Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 527

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 527

Episode 527

The seven ghosts of Saneum were originally active in the northern Saneum area.

Originally, they were ronin who wandered in the north, but after some incident, they came together in spirit.

Their martial arts were so great that they could not be regarded as baseless ronin. There were many people who sought and commissioned them, so there was nothing lacking in their lives. But it wasn’t that rich either.

Because of that, they always felt a thirst for wealth.

It was indeed by chance that they were commissioned to kill.

I didn’t want to take it at first.

Still, it was because of the conviction that one could not live cowardly even if one lived as a ronin. However, a single murder completely changed their consciousness.

It was because he earned an amount of money that could not be earned with ordinary commissions with just one murder.

If you fulfill only one request, you can play and eat for several months.

Once wet, it is difficult to take off easily.

It was the same with the Seven Ghosts of Saneum.

Knowing how to earn gold money comfortably, they naturally entered the path of assassins.

At first, I took the request very carefully. However, as the number of successful killings increased, their pride grew. That’s why they started receiving dangerous requests, and as a result, it became their defeat.

He touched someone he should never have touched, and because of that, he was kicked out of Shanseo and wandered the world.

When he wandered around the world aimlessly and lived on the occasional request, a great battle broke out.

Saneum Chilgwi thought it was a golden opportunity and ran to Poyang Lake.

As they thought, the place overflowed with requests.

Not only Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe, but even those who thought they had nothing to do with Kangho secretly submitted requests.

It is to take advantage of the confusion of the river and ho, and ask to kill a competitor or a person with silver won.

It was only natural that he would not accept such an insignificant request if it was a proper investigation.

Right now, it won’t be revealed because of the chaos in the world, but if the truth is revealed later, it could be dangerous.

Gangho’s clans, especially those in prestigious universities, hated the fact that military men harmed ordinary people. You won’t be able to care because of the strong war right now. However, after the situation had calmed down to a certain extent, it was obvious how they would respond when they learned that the murderers had killed at random.

However, it was a story that had nothing to do with the seven ghosts of mountain sound.

It was because they were planning to leave Poyang Lake and leave for Yunnan Province as soon as the Great War between the rivers and lakes was over.

“Ha ha ha! When you can earn it, you make it to the fullest.”

“Well then!”

“Let’s scrape it together with a pitchfork. Because there are many requests.”

The Saneumchilgwi borrowed an entire giru and played with it.

A man was playing with courtesans on both arms.

“Ho Ho!”

“Take my glass too.”

Gisaengs seduced villagers from Saneum with their soft voices and coquetry.

“Feel so good!”

“Follow me more.”

The Saneumchilgwi sprinkled the hermit in his bosom and made a loud noise.

It is to feel good by using the hermit earned by taking the lives of others to the gisaengs to their heart’s content.

A few nyang of hermits sprinkled on gisaengs.

To them, other people’s lives were just that much.

Lee Gui, who had buried his face in the gisaeng’s chest, raised his head and looked at Daegwi.

“How big! What is your next request?”

“It is a request from the Eunyang Sangdan. He asked me to kill the sophomore of the top of the competition.”

“Hehe! It shouldn’t be difficult. Let’s finish it quickly.”

“First of all, you should enjoy today. Isn’t it?”

At the Daegwi’s words, the rest of the six gwigs screamed.


“That’s right, large!”


They put the liquor table aside and began to covet the prostitutes. Gisaengs did not reject such a mountain sound.

Rather, he bewitched and accepted them with coquetry.

The air in the room was so hot.

Daegwi also kneaded the breasts of the gisaeng who was sitting on his side like rice cakes.

It was a time when the six scents from the body of a gisaeng made him confused.



Suddenly, a low moan broke out.

Daegwi didn’t think much of it at first.

It was just judged that the younger siblings coughed because they hurriedly coveted the gisaeng. But after that, moaning was heard one after another.



It was only then that Daegwi felt an unusual atmosphere and raised his head.


Daegwi let out a scream involuntarily.

It was because there were strangers in the room where there were only seven ghosts of mountains and gisaengs.

Seven warriors in black uniforms and black masks.

Except for the Daegwi, all the seven Demons of Mountain Sound were subdued by them.


Daegwi looked at them with an expression of disbelief.


At that moment, a cold blade was pressed against his neck.

I couldn’t even resist.

Instinctively, he noticed that the warriors in front of him were of the same type as them. However, there was a qualitative difference.

No matter how much I was distracted by the gisaeng, it didn’t make sense that so many people didn’t notice until they entered the room.

Only an assassin like them could do such a thing. It was only possible for assassins who reached a high level that was incomparable to them.

All of the gisaengs who had been hanging out with them a while ago were losing their minds before they knew it. Even the gisaengs in Daegwi’s arms.

Daegwi didn’t notice until they all lost their minds.

“Who are you? Are you saying you have something against us?”

Daegwi mustered up the courage and asked cautiously. Then, the warrior holding the sword to his neck opened his mouth.

“Seven Demons of Saneum!”

It was a cold voice that made my bones ache.

Just hearing the voice was so terrifying that it made you urinate.

“yes? yes!”

“From now on, you are under our control.”


“It means that the hundred ghosts manage the seven ghosts of mountain sound.”

“Did you come out of Baekgwiryeon? Why is Baek Guryun taking us?”

