Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 526

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 526

Episode 526

Jangsu was a city located hundreds of li south of Lake Poyang.

Although less known than the cities adjacent to Poyang Lake, Jangsu was a fairly large city.

Since it is located between Poyang Lake and Mt.

The largest gate in Jangsu was Okhwamun (玉化門).

Okhwamun, which was opened in Mt. Okhwa, moved to Jangsu according to the flow of the times. It is because the Okhwamun, which is neither a Domun nor a Buddhist monk, has little benefit from Okhwasan.

Jangsu was a fairly large city and so many people visited it.

Where people flock to, there is bound to be an advantage, and Okhwamun seized the hegemony of the longevity by seizing those interests one by one.

The longevity’s interest was by no means small.

Okhwamun’s disciples entered the upper rank of Pyoguk Sanghoe in Jangsu and occupied key positions.

Of course, Okhwamun’s breath had no choice but to touch the back of the flag.

Okhwamun became the loser of longevity.

Okhwamunju Chomuyang has lived without any worries as a loser of longevity.

At least in Jangsu, there was no one to challenge his authority, and most of all, his ambition was not that great.

He did not like to influence other areas because he was satisfied with the longevity of the losers.

Since he was not greedy with the outside world, there was nothing to be a natural problem.

The problem happened recently.

“The Great War is the problem. That b*stard’s mighty battle…”

Ms. Chomu muttered as she sat at Taesa’s chair.

It was good that the Great War broke out. It’s because if you don’t participate in the middle of the day.

The real problem was the place where the Great War broke out.

“The Poyang Lake…”

The distance from Poyang Lake to Jangsu was only a few hundred li.

Also, the road to Poyang Lake passed through Jangsu.

Many of those who wanted to participate in the Gangho Daejeon stopped by Jangsu on the way to Lake Poyang.

Of course, the warriors living in longevity talked about the Gangho War and gave a lot of energy as if they could become heroes right away.

Because of them, even the atmosphere of longevity was disturbed.

Apparently, unmanned soldiers in longevity are also affected.

Many of the warriors of the longevity were those of Okhwamun, and some of them headed to Poyangho to spread their courage.

The desertion of such unmanned people was nothing to worry about.

In life, there are gobies who go wild without knowing the world, and such people never live long.

He had no reason to worry about the soldiers who jumped into the firing line with their own feet.

What he was worried about was the invitation letter in his hand.

One is from the Unryeonhoe and the other is from the Geumcheonhoe.

“It really looks like a dog.”

Chomu-yang frowned.

I knew that one day I would be forced to make a choice like this, but when it became a reality, I felt very dirty.

The contents of the invitation were obvious.

It was to fight alongside them.

If you join the Geumcheonhoe, you become enemies with the Eunryeonhoe, and if you join the Eunryeonhoe, you have no choice but to fight the Geumcheonhoe.

It was a difficult situation for Chomuyang, who was not ambitious.

No matter which one you choose, the peace so far will be over.

I couldn’t help but choose.

Munpas in the vicinity are said to have received special visits from both sides. They too are forced to choose.

If Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe were simply unions of late exponents, he had no reason to worry.

The problem is that behind both sides, there are giant clans that are one of the best in the world.

In other words, the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe are fighting a proxy war between the giant powers.

No matter what choice Chomu made, she had no choice but to incur the hatred of those on the other side.

It’s okay if you simply buy hate, but if you do something wrong, Okhwamun could be shut down in his stand.


The more I thought about it, the more I could only sigh.

He was angry at the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe forcing him to make such an extreme choice.

It was not an easy decision to make because the life and death of Okhwamundo depended on his choice.

My brain was dizzy.

I liked the haze to tidy up my messy hair.

After a bout of sweat, it was clear that things would clear up a bit.

Chomu picked up the sword hanging on the wall.

It was a sword named Golden Hwang (金皇).

The handle of the sword had the name of the sword engraved in an antique style.

It was a famous sword that was hundreds of years old.

It wasn’t long before he acquired this famous sword, but he felt peace in his heart every time he held the golden sword.

It was when he was about to perform a dance with a golden hwang.

“That sword looks good.”

Suddenly a grim voice was heard.

Chomu was startled and looked at the place where the voice came from.

This was the abode of Chomu-yang.

Even the disciples did not come late at night. However, I was surprised to hear the voice of a stranger.

Where his gaze was directed, there was an old man who looked like a wolf.

He had thick gray hair and a long beard that covered his chest. A gray uniform that seemed to have been worn dozens of times. Unusually, he was carrying a sword on his back.

Although she looked no different from the beggars commonly seen on the street, Miss Chomu somehow felt intimidated by the old man.

Chomuyang asked the old man.

“Who is the old man? How did you get here? There must have been someone guarding it.”

“If you are talking about the guards, I recommend changing them.”

“What do you mean?”

“I say it because it is no different from a scarecrow. How can such people protect such a precious sword?”

“knife? Do you mean gold?”

“Yes. You don’t seem qualified to own that sword. So hand it over to me.”


Momentarily, Miss Chomu vomited the Lion’s Roar.

Only then did he realize that what the old man wanted was gold.

“I don’t know where you heard about Geumhwang, but go back. This sword is not something someone like you would covet.”

“Hehe! You do what I have to say That sword is not something that can be rotted by haze.”

The old man came to Chomu.

The closer he got, the more his eyes widened.

I tried to fight the old man’s spirit by raising my energy, but my body trembled like an aspen tree.

