Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 532

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 532

532 Seo

Woo-il had a very regular habit.

When I wake up at dawn, the first thing I do is drink a cup of tea and then go to the sky.

It is only after the ungong is over that his daily routine begins.

After washing your face and eating, review the information received throughout the night.

Even after leaving Cheonmujang, his habit continued. It was possible because of his excellent composure.

He did not get easily excited about anything and kept his reason calmly.

Because of that, he was able to be dispatched with an important mission at Cheonmujang.

Secretly supporting Wu-geuk Zhang could only be done by someone who was greatly trusted by Chen-mu-jang.

“her! what is this?”

An expression of absurdity appeared on Seo Woo-il’s face after he came out.

Three chests were placed in the courtyard of the inn where he was staying.

When the chest was opened, a silver ingot was revealed.

All three chests were full of silver ingots.

A sealed letter was placed on the lid of the chest.

Seo Woo-il took out the letter and read it.


I was dumbfounded and came out with a sigh.

Inside the letter was written:

[I reject your request. We send you three times the penalty for this. Gueummunju compensation.]

“How dare something like Gueummun overturn Cheonmujang’s request?”

A light of anger appeared on Seo Woo-il’s face.

As the absurd moment passed, a deep feeling boiled from the depths of the heart.

I’ve worked for Chunmujang all my life, but this was the first time I’ve ever had such an embarrassing moment.

I really didn’t know that a single person would dare to refuse Cheonmujang’s request.

“I was freaking out because I wanted to die. Gueummunju!”

It didn’t even come to my eyes that Gu Eum-mun sent a triple penalty.

Anyway, this amount of money can’t affect Cheonmujang in any way.

The fact that a mere group of assassins rebelled against Cheonmujang was important.

It was then.

“Sweet Lord!”

Suddenly the door opened and a man entered.

He knelt in front of Seo Woo-il and said.

“I got a call from the door to get out of marriage. They say they will not accept the request of the Cheonmujang.”


“In addition, I sent three times the penalty.”

“Did you really get a call from the marriage gate?”

“That’s right.”

Seo Woo-il’s face twisted at the sight of Subha replying with an expression of regret. But then another subordinate jumped in.

“Sweet Lord!”

“What? You’re not saying you’re going to withdraw the request from another salesman, right?”

“How did you know?”

“You mean it’s real?”

“yes! We sent three times the penalty fee together.”

Seo Woo-il was unable to say anything for a moment in response to his subordinate.

It was a probation that I had a difficult time contacting. So, I paid a huge amount of silver ingots and signed a contract, but all of them paid three times the penalty and withdrew the deal.

“It is no coincidence. Something is happening in the world of prostitution.”

Seo Woo-il had a hunch that something was wrong.

He despised the assassins.

I didn’t even see them as human beings.

They are flesh-and-blood demons who kill people for money without any mission or justice.

Because of this, they only think of it as something to be used and do not see it as an object to be respected.

However, the slaughterhouses to which the assassins belonged all refused the request and sent a penalty.

“Something must be happening under the water.”

A sense of crisis crept up.

In all likelihood, something like this will happen.

“Couldn’t Salmun, who had the cohesiveness of grains of sand, come together voluntarily? If so, did someone forcibly move them?”

Because it was the worst family, a goal was cut between the eyebrows.

They are the assassins of Salmun who usually think of them as inferior, but if they were united as one, there would be no greater disaster than that.

“Isn’t it? it won’t be! Still, there must be a need to find out.”

After organizing his thoughts, Seo Woo-il looked at his subordinates.

“From now on, I will stop everything and focus on understanding the trend of buying and selling.”

“I take orders.”

“Hurry up.”


The subordinates ran outside with the answer.

Seo Woo-il, who was left alone, muttered.

“I’ll have to deal with it quietly without informing the owner.”

He was well aware of how strong Zhang Wu’s pride was. If he found out that he secretly intervened, he would go on a rampage.

For that reason, even at Cheonmujang, Jang Mu-geuk secretly took care of the work.

It was the same with this case.

Although he encountered a reef unexpectedly, he was confident that he would handle it secretly.


Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo escaped the ant nest.

The place they came from was not a shabby abandoned warehouse. It was a bush behind a large tree far away from the abandoned warehouse.

“You were connected to this place.”

Do Yeon-san was amazed.

I expected the ant nest to be vast, but I didn’t expect it to extend this far.

Do Yeon-san stretched her hand down. Then Eunyo took him by the hand and came up to the ground.

Eunyo took a moment to catch her breath and looked around.

I could feel the fresh air and the warm sun.

Just by coming up to the ground, I felt vitality in my whole body.

She was the one who had to live her whole life in the shadows of Soroeeum Temple. Because of that, they were more accustomed to living underground than above. However, after being saved by Pyowol, she adapted to life on earth.

I didn’t want to miss the skin-stimulating air and sunlight again. He was prepared to fight against any enemies in order to maintain his current life.

At that time, Do Yeon-san gave strength to the hand that held her.


“They are them.”

Do Yeon-san whispered to Eun-yo.

The place he pointed to was far away toward the abandoned warehouse.

Two men were hiding and watching in the grass where the abandoned warehouse was visible.

They were the watchers that Namgoongseol attached to them.

“It’s shady.”

Eunyo said.

Her eyes could see a shady aura flowing through the bodies of the watchers.

Those who worked in the dark, not the sunny, usually had that kind of energy.

Do Yeon-san agreed with her.

“It’s shady and rough. I don’t think you’re an experienced watcher. how will we do it?”

“Let’s go back quietly. There is no need to cause trouble.”


Doyeonsan did not hesitate to follow Eunyo’s will.

He didn’t think that Do Yeon-san was too smart, but since he knew that Eun-yo was far superior, he followed her will without saying anything.

The two quietly slipped out of the forest without the watcher noticing.

After leaving the forest, the two took a different route than when they came.

It was when I had been walking for such a long time.


Do Yeon-san suddenly spat out a guard.


Eunyo looked at him with a puzzled expression. Then, Do Yeon-san replied with a frustrated expression.

“Ahead… there’s one of those humans from earlier.”

“You mean Seolhwa Sword?”


To be precise, An Ji-san, the master of Sulwha Sword, was standing leaning against a tree on the side of the road.

He was looking directly at the two of them.

Just by looking at Ahn Ji-san’s gaze, I could clearly tell.

The fact that they are what he is waiting for.

An Ji-san muttered.

“I waited here just in case…” He

was not relieved just by attaching guards, so he was guarding the other street corner alone.

Doyeonsan and Eunyo-san must have chosen a road that people did not know well, but Anji-san knew this road well.

It was thanks to the perfect knowledge of the topography of the area in order to properly assist Namgungseol. He was able to see through even a small alley in the Dochang area.

If Eunyo and Doyeonsan came by another route, this was the only place. And as he expected, two people appeared.

The two calmly approached An Ji-san. And I tried to pass him as if nothing had happened.

An Ji-san called them.

“for a moment! Let’s talk.”

“This is the person I met earlier. Is there a problem?”

Do Yeon-san replied with a calm expression.

“Have you not seen my subordinates?”

“How do I know your subordinates?”

“Did you really not see it?”

“Did you break up earlier? But how do you see it?”

An Ji-san looked at Do Yeon-san’s face carefully.

It was a secret that he had his men pursue the two. So, Doyeonsan’s reaction was not unusual.

At least, if you didn’t know that the tracker was attached.

An Ji-san’s eyes became sharp like a blade.

Bewitched by Namgungseol, he became the master of the Seolhwa sword, and was criticized by many people for that.

The reason was that a promising soldier gave up the ambition that a man should have after being possessed by a swanky woman.

Although many pointed fingers at him, Ahn Ji-san did not regret his choice.

Although tied to Namgungseol, he still retained his old eyes and senses.


It was strange that he couldn’t see his subordinates, and it was also strange that he was so unconcerned. Above all, he was in a bad mood the whole time he saw the two of them. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way.

Doyeonsan said.

“If you don’t have anything more to say, we’ll be on our way.”

He passed Anji Mountain with Eunyo.

An Ji-san bit her lip and looked at the two.

A light of conflict flashed in his eyes.

“for a moment! Stop.”

“Why is that?”

The moment Do Yeon-san looked back, An Ji-san pulled out her sword and stabbed her like a flash war.

His specialty was the quick sword.


An Ji-san’s sword was shot toward Do-yeon-san’s neck with a terrifying blast.

“What is this?”


Do Yeon-san gathered energy on the back of her hand and deflected An Ji-san’s sword.

Because he reacted unknowingly, he was not perfect and suffered long scars on the back of his hand. Still, considering that he dealt with the sword with his bare hands, it could be said that it was a light wound.

“As expected, there was a number hidden. Reveal your identity.”

“Crazy human! On the subject of an arbitrary attack…”

“Huh! If you won’t speak for yourself, let me tell you.”

“Do you know who will win?”


Do Yeon-san counterattacked with both fists.

Powerful energy aimed at An Ji-san’s chest.

An Ji-san did not dare to belittle it and swung his sword to defend against Do-yeon-san’s attack.

It was when An Ji-san deflected Do Yeon-san’s attack and tried to counterattack.



Suddenly, a loud noise erupted from his back.

Eun-yo, who had been quiet, took an opportunity and hit An Ji-san’s back with a blow.

Ahn Ji-san fell on the floor several times.

Fortunately, he did not suffer serious internal injuries by concentrating his air power just before he was hit by Eunyo’s surprise attack, but he could not avoid shaking his intestines to some extent.

It was a mistake to be sure that Eun-yo’s unfocused eyes were blind. Because I didn’t know that the blind man was hiding such a martial art.

“How dare you, b*tch…”


An Ji-san attacked Eun-yo.

However, Eun-yo was not an easy opponent.

Rather, in terms of the destructive power of martial arts, she was superior to An Ji-san.

Originally, Eun-yo tried to pass Anji-san quietly.

It’s because I didn’t want to cause a fuss and attract attention. However, Ji-san Ahn took the lead, and her wish went overboard.

If they could not pass quietly, they had to subdue Anjisan as soon as possible.


Ahn Ji-san was driven into a corner in an instant by the two pincers.

I didn’t know that these two young people could possess excellent martial arts.

He regretted his decision to attack prematurely. Fortunately, however, there were those who ran to save him.


“These guys!”

Those who ran screaming were the warriors of the Seolhwa Sword Corps.

They know of the crisis of Mt. Anji and come to save it.

“Damn it! Let’s run away.”

Do Yeon-san said to Eun-yo.

Eunyo nodded and pulled herself back.


Do Yeon-san gave Ahn Ji-san a powerful blow and ran away after her.

“Track them down.”

Anjisan’s urgent voice echoed from behind.

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