Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 525

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 525

Episode 525

Although moving in the same space with the same goal, the three assassins did not even think about cooperation.

It is because the pride of both Noe-an and Hee-woo Sa-young pierced the sky.

Because of that, no matter how difficult the request was, there was nothing to cooperate and move.

It was the same even now.

They all moved together aiming for Pyowol, but they didn’t even think about cooperation.

Among them, Brain was the most advanced.

His shadowless storytelling was the pinnacle of stealth.

Because of that, he was able to reach the ceiling of Pyowol’s abode before Heolwoo and Sayoung.

From the top of a large crossbeam, he looked down into the room.

The room was filled with a musty smell.

I knew very well what that meant.

‘I had an affair.’

I saw a woman lying on the bed with her shoulders exposed.

Not long after the work was over, the woman was breathing heavily.

‘Hong Ye-seol!’

My brain instantly recognized the identity of the woman.

I couldn’t have known if I didn’t know.

It was because she was the woman who had been in the seat of Baek Guryunju just three days ago.

Before that, he was a member of the Ten Bloods like them.

No matter how little they interacted with each other, they knew at least their faces and names.

Moreover, although Hong Ye-seol was only for a short time, he had risen to the position of Baek Guryun-ju anyway.

It is impossible not to pay attention.

It was then.

Hong Ye-seol, who was out of breath, suddenly raised his head and looked straight at the ceiling. But her eyes were on the inside of the brain.

The brain furrowed its brow.

This is because there is absolutely no way that Hong Ye-seol is lying on the bed where he is hiding.


It couldn’t have been.

Coincidence does not exist for people who live in such a harsh world.

It was clear that he knew and saw himself.

For a moment, I felt an eerie feeling in my brain.

It was strange that the man who should be with Hong Ye-seol was nowhere to be seen.

At that time, Hong Ye-seol, who was looking at the place where the brain was, smiled.

I felt the chill in my brain as if I had been bathed in cold water at the smile as if I knew everything.


It was the moment my brain was about to open its mouth.


A soft moan came from somewhere.

It was such a weak sound that you would never have heard it unless you were extremely sensitive.

The moment I heard the sound, my brain instantly recognized the owner of the moan.

‘It’s Sayoung.’

There was only one thing that would make Sa-Young, an assassin as good as himself, burst into moaning.

being subdued by someone


It was only then that I realized the reality of the sense of crisis in my brain.

This is also the reason Hong Ye-seol smiled at him.

‘The death god has moved.’

Noen-an hurriedly got up and stepped back.

The raid was a failure.

I don’t know how I noticed it, but it was clear that the Shinigami had noticed their intrusion and moved.

It was then.


A groan was heard again.

The brain recognized the owner of the moan again.

Heeolwoo was the owner of an excellent killing method as good as himself.

Heewoo, like other assassins, was trained in silence.

It was trained to remain absolutely silent no matter what situation occurred during the murder.

The fact that such a hemorrhage let out a groan meant that the situation was so urgent.

‘Following Sayoung, he suffered from hemorrhoids?’

If he hadn’t heard their groans himself, he would never have believed them.

It wasn’t the time to cover things up.

The inside of the brain rushed out of the anterior chamber.

After leaving the palace without a sound, he reversed the route he had infiltrated into.

Fortunately, the Black Slayer didn’t notice his movements.

Having escaped from Solgawon, Noe-an launched a light attack with all his might.

‘After getting out of this place, we will reorganize. Come back after making a perfect plan.’

Brain blamed himself for his impatience and ran at high speed.

Even though it was moving so fast, there was not even the sound of clothes flapping.

Normally, if I was this far away, I should have felt some relief. But at this moment, the heart in my brain was beating like crazy.

It wasn’t just because he was doing his best to fight the battle.

This is because his body was aware of the crisis before his head.

The brain did not make the mistake of ignoring the warnings of its instincts.

He turned to his left.


At that moment, a gift that is difficult to distinguish with the n.a.k.e.d eye was planted where he originally intended to step.

It was a married couple.

Noen-an turned his head and looked in the direction from which the suhonsa flew.

There, he saw In-young running at his own pace.

It was Pyo-wol, a man with a white and handsome face that stood out even in the thick darkness.


The brain gritted it.

His guess turned out to be true.

In that short time, Pyowol was not enough to subdue Sa-Young and Hee-Woo, but he also pursued himself.

It was a movement that could not be understood by common sense.

Goosebumps ran up my spine.

A strong sense of danger made his lips dry.

Their gazes met with Pyowol.

The soft red light in his jet-black eyes seemed to see through all of his thoughts.

Brain gave up on escaping.

He acknowledged the fact that he could not shake off the Pyowol with his own Gyeonggong. I didn’t even think it would be easy.


My brain rushed at Pyowol with terrifying speed.

The Thunder King in his hand aimed at Pyowol’s breath.

At that moment, Pyowol also took out a dagger from his waist.

It was a dagger made by Dang Sochu.

Wave patterns were rippling on the surface of the dagger, which was about half a span longer than the ghost tombstone.

Pyowol clashed with the Thunder King holding the dagger in reverse.


Sparks flew in all directions with a sharp sound.

Cagaga River!

The moon and the brain collided with each other over and over again.

They didn’t even take a break.