The pressure the old man put on him was enormous.

‘Because who is the replacement interest?’

Chomu-yang desperately searched for memories. But as if my head was empty, nothing came to mind.

In the end, Chumuyang gave up thinking and pulled Jinhuang out of the scabbard.


The hidden golden sword body was revealed with a blue light.

For a moment, the old man opened his eyes wide.

“It’s a good sword after all.”

His eyes were full of lust.

It was an undeservedly good sword for a warrior like Chomu.

Geumhwang was more than a famous sword.

If you have never used a sword like this, you may not know it, but once you use it, you will know. How useful is such a good sword.

The old man found out about this while using the sword he carried on his back.

He touched the hilt of the sword on his back with his fingertips.

I could feel the two words “Gong” on my fingertips.

A three-handed treasured sword created by the legendary artisan Gu Yazawa and soy sauce.

The sword called the three great swords along with the Taetae (太阿) Yongyeon (龍淵) was fear.

Fear was the sword that was stolen from a boy named Soma a long time ago.

Before acquiring terror, the old man always carried five or six swords on his back.

He always carried a spare sword because he couldn’t stand his formidable strength and his sword broke.

But now it was different.

The fear was strong and sharp enough to withstand his innards. Thanks to this, he was able to use his full strength without worrying about his sword breaking. However, after using the fear for a long time, I was worried that the durability might have run out.

Again, he felt the need to prepare an extra sword.

Even if the fear didn’t break, it was clear that having an extra sword would be just as strong.

At that time, news came to his ears that Chomuyang possessed a famous sword called Geumhwang.

The place where he happened to be was not far from Jangsu, so he ran without hesitation.

said the old man.

“My name is King Gu Jin.”

“Am I a king?”

Only then did Miss Chomu recall the identity of the old man.

Nangwang (狼王) King Gujin.

A member of the Eight Constellations and a warrior as ferocious as a wolf.

He caused a lot of trouble, but his martial arts were so strong that no one could control him.

“You really mean Nangwang Gujinwang Daehyeop?”

“I don’t know about Daehyeop, but it’s true that I am the King.”

“Why is a warrior like you coveting gold?”

“There is nothing more precious than a pearl necklace hanging around a pig’s neck. Every piece of equipment must have an appropriate owner.”

“Are you calling me a pig?”

“If not, prove yourself.”

“Good! No matter how much you are a member of the Eight Constellations, I can’t stand it when you insult me like this.”

Chomuyang injected energy into Geumhwang. Then, Geumhwang showed off his presence with a brighter light.

Despite Chomuyang’s bloody spirit, King Gujin rather let out a phoneme.

“Hehe! In the past, there was a guy like you who didn’t know the subject and fought back. Still, he was pretty dangerous, but I don’t know how you are.”


Chomu-yang screamed and unleashed the Fengma Muyeongsword (伏魔無影劍), the festival of the name.


Even when he saw the golden hwang flying in, King Gu Jin did not avoid it.

There was no reason to refuse to offer the sword with my own hand.

Chomuyang fought with Gu Jinwang with all his might.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Explosive sounds erupted in succession, and the Jade Flower Gate shook as if an earthquake had occurred.


“What is this?”

The soldiers who had been sleeping soundly jumped out in surprise.

They soon realized that the center of the commotion was the abode of Chomu-yang and came running. However, when they arrived at Chomuyang’s residence, what they saw was a body covered in blood.

It didn’t take long before he realized that the body was that of Chomu-yang.


“Lord Moon!”

The disciples hugged Chomu-yang’s corpse and cried out.


Food Deuk!

Jeon Seo-gu flapped its wings and landed on Salno’s hand.

The well-trained Jeon Seo-gu folded his wings and entrusted himself to Salno.

Salno untied the small tube that was tied to Jeon Seo-gu’s leg.

Inside the box was a rolled note.

Salno, who was reading the note, frowned.


“Is there a problem?”

A man approached Salno.

He was Noe-an, a member of the Ten Bloods.

In response to the question in the brain, Salno silently handed over the note.

After reading all the notes, my brain snorted.

“Well, it’s the same story…”

“It’s the same, so it’s a problem.”

“What is it?”

“Because it means that the world is so confused that this kind of thing happens all the time.”

Inside the note was a detailed description of what was happening around Lake Poyang.

Today, it is described how many people died and which warriors clashed.

Among them, the most shocking thing is that the owner of Okhwamun in Jangsu was killed by someone.

He looked at Salno with cold eyes.

“Do you feel any pity now? Why are you so inappropriately sentimental?”

“If you think that you will die soon, you will be like me.”

“Quit! I will retire before I get so sentimental.”


“Because I can’t live only as an assassin forever.”

“Are you dreaming of a normal life that doesn’t suit you?”

“For now, yes.”

“okay! Try hard.”

The eyebrows in my brain twitched at Salno’s sarcastic tone. However, he soon spoke with a nonchalant expression.

“Well, thanks to someone, retirement will be postponed a lot.”

“Does your heart race too?”

“It’s not to that extent, but it’s true that I’m attracted to a certain extent.”

“All in one! All assassins have no choice but to have their hearts pounding.”

“Do you really think it’s possible?”

“Haven’t you already experienced it?”


Brain made an impression.

He had a lot to say, but he felt that saying more would only make him laugh.

My brain looked at Solgawon.

There was a man who subdued him.

“Well, it’s strong, but it’s filthy strong.”

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