Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 530

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 530

Episode 530

Namgungseol was never a passive woman.

She was always active.

As soon as I thought of the moon, I felt the need to find out about his whereabouts.

“I can’t use Union Reunhoe or thousands of times.”

Both forces were related to transcendence as yin and yang.

I had to figure it out by using a place where Pyowol’s breath couldn’t reach.

It would be nice if they were connected to Salmun, but they were disconnected. Then there was only one place left.

“I’ll go to Haomen. Please prepare yourself.”

“Are you talking about the Poyang Lake branch?”

Ahn Ji-san answered cautiously.

He was the master of the Seolhwa Sword Corps, following Namgungseol.

Namgungseol asked.

“Do you understand?”


After the outbreak of the Gangho War, Haomen’s branch disappeared into the shadows.

The most important thing in war was the collection of information.

Both Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe knew about this, so they first contacted Haomun to get information. However, there would have been no problem if it had stopped at that level, but he tried to placate Haomen at all.

They tried to gain an advantage in information by attracting them to their side.

It was an offer Haomen could not accept.

Because of that, they pretended to be neutral and disappeared.

It was as if he had declared that he would sell information but not join either side.

Both the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe lit up their eyes and searched for Haomun’s branch, but were unable to find it. However, Namgungseol found Haomen’s Poyangho branch without borrowing their help.


“All right.”

Namgoong Seol and Ahn Ji-san came out shoulder to shoulder.

As soon as they came out, more than a dozen members of the Sulwha Sword Corps, who had been waiting for it, followed.

It was just as they left the door.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard.

Namgungseol frowned for a moment, but soon looked at the place where the voice came from with a natural expression as if nothing was wrong.

“It’s the month.”

The man who spoke to her was Namgoongwol, her younger brother.

Namgungwol asked again.

“Looks like you have some urgent business, right? Seeing them drag their followers along.”

“It looks like the horse has thorns on it, but isn’t it simply my misunderstanding?”

“Stop talking and answer me. What are you taking your followers with you for?”

“You don’t tell me about the situation inside the union association, so why should I tell you?”

“That’s because my sister is greedy for union associations.”

“Brother! The world’s rule is that if you want to get something, you have to give up something else. You are still too soft.”

“Your sister is being selfish. Trying to get Union Reunion with just a few words.”

“You’re holding on like that for now, but soon you’ll be offering yourself a Union Reunion.”


“Don’t raise your voice like that. There are many people on the street.”

“My real sister is…”

“I’m busy right now, so I don’t have time to deal with you anymore. See you later.”

Namgungseol passed by Namgungwol, blowing a cold wind.

Namgungwol looked at the back of Namgungseol, who was walking away with his brow furrowed.

“What else is that witch up to?”

It was obviously the same blood, but sometimes it was Namgungseol that felt more creepy than other people who had no relationship.

Because of that, Namgungwol was closely watching Namgungseol.

‘What the hell are you up to?’

He looked at Namgungseol’s back for a while.

Namgoongseol burst into laughter at the stinging eyes he felt on the back of his head.

‘It’s useless, brother! You are still far from following me.’

Namgungseol laughed at Namgungwol and moved on diligently.

The place Ahn Ji-san guided was one of the many rivers that join Lake Poyang.

In addition to the Yangtze River, many rivers were connected like a spider’s web to Lake Poyang. Even people who have lived in Poyang Lake for a long time could not understand all the rivers.

“I think so.”

At An Ji-san’s words, Namgung-seol frowned.

It was because the place he pointed to was an abandoned warehouse in an abandoned dock.

A foul smell emanated from the abandoned warehouse, with the ceiling half collapsed and the walls torn down.

“Is this really the right place? Can a person stay in a place like this?”

Just smelling it for a while gave me a throbbing headache.

It was to the point where even Hao Mundo wondered if he could survive sniffing this smell all day long.

An Ji-san also frowned and answered.

“I am sure.”

“Then hurry up and contact me.”

“All right.”

An Ji-san cautiously approached the abandoned warehouse.

Until then, there was no response from the abandoned warehouse.

An Ji-san knocked on the wall of the abandoned warehouse a couple of times and said.

“I am Ahn Ji-san, Lord of Sulwha Sword. I would like to see the head of your branch.”


There was no answer from the abandoned warehouse. But An Ji-san patiently waited.

After a while, a man in shabby clothes appeared in the shadow of an abandoned warehouse.

He asked An Ji-san.

“Did you say Seolhwa Sword Master?”

“exactly! I came with Namgungseol Sojeo.”


The man who came out of the abandoned warehouse looked at Namgungseol from afar.

“Only you and Namgung Sojeo can come inside.”


An Ji-san responded and gestured to Namgung-seol.

Namgungseol approached with a frown on his face.

The closer we got to the abandoned warehouse, the stronger the smell. So I couldn’t control my expression.

The man laughed at Namgungseol like that.

It was fun to see a woman who is known for her cold expression and couldn’t hide her emotions like that.

Namgungseol’s expression hardened. I must have seen his laugh.


The man hurriedly removed his laughter.

It was because there was nothing good to stimulate Namgungseol.

“Follow me.”

He took the two of them into a shady area inside the abandoned warehouse.

“I’m going to bring two honorable guests.”

After a while, the floor in the shade moved with a dull sound. The floor disappeared and there was a staircase that went down to the basement in the exposed space.

