Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 52

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 52

Light Novel: Volume 3 Episode 2

Manhwa: N/A


Continuous firing echoed inside the guest house.



At the same time the men’s screams filled the room. The screams were from the same group of men who rushed to attack against Pyo-wol.

Small daggers were lodged in their shoulders and thighs. They tossed around on the floor losing hold of their weapons. In an instant about a dozen men were incapacitated by the throwing knives.

This was the moment when the Ghost Knives1 made its first appearance in the world. With just one hand movement Pyo-wol accurately used the ten ghost knives on different opponents.

It was at a level that no one other than him could do.


“Where did he come from?”

There were ten more men still standing but none of them dared to rush against Pyo-wol. At the appearance of such men Seonha made a contemptuous expression without realizing it.

‘These useless guys…’

In comparison the look that Seonha gave towards Pyo-wol was filled with ecstatic emotions. His face was handsome enough for her to be captivated and he was also so strong that she had no choice but to aim for his heart.

‘If I can control that guy with my charm it would benefit me much more than having a bunch of useless other guys like that.’’

After completing her calculations in an instant Seonha approached Pyo-wol with an alluring expression.

“Pyo-wol! Look at the girl’s face and get rid of your anger. They are not bad people. They were just aggressive simply because they were worried about me.”

“People must always take responsible for their own actions.”

“Yes you are absolutely right. So how about I take the responsibility on their behalf instead?”

“You will take responsibility for him?”

“Yes I will.”

“Do you know what that means?”

“Of course I know it well but I don’t think you would be making an unreasonable request. Am I wrong?”

Seonha’s pitiful expression was enough to touch the hearts of the viewers.

“You mustn’t Lady Woo! You can’t be put through such humiliation because of us.”

“Heuk! We’d rather fight with our lives on the line!”

The men who saw the exchange between the two protested. Some were so resentful that they even shed tears. They thought that Seonha would make the sacrifice for them.

Pyo-wol quickly grasped such an atmosphere.

‘Not bad.’

Her face is pretty and she thinks quickly. She knew how to make full use of her outstanding beauty and the situation she was in.

To the men of the Blue Moon Association who followed her it would seem that she sacrificed herself on behalf of them making them feel resentful. and to Pyo-wol her demeanor captivating her was something that ordinary people could never imitate.

“What shall I do for you to forgive them? Just tell me. I will follow what you say.”

Seonha passed the decision to Pyo-Wol.

No matter what Pyo-wol decides on she had an expression that she would obediently follow.

Pyo-wol gently waved his hand. In turn the dozen flying daggers that were stuck in the men’s bodies were immediately recovered by Pyo-wol.

Seeing that Seonha made an even more surprised expression.

It was because in her eyes Pyo-wol seemed to have used telekinesis.

The truth is the phantom daggers were recovered using the Soul-Reaping Thread not through telekinesis but Pyo-wol was not obligated to tell her that.

The ghost knives were then hidden in Pyo-wol’s belt.

Seeing Pyo-wol’s action made Seonha even more greedy.

‘I will do what I can.’

She made a more pitiful expression.

It was a look that could make any man’s heart fall. However Pyo-wol without a single change in expression said



“If I need you I will call you separately.”


“Your face might be pretty but you have bad hearing.”

At that moment a look of embarrassment appeared on Seonha’s face. Because no one had ever lashed out at her like this. Pyo-Wol was the first person to treat her with such a cold attitude despite her beautiful appearance

Seonha bit her lip without realizing it.

However Pyo-wol did not care walked passed her and approached the hostess.

“Where is my room?”

“Oh! Go out the back door and it’s the last room on the first floor of the annex. There are also no guests in the next room so it should be quiet.”

The hostess responded quickly.

A cold sweat was running down her back.

She never dreamed that a man she thought only of as being handsome could be such a skilled warrior. All the people in the guesthouse were warriors who has quite a bit of influence and power in Chengdu but no one dared to attack Pyo-wol.

They were overwhelmed by the presence of Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol went into the room the hostess had told him without even paying attention to those who fell to the floor and groaned in pain.

Seonha’s eyes fluttered as she looked at Pyo-wol’s back. She went out for herself and didn’t even pay attention to the men who had been beaten by Pyo-wol.

She gently bit his red lips.


* * *

Pyo-wol entered the room and lay on the bed without taking off his clothes.

He had caused a big scene but he didn’t regret it. Because it wasn’t done out of a momentary impulse.

He was an assassin.

