Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 518

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 518

Episode 518

Lee Si-chang glared at the moon and opened his mouth.

“What happened to those who were inside?”

“I didn’t kill him.”

Pyo-wol’s answer brought a hint of relief to Lee Si-chang’s face for a moment. However, his face hardened again at Pyowol’s words.

“But I can kill you anytime.”



“You’re saying that even though I’m there? It’s crazy.”

“You didn’t even notice me coming in, did you?”


Sichang Lee made a humiliating expression without realizing it.

Even though Pyowol secretly infiltrated their base and went around, they didn’t notice at all.

It was a situation where Pyo-wol could not guarantee his own life if he had a strong heart and made an ambush.

Sichang Lee pointed his sword at Pyowol and said.

“That was your last chance. If you had attacked me then, you would have had a chance. But now that he has presented himself in front of me like this, all opportunities are gone.”

“Is that so?”

“I will show you now. How the Assassins fight.”

In an instant, Sichang Lee disappeared from Pyowol’s field of vision.

It was the White Moon Night Haengsul (白月夜行術), which was the secret technique of Lee Si-chang’s reading.

The white moon night magic was the best stealth technique that could completely hide one’s appearance even in broad daylight.

The reason why Lee Sa-chang was able to become a regular owner of Baekwoldan was because the Baekwol night magic was supported.


I couldn’t see it, but I heard footsteps.

The sound of footsteps was so faint that a person whose senses were not developed enough to be able to hear it.


Without warning, Sichang Lee appeared from the space behind Pyowol.

He stabbed his sword at the nape of Pyowol’s neck.


The sword pierced Pyowol’s neck as it was.

A light of joy flashed on Lee Si-chang’s face.

‘It was nothing.’

How can you allow your back so easily and not even react?

The attack was successful so easily that the pulse was about to fall out.

But the next moment he realized something was wrong.

It was because the hand holding the sword did not feel anything.

‘no way?’

In an instant, the new type of moon that had been pierced by his sword disappeared like a mirage.

“An illusion?”

Lee Si-chang made an expression of disbelief.

It is hard to believe that he attacked because he could not distinguish between reality and illusion.

At that moment, the moon appeared behind Sichang Lee.

With Ma Yeong-hwan, he deceived Lee Si-chang’s eyes and rather occupied his back.


Lee Si-chang hurriedly performed the white moon night magic and disappeared.

His movements were so flamboyant that even the average master would not notice. However, even with his white moon night magic, he could not shake off the moon.

Before he knew it, Pyowol was running shoulder to shoulder with him.

There was no sound or sign.

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.

That there is a warrior who can catch up with his white moon night trick like this.

Ordinary warriors, as well as quite a few masters, couldn’t do this.

For this to be possible, one must only learn the same type of martial arts. There is only one class of people who have mastered the same type of martial arts.

“assassin? Are you the one who died?”

At this moment, I didn’t know why the nickname Shinigami came up. However, the moment he remembered the nickname, Lee Si-chang was sure that his guess was correct.

It was because he didn’t think that there would be anyone other than Pyolwol who could show the same movement as himself or even more.

Pyowol nodded instead of answering.

“Why a death god? Did you join the Hundred Ghosts too?”

“I will never get under anyone.”

Lee Si-chang felt goose bumps at Pyo-wol’s cold reply.

Since he was in the same industry, he studied Pyowol’s path with interest more than anyone else. The Pyowol he studied did not belong to any group.

Although he is called an assassin, he has never committed a murder upon someone’s request. At least that’s what he knew.

Unbelievably thick guts and unstoppable moves for an assassin.

His move was too unconventional to be under someone.

I couldn’t think of a picture of such a Pyowol lowering its head and going under someone else.

“Then did you subjugate the Baek Guryun?”


Pyowol did not answer. But Lee Si-chang seemed to have heard the answer.

There were times when the silence pierced the heart more than ten words of reply. For Lee Si-chang, that was now.

But I didn’t understand.

The fact that Pyo-wol, who hates being bound by someone, has now subjugated Baek-gwi-ryeon and visited the Baek-woldan.

It didn’t match the propensity of Pyowol he knew.

People’s tendencies don’t change easily. But if it has changed so dramatically, there must be a reason for it.

No matter how I thought about it, there was only one good reason.

“Are you sure you’re trying to unify all of Gangho’s affairs?”

“that’s right!”

“You are dreaming in vain.”


Sichang Lee shouted as he swung his sword.

His sword aimed at the blood in the throat of the leopard and fired. However, the sword did not touch Pyowol’s body. It was because the pyowol retreated just as the sword approached.

Pyo-wol was performing a dangerous skill that could cost his life even if the distance was slightly wrong.

“Are you teasing me?”

Sichang Lee screamed and swung his sword.

It was Lee Si-chang, who was proud to have reached the pinnacle of an assassin himself. So, he refused to be subjugated to Baekguryun and independently operated Baekwoldan.

He was so proud of himself that he thought he would be able to compete with Baek Gwi-ryun in his heart. However, his pride was shattered as he dealt with Pyowol.

Pyowol did not use any killing methods.

It was just a magic spirit illusion and keeping pace with Lee Si-chang’s white moon night technique.

Shh shh!

I couldn’t see how fast the two of them were moving.

Even Hong Ye-seol could barely grasp their remnants after opening his eyes wide and concentrating on his inner strength.

Sichang Lee attacked Pyowol with terrifying momentum. However, none of his attacks hit Pyowol’s body.

Although Hong Ye-seol was already aware of Pyo-wol’s inaction, whenever he saw such a scene, his whole body gave goose bumps.