The three of them went down the stairs to the basement of the abandoned warehouse.

The basement was very dark.

Occasionally, torches were hung, but they were not enough to light up all the darkness.

It made me feel even more gloomy.

The deeper he followed the man, the more the smell grew.

Namgungseol couldn’t stand it any longer, so he used his internal energy to block the air entering his nose. Then it became easier to breathe and I had time to look around.

The underground space was like an anthill.

Numerous pathways are intertwined.

‘It’s nice to have a place like this.’

Namgungseol realized Haomen’s potential once again.

It was true that digging a hole underground was more difficult than building a building above ground. However, Haomun did not simply prepare an underground space, but created a complex environment like an anthill.

There were watchful eyes everywhere.

Those in the aisle connected to the aisle they pass through are closely monitoring them.

‘There must be several passages leading to the outside in case of intrusion. It won’t be easy to attack.’

Not long after I came in, I already lost my sense of direction. It was clear that those who came in for the first time would lose their way and wander around.

Also, I didn’t know what traps and organs were inside the anthill.

If it were you, you would have installed it in preparation for an outside invasion.

‘That’s why I must have proudly disclosed the inside.’

Of course, it was only a small part of it, but it was a part where you could get a glimpse of Hao Mun’s confidence.


We finally arrived at our destination.

As the man pounded his fist on the iron door at the end, a small window opened. The person inside opened the door after confirming the man and Namgungseol.

“Go in.”

“Are you not going in?”

“My role ends here.”

The man answered Namgungseol’s question and stood by the door.

Namgoong Seol and An Ji-san passed the man and went inside.

Inside the iron door was a fairly large room.

There was a small table and two men in the room.

The man standing was the one who opened the iron door, and the man sitting in front of the table was clearly the owner of the room.

Namgungseol greeted the man sitting at the table with a fist.

“My name is Namgungseol. What about that one?”

“I am Hong Yuxin, the chief inspector of Haomen.”

“The superintendent?”

Lee Chae came to Namgungseol’s eyes.

At most, I thought I would meet the Poyangho branch manager, but a bigger figure came out than she expected.

“Haomun’s inspector general must be very busy. Did you come all the way here to Lake Poyang?”

“Because there is no place more urgent than Lake Poyang.”

Hong Yu-shin replied with a calm expression.

His mood was much sharper than before.

It seems that the person himself has changed sharply because he has suffered hardships in the prison of fire.

Hong Yu-shin asked directly.

“Sojeo Namgung, what is going on with our Haomen?”

“There is only one reason to visit Haomen.”

“I was foolish. So what information do you want?”

“Trends in Buying.”


“I literally want to know the current trend of buying and selling.”

“It’s a very difficult request.”

“You mean impossible?”

“That’s right.”

Namgungseol frowned at Hong Yushin’s answer.

It was because he did not expect that Haomun would reject his request so quickly.


“sorry. It’s hard to tell.”

“Is it related to Hao Mun by any chance?”


“But why can’t you tell me?”

“Because of internal circumstances.”


Namgungseol frowned at the beautiful army.

Despite her sharp gaze, Hong Yu-shin maintained a calm expression.

At that moment, An Ji-san intervened.

“It’s disappointing. To think that Hao Mun refused the request.”


“Do you think it will be okay even if you refuse our request?”

“Are you threatening me?”

“There is nothing I can’t do.”

An Ji-san snorted. Then, a faint smile appeared on Hong Yu-shin’s lips.

“If you turn the main text into an enemy, would you say Lee Geum-han’s small cooperation is good?”

“Why are you talking about this sword fight?”

An Ji-san’s voice rose.

Instead of answering, Hong Yushin looked at Namgungseol.

Namgungseol’s face was as hard as iron armor.

Hong Yu-shin continued.

“Bonmun and Gwangmumun have maintained a good relationship for a long time. It is because of his relationship with Lee Gwak Daehyeop, the founder of Gwangmumun. But many years have passed. Just as the current Gwangmumun is not the old Gwangmumun, the text is also not the old Haomun.”

“Is this a warning?”

“This is advice.”

Namgungseol glared at Hong Yushin.

She was very good at reading other people’s emotions and thoughts, but she couldn’t figure out anything from Hong Yu-shin.

Namgungseol bit his lip.

The fact that she couldn’t find anything out of Hong Yu-shin made her feel ashamed.

Staying here any longer would only hurt sarcasm and dignity.

“I will stop.”

“Go with caution. I will not see you off.”

“I will watch Hao Mun’s actions.”

“You must be careful and be careful.”


Namgungseol and Anjisan went outside and closed the iron door roughly.

As they left, Yushin Hong let out a sigh he had been enduring.

“Phew! She is a woman who makes it impossible to be vigilant.”

“Would it be okay if I just let it go?”

Another man in the room asked cautiously.

He was the head of the Poyangho branch here.

Yushin Hong replied.

“What if I just don’t let go?”

“I should at least keep my mouth shut…”

“I’m not a woman to talk about outside. I’d rather keep it in my heart and sharpen my knife. That woman is…”


“Be careful kids. It’s going to be difficult if you run out and get caught by that woman.”


Hong Yu-shin muttered as he put a pod in his hand.

“Anyway, that’s really great. To think that most of the Salmon have already been subjugated.

It was something he had asked for, but he never thought it would happen this fast.

He could no longer predict what effect the birth of Salmunjijon would have on the current powerhouse.

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