-san would have been hurt if Eun-yo, who was nearby, had not reacted in time and blocked her attack.

A light of anger flashed on Eunyo’s face.

It is also worthy of criticism that he attacked while he was talking, because the target was Mt. Doyeon.

Even if Namgungseol’s attack succeeded, Doyeonsan would not have been seriously injured, but that did not make Namgungseol’s guilt go away.

Namgungseol’s attack was tantamount to touching Eunyo’s wrath.

Eun-Yo opened the blue nine-pointed sword and attacked Namgung Seol.


Namgungseol frowned slightly in surprise at Eunyo’s fierce attack.

Cheer up!

Silver Yao’s sword split into dozens and attacked her.

Just looking at the docho that came rushing in like a rough wave, I could tell how desperate Eunyo’s martial arts was.

He was an opponent that could not be underestimated.

Namgungseol did not dare to belittle it and performed thousands of sword attacks to block Eunyao’s attack.

The Kaga Gaga River!

Swords and swords collided dozens of times in an instant.

Namgungseol’s eyes flashed.

“Heterogeneous energy is not the martial arts of the midfield. Where did you learn to be a sailor?”

The spirit of Eun-Yo’s Tao was something that had never been felt before in the martial arts of Jungwon.

Namgungseol pushed Eunyo even harder.

Eunyo silently unfolded the zenith of the paranggucheonmado.

Do Yeon-san tried to help her, but there was no time to intervene.

Because the two fought so fiercely, there was a high possibility that Eun-yo as well as Namgung-seol would get hurt if they accidentally intervened.


Do Yeon-san gritted it.

The fight between the two was so brutal that it could not be considered a human fight.


The shrine collapsed in a fierce fight between the two women.

The problem is that after seeing their fight, Sulwhasword Corps warriors are running from all over the place.

Most of the soldiers were blocked by the Mangeomdae, but a few broke through them and ran to the shrine where Namgungseol was located.

Their loyalty to Namgungseol was so special that they were given the name Seolhwa Swordsman.

It was Doyeonsan’s job to stop them.


Doyeonsan shouted at them and attacked them.

“Damn it!”


The warriors of the Sulwha Sword Corps held a feast against Do Yeon-san.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Explosive noises erupted over and over again.

Even with the combined efforts of five soldiers, Doyeon Mountain was not pushed back.

The problem is that even at this moment, Seolhwa Sword Corps soldiers are running through Mangeomdae.

If they all joined together, even Doyeon Mountain would be in danger.

“Now that this is the case, we need to defeat them as soon as possible and escape.”

The story has already been heard.

Secretly getting out was over the water, so it was right to hurry up and break them down and get out.

Do Yeon-san dealt with the unmanned soldiers running with all his might.


Seo Woo-il looked at downtown Dochang with a serious expression.

I could see the Mangeomdae Martial Arts and Seolhwa Geomdae Martial Arts clashing all over the place.

“What is going on?”

It was Seo Woo-il who came out to secretly support Jang Mu-geuk.

The plan to support Zhang Wu-geuk by signing a contract with Sal-mun was foiled.

The contract was completely destroyed because several salmuns, including Gueummun, sent a penalty.

He sent his subordinates to find out why the Salmuns broke the contract, but the Salmuns disappeared as if they had promised.

Clearly, great changes were taking place in the world of assassins.

I haven’t been able to find out the real thing yet, but I’m confident that I will find out soon.

He went outside to cool off for a while and witnessed the fight between Mangeomdae and Seolhwa Geomdae.

The two groups were fighting fiercely, as if they were on the verge of death. Not only that, but other soldiers who had entered the Dochang also joined in, making the streets reminiscent of the island of Ashura Hell.

Many people died or were injured.

People covered in blood lay all over the streets, and the walls and puddles were full of fresh blood.

The residents who originally lived in Dochang were afraid and locked the door tightly.

It was a nightmarish night for the residents of Dochang.

“Why are they fighting?”

Mangeomdae belonged to Eunryeonhoe, and Seolhwageomdae was under the command of Namgungseol.

Considering the relationship between Namgungseol and Namgungwol, it was right to think that they were on the same side.

I couldn’t understand the situation in which siblings who inherited the same blood were fighting for death and survival like this.

I didn’t want to intervene in what was happening in the area, but I couldn’t just ignore what was happening in front of my eyes. And the warriors fighting nearby didn’t just pass him by.

“What are you? Are you a member of the union association?”

Seo Woo-il did not answer.

This is because you cannot identify yourself as belonging to Cheonmujang.