‘I’m not the opponent.’

By now, Lee Si-chang must have felt that fact.

It’s just that my pride is hurt and I’m not giving in yet.

If Pyo-wol had a will to live, Lee Si-chang would have died instantly.

The reason why Si-Chang Lee is still alive is because Pyo-Wol didn’t do anything about it, not because he’s doing well.

Lee Si-chang’s face was distorted sadly.

It seemed that the chin puddle would throw up resentment at any moment.

If he had been suppressed by force, he would not have been so miserable.

Pyowol was making Li Sichang miserable without attacking. It was the first time in my life that I was insulted like this.


Lee Si-chang couldn’t hold back his resentment and gave Pyo-wol a jeolcho. However, Pyowol dodged all of his attacks by a single margin.

Pyowol and Lee Sichang’s gazes met in the air.

Pyowol opened his mouth.

“Make an offer.”

“I hate to hear it.”

Lee Si-chang responded with a fierce attack. But Pyowol didn’t care and continued talking.

“Listen even if you don’t want to hear it. Otherwise, I will find and kill not only you, but all the assassins on this island and those who are out to kill.”


“Stop all killings and wait.”

“I said I didn’t want to hear it.”

Lee Si-chang held a ceremony for the Baekwol Ghost Cham (白月鬼魂斬).

It was an attack with full force.

Pyo-wol frowned when he saw that Lee Si-chang’s sword was weak.

It’s not that I’m afraid of the sword.

It was because the fact that an assassin drew sword energy from a sword itself was against his duty.

Assassins must not lose their cool at any moment.

If you unleash your sword skills, your power might increase, but you lose your stealth instead.

It was an unwritten rule in the world of assassins that you should not unleash your sword skills unless you have the confidence to overpower them.

Sichang Lee was engulfed in fear and was unleashing his sword skills while ignoring those unwritten rules.

Assassins who have lost their composure are not that scary.

Even so, Lee Si-chang was not a threat to Pyo-wol. It was further downgraded by pulling out the sword and using it.


Suddenly, a loud noise erupted.

At the same time, Sichang Lee bounced back like an artillery shell.

Pyowol fed his chest with blue jade.

At least I had circumstances in my hand, so I was still breathing. If I had done my best, I would have lost my life the moment I flew away.


Sichang Lee let out a frustrated moan and rolled on the floor.

As an assassin who has reached a high level, he quickly balanced his body and stood up. However, what greeted him was the merciless kick of Pyowol.


With a rupture sound, Lee Si-chang flew back again.

Lee Si-chang’s face turned white.

It was evidence of internal injuries.

He tried to balance himself in the air.


But at that moment, I felt excruciating pain in my limbs.

Sichang Lee widened his eyes.

The fine threads that were hard to distinguish with the n.a.k.e.d eye were piercing his limbs.

Pyo-wol held a wedding ceremony.

I tried to move my body to escape, but to no avail.

I couldn’t move like an insect caught in a spider’s web.

‘What is this?’

At that moment, my throat felt tight.

The concubine is tightening his neck like a noose.

The moment Pyowol snapped his fingers, his neck would be separated from his body.

Lee Si-chang’s face was stained with despair.

Only then did he realize that the gap between himself and Pyowol was far greater than he had thought.


I had goosebumps and convulsions all over my body.

The opponent was an unbearable despair.

Even if there were ten more people like her, an existence like death that couldn’t be suffered.

I had never seen a being so well suited to the nickname Shinigami.


Lee Si-chang closed his eyes for a moment.

When he opened his eyes again, only one emotion was swirling.

It was a feeling of awe.

Pyo-wol took back the suhonsa that had tied Lee Si-chang.

At that moment, Sichang Lee prostrated himself in front of Pyowol.

“I will serve you with all my heart.”

“Are you following my orders?”

“That’s right. Lee Si-chang, I will follow you wholeheartedly.”

“I accept that oath.”

“thank you.”


Lee Si-chang hit his head on the floor without hesitation.

His forehead exploded and blood flowed, but Lee Si-chang felt no pain.

Pyowol was an opponent he did not dare to face.

If you can’t handle it, going under it was the only way for Baekwoldan to survive.

If someone else was going to buy it, he would have snorted. However, Sichang Lee, who had personally experienced the force of the moon, was confident.

It means that no one in the world can dare to stand against Pyolwol.

‘I wonder if even that hundred guiryun Ryunju bowed his head to him?’

The Hundred Guryunju of the world is the opponent who first succumbed.

So it wouldn’t be a big shame that he was submissive.

Pyowol said.

“Baekwoldan does not accept any requests until I give a separate order.”

“I accept your order. I will also invite all the children outside.”

“Don’t accept any more requests from the Union Association or the Gold Heaven Association.”


If you don’t do it, the damage will be great.

Even so, Lee Si-chang answered without hesitation.

The opponent was an absolute person aiming for one thing in all matters of life.

It was the first command of the Absolute.

No matter how great the financial loss was, it had to be followed.

“I’ll contact you later.”

Leaving their last words behind, Pyowol and Hong Ye-seol suddenly disappeared.


Only then did Lee Si-chang let out a sigh of relief.

He hurriedly ran to the mooks inside the island.

It was because he was worried about the safety of the remaining family members.

Fortunately, all were overpowered and lost their minds, but no one lost their lives.

At least one or two people are injured.

It was clear that the scent of blood on Pyowol’s body had been stained at that time.

Lee Si-chang, his legs weak, sat down on the floor and muttered.

“The real Salmun Jijon will be born.”

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