Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 534

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 534

Episode 534

: Tata Tak!

Footsteps echoed throughout the streets of Dochang.

The warriors of the Sulwha Sword Corps form groups of three, three, five, and prowl the streets.

Seolhwa Swordsman was confident that they would easily find Doyeonsan and Eunyo. However, the abilities of the two were beyond their imagination.

Twenty warriors of the Sulwha Sword Corps were seriously injured by the two. Still, they couldn’t catch them.

A series of incidents were enough to hurt the pride of Sulwha Sword University.

Among them, the person whose pride was hurt the most was An Ji-san, the owner.

Even though he used his own hands, he was rather hurt by the two pincers.

There has never been a time in Ahn Ji-san’s long career when he was this shameful.

Because of that, An Ji-san was enraged and commanded the Seolhwa Sword Corps. However, the movement of the Sulwha Sword Corps unexpectedly stimulated many warriors who had entered the Dochang.

There were quite a few warriors staying in Dochang besides Seolhwa Sword Corps.


“What are those b*stards doing all these things?”

“It’s a snow sword stand.”

A few unmanned people made an impression.

He found out the identity of the Sulwha Sword Corps.

Seolhwa Sword Corps, which is made up of warriors who follow Namgungseol, has lost a lot of people’s hearts in the swordsman.

The image of them walking around giving strength to their shoulders on the subject of being possessed by a mere woman and degraded to an escort made many people look at them.

There were many conflicts because of that.

However, since there were so many Sulwha Swordsmen, no one could raise their voice.

“hey! What are you looking for at night?”

One of the soldiers who came out asked Seolhwa Swordsman. Then, the Sulwha Swordsman who was pointed out answered with a frown.

“Never mind, go in and sleep.”


“I mean quit.”

“This Mr. Bull…”

At that moment, the warrior became furious and punched the warrior of the Seolhwa Sword Corps.

Even if it wasn’t so, the soldier of the Seolhwa Sword Corps, who was on edge after being tossed around by Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo, swung the sword with all his might.


His sword passed by decapitating the warrior.

A soldier fell and red blood spread across the street.

The eyes of the unmanned people who saw it turned upside down.

“They killed Abok.”


“Kill! Those b*stards!”

The enraged warriors rushed at the warriors of Seolhwa Sword Corps without hesitation.

“What is it?”

“These b*stards without fundamentals…”

The warriors of the Seolhwa Sword Corps were taken aback by the resistance of the warriors. However, their pride did not allow them to withdraw like this.

Chow Chow Chow!

The warriors and the Seolhwa Sword Corps clashed.

The fight that started in the back alley soon spread to the entire Dochang.


A man saw this scene and put on a puzzled expression.

The man wearing bloody clothes in the room was Zhang Zi-liang, the master of the Mangeom Daeju.

Zhang Zi-liang immediately rushed to the window right after receiving Namgung-yue’s order. In his eyes, he could see the Seolhwa Swordsman fighting against the warriors.

I hadn’t figured out the situation yet, so everything was just confusing.

Zhang Zi-liang ordered his subordinates.

“Everyone scatter and find out what happened. Find out why those assholes are fighting the unmanned.”


The mangeomdae scattered in all directions along with the answer.

Zhang Zi-liang, who was left alone, murmured.

“F*ck! So absurd.”

His tone was closer to that of a back alley vagabond than a peaked warrior.

In fact, it was.

Currently, he is in charge of the Mangeom Daeju of the Eunryeonhoe, but originally he was a ronin who wandered around Gangho.

Even if he was a novelist, he was not without a foundation.

It was because he learned the sword at the prestigious volcano.

However, life in the volcano was cramped and unbearable, so he requested excommunication himself.

It was common to close martial arts when excommunication. But the volcanic wave did not.

This is because Zhang Zi-liang’s talent is so outstanding, and his contribution to the Huashan Sect is revolutionary.

Above all, Zhang Zi-liang’s master actively protected him, so he was able to leave the Huashan Faction safely.

In return, Zhang Zi-liang donated a huge amount every year to the Volcano Sect.

Thanks to this, he was able to work safely even after being excommunicated from the Volcano Squad.

Because she lived as a ronin for a long time, her natural disposition became rough and cruel.

It was then.

A man appeared in front of Zhang Zi-liang.

The man with thin skin was Ahn Ji-san, the master of Sulwha Geomdae.

Zhang Zi-liang recognized Ji-san An at once.

“Are you a painter?”

“Who is the chemist?”

An Ji-san was hot.

“I’m chasing after a girl, but if you’re not a chemist, what do you call me?”

“Zhang Zi-liang!”

An Ji-san shouted in anger.

Just as Zhang Zi-liang knew him, An Ji-san also knew Zhang Zi-liang.

Because we met once before.

Even then, their relationship was not very good.

Because the orientation is so different.

Even at that time, An Ji-san followed Namgung-seol, and Zhang Zi-liang was looking for strong people to become even a little stronger.

Naturally, Zhang Zi-liang asked An Ji-san to fight. However, An Ji-san rejected Namgung-seol’s request for a military service, citing that it would be a nuisance to him.

In the end, their confrontation did not come to pass, and it remained as a long-standing remnant.

Zhang Ziyang sighed.

“Did your martial arts improve a bit? I wouldn’t have had time to train my martial arts just because I was escorting the girl.”

“Be careful with your words. Zhang Ziyang!”

“Let me ask you something. What are the business of the girls chasing after you here like a pack of dogs?”


“Well, if you don’t like that, I’ll call you a wolf.”

“Zhang Zi-liang!”

“You know that’s my name, so answer me. What are you going around with a sword spear for?”

“go away. Don’t be interested in useless things.”

“under! Wouldn’t it be better if you answered meekly when you just ask nicely?”

