Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 517

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 517

Episode 517

The Unma Dogang Ship left Dongdong Lake and joined the main stream of the Yangtze River.

If you keep going along the Yangtze River like this, you will come to Poyang Lake.

After joining the Yangtze River, the Unma Dogang Ship moved at a very high speed.

Pyowol and the others sat on the deck and watched the passing scenery.

All views were beautiful.

Kang-ho was very confused and bloody winds were blowing every day, but the world was still beautiful.

Pyo-wol captured all the sights without missing a single one.

At that time, Hong Ye-seol approached Pyo-wol.

She sat side by side with the moon and watched the scene he saw.

At first, I looked at him with a pretty funny expression, but soon the expression of boredom was young.

Hong Ye-seol whispered.

“Shall we go into our cabin?”


“Isn’t it better to have fun than to spend a boring time like this?”

Hong Ye-seol smiled.

There was no way that Pyowol didn’t know what her eye smile meant.

He was about to say something when an interrupter appeared.

it was salno

As he approached, Hong Ye-seol’s impression crumpled.


“I have something to tell you.”

“Why now?”

“I also don’t want to disturb Ryunju’s time. But if I don’t say it now, I’ll just pass by a place in vain. Hehe!”

Salno smirked.

Hong Ye-seol’s expression hardened, but he looked at Pyo-wol unconcerned.

Pyowol asked.

“Looks like there’s a shop nearby, right?”

“There is a gate called Baekwoldan (白月團). The number of assassins is only twelve, but each one is a master who has reached a level that cannot be ignored.”

“Compared to a ten-year-old?”

“no way! It is not subject to comparison. But each and every one of them is a terrible venom, so we can’t just ignore them.”


“yes! In fact, I tried to recruit him for a long time, but he refused because he didn’t want to be subjugated to someone. They even tried to kill the person they sent to recruit them.”

Even though they knew what would happen if Baek Gwi-ryun and Cheok-myeon, Baek-wol-dan was the one who resisted.

Salno also saw many assassins, but Baekwoldan was the first to see such poisonous species.

“You mean the base of Baekwoldan is around here?”

“