Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 524

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 524

Episode 524

Solgawon is in Pyowol’s clutches.

Sadowon, who learned the identity of Pyowol, gave up his resistance altogether.

Sasin and Baek Gwi-ryun.

It was the worst combination ever.

At least for the assassins living in Salmun, it was no different from a disaster.

Pyo-wol, who is even called the best assassin in the history of a strong fighter.

Baek Gwi-ryeon, the strongest murderer in Gangho.

You can’t guarantee your life even if you run into one of them, but the combination of the two.

From the circumstances, it was clear that Pyo-wol had obtained Baek Gwi-ryun.

Baek Guryun of the world couldn’t help but kneel before Pyo-Wol, but it was absurd that Sol Ga-Won and the like would reject him.

In the end, Sadowon and family members swore allegiance to Pyowol.

“I swear allegiance to the messenger of the apostolic temple.”

“I swear allegiance.”

Their voices resonated in Solgawon.

Pyowol looked at them and opened his mouth.

“I will stay at Solgawon for the time being. to cooperate.”

“of course. We will do our best to serve you.”

The apostle bowed his head and replied.

Pyowol’s gaze turned to Salno. Then Salno nodded as if he understood.

“I will take care of the rest. May your lord rest in peace.”


Pyowol nodded and went inside.

Hong Ye-seol and Do Yeon-san followed.

When they were all gone, Salno approached the apostate.

“Did you say apostolic?”

“That’s right. Noya!”

The apostle politely replied.

Seeing that Pyowol left the job to Salno, he had an intuition that he was not of an ordinary status.

Salno’s words continued.

“I say live. As you can see, they are all old and are about to retire, but fortunately, they are fulfilling their big dream by meeting the Supreme.”

“What if it’s a dream?”

“All the laws of life in the world are unified!”

“You mean heaven?”

“Yes! Heaven!”

The apostle raised his eyes wide.

It was on a scale he could not have imagined.

As the owner of a small shop, he was managing a small request.

Somehow, he became an assassin and became the head of a murder investigation.

To him, planning the world was a word that could only come out of a dream.

“Are you really…really going to unify all the affairs of the world?”

I couldn’t believe it and asked again.

Salno’s answer to that was also firm.


“oh my god!”

“You and Sol Gawon are on the lucky side. Because I joined in the beginning. You don’t know what that means, do you?”

“of course. It is an honor to be a part of the Supreme’s journey.”

“Haeungbang and Baekwoldan have already sworn allegiance to their master.”


Suddenly, my heart started beating wildly.

Pyo-wol was not simply trying to make a living with words, but was in earnest.

Sadowon knew that there was a big difference between joining in the early stages and just putting chopsticks on the table.

He bowed his head to Salno and said.

“Give me an order no matter what. I will obey even if you give me an order to get the king of flames.”

Salno tapped the apostle on the shoulder.

“It’s a good attitude. The lord will stay here for a while, so let’s work on making it a fortress.”

“All right. Just put your name down. I will believe in Bong-Gong and follow him.”


“If you don’t like it, can I call you by a different name?”

“No, good to hear. It’s Bong-Gong. It’s a perfect position for an old man who is about to retire.”

“Then, I will continue to call you Bong-Gong.”

“Let it be. Let’s start by repairing the inside of Solgawon.”

“All right.”

Salno gave instructions to the apostate, who listened carefully to his words.


Even so, Solgawon was located in a heavenly topography.

Salno transformed Solgawon into a more powerful fortress.

He was well versed in institutions.

Among the murder targets, there were numerous people who protected themselves with institutions. In order to kill through the organ, I had no choice but to study nature, and after such a long time, I had no choice but to have a special knowledge of the organ.

In just three days, Solgawon was reborn as a strong fortress. But nobody knew about it.

For three days, Pyo-wol was stuck in the shelter and did not come out. Still, no one was dissatisfied.

The family members of Sadowon and Solgawon now perfectly accepted Pyowol as their ruler.

The night in Solgawon was very dark.

It was because there was no private house nearby and it was located in a precarious place on top of a cliff.

Those who did not know that Solgawon was here were just right to fall off the cliff after wandering in the dark.

All those currently in Solgawon were accustomed to darkness.

This is because everyone except for Do Yeon-san, Eun-yo, and Nam Shin-woo are assassins.

They had the ability to see through a fair amount of darkness without even turning on a light.

That’s why I don’t bother turning on the lights at night.

There were people looking at Solgawon, who was immersed in darkness.

They were wrapped up so tightly that their age and gender could not be guessed, and they stood on top of a tall tree and looked at Solgawon.

A strong wind blew and bent the branches as if they would break at any moment, but they did not shake at all.

After looking at Solgawon for a while, the three exchanged glances.

“There he is.”

“Is he really worthy?”

“I’ll have to check it out now.”

They had a meaningless conversation.

As usual, they hardly ever came and went.

It’s been years since they’ve been together like this.

It was all because of one man.

It was because of Pyowol, a man staying at Solgawon.

The three of them looked at each other for a while and then dispersed.


Although they moved in different directions, their destination was Solgawon.

Brain Eye was one of the three people gathered here today.

Although he had his real name, he did not use it, so he himself had forgotten it for a long time.

Instead of his real name, he used the nickname Noe-an.

It’s because I liked the nickname of Brain.

The reason why he is called brain eye is because the light in his eyes is as intense as lightning strikes from his eyes.

Exposing such clear characteristics was a reason for disqualification as an assassin. Even so, the reason that Noe-an survived as an assassin for a long time was because his ability was so outstanding.

The brain was an assassin.

