Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 531

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 531

Episode 531

Lake Poyang was truly vast.

Not only was it spacious, but the whole area was fertile as all kinds of sediments from the upper reaches of the Yangtze River were piled up. As a result, numerous cities developed along Poyang Lake.

Taochang was one such city.

Dochang, which developed along Lake Poyang, was very beautiful, and people’s faces were full of composure. However, after the Great War broke out, the atmosphere on the streets changed completely.

With the influx of unarmed people wearing weapons, the atmosphere on the streets became bloody and the composure disappeared from people’s faces.

Dochang was a very large city and had a geographically important location.

The one who occupied this place was able to seize the initiative in Lake Poyang. Because of that, Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe fought fiercely to occupy the Dochang.

Knife strikes occurred several times a day.

One day, the Geumcheonhoe overpowered, and the other day, the Eunryeonhoe took the initiative, and it was repeated.

Countless people died every day.

Most of them were warriors of the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe, but among them there were also civilians who happened to be caught up in the fight.

I was killed in a stupid way, but there was no one to appeal to and no one to listen to.

The powerless had no choice but to refrain from going out and wait for this war to end.

Because of that, people’s resentment towards the two powers reached its peak.

There were a man and a woman walking on the deserted streets of Dochang.

It was an ordinary-looking boy and a beautiful girl.

They were walking shoulder to shoulder and seemed to get along quite well.

The girl suddenly stopped and looked around. But her eyes were strange. It’s that the eyes don’t focus.

It was clear that the eyes could not see. Even so, the girl spoke as if she could clearly see the situation around her.

“There are no people on the street.”

“Mostly at home.”

The girl nodded at the boy’s answer.

I opened the window slightly and felt the eyes of people watching them. It is to be wary of strangers seeing for the first time.

Even though she couldn’t see, Eunyo was the girl who could understand the flow of air around her and people’s eyes. And, as always, Do Yeon-san was with her.

The reason the two came to Dochang was simple.

It was to directly check the situation of Lake Poyang and collect information.

There are ways to get information through sales gates or hao gates, but it was still not as good as checking directly.

In particular, as Eun-yo cannot see, she wanted to feel and grasp the air and atmosphere of the battlefield with her own body.

She and Do Yeon-san could not intervene in Pyo-wol’s work of unifying the proselytization.

Although Eun-yo learned martial arts at So-ro-eum-sa, he did not belong to the Sal-mun.

There were many ways to help, even if it wasn’t necessarily a matter of buying and selling.

That was the reason the two came all the way to the Dochang.

Eun-yo and Do Yeon-san disguised themselves as ordinary people. However, it still caught people’s attention.

It was because of Eunyo’s mysterious atmosphere and appearance.

Those who watched her through the window could not easily take their eyes off the mysterious atmosphere.

Doyeonsan looked around and said.

“Do you think it’s okay to go to the Haomen branch now?”

I entered the Dochang in the morning and have been wandering around until now.

got everything to get

Going any further than this was just a waste of time.


Eun-yo did not insist.

Now that I felt the atmosphere of the Dochang area, it was time to meet Hong Yu-shin.

Stop by Hong Yu-shin to hear Hao-mun’s information, and return to Solgawon to end today’s schedule.

The two of them walked shoulder to shoulder.

He already knew the location of the Haomen branch from Pyo-wol.

The two left the Dochang and walked upstream to the river that flows into Lake Poyang.

A soft smile graced Doyeon’s lips.

It was because it was good to walk alone with Eunyo like this.

Do Yeon-san reached out and took Eun-yo’s hand. Eun-yo did not reject his hand, but held it even more tightly.

At some point, I got used to walking like this.

I liked walking together rather than walking alone, and it felt better because Eun-yo was with me, not someone else.

It was the same with silver yo.

No matter how much I try to see the world with my mind’s eye, I can’t help but be a little inferior to seeing it with my own eyes.

Do Yeon-san was willing to become an eye for her.

Thanks to this, Eun-yo was able to roam the streets without any discomfort.


Suddenly, Eunyo burst into laughter.

Doyeonsan looked at her with a puzzled expression.


“I just like it.”

“It’s bland…”

he said, but a smile similar to Eunyo appeared on Do Yeon-san’s lips.

It was then.

Suddenly, Do Yeon-san frowned.

It was because I saw a group of people walking from the front.

A beautiful woman and dozens of warriors escorting her.

Even at a glance, the atmosphere felt from them was unusual.

In particular, the woman at the forefront felt a dignity that was difficult to approach.

The woman who reminded me of a flower blooming in the snow was Namgung Seol. She is returning to Lake Poyang after escaping from the Haomun branch with the Sulwha Sword Corps.

Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo stood aside on one side of the road.

Fortunately, Namgungseol and Seolhwa Swordsman passed them by.

It was the moment when the two of them were relieved and were about to move on again.


Suddenly, Namgungseol turned around and called them.

The two of them also stopped walking and looked at her. Then, Namgoong Seol walked over to the two of them.

She took a hug and said hello.

“The girl says that thousands of times Namgungseol. How are you doing there?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean status.”

“We are not as famous as Namgung Sojeo, so even if I tell you, you won’t know.”

Namgungseol smiled slightly at Doyeonsan’s pointy reply.

