Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 523

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 523

Episode 523

Dokgo’s eyebrows trembled.

The person he trusted the most returned as a chilled corpse.

“Please kill me.”


The warriors who returned with the body prostrated themselves in front of Dokgo Hwang and banged their heads on the floor.

Their foreheads were cracked and bleeding, but no one dared to raise their heads.

Dokgohwang looked at the corpse in front of them without even looking at them.

The body was covered with a white cloth.

Dokgohwang carefully lifted the white cloth. Then, Eom So-so’s face was revealed.

A painful light was evident on Eom So-so’s face, which had a hole between his eyebrows. It was clear how much pain she felt before she died.


I tried to stay calm, but my voice trembled a little.

Eom So-so was not just a subordinate.

He was his colleague and lover.

Eom So So was the only person he trusted and relied on.

Except for himself, there was no one to be defeated in the martial arts training. That’s why I trusted him and put him on a dangerous mission.

But she came back as a cold corpse.

I felt a sense of loss, as if a huge hole had been pierced in one side of my heart.

It was the first time in my life that I felt this way.

A small spasm had sprung up in his shoulder, and there was a haze of moisture around his eyes.

Dokgohwang blinked and forcibly removed the moisture.

He stretched out his hand and touched her face for a moment before opening his mouth.

“Who are you?”


“I mean, who did it?”

“That’s Pyo…Mon.”

“The moon?”

“The young lady said it was definitely a pyowol.”

“okay! You mean the moon?”

Dokgohwang chewed on the two letters in the name ‘Pyowol’ several times.

People gathered in front of Daejeon felt an eerie chill.

Rather, he felt extreme fear at the appearance of Dokgo Hwang, who did not do anything.

Dokgohwang carefully covered the white cloth again and got up.

His eyes turned to the man in front of him.

Among those who mobilized, he was the one with the highest rank next to Eomsoso. He was tasked with assisting Eomsoso.

Upon receiving Dokgo Hwang’s gaze, the man opened his mouth.

“sorry. It was not a situation where I would intervene.”

“So you brought back only the body?”

“I wanted to bring the body. I will pay for the rest with my life.”


A scream erupted from the man’s body.

It’s self-inflicted.

Dark red blood poured from the man’s chil-gong, and he soon died.

About a dozen unmanned people behind the man who took his own life spoke at the same time.

“We will pay for our sins with our lives.”

They committed suicide by bursting their heart veins at the same time, just like the man did.

In an instant, as many as eleven unmanned soldiers took their own lives.

The atmosphere that had subsided even if it wasn’t so, fell even more heavily.

No one opened their mouths.

Everyone bowed their heads and waited for Dokgo Hwang’s disposition.

Dokgohwang looked at the warriors for a while, then looked away.

A panoramic view of the vast Poyang Lake came into his eyes.

Dokgohwang looked at Poyang Lake for a long time without saying a word.

In the meantime, the warriors in front of Daejeon did not say a word, only waiting for Dokgohwang’s disposition.

Finally, Dokgo Hwang opened his mouth.

“Find him by any means necessary.”

“Honorable name!”

“You can use Haomen or you can use Geumcheonhoe. Find him by all means. I will punish him myself.”

“I take orders.”

The warriors of martial arts answered in one voice.

Dokgohwang left them behind and moved on.

A man appeared in his eyes.

It was Jang Moo-geuk, the owner of the Geumcheonhoe.

Zhang Mu-geuk was watching Dok-gohwang with his arms crossed.

As Dokgohwang approached, Jang Mu-geuk opened his mouth.

“Are you okay?”

“no! It’s not okay.”

Dokgohwang shook his head.

Zhang Mu-geuk stared at Dok-gohwang.

“This is a very important time.”

“I know.”

“If the power of martial arts is exhausted, the great world will be shaken.”

“I know.”

“So you’re saying you’re going to focus your efforts on chasing the moon?”


Dokgo Hwang answered without hesitation.

Zhang Mu-geuk frowned as he watched Dok-go-hwang.

This was the first time Dokgo Hwang had shown such a wave of emotion. It was clear that no matter what he said now, it would not reach Dokgo Hwang’s ears.

Jang Moo-geuk said.

“I can take care of it for you if you want.”

“That is an insult to me.”

Dokgo Hwang replied firmly.

With his attitude that there was no room for negotiation, Zhang Wu-geuk couldn’t come up with the next word.

Dokgo Hwang continued.

“He may be one of those people who mean nothing to you, but he meant a lot to me. There is no point in borrowing your hand. I have to kill her with my own hands to release her limitations.”

“I can’t wait that long.”

“I won’t make you wait that long.”

“I believe!”

“Believe me! When have I ever let you down?”


Zhang Wuqing shook his head.

It was impossible to convince Dokgohwang with any words.

It was not in his character to get hung up on the impossible.

‘I’ll have to think that I can’t mobilize martial arts for the time being.’

Due to Dokgo Hwang’s personality, it was clear that he would neglect Geumcheonhoe until he took revenge by killing Pyowol.

Dokgohwang and Mugeomryeon’s share in Geumcheonhoe was by no means small. If they fall out, a large gap will appear. And Union Reunion will attack without missing the gap.

I had to somehow fill the void left by Mugeomryeon.

Jang Mu-geuk frowned.

‘I’ll have to get support from the soldiers at Cheonmujang.’

It was a choice I didn’t want to make if possible.

He wanted to seize the hegemony of the world with his own strength. Because of that, he went through cumbersome procedures and got his hands on Geumcheonhoe.

