Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 521

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 521

Episode 521

The smile that started at the corner of his mouth spread to his entire face.

It had been a long time since he had shown his emotions to this extent.

That’s why it’s funny what you’re going through right now.

Pyowol’s reverse goal was perfect. It was impossible to find the awkwardness in his face. Even so, the opponent saw through his identity simply with his eyes.

Eom So-so had an eye and memory that exceeded Pyo-wol’s expectations.

He didn’t even know that he would meet Eom So-so here, but even less did he know that he would find out about his identity.

‘This is why the world is interesting. An ambush comes out at an unexpected moment.’

So, don’t let go of tension.

I never knew what would happen if I let myself go off guard.

To ordinary people, a little carelessness would not do much harm, but to a warrior like himself, it could lead to death.

The world Kang Ho-ran lived in was such a place.

A world so dangerous that even the slightest inattention leads to death.

Eom So-so reminded Pyo-wol that he was living in such a harsh world.

Pyowol thought it was fortunate.

Because I can be alert before I fall into more conceit.


Pyowol’s face began to change.


Eom So-so was sure that his guess was correct as he aimed his sword at him.


“oh my god!”

Unlike her, the warriors of Mugeomryun looked at Pyowol with a bewildered expression. It was because I never imagined that a person’s face could be changed without using drugs or tools.

Finally, Pyowol regained its original form.

When a face more beautiful than a woman’s was exposed under the sunlight, the warriors of martial arts let out a silent voice.

‘What kind of man’s face…’

‘Can a person’s face be so close?’

They were completely overwhelmed by the unhuman aura the moon gave off.

Pyowol shrugged and said.

“Are you done now?”

“It was you, too.”


“Rabbit… is it yours?”


“Why did you do that?”

“You’re not asking because you don’t know, are you?”

“Are you okay? Even if I turn Geumcheonhoe into an enemy?”

“Why are you suddenly like this? You already consider me an enemy.”

Eom So-so frowned slightly at Pyo-wol’s question.

Like he said, it was because Eom So-so had been thinking of him as an enemy since before.

Dokgo Hwang, the master, still tried to reap Pyowol, but she thought of Pyowol as something she could never be with.

It was because Pyowol smelled dangerous from the beginning.

Pyowol had a lot of rebellious temperament, not just a double-edged sword, but close to a reverse-edged sword.

It was never easy to manage and manage such a person.

That’s why, from the beginning, she defined Pyowol as an existence that could never go together and was hostile to it.

Eom So-so said, raising his heart to live.

“I need you to go to Geumcheonhoe with me.”

“I have other things to do.”

“You have no right to veto.”

“No, in the first place, you have no right to veto me. I don’t understand what you mean by that.”

“Negotiation… breakdown.”

“Is this something to negotiate in the first place?”

“Well, it’s not something that can be solved with words.”

Umsoso smiled coldly.

From the beginning, she had no intention of negotiating with words and words.

Her inquiries so far have been merely ritualistic.

Umsoso knew that fact, and Pyowol also knew it.

Before I knew it, the ship was full of martial artists who came from the Black Gyungho.

It has been a long time since the guests entered the cabin due to the bloody momentum they radiated.

Umsoso said.

“You have no chance. But don’t surrender in advance. I won’t accept it.”

“You brought a lot.”

“Because I had to be prepared for the unexpected. And I guess I’m right. Because I got you like this.”

Umsoso’s smile grew wider.

There were over 200 warriors behind her. All of them were the elite of martial arts.

They were especially good at fighting on ships.

Even an unmanned person of the same level has an overwhelming experience on a ship.

Two hundred such people were supporting them.

There was no reason for Eom So-so to be intimidated by Pyo-wol.

Pyowol said to Um Soso.

“The people around me seem invisible.”

“Are they your colleagues? So what? Do you think I care about them at all?”

“You’d better care.”

“It is no use trying to shake me with such words. That can’t shake me.”


Umsoso raised his hand. Then, the warriors lined up behind him attacked Pyowol and his party all at once.


“Damn it!”

Like a tidal wave, they pushed toward Pyowol’s group.

Like the warriors who fought the rough waves every day, they had a rough temper and felt little fear.

Because of that, even though he knew Pyowol’s true identity, he charged without showing any fear.

At that moment, Salno patted his back and muttered.

“I tried not to move because my shins were sore. I can’t bear to dare to insult my lord.”


Salno disappeared.

The place where he appeared again was right in the middle of martial arts fighters.

hooked! Fu-wook!

Every time he lightly lifted his cane, martial arts fighters had a hole in their chest and fell down.



Do Yeon-san and Nam Shin-woo did not hesitate and fought against the martial arts fighters.

Before Eun-yo participated in the fierce battle, she secretly looked at Hong Ye-seol.

“What about your sister?”

“I have another year to deal with.”


“I’m going to tear that b*tch’s mouth open.”

The person Hong Ye-seol was glaring at was Eom So-so.

Eunyo nodded her head without saying a word.

Because if he were in her position, he would have done the same.