They ran through the bushes, climbed tall trees, and crashed while running along streams.

Even while running through a dark forest without a single light, they never fell or lost their balance.

Darkness could not stand in their way.

‘Was it like this? Reaper!’

The face inside the brain was distorted.

It was because the blood flowed from the hand holding the Thunder King.

The impact of clashing with the sword of Pyowol piled up and piled up, tearing the hukou.

This was the first time.


Because it moved so violently in a short time, steam rose from the body inside the brain.

I couldn’t even remember when my brain had ever moved so violently.

The common characteristic of assassins like Brainan is that their endurance is weak.

An assassin seeks a one-hit kill.

Even if it means waiting for a few days and a few days, it is aiming for an opportunity to stop breathing at once.

It was the fate of an assassin to be killed if he failed to kill his opponent in one blow. Because of that, there was a tendency to bet everything on the first strike.

It was the same with the brain.

Most of those he dealt with died in one blow.

Because of this, there was no reason to uselessly waste energy on three strikes. Because of that, the endurance in the brain was inevitably weak.

Normally, this is not a problem at all, but when it comes to a powerful opponent like Pyowol, it turns out to be a serious breakdown.

Pyowol was faster and stronger than that.

Even though he was moving so vigorously, he didn’t even breathe hard.

Like an adult watching a child’s tricks, Pyo-wol was looking inside his brain like that.

In front of his eyes, he felt himself shabby in his brain.

My brain couldn’t help but admit it.

It means that Pyo-Wol has the qualifications to become Baek Gwi-ryun.

But that didn’t make it easy to surrender. Because his pride would not tolerate it.


For the first time, he let out a spirit and attacked Pyowol.

Shh shh!

The Thunder King tore apart the darkness and attacked Pyowol.

With all his might, he accelerated.

The Thunder King split the air faster than before. However, even so, it did not happen that the Thunder King would touch Pyowol’s body.

Pyowol also increased the speed.

The expression in the brain was distorted.

It was clear that Pyowol was making fun of himself.

As if to say that this is the difference between him and himself.

I felt shame in my brain.


Life soared in his eyes.

No one had ever looked at him this way. There were many cases to the contrary.

He didn’t deserve to be looked at like this.

The Brain focused more energy on the Brain King.


A fierce wind blew through the brain.

That’s how fast the brain moves.

Normal people couldn’t see it with the n.a.k.e.d eye. However, Pyowol’s eyes could clearly see the movement of his brain.

I don’t know in the brain, but Pyowol already noticed when he first stepped into Solgawon.

He could fool the Dark Slayer, but he couldn’t fool the senses of Pyowol.

From the beginning to the end, Sa-Young, the hemorrhage in the brain, played in the palm of Pyo-Wol.

They decided to test Pyowol to see if he was qualified for Baekgwiryunju, but in fact it was Pyowol who did the test.

Heeol-woo and Sa-yeong were suppressed without knowing that Pyo-wol was approaching. At least I felt good inside my brain and escaped, but that was all.

In the past, it would have taken a lot of time to subdue the three. That’s how great the ability of the three people was. However, Pyowol now was a different person than before.

After coming out to the river, he has been fighting the strong people steadily.

Overcoming countless death threats, his martial arts continued to develop, and now he has established his own independent realm.

He had reached a level that no other assassin had reached.

Just as you can see all the scenery around you when you climb to the top of the mountain, Pyowol’s eyes, which have reached the highest level as an assassin, were not unfamiliar or new to the techniques unfolding in his brain.


Pyo-wol bent his back and dug into the bosom inside his brain.

The Thunder King flew at his neck, but he was easily knocked out with a dagger.


The Thunder King bounced off with a metal sound.

I fed the jade to the chest in the wide open brain.


With the explosion, the inside of my brain flew backwards.

The moon sped up to catch up with him.

Even in the middle of the flight, the brain did not let go and counterattacked by swinging the brain king.

However, his counterattack was easily overpowered.

Pyowol grabbed his wrist and bent it to the other side.


The wrist broke with a rupture. Still, the brain didn’t scream.

Pyo-Wol smiled as he looked inside his brain.

Because it is the basis of the assassin. But I had no intention of seeing it that way.


Once again, the prison broke.

The brain couldn’t stand it any longer and vomited blood.

His chin and chest were stained red.

Even after vomiting blood, the stomach did not calm down.

My limbs were shaking and I couldn’t stand up.

He lifted his white face and looked at Pyowol.

Pyowol stowed the dagger and walked towards him.

The way he walked without changing his expression didn’t look like the same person at all.


Behind Pyowol’s back, someone clicked their tongue and appeared.

The old man with dark spots all over his face was Salno.

Belatedly, Salno came running with the Black Slaughter Team.

Heol-woo and Sa-young were caught in the Black Slaughter Corps while unconscious.

Salno said to Noe-an.

“In the end, you guys didn’t believe me and did something. How do you feel about dealing with the Supreme?”

My brain couldn’t bear to speak, and my chin twitched.

Pyowol looked down at him without saying anything.

I didn’t even feel embarrassed anymore.

This is because he personally confirmed the difference between himself and him.

Noen An said as he got down on one knee.

“I see you in the inner brain, Mr. Lian.”

Pyowol was recognized as the supreme being of Baekgwiryun.

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