Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 522

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 522

Episode 522

Eom So-so was like a poisonous snake.

His eyes were full of poison and his hands were poisonous.


In an instant, her sword shortened five chapters and reached the front of the moon.


Hong Ye-seol, who suddenly lost his goal, clicked his tongue. But it didn’t look like he was worried about Pyowol.


Just as Hong Ye-seol had thought, Eom So-so’s sword bounced off Pyo-wol’s body before it even touched it.

Pyo-wol swung a suhonsa to block it.


Eom So-so spread the salcho with spirit.

Shh shh!

Her sword split into dozens and attacked the moon.

It was a herbivore called Cheongeomwoo (天劍雨).

The sky was literally raining swords.



Even the martial arts fighters who were attacking Pyowol were swept away by her formidable attack.

My flesh was torn and my muscles were bursting.

In an instant, dozens of people had their limbs cut off and were thrown to the ground. However, Pyowol, which was Eom Soso’s goal, remained intact.


A subtle film was created around the moon.

The Cheongeomwoo that Eomsoso spread hit the membrane and bounced off.

‘A sword? self-defense? no!’

Eom So-so realized that the membrane spread around Pyo-wol’s body was different from any technique he had known before.


If you listened closely, you could hear a subtle sound constantly echoing around Pyowol’s body.

It was like the sound of an organ working.

Umsoso opened her eyes wide and looked at them. Then, I saw something endlessly spinning around the moon.

The object rotating around the moon was the Suhonsa.

The suhonsa rotates at a frightening speed and creates a membrane.

Eom So-so gritted his teeth at the technique beyond imagination.

‘I should have killed him then.’

Even when he first met Pyowol, he was close to a monster, but not to the point of denying common sense like he is now.

At that time, if Dokgohwang hadn’t had vain greed to take Pyowol as his subordinate, he would have been able to kill Pyowol.

When the situation came to this, I bitterly regretted the decision at the time. But there was no room for leisurely regret.


Eom So-so kicked the deck and spread the grass.

With her body floating in the air, she swung her sword dozens of times in succession. At that time, a formidable sword spirit arose and attacked Pyowol like a wave.


However, before reaching Pyowol, her offensive was blocked by the fiercely rotating suhonsa and bounced off.

It was literally as powerful as self-defense.


Umsoso’s face contorted.

Now she’s clearly understood.

That you can never kill Pyowol with ordinary grass.

The fact that in order to kill the non-human being in front of you, you have to draw everything out of yourself.

“Ha! Storm annihilates!”

Umsoso focused his energy on the sword. Then, a long blade of sword came out.

The blue sword steel was thrust straight into Pyowol.

No matter how strong the membrane made of suhonsa was, it could not block even the sword.

‘I’ll cut you down at once.’

Eom So-so swung the sword with all his might.

At that moment, Pyo-wol pulled back the curtain made by the suhonsa.

He also recognized the fact that Eomsoso’s attacks could not be stopped with ordinary tactics.

Fall out!

Lightning flashed on his fingertips.

It was the black thunder sasagang (黑雷絲蛇罡), which is the sasagang loaded with thunderpower.

The Black Thunder Sagang stretched out like a poisonous snake and collided with the Geomgang.

“Anything like this…”

Eom So-so made up his mind to strike down the Black Locust Sagang at once. However, contrary to her thoughts, the Black Thunder Sasa River penetrated the Sword River and was shot at her.

“Oh, no!”


At that moment, I felt a burning pain in my forehead.

The black thunder sasa river penetrated her forehead.


What came to her mind at that moment was the image of Dokgo Hwang. However, soon Dokgohwang’s appearance was erased and everything turned black.

The thunderpower carried by the Black Lightning Sagang had completely burned the inside of her head.


Umsoso knelt down. White steam was rising from her whole body.

Eom So-so looked blankly at Pyo-wol and collapsed.

it’s obvious



The eyes of the martial arts fighters who witnessed Eom So-so’s death turned upside down.

They left Doyeonsan Mountain and Eunyo, which they had been fighting so far, and ran to the place where Eomsoso’s body was.

Seeing them running away, ignoring their own lives, Doyeonsan and others were at a loss for a moment.

Eventually, a few people arrived at the place where Umsoso’s body was.

They hurriedly carried Eom Soso in their arms and moved to the ship of Mugeomryun.

The rest of the soldiers attacked Pyowol.

In the meantime, the boat carrying Eom So-so’s body moved away from the Unmado riverboat.

The martial arts fighters remaining on the Unma Dogangseon fought to the death.



Having lost their place, they had no intention of returning alive.

Just as Dokgo Hwang was the lord that Eom So-so must protect, Eom So-so was the object they must protect.

There was no qualification to live for a warrior who could not protect the target to be protected.

That’s why they disregarded their lives and attacked.

Their appearances were like demons.

If Pyowol and others were ordinary soldiers, they would have been stunned by their spirit. But not even Pyowol, Doyeonsan, Eunyo, and Namshinwoo did not exist as ordinary people.