“You b*stard! Suspicious.”

At that moment, the warrior who had asked him a question rushed to him.

He attacked Seo Woo-il without hesitation.

I had no intention of wanting to know the truth. If it had been, I wouldn’t have spread it out like this from the beginning.

The man just needed a reason to wield the sword.

There were quite a few people like men in Dochang.

Those who want to take advantage of the chaos of rivers to slaughter and plunder freely.

Regardless of the fight between the Mangeomdae and the Seolhwa Geomdae, they wandered around the area and behaved badly.

The person who now runs into Seo Woo-il was one of them.

“Damn it!”

He swung his sword with all his might.

“ha! Things that look like real beggars…”

Seo Woo-il sighed and stretched out his journal.

An intangible energy emanated from his index finger and pierced the forehead of the attacker.


The one who rushed fell to the floor with a scream of agony.

There was a hole the size of a coin in his forehead.

It was a season called blood eumji (血陰指).

The soundless and intangible bloodyinji was a feast that proudly placed its name on the top among countless jibeop in the world.

It was not a military feat that unmanned soldiers who took advantage of the chaos to loot could handle.


Seo Woo-il snorted as he looked down at the body of the soldier who fearlessly attacked him.

It was then.

“That b*stard killed Jongpyeong.”

“F*ck! catch.”


The dead soldier’s colleagues ran to Seo Woo-il.

Seo Woo-il sighed softly.

“ha! Things like real star bugs…”

It was a really shitty night.

So he used his hands more brutally than ever.

Puppy pew!

The intellect that flew from his index finger pierced the foreheads of those who attacked one after another.

The two soldiers died in an instant.

Seo Woo-il believed that the same fate would befall the last uninhabited person. However, things often happen in the world that cannot be understood by common sense. And, of course, it happened at this very moment.


The last soldier held up a thick sword to cover his face, and Seo Woo-il’s intellect hit the sword and bounced off in a diagonal line.

If Seo Woo-il had been a little nervous or prepared, he would have reacted sufficiently to the unexpected situation. However, Seo Woo-il was irritated and careless.

As a result, the reaction rate was remarkably slow. And the last soldier had a much stronger force and a determined temper than Seo Woo-il expected.

The difference covered the life and death of the two.


The martial artist’s sword cut through Seo Woo-il’s chest.


Seo Woo-il knelt down with an expression of disbelief.

Kang Ho-en, Wang Wang, and Ha-su also staged an incident where he catches a master. However, he really did not know that he would become the victim of the incident.

“you you?”

“F*ck you b*stard! You dare kill my friends?”

The soldier who had deeply wounded Seo Woo-il in his heart approached with a sigh.

It was indeed heavenly luck that he defeated Seo Woo-il, but Mu-in was so excited that he didn’t even notice it.

Seo Woo-il opened his mouth to say something, but he didn’t listen and cut his throat.


With an eerie cutting sound, Seo Il’s head tumbled to the floor.

Mu-in kicked the head of Seo Woo-il, whom he had killed.

The face of Seo Woo-il, who had flown far away, was full of bitter light.

Unmanned did not know.

What kind of person is the man he killed?

What kind of storm will come to Gangho due to his death?

Mu-in didn’t even look back and ran to another place.

Shortly after he disappeared, a group of unmanned men appeared.

They were shocked to see Seo Woo-il’s head lying on the floor.


“Sweet Lord!”

While they were away for a while, the owner, Seo Woo-il, was angry.

Suha muttered as he picked up Seo Wooil’s head.

“Who the hell killed Danju?”

“It’s clear that the Union League killed Danju.”

“Isn’t the Mangeomdae also an organization under the Union Association?”

Unmanned people shed powder.

Seo Woo-il was not one to die in such an insignificant alleyway.

If that were the case, he wouldn’t have been so moderately treated at Cheonmujang.

It was clear that those who were targeting Seo Woo-il had deliberately killed him. Otherwise, the current situation would not have made sense.

They carefully collected Seo Woo-il’s body.

The soldier holding Seo Woo-il’s head said.

“We announce the news of Danju’s death and request support from Cheonmujang.”


“Those involved in the death of Lord Dan will not be left behind and will be pursued.”

“All right.”

The subordinates scattered with the answer.


A long whistle rang through the air.

After a while, the soldiers led by Seo Woo-il appeared.

They dispersed into Dochang Alley. And he wandered the streets looking for the person who killed Seo Woo-il.

Conflicts with Seolhwageomdae and Mangeomdae were natural steps. So Dochang Street was falling into even greater confusion.

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