Assassins never move without thinking. Assassins were the type of people who would only be convinced with their move once they had finished making a detailed plan constantly improving their weaknesses and reviewing it dozens of times.

So was Pyo-wol.

From the moment he heard that Seonha was connected to the Emei sect his head started spinning at a frightening speed.

A plan that would have taken an ordinary assassin over several days or weeks was laid out in an instant.

‘Now all I have to do is wait.’

Pyo-wol lay on his arm pillow and stared at the ceiling.

The room was silent. No one approached the room where Pyo-wol was staying given the rumors that a scary warrior was holed up in his room.

Thanks to this Pyo-wol was able to spend some quiet time.

The silence at night makes anyone think a lot.

This was also the case for Pyo-wol.

As he was alone in a dark room with no candles lit countless thoughts came to his mind. And all those thoughts had a consistent flow.

Sarak! Sarak!

The slight noise from the outside interrupted Pyo-wol’s thoughts. It was a sound so subtle that it could never be heard unless that person was on the same level as Pyo-wol.

After a while he heard the door open carefully. However Pyo-wol did not rise and turned his head to look at the door.


The door opened and someone entered slowly.

The beautiful woman who came into Pyo-wol’s room wearing a gorgeous dress was Seonha.

Seonha went out of the guest house together with the Blue Moon Association. However after she parted ways with them she secretly returned to the guest house.

In order to somehow convince Pyo-wol she even threw her face away.

eEven though Seonha suddenly entered his room Pyo-wol was not surprised. He already expected that she would behave like this after understanding the personality of Seonha.

Seonha cautiously approached Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol raised his upper body and looked at her indifferently.

Their eyes met in the dark.

Pyo-wol’s eyes were a brilliant red in the dark. Seonha was captivated by the eyes of Pyo-wol.

“Pyo-wol I have something to tell you.”

At that moment Pyo-wol stood up. Seonha’s shoulders flinched. But Pyo-wol continued to approach her without hesitation. Seonha tried to hide her rapid breathing and spoke quickly.

“I will give you a big reward if you can help me.”

“What reward?”

“Whether it’s gold silver or any treasure you want just tell me. I’ll get it for you.”

At that moment Pyo-wol placed his hand on Seonha’s shoulder. He only touched her lightly but Seonha’s breathing already became quicker with her cheeks burning up.

Up until now she had seduced many men put them on the palm of her hand and taken over their heads but strangely she couldn’t straighten out her appeal in front of Pyo-wol.

Just by being close to Pyo-wol her whole body was trembling and she couldn’t breathe properly.

Pyo-wol smiled.

His smile was strangely visible even in the thick darkness.

Seeing Pyo-wol’s smile made Seonha thunderstruck as if her heart was being pierced with an awl. Pyo-wol whispered in her ear.

“I only want one person.”



As if an earthquake had occurred the pupils of Seonha shook. Pyo-wol’s hand caressed her neck. She could not refuse his touch.

“I I…”


Clothes started to fall from her body piece by piece. Not once did she rebel she just stood there like a statue waiting. Finally all the clothes fell off her body revealing her pure white n.a.k.e.d body.

Pyo-wol slowly looked at her from head to toe and said



Seonha’s red lips parted slightly.

She has heard countless times that her beauty is in full bloom. So for her hearing the word “beautiful” was not that special.

But when Pyo-wol said it it became a special word.

“I’ll only give you one chance.”


“If you want to leave you’re free to get out now. But if you choose stay you won’t be able to get out of my hands.”

“I I–”

“No words are needed. Decide by your actions.”


There was no answer that came out of her.

Pyo-wol hugged her smooth waist and said

“I’ll take that as your answer.”

His lips touched Seonha’s neck. Seonha trembled as if struck by lightning.


A sweet breath escaped from between her slightly parted red lips. Pyo-wol soon captured her lips with his own.

From then on she could maintain a clear memory of what happened. A feeling of bliss to the extent of blowing her mind took over her whole body.

Pyo-wol persistently tormented her.

She had nowhere to run and hide.

Seonha moaned and whimpered all night.

It was late in the morning when she woke up.

Seonha’s n.a.k.e.d body was held in Pyo-wol’s arms. She didn’t feel the cold. It felt as if the heat of last night was still in the air. It had been a hot time.

For the first time in her life she passed out several times before coming to her senses. No other man had ever satisfied her so far.

Seonha was staring blankly at Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol by nature was not just good looking but he also knew how to satisfy a woman.

It was Seonha’s first time meeting a man like him.

Pyo-wol opened his eyes as if he had sensed Seonha’s gaze. As she looked into the eyes that had soft red light her whole body lost its strength again.