Although he was young, he experienced all sorts of harsh things from the bottom of the river and grew up, so he was second to none when it came to single-mindedness.

fought and fought

During the half-fight, the only ones standing on their feet were Pyowol and his party.

The warriors of the martial arts practiced a desperate fight until the last one.

To those who didn’t know, it seemed that Pyowol and the others had unilaterally slaughtered innocent soldiers.

The wide deck of the Unmado Riverboat was stained red with blood.


“It bleeds.”

Screams erupted from the passengers in the cabins below deck.

The blood that flowed from the deck must have flowed into the cabin.

Passengers in the cabin did not dare to come out.

Salno approached Pyowol.

His whole body was already stained red with blood.

It was because he had minor wounds and blood splattered from the target he had killed.

Salno said as he wiped the blood from his face.

“I think you’d better get off the ship.”

“I guess so.”

Pyowol agreed with him.

Eom Soso was Dokgo Hwang’s most cherished confidant.

They had a bond that went beyond a simple hierarchical relationship. It was clear that Dokgohwang would go mad after killing such a precious Eomsoso.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of Dokgohwang, but it was clear that there would be problems in the future if he collided with him now.

Pyowol looked at Doyeonsan Mountain.

“Is everyone okay?”

“I’m a little hurt, but I’m fine.”

“Don’t worry about us, brother.”

“I’m fine too.”

Do Yeon-san, Eun-yo, and Nam Shin-woo said everything was fine.

Pyowol looked at each of their faces.

Fortunately, there were no major injuries to his body, but he seemed to feel a great burden mentally.

I don’t know if I had a firm planting that doesn’t waver like Pyowol, but ordinary people couldn’t kill so many people and stay sane.

It was rather strange to have a person whose spirit was not shaken even after having the blood of countless people on his hands.

For example, someone like Pyowol.

Pyowol was also aware of that fact.

It means that he had different nerves and perspectives than ordinary people.

Knowing that others are different from you, you have to be considerate of them.

Pyowol asked Hong Ye-seol.

“Is there a place to hide for a while?”

“There is a place called Solgawon.”


“It’s one of the salmun. Their dwellings are suitable for hiding.”

Solgawon was one of the salmuns written on the list given by Salno.

Originally, he was active in Shaanxi, but moved his base for a while to enjoy the special effects of the Great War.

They said they were secretly moving, but they couldn’t avoid the attention of Baek Guryun.

Unbeknownst to them, everything was figured out by Baek Guryun’s information network.

“Then let’s stay at Solgawon for a while.”

“I will send the Black Slaughter Team to clear things up in advance.”


Pyowol nodded.

To the extent that Salno said that, it meant that there was no point in using force so much that he didn’t have to move.


Salno whistled.

The whistles, which rang out two long times and three short times, reached the black slaughter squad moving along the Yangtze River.

Heuksaldae, which received the order, began to move without delay.


In an instant, they disappeared toward Solgawon.

Pyowol approached the man crouching on one side of the deck.

He was the captain of the Unma Dogang Ship.

After blocking the martial arts warriors, he was kicked and lost consciousness.

When Pyowol injected his inner energy, he came to his senses.


He was horrified to see the corpses all around him.

Pyowol said to the captain.

“From now on, we will get off the ship.”

“yes? yes!”

“If martial arts warriors come to visit again, tell me honestly. He said he got off in the middle.”

“I see.”

“Sorry for disturbing the ship. The price is paid by the wagon and horse on board the ship.”

“You don’t have to.”

“There is no place to dock the boat in the middle anyway. You bring the horse and carriage.”

“thank you.”

The captain prostrated himself on his stomach.

If it was the horses and carriage Pyo-wol had been riding, he could have received at least dozens of gold coins.

It was well worth the risk.

“Put the boat near the river.”

“All right.”

The captain grabbed the key himself with an answer.

The huge boat slowly stuck to the riverside.

When they thought they were getting closer, Pyo-wol and the others all jumped towards the river.

In an instant, their appearance disappeared.

Only then did the captain, whose legs gave out, sat down on the floor.


Unknowingly, the shooting ceremony flowed.

Suddenly he looked back at the deck.

Numerous bodies were still strewn about the deck.

I wanted to throw all the bodies into the Yangtze River, but I couldn’t.

The corpses were all unskilled soldiers.

He will definitely come to retrieve the body from Mugeomryun.

Until then, the body had to be preserved intact.

“You cowardly b*stards! Everyone, come out and clean up the body.”

The captain shouted at the hiding crew members.

Only then did the crew come out and start stacking the bodies on one side of the ship.

“Don’t miss a phrase and move it. f*ck! If you do something wrong, you could be killed by martial arts training, so you should treat them with the utmost respect.”

“yes yes!”

“All right.”

The crew moved the body more carefully.

“F*ck! Surely Mugeomryun won’t take out his anger on us?”

The captain muttered and looked at the bodies piled up on one side of the deck.

Blood was still oozing from the bodies.

The fishy smell of the blood made the captain and crew uneasy.

The captain clenched his fists and murmured.

“I don’t know! Shit!

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