It was to put the world’s equipment in their hands and build a fortress.

His attempts were only half successful.

It was good to take control of the Geumcheonhoe, but it was because the Eunryeonhoe was born against it.

Just as there is darkness where there is light, the world has the property of trying to balance.

If the Golden Heaven was the light, the Silver Lotus was the darkness, and if the Gold, the Heaven was darkness, the Silver Lotus was the light.

In the end, the birth of Eunryeonhoe could be said to be destiny.

When the Union Association was first launched, it should have been trampled on in the bud. However, he missed the timing and the Union Association grew into a huge force that could not be ignored.

If he notices that martial arts power is missing, he will somehow attack the gap. In that case, the great world of Zhang Wu-geuk could be shaken.

In order to prevent such a situation, they had no choice but to receive military support from Cheonmujang.

“Tsk! All of this happened because of one assassin. How absurd!”

Zhang Wuji clicked his tongue.


Solgawon (乺家院) was located on a cliff overlooking the Yangtze River.

Looking up from the Yangtze River, I couldn’t tell that a fairly large manor existed in such a location. because it was not visible.

In addition, the forest surrounded the manor, so it was invisible even from a distance.

Because of that, no one who went to and from the Yangtze River noticed that there was a manor in a place like this.

Solgawon was a heavenly fortress unknown to anyone but those who belonged to it. Because of that, Solgawon’s family members were proud that they would never be captured. But now their pride was shattered.

More than 30 people were lying in an empty lot in the center of Solgawon.



Their screaming faces were filled with the light of fear.

They looked around with terrified faces.

Thirty soldiers surrounded them.

The warriors, all wearing black uniforms and masks, were looking at the soldiers of Solgawon without making a sound.

It was half an hour before the men in black uniforms visited.

Without a sound or sign, they sneaked into Solgawon and attacked the families.

I didn’t know how to get hurt.

When I came to my senses, all of my family members had been subdued and abandoned like baggage in the empty lot of Solgawon.

Solgawonju Sadowon, who barely came to his senses, opened his mouth.

“Who are you and why are you attacking us?”


“I don’t know what you came here for, but Solgawon is just an ordinary manor.”


The apostles spoke hesitatingly, but none of the soldiers who were besieging them opened their mouths.

Sadowon felt the blood in his whole body cold.

Although he protested that it was an ordinary manor, all members of Sol Family were assassins.

Even though they were not top-notch warriors or groups, they were capable enough to protect themselves. All of them were subdued without being able to respond at all.

Only the same assassin could subdue the assassins, Sol Gawon’s family, without a sound.

This is because it is impossible until you completely penetrate the physiology of an assassin and how to respond.

‘An assassin who has reached this level in a Danggeum stronghold.

There was only one group of assassins that came to his mind.

“Why is Baek Guryun taking us? I bet we wouldn’t have offended Baek Guryun.”


Despite the protests of the Sadowon, the besieged soldiers did not say anything.

That appearance made Sol Ga-Won’s family members more afraid.

Sometimes silence is more terrifying than ten words of threat.

It was then.


The rusty hinges screamed and Solgawon’s front door opened. And a group of people entered Solgawon through the open door.

At that moment, the Black Slaughter Corps, which was besieging the warriors of Solgawon, knelt down on one knee and shouted in unison.

“Meet the Most High.”


After their death, all the objects in Solgawon vibrated in unison.

The faces of the apostles and family members turned white.

‘oh my god! Baek Guryun’s Jijon? Why did he come to Solgawon?’

Although they are said to be the same group of assassins, there is a gap as vast as the sky and the earth between Sol Ga-won and Baek Gwi-ryeon.

The reality is that even if you gather all the assassins of Solgawon, you will not be able to handle a single bloody death.

It was the reality of a group of insignificant assassins like Solgawon that they had to pretend to die when they told them to die.

Even if only one bloody blood came, I heard that the supreme being of the hundred ghosts had come to the land of bee bee beolbeol.

Sadowon did not even dare to raise his head and was trembling. It was the same with other family members.

Pyowol looked around Solgawon.

It was definitely a terrain that could be called a heavenly fortress.

I thought that I had found a place like this and built a manor.

Pyowol’s gaze turned to the apostle.

At a glance, he recognized that he was the original owner of Solgawon.

“Did you say it was an apostle?”

“yes? yes!”

At Pyowol’s words, Sadowon raised his head and looked at him.

Pyowol’s face, which was white and filled with a magical atmosphere, was visible.

The moment I saw his face, a nickname came to mind.


“I guess you know me.”

“You really bought it? Why did the god of death have a hundred ghosts?”

A light of doubt appeared on the face of the apostle.

Even among those who belonged to Salmun, there was no one who did not know the symbol.

It was because he was more sensitive to information about transcendence as he was the same assassin.

Unconventional moves and force that make it impossible to believe that an assassin.

The moon has always been the target of the assassins’ most wary.

That’s why we constantly collected information about Pyowol’s appearance, behavior and strength. Because of that, as soon as I saw Pyowol, I was able to immediately recognize its identity.

‘no way?’

An assumption came into his mind.

A family that you absolutely don’t want to believe in, but have no way not to believe it.

‘Could it be that the god of death took over the hundred ghosts?’

In an instant, the strength in my limbs was gone.

Because they intuit their fate.

The Sasin who received Baek Guryun was trying to get Sol Ga Won as well. And they did not have the power to refuse Pyo Wol’s hand.

‘oh my god!’

Sadowon closed his eyes tightly.

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