Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 528

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 528

Episode 528

: Incredible speed.

It’s only been 10 days since he took action in earnest, but because of the Great War, 70% of the slaughterhouses gathered were subjugated.

The abilities of the Black Slaughter Corps and Ten Blood Slaughter were formidable.

Hong Ye-seol, who is a brain eye and hemophilia, quickly combined other salmons as if they were competing.

Salno actually thought they might be competitive with each other.

It was the first time in the history of Baek Guryun that so many bloodsuckers were put into the same mission.

It was more strange not to have a sense of rivalry with each other.

He wanted to subjugate the Salmuns before others and prove his ability.

Knowingly or unknowingly, they compete with each other for allegiance.

Pyo-wol declared a series of salmuns.

At least there was no word that resonated more with an assassin than that.

Hemophilia and Sayoung in the brain all had a selfish disposition. They acted that way because they knew that there was nowhere to climb and that no one could control them.

They have a goal.

I had an unprecedented desire to reach a grand goal worthy of racing with all my might.

The result was the subjugation of Salmun, who was close to seven generations.

Salno said.

“The problem is that the remaining salmuns are not all easy. There is no group that encompasses the whole world like Baek Guryun, but instead, it is hard to see them because of their strong solidarity and strong organizational power.”

“Which of them is the most dangerous?”

“This is the Nine Yin Gate.”

“Old phrases?”

“It is a murder that occurred in the border area of the Northeast. As a salmun that was born in the frontier area, the members are diverse. According to what we have figured out so far, there are Haedong, Yeojin, and even Wains from across the sea.”


Pyowol was genuinely amazed.

This is because Gueummun was the first group with such diverse members, except for Mugeomryeon and Guryongsalmak. Rather, in terms of diversity, it seemed that oral speech was more severe than the other two groups.

“That’s right. It is difficult for such diverse people to come together, but they have come together to form a fairly large force. In fact, it is difficult to see them as pure proselytizing. It would be better to see them as a group of ronin who do not choose a request. It is said to be feared in the Northeast.”

“Is it also because such groups are not known because they are too far away?”

“Anyway, since the Northeast region is a remote area, news does not reach this place well. So, most people don’t even know the existence of oral speech. But oral speech is never something to belittle. We also have to endure a lot of bleeding to deal with the oral cavity.”

In Salno’s voice, it was clear that he was wary of oral speech.

It was the first time since he met Salno that he was so wary of other matters. So I got more curious.

Pyowol asked.

“What is the name of the Gueummun?”

“This is a man named Yeo Tae-ryang.”

“How much?”

“I heard that the mother’s side inherited Yeojin’s blood. He grew up on the outskirts from childhood, has a rough temper, and his martial arts are so strong that no one in the Northeast region can beat him.”

Yeo Tae-ryang was a very famous figure in the periphery.

He created a very powerful group by bringing together the ronin and warriors who lived scattered in the periphery, and that was Gueummun.

Oral writing was not pure prose.

Doing anything to make money, they reached out to the realm of sales, so they are treated as one of the sales, but in fact, they were closer to the ronin group.

“Recently, it is said that the funds of Gueummun have dried up. Since we couldn’t find funds in the outskirts where our base is located, we came down to Poyang Lake.”

“Are you saying you’re going to make up for it by taking a bite here?”

“That’s right. The problem is that they openly receive requests because they are not pure procurement. Also, they do not follow the minimum rules, so not a single blade of grass survives in the place where they passed.”


“In my personal opinion, it would be better to get rid of it than appease. One who would rather die than surrender.”

This was the first time Salno had expressed it this far.

Pyowol said as he folded his arms.

“I will see and judge for myself.”

“Are you trying to move yourself?”

“The most dangerous place?”

“That’s right.”

“Then it would be right for me to move.”

“If you do, a subordinate will serve you.”

“Do it.”

“thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance.”

Salno answered with a fist.

He was genuinely happy to be able to move with Pyowol.

Pyo-wol wore the equipment made by Dang So-chu.

Wearing a blood-wind robe that has the effect of blood-supply and blood-fire, and wears a dagger with impressive wave patterns around the waist.

Finally, all preparations were completed by wearing the vamp.

In comparison, Salno’s clothes were modest.

All he had to do was wear his usual clothes and carry a cane.

“Go away. Hehe!”


Military curtains, which are hard to see in Gangho, were lined up.

They were mainly used by nomads in the periphery.

A tall flagpole was hung from the ceiling of the tent. On the flagpole, a flag with the three letters ‘Gueummun’ written on it was fluttering in the wind.

In front of the largest military tent, Gueummunju Yeo Tae-yang was sitting.

A ferocious spirit like a wolf emanated from Yeo Tae-ryang, who was sitting on a crude wooden chair with his arms crossed.

He was wearing a sleeveless shirt that exposed his shoulders, and numerous scars were wriggling like earthworms on his exposed forearms.

On the left and right of Yeo Tae-ryang were actually two large leopards.

The leopards, almost the size of calves, were wary of their surroundings as if they were escorting Yeo Tae-ryang.


The leopards were glaring at the person in front of Yeo Tae-ryang while crying softly.

The person sitting in front of Yeo Tae-ryang was now a man in his late thirties.

He was an impressive man with a plain white face and a cold smile on his lips.

The man looked at the leopards and opened his mouth.

“Your cat is very cute.”


“Isn’t that a pretty big cat?”

“If you get bitten by that cat, it will hurt quite a bit.”