She kicked the sword of the martial arts fighter who had fallen on Do Yeon-san and launched it into the air.


The martial arts warrior rushed toward such a silver yo. However, Eun-yo did not panic and drew the sword horizontally.


With a sharp cutting sound, Mu-in fell with blood spraying from his chest.

Blue Gucheonmado (波浪九天魔刀).

So-roe-eumsa’s strongest strategy was unfolded.

Eunyo Doyeonsan Nam Shin-woo was a huge barrier.

They formed a wedge formation and held out.

The warriors of the Mugeomryun collapsed without being able to cross the wall they made.

No matter how wide the Unma Riverboat was, it was still a boat.

Since the land is not wide open on all sides, if you block the road like this, you can block many enemies with a small number.


It was when Eom So-so was stunned by the unexpected sight.


Without warning, a small dagger flew into the back of her head.

Hong Ye-seol secretly attacked.


However, Eom Soso was also an accomplished master.

Her senses were as keen as those of an assassin. With such a keen sense, he noticed Hong Ye-seol’s ambush.


Hong Ye-seol’s dagger bounced off Um So-so’s sword.

“Do not disturb.”

Eom So-so got angry and tried to attack Pyo-wol again. However, Hong Ye-seol attacked again and interfered with her.

“Who’s willing to kill him?”


“Even if you kill me, I will kill you. So don’t be fooling around my man and get out of here.”

“joy! You are also one of those goofy b*tches who are bewitched by that glamorous face.”

“I’ll show you how scary a golbin b*tch can be.”

“Go away.”


Eom So-so opened the cutscene. However, Hong Ye-seol disappeared before Jeolcho arrived.

She was an assassin to the core.

Assassins never see a match with a regular shot.

It’s just that Pyowol is unusual, but most assassins see the game through ambush.

Hong Ye-seol was faithful to the unwritten rules of such an assassin.

They used the corpses of martial artists or objects on the boat as cover to hide and aim for the cow.


Umsoso gritted his teeth.

It was because he couldn’t even approach his target, Pyo-wol, because he was paying attention to Hong Ye-seol.

Hong Ye-seol was like a mosquito to her.

You can’t not care, but it’s not easy to catch.

Moreover, Hong Ye-seol’s stinger wasn’t so bad that it merely stung or itched. Rather, it was dangerous enough to lose one’s life if bitten once.

Because of that, Eom So-so had no choice but to deal with Hong Ye-seol with all his might.

Pyowol stood in place for a moment and looked at the battlefield.

Do Yeon-san, Nam Shin-woo and Eun-yo were definitely doing their part.

Do Yeon-san began to use the power gained from the ghost king properly, and Eun-yo freely practiced the teachings of So-roe-eumsa.

Nam Shin-woo was the worst, but he had the ability of immortality that ordinary people do not have.

He was able to deal with martial arts warriors without fear because he recovered from any minor wounds in an instant.

It is truly one person’s role to the fullest.

Of the two, Salno performed the most brilliantly.

The majesty of Salno, who knocked down the warriors of martial arts training while repeatedly beating his bent waist, was truly amazing.

“what? You old man!”


“catch! You have to tie your feet.”

The warriors of the Mugeomryun pushed to capture Salno, but to no avail.

Like a mudfish, Salno quickly escaped at the slightest opening and was not caught.

However, the downside was that the power of the attack was so low that it could only kill one person at a time.

Moreover, there were still many warriors of martial arts.

If you deal with them this way, you will run out of energy on this side first.

If you mobilize the Black Slaughter Corps that secretly follows you, you will be able to clean it up easily. However, if that happens, they will also know that Pyowol has become the supreme leader of Baek Guryun.

That was not what Pyowol wanted.

Until the very end, they must not let them know that Pyo-wol has become the supreme leader of Baek Gwi-ryeon, and that he is aiming for the best of Salmun.


The suhonsa stretched along his fingertips. But no one noticed.

Write it!

Without a sound, the suhonsa crossed the air.


In an instant, the three people were pierced like a skewer.




The soldiers collapsed with a scream of despair.

Pyo-wol blew a wedding ceremony again.

A similar number of unmanned soldiers collapsed this time as well.

It was close to impossible to visually distinguish the hand-honed thread, which is thinner than the silver thread, with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Because of that, in the beginning, the warriors of Mugeomryun did not notice that Pyowol intervened in the fight. However, when dozens of warriors died in succession, they also noticed that Pyowol was attacking.

“It’s a knight.”

“It’s the name of the death.”

“Everyone be careful.”

I don’t know the exact name, but there was no one who didn’t know that the thread of the flag was the name of Pyowol. However, the marriage ceremony was not so lax that it could easily be prevented just because it was known.


A subtle penetrating sound rang out. And a lot of people died.

It could not be stopped or avoided.

Microscopic gifts roamed the ship and led countless warriors to their deaths.

Seeing this, Eom So-so’s eyes were bloodshot.

“The moon!”

She abandoned Hong Ye-seol and ran to Pyo-wol.

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