“To know me means I am unmanned. Which one is Geumcheonhoe or Eunryeonhoe?”

“Neither way.”

“Is that still the case?”

“Well, it still is.”


Namgungseol shook his head.

She had an expression of understanding, but the Sulwha Sword Belt behind her didn’t look like that.

Do Yeon-san’s blunt answer raised their anger. However, Namgungseol did not care and asked Doyeonsan again.

“So you won’t tell me your name?”

“It is also called… calculation.”

“How about this saucer?”

“It is silver.”

“What? What a beautiful name. As much as the appearance…”

“Thank you.”

“But where are you two going? There is nothing to see unless you go upstream.”

Namgungseol’s eyes shone sharply.

Do Yeon-san was a little taken aback by her gaze, which seemed to penetrate his head.

It was because Namgungseol was more persistent than I thought.

At that time, Eun-yo naturally stepped out.

She said as she raised her hands intertwined with Doyeonsan.

“It doesn’t matter if there is nothing to see.”


“Do you need more explanation?”

Namgungseol couldn’t say anything at Eunyo’s cold reply.

Because it was natural for a lover to find a place where there were no people.

Namgungseol apologized.

“sorry. I was rude because I was on the edge of my nerves.”

“are you okay.”

“Bye. Silver sozer.”

“That too.”

Eunyo replied coldly and walked away with Doyeonsan.

Namgungseol stared at the two people walking away from each other.

An Ji-san came to her side.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Attach a few men to them.”


“Anyway, they are not like ordinary lovers. It’s like walking in the direction of the Haomen branch…”


Ahn Ji-san answered without any questions.

he knew

How sensitive is Namgungseol’s touch?

There seemed to be no basis for it, but when she said something was weird, something was always wrong.

If she went this far, they should have sensed something they couldn’t feel.

An Ji-san pointed at some of his subordinates with his finger. Then, the subordinates moved in the direction of Doyeonsan and Eunyo.


“Namgungseol? Isn’t that the woman that Seolhwa Sword Corps follows?”

“that’s right!”

At Do Yeon-san’s question, Eun-yo nodded and looked back.

After walking for a while, Namgungseol was nowhere to be seen. Even so, she glared for a long time as if she could see Namgungseol.

“She’s a bad girl.”

“I felt that way too.”

“I have to be careful.”


Do Yeon-san nodded and agreed with her opinion.

Namgungseol smelled dangerous.

The unpredictable unexpectedness seen by those with great ambitions is also felt in her.

A person like that puts everything around them at risk.

It’s best not to get attention, but if you get attention, it’s better to keep your distance.

The two soon arrived at an abandoned abandoned warehouse.

Confirming that no one was around, the two entered the basement of the abandoned warehouse in the same way as Namgungseol.

“Come on!”

Hong Yu-shin greeted the two.

The two also greeted Hong Yu-shin and sat face-to-face.

Yushin Hong asked.

“How did you manage to get here safely? Did everything go well?”

“I met Namgungseol on the way.”

“Namgungseol? hmm!”

Hong Yushin stroked his chin with his hand.

I thought it might be because the timing of the two people came is ambiguous, but when I heard that they actually met, it became complicated in my head.

Hong Yu-shin asked Eun-yo.

“What does it look like to you?”

“You mean Sojeo Namgung?”


“I think it is dangerous. If you give me a chance, I think you will surely get angry.”

“As expected.”

Hong Yushin shook his head.

Eunyo’s answer made it clear.

‘The branch is moved.’

He would have done it if he had been exposed to others, but the fact that he was exposed to Namgungseol made him feel uncomfortable.

The complex structure, like an anthill, was full of traps and organs, but I was not relieved.

“Namgoongseol is a woman with good touch. If I had run into you guys, I would have definitely attached a tail.”

“I checked and no one was there.”

“It must have come from afar. In any case, it is correct to assume that you guys have been exposed by coming here. When you go out later, go out through another passage. That will buy you a little time.”

“all right.”

Eunyo answered without hesitation.

Even if that wasn’t the case, she couldn’t shake the feeling of embarrassment.

Do Yeon-san asked.

“Didn’t I say she was a woman with good touch?”

“I felt a change in the world of assassins and came to this place right away. First of all, she didn’t accept the request, but she must have a hunch that we are involved in this.”

“You are a troubled woman. Would you rather remove it?”

“Then Lee Geomhan will move.”

“Is this Gwangmumun’s sword?”

“okay! Along with Zhang Wu-geuk, he is a man worthy of being the strongest in the world. If he intervenes, the order that has been maintained until now will be shaken to the core.”

“hmm! I must be careful.”

“okay! For now, that’s for the best.”


“By the way, how did the work of buying and selling? It feels like it’s almost over, doesn’t it?”

“Once, all the slaughterhouses that flocked to Poyang Lake were subdued.”

“Good luck!”

Hong Yu-shin let out a sigh of relief.

It was something he had asked Pyowol, but he knew that it would be a really difficult road.

I was grateful to Pyo-wol for accepting such a difficult request.

Hong Yu-shin took out a small booklet from the table and handed it to me.

“It was created by mobilizing all of Haomen’s intelligence. It contains all the forces and personnel in the Poyang Lake area.”

It was a precious book that could not be bought even with ten thousand gold.

It will be of great help to Pyowol’s move.

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