Nonetheless she tried to put on a casual expression. It was because she did not want to admit that she was completely bewitched by Pyo-Wol.

Still she couldn’t give up her desire to dominate Pyo-wol.

Seonha put her white n.a.k.e.d body on top of Pyo-wol. She pressed her soft chest against Pyo-wol’s and looked down.

This temptation was hard for any man to refuse.

Knowing that fact Seonha put her body against Pyo-wol’s and looked at him with a gentle gaze.

“What are you going to do now?”


“Are you going to pretend we don’t know each other? We’re the only ones here. We have a physical relationship.”

“So what do you want?”

“Just do me a favor. If it’s you it won’t be too difficult.”

“I’ll listen to it first and decide after.”

“I ask you to only kill one person.”

“Is this an assassination contract?”

“It’s a request rather than a contract. You can just take it as a light request between lovers.”

Pyo-wol did not answer right away but looked at Seonha half-heartedly. Seonha did not dare to look into his eyes and turned her head to avoid his gaze.

“Who do you want to kill?”

“Nam Hosan. He’s the young leader of the Thunder Clan.”2

“Thunder Clan?”

Pyo-wol furrowed his brow slightly.

The Thunder gates was one of the three clans. They were the strongest power after the Qingcheng and Emei sect. It was a powerful group that stood shoulder to shoulder with White Clans3 and Golden Heaven Clan4.

When Pyo-wol seemed to be interested Seonha smiled and continued to explain

The Thunder Clan is originally not a sect from Sichuan Province. It is a sect created by descendants of the Xiaoleiyin Temple when the Qingcheng sect and Emei sect came to visit.

The situation changed when the power in Sichuan was greatly concentrated as the Qingcheng and the Emei sect reunited.

When there were no forces paying attention the descendants of the Xiaoleiyin Temple came in secretly and founded the Thunder Clan. When the Qingcheng sect and Emei sect found out about it the Thunder Clan had already firmly established its roots in Sichuan.

“Tae Yeonho the sect leader of the Thunder Clan recently sent someone to promote So-ju and I to get married. If I refused he threatened to ally their sect with the Qingcheng sect. Because of that the Hundred Flower Room and the Emei sect are now in a very difficult situation.”

The reputation of the Thunder Clan in Sichuan was really bad. Among them the reputation of Nam Hosan was at the lowest.

Because he was warlike many warriors in Sichuan were afraid of him.

If Seonha married Nam Hosan the Emei sect would gain a powerful ally which is the Thunder Clan. Otherwise their reputation could not help but fall. So Seonha couldn’t just refuse the marriage proposal.

As long as the Thunder Clan attached themselves to the Qingcheng sect the weight of the game will surely lean their way. It was a situation they couldn’t help but accept or else the Emei will remain inferior.

“So you want me to kill Nam Hosan?”


“You must have already calculated that if I failed this request you can just argue that it’s not related to the Hundred Flower Room because no one was in contact with me.”

For a moment Seonha felt goosebumps rising behind her back.

‘He’s too excellent. Besides being great in martial arts he’s also perceptive and quick-witted.”

Seonha indeed thought that far. Whether Pyo-wol succeeded or failed it would cause no problem in the Hundred Flower Room and the Emei sect.

It was starting to feel more and more burdensome.

It seemed like she had to offer a sweeter price to make Pyo-wol do her bidding.

“If you can kill Nam Hosan I’ll tell my aunt from the Emei sect to repay you.”

“Who’s your aunt?”

“Jeonhwa. She’s one of the great disciples of the Abbess of Nine Calamities the sect leader of Emei.”

Pyo-wol blinked at the unexpected answer.

But that was also for a while.

Soon white teeth appeared along the corner of his mouth.


Editor’s Notes

Oh god. I died trying to understand and edit the end part of this chapter… Especially the explanation part about the Thunder Clan…

Phantom daggers. Raws: 유령비(幽霊匕)

Thunder Clan. Other Translations: Noeoeummun 뇌음문(雷音門).

雷 thunder

音 sound tone pitch

門 gate door

White Clan. Other Translation: Baekseonmun 백선문(白善門)

白 white pure bright

善 good virtuous kind

門 gate door

Golden Heaven Clan. Other Translation: Geumcheonmun 금천문(金川門)

金 gold metals money

川 stream river

門 gate door

Xiaoleiyin Temple. Other translations: 소뢰음사(小雷音寺).

小 small insignificant

雷 thunder

音 sound tone pitch

寺 court office temple

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