“Because the Most High wants it.”

“Jijon? No way, Lord Baek Guryun…”

“That’s it. No more questions will be accepted. You guys will stop all activities from now on and await our orders.”

The cold-blooded warrior was one of the Black Slayers. He was ordered by Pyowol to visit the Chilgwi of Saneum.

“But even for us, circumstances are…”


At that moment, the blade of the sword pierced the Daegwi’s neck.

Daegwi widened his eyes with an expression of disbelief. It’s because I didn’t expect the other person to use their hands like this without continuing the conversation.

The Daegwi moved his lips to say something. But his voice did not come out of his mouth. because he was exiled before that.

The warrior of the Black Slaughter Corps, who took Daegwi’s life in an instant, looked at Leegwi.

The moment he saw his cool eyes, Lee Gui fell flat on his face.

“I will follow your orders unconditionally.”

“From now on, it is not the seven ghosts of mountain sound, but the six ghosts of mountain sound. And you rule over the six ghosts of mountain sound.”

“All right. I will.”

“From now on, stop all activities and wait for the supreme command. If I hear that you are moving recklessly, then I will cut all of your breaths myself.”

“I swear that we will never go against the will of Baek Guryun.”

“Swear to the Most High, not the Hundred Ghosts.”

“yes? Oh I see. We will swear allegiance to the Most High.”

He said, banging his head on the floor.


At that moment, the warrior of the Dark Slaughter threw a scroll at his forehead.

“What is this?”



“Are you going to keep making me say it twice?”

“Oh no. I will settle it.”

Lee Gui opened the scroll hurriedly.

In an instant, his eyes widened as if they would tear.

Because there were many names written on the scroll.

[Oh Seok-gyeong from the Ark of the Answer.

Baekwoldanju Lee Si-chang.

Oheummunju Nam Doo-hwan.

One thousand days…]

Well, dozens of names were written on it, along with a red number that was presumed to be written with their blood.

Ordinary warriors don’t know what’s wrong with the name written on the scroll, but Lee Gwi was different.

‘All of them are masters of the door.’

In an instant, goosebumps ran through my whole body.

It was because he had an intuition that he was not simply trying to subjugate Baek Guryun’s competitors.

Making a tribunal like this and having them settle down meant that they would strongly control it.

‘Why is the owner of Baek Guryun? Could it be that they are trying to unify all their lives?’

Igwi’s face went white as he thought about it.

Because it was beyond his imagination.

At that time, the voice of the warrior of the Black Slaughter was heard again.

“Get settled quickly.”

“Can I do it here?”

Lee Gui hurriedly wrote his name in the empty seat and joined the party.

The warrior of the Black Slaughter Team rolled up the scroll and put it in his bosom.

“Be quiet. Don’t accept requests and don’t cause trouble. Be presumptuous and we will visit again.”

“That will never happen.”

Lee Gui and the rest of the Five Ghosts bowed their heads deeply and said. However, even though I lowered my head and a certain amount of time passed, there was no answer from the other person.

Yi Gui carefully raised his head.


he was surprised again.

It was because all the warriors of the Black Slaughter Corps that had been filling the room a little while ago had disappeared.

The Dark Slayer warrior disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.

That fact terrified him once again.

“Are you gone? older brother!”

Lee Gui’s younger brothers raised their heads.

Their faces were full of fear.

Because this was the first time in my life.

“What the hell is going on? Why is Baek Gwi-ryun asking to buy…”

“F*ck! I guess it’s a big deal. Baek Guiryeon seems to be trying to unify all life studies.”

“Is that possible? We’re nothing special, so even so, other saloons can’t obey me.”

“Dozens have already knelt down. None of them are worse than ours. B*stards!”

“So what?”

“What should I do? If you don’t want to die, you have to follow orders.”

“Then are you really following the orders of Baek Guryun?”

“It should be. f*ck! The good times are gone.”


Yi Gui hit the liquor table roughly.

All the alcohol and food on the table fell and made a mess on the floor, but I couldn’t see it.

I didn’t even imagine that I would be able to escape from Baek Guryun’s hands.

No matter how ignorant they were, I knew what they knew.

Baek Gwi-ryun’s information network and organizational power are so dense and precise that they cannot dare to guess.

Yi Gui murmured in desperation.

“Who the hell is Baek Guryunju to attempt such an amazing thing?”


Pyowol looked at the wall with his arms crossed.

A large piece of white paper was attached to the wall, and numerous names were written on the piece of paper.

It was then.

Suddenly, a soldier from the Black Slaughterhouse came in and wrote a word on a piece of white paper.

Saneum Yukgwi.

It meant that I had just subjugated them.

Salno cautiously approached Pyowol and said.

“It is going smoothly.”

Not only the Black Slaughter Corps, but also Sayoung Hong Ye-seol, who was a blood friend in the brain, was working to subdue the Salmun.

They scattered widely around Lake Poyang and visited the gates they had identified so far.

No one could match them.

They were beings at the peak of assassination.

Those who were too much for the Black Slaughter Corps, such as Hong Ye-seol and Noe-an, came forward.

All those who received their visit swore allegiance without exception.

It was incredibly fast.

Pyowol asked Salno.

“How much is left?”

“There are about three quarters left.”

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