It was no ordinary assassin either.

He belonged to the Baek Guryun.

Even in Baek Guryun, he belonged to the Ten Bloods.

He only received one referral per year.

Other requests were rejected no matter how much money they offered. Even so, the reason he was able to become a member of the Ten Bloods is because his ability is so great.

In terms of the ability to simply complete the murder, none of the Ten Bloods could follow the brain.

No matter what the request was entrusted to, the assassin who was sure to complete it was the brain.

He was also very proud of himself.

He usually did not pay attention to the secret struggles or power struggles within Baek Guryun.

No matter what the internal circumstances were, I thought it would be enough as long as the request was paid well. So, even when Hong Ye-seol, who was in the same bloodline, killed the former Ryeon-ju and became the new Ryeon-ju, he did not pay much attention.

If so, it was because they were members of the same Baek Guryun family.

His relationship with Hong Ye-seol wasn’t too bad, and above all, he knew that she wouldn’t bother him just because she became her master.

His principles were firm.

It is commissioned only once a year.

As long as it didn’t violate his principles, it didn’t matter who became the Baekgwiryunju. Only if it was a person within the Baekgwiryun.

Three days ago he was contacted with payment.

Not only that, but all of the Ten Bloods were given the same message.

Also, Baek Guryunju has changed.

At first, it came out of swearing.

“no! How long has it been since that b*tch became a yeonju, did the yeonju change again?”

Baek Guryun’s position was not worthless enough to change so easily.

It was even said that the person who became the yeonju this time was the Shinigami.

I understood until Hong Ye-seol. Still, she was an assassin of the Hundred Ghosts in the first place. But it was not a leap.

He had nothing to do with Baek Guryun.

Although he was shouting gangho with the nickname of Sasin, his birth itself was different from the Assassins of Baek Guryun.

‘Salno must be out of his mind. No matter how much he is a death god, he is recognized as a lynx.’

Even if he didn’t know Hong Ye-seol, he couldn’t recognize Pyo-wol as Yeonju.

Pyo-wol may have reached the highest level as an assassin, but accepting him as the yeonju of the Baek Gwi-ryun was another matter. So he came all the way here to check the moon for himself.

It was possible because the place where he was hiding was not far away.

‘Hemorrhagic rain and death shadows would have the same thoughts as me.’

The people who were with him a moment ago were all ten bloody years old.

Heolwoo and Sayoung.

They also ran all the way here to check the Pyowol.

Hee-woo had a unique tendency as much as the brain, and Sa-yeong was the owner of a great killing method to the point of being called the shadow of death.

All three were assassins at the top of the Ten Bloods.

In terms of simple killing methods, even Hong Ye-seol had tremendous skills.

There was only one reason they came here.

It was to see if Pyo-wol was qualified to become Baek Gwi-ryeon’s runner.

There was only one way for an assassin to check the skill of another assassin.

It’s just killing yourself.

If he couldn’t block his ambush, he didn’t deserve to be the master of Baekgwiryun.

It was unexpected that Heol-woo and Sa-young joined, but he didn’t want to give them up either.

Whoever attacks and subdues Pyowol first will be recognized as the best assassin.

I wasn’t very interested in the position of Baek Guryunju, but I was greedy for the position of the best assassin in the river.

Inside the brain, the hidden technique of assimilation without trace was performed.

The story of no traces he unfolds literally refers to the stealth technique of assimilating with the surrounding landscape without leaving any traces.

When the story unfolded in his brain, no one could find him.

There is no sound or sign.

It even regulates its body temperature to deceive the senses of those who are vigilant.

The current defenders of Solgawon were the Black Slaughter Corps.

The flesh demons under the direct control of Baek Guryun Lord.

Their senses and powerlessness are beyond imagination.

Because he was the same assassin, he knew better than anyone else the ability of the Dark Slayer. Nevertheless, the reason he unfolded the story without hesitation is because he is so confident in his ability.

In fact, even though he hid in Solgawon, no one in the Black Slaughter Corps noticed.

The eyes in the brain scanned the surroundings sharply.

It looked like an ordinary wall, but there were five Black Slayer assassins hiding there.

They were watching without a leak, but they were also human.

Unrecognized blind spots were bound to exist.

Inside the brain dug into their blind spots.

In this way, I felt two signs moving secretly in the senses in my brain that had penetrated Solgawon.

‘Heolwoo and Sayoung.’

Brain recognized their identities at once.

Just as he secretly infiltrated Solgawon, they also succeeded in crossing the wall.

All that was left was to find Pyowol’s abode.

The inside of the brain did not know the Solgar circle structure.

Originally, it would have penetrated by thoroughly grasping the structure and clearly determining the route of infiltration. However, because he rushed so quickly, he was unable to investigate anything inside Solgawon.

Even so, the brain wasn’t too worried.

Because it’s not the first time I’ve experienced something like this.

Most of the interior structures of manors like Solgawon were largely the same, and most of the owners’ dwellings were located in similar places.

The largest and most splendid hall in the manor.

Among them, the largest room was the residence of the owner of the manor.

Although Pyo-wol was not the owner of Sol Ga-won, he would be staying in the original owner’s residence as long as he took over.

‘Hey there!’

Inside the brain, at once, he found a place where Pyowol could stay.

As if to prove his guess, there were a lot of black slaughterhouses around.

There was his goal.

A prey named Pyowol.


A half-moon-shaped gihyeongdo was pulled out from his waist.

It was the Thunder King, a poisonous weapon.

The inside of the brain seeped into the hall while holding the Thunder King in his hand.

At the same time, Heewoo and Sayoung also moved.

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