“well. You will know when you see it.”

“Enough with the rubbish and tell me about the business you’re looking for.”

“Oh, yes. Cats are so cute that I lost my mind.”

The man scratched his head with a puzzled expression.

Although he looked innocent, Yeo Tae-ryang was not fooled by such a man’s appearance.

The man sitting in front of him introduced himself as Seo Woo-il.

If he hadn’t said that he was from Cheonmujang, Yeo Tae-ryang would have cut Seo Woo-il right away.

As much as that, Seo Woo-il’s attitude was offensive to Yeo Tae-ryang from one to ten.

He didn’t like people like Seo Woo-il who had a lot of dubious corners.

This is because they believe that no one is as dangerous as those who hide their true feelings. However, the opponent revealed himself as coming from Cheonmujang.

Although it is said to be Gueummun, where only the toughest characters are gathered, he did not lose his fear enough to kill Cheonmujang’s greetings without hesitation.

“What business did you find me at Cheonmujang?”

“haha! What is the reason to find a group of ronin? It is to order.”

“request? Heavenly Armed Forces?”

“Isn’t Cheonmujang a place where people live? Of course, you can request it if you have business.”

Yeo Tae-ryang glared at Seo Woo-il instead of answering.

Despite his strong eyes, the young smile on Seo Woo-il’s face did not disappear.

In the end, Yeo Tae-ryang gave up trying to figure out something from his expression. Dealing with those who hide their true feelings with laughter was really not easy.

It was better for my mental health to ask straight-forward questions rather than spinning around to find out what I was thinking naturally.

“Yeah, even Cheonmujang can make a request. What is the request?”

“I hope you secretly support the Geumcheonhoe.”

“Geumcheonhoe? ah!”

Momentarily, Yeo-tae-yang let out an exclamation.

Everyone knew that Jang Moo-geuk, the head of the Geumcheonhoe, was the head of the Cheonmujang.

As Cheonmujang, he had no choice but to protect Jangmugeuk.

However, because of Zhang Mu-geuk’s face, he couldn’t do it openly, so he entrusted a group of ronin like Yeo Tae-ryang with a request to secretly help him.

“The content is simple. Please deal with minor threats so that the Archduke doesn’t care.”

“It’s a nice little threat, but it’s a very big burden for us.”

“Did you come all the way here without even thinking about shouldering that burden?”

Seo Woo-il’s lips twisted.

It was an obvious mockery to anyone. However, Tae-ryang could not easily have a seizure.

The opponent was a messenger from Cheonmujang.

I don’t know what position he holds within Cheonmujang, but just seeing that he handles these things on behalf of Cheonmujang shows that he is in a very high position.

Seo Woo-il continued.

“Aren’t you here to take risks and make money anyway? I will make you a lot of money.”

“good night! I accept the request.”

“Excellent decision.”

“How much?”

Seo Woo-il nodded backwards. Then, a young soldier who had been accompanying him approached with a large chest.


He set the crate down in front of him.

“Check it out.”


Yeo Tae-ryang cleared his throat and opened the lid of the chest. Then he saw a chest full of silver ingots.


“The down payment will suffice.”


Yeo Tae-yang smiled.

With this amount of silver, he could lead Gueummun without worrying about finances for the time being.

“I will send someone to inform you of the instructions later.”


“It was an honor to be able to make a good deal. Then, take care of yourself until we see you again…”

Seo Woo-il turned around after taking a hand from Yeo Tae-ryang.


A leopard’s cry came from behind.

“These are really cute cats.”

Seo Woo-il sincerely thought so.

A leopard might pose a great threat to others, but to a warrior who reached his level, it was no different from a cat.

Seo Woo-il asked the soldier who was holding the box a moment ago.

“Where next?”


“Why is that?”

“Originally, I was planning to find the Cheonildan.”


“Suddenly, there is no contact with Cheonildan.”


Seo Woo-il frowned.

Cheonildan was the next door to contact.

Unlike oral speech, it is an orthodox salmun.

It was a group of pure assassins.

It was the perfect group to handle the dirty work.

In fact, the best thing to do is to put a request in Baek Guryun. In present Gangho, there was no Salmun that carried out the request more reliably than Baek Gwi-ryun. However, Baek Gwi-ryun hadn’t received any requests from the outside for some reason.

That’s why it’s so cumbersome to put separate requests into various groups.

The man continued talking.

“It’s not just one thousand days. It is clear that other investigations are also avoiding our request.”

“What is going on?”

“I’m trying to find out, but it will take a while to find out the truth.”


Seo Woo Il stroked his chin with his hand.

Because he also instinctively felt a sense of crisis.

It would have been so if only Baek Gu-ryun had lost contact, but if he had lost all contact with other sages, he had to assume that a serious problem had arisen somewhere he did not know.

“Is there an undercurrent flowing that we don’t know about?”

I felt dirty.

The fact that something they couldn’t figure out where they couldn’t see it was itself a serious threat.

“How many people are currently available?”

“There are about fifty people in all.”

“Stop everything else and get down to business. Find out what’s going on in the shadows.”

“All right.”

The man disappeared with an answer.

Seo Woo-il, who was left alone, muttered.

“I don’t know what happens, but in the end it won’t get out of my hands.”

The nickname given to Seo Woo-il at Cheonmujang was Demonic Eye.

Like a devil, he was a solver who saw through the truth and solved it.

“Are you glad you accepted the sentence early?”

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