Zhang Ziyang’s eyes turned cold.

At that, An Ji-san’s expression also hardened.

“Are you threatening me now?”

“okay! It is intimidating.”

“Are you saying it’s okay to turn Seolhwa Swordsman and Namgungseol Sojeo into enemies?”

“Excellent! There are too many dirty words. 하여간 계집 꽁무니나 쫓아다니는 새끼들이 말도 많아요. I mean, only my mouth is alive.”


An Ji-san exploded in anger at Zhang Zi-liang’s smirk.


The sword hanging from his waist fired like a flash war.

“Hehe! It should have come out like this.”

Zhang Ziyang giggled and drew his sword.


The swords of the two collided in the air and sparks bloomed.

Ahn Ji-san’s specialty was the quick sword. Coincidentally, Zhang Zi-liang also had a quick sword as his main weapon.

Both of them are pursuing extreme speed.


The two swords collided dozens of times in an instant.

Usually, the confrontation between those who use quick swords was bound to end easily.

The problem is that their inaction is equal.

Because of that, it was not an easy match.

The fight between Zhang Zi-liang and An Ji-san became the catalyst.

The Mangeomdae, which had been scattered to gather information, began to fight in earnest with the Seolhwa Geomdae.


Namgungseol’s face distorted when he received the report belatedly.

She didn’t expect that the work she did to catch Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo would become so big.

Seolhwa Geomdae was also fighting with Mangeomdae and clashing with other soldiers who had entered the Dochang.

Although the Seolhwa Sword Corps was composed of outstanding warriors, it was absolutely inferior in numbers.

It was impossible to take ten hands with one hand.

Seolhwa Swordsman was no exception.

Their inaction was obviously great.

This is because Namgungseol chose only the elite among the warriors who followed him. However, they also had obvious limitations.

“Sending the Mangeomdae? You mean like this?”

She bit her lip, thinking of Namgungwol.

Namgungwol was the only person who could send Mangeomdae to Dochang. It was as if he had revealed his hidden teeth towards him.

I didn’t know that Namgungwol would be so openly hostile towards him. The reaction was many times more violent than she had expected.

“You mean you don’t want to skip the union association.”

I thought it wouldn’t be easy. However, seeing the strong opposition, it seemed that the future would not be easy.

“It doesn’t matter. In the end, the federation will be handed over to us.”

she was sure

Confidence in his lover Lee Geom-han, confidence in the current situation, and confidence in the future.

On the other hand, Namgoongwol had nothing like that.

He only organizes and leads Eunryeonhoe out of rebellion against Geumcheonhoe and Jangmugeuk. That alone is great enough, but the limits were clear.

In order for the Union Association to soar higher, a stronger leader was needed.

“The only one who can end the current chaos is Geomhan.”

Namgungseol had no doubts about his beliefs. So, no matter what adversity came, I had no intention of withdrawing my decision to the end.

“First, find those lovers first.”

All these four months happened because of them.

I had to find them and figure out what the reality of the feeling was that made me feel uncomfortable.

“I wouldn’t have gotten out of the window yet.”

Although it is said that Mangeomdae and other warriors distracted Seolhwa Geomdae, the encirclement has not yet collapsed. So the chances of those young lovers escaping were not very high.

Namgungseol thought deeply.

If it were you, where would you be hiding?

“You should avoid places where there are a lot of people’s eyes, like guesthouses. You should also avoid the house where your family lives. A place where you can be free from outside gaze if possible. On the one hand, a place where you can outwit them so that they never arouse suspicion.”

Namgungseol closed his eyes and remembered if there was a place that met the conditions he had assumed.

After searching for a while, she remembered that such a place existed.

That too, on its own.

Namgungseol’s eyes turned to the small shrine behind the large inn.

Since the shrine where the mortuary tablet is held is a sacred place, even the most corrupt person had no choice but to be careful.

For that reason, even though the warriors of the Sulwha Sword Corps prowled all over the island, the shrine was not far behind.

Even the guest cup in front of the shrine was where Namgungseol and Seolhwageomdae were entirely borrowed.

They didn’t even think of going behind because it was close to their place of residence.

Namgungseol hadn’t doubted the sadang until he thought about it calmly.

She walked to the shrine.

Seolhwa Geomdae couldn’t follow her because they were blocking Mangeomdae. Still, her steps were steady.

Although he led the Seolhwa Sword Corps, he did not rely heavily on them.

Even without the Seolhwa Swordsman, she was strong.

When he was young, he learned thousands of sword fights, and when he got older, he toured the world and perfected his martial arts skills.

Before being a woman, she was a warrior and also a perfect swordsman.

Namgungseol believed in himself, not Seolhwa Swordsman.


A swordsman from the Mangeomdae stood in front of her.

I had no choice but to be careful because I knew that my opponent was Namgungseol. That’s why I gave you a warning first.

However, despite his warning, Namgungseol did not stop walking.

“I told you to stop.”

It was the moment when Muin warned once again.

See it!

Suddenly, an eerie roaring sound rang out.

At the same time, a line of blood was drawn around the neck of the warrior who was warning him.


The warrior touched his neck with his hand.


In an instant, blood flowed from his veins and wet his hands.

Mu-in looked at his blood-soaked hands with an expression of disbelief.



The unmanned body fell back as it was.

Namgungseol muttered as he swung his sword wide and brushed away the blood.

“You’re talking dirty. It hurts my ears…”

What she hated the most was chattering.

Namgungseol continued walking towards the shrine without even giving a glance to the dead Mangeomdae warrior.

Finally arriving at the shrine, she swung her sword.


The door of the shrine was cut with an eerie cutting sound.

Namgungseol whispered.

“Come out! We all know what’s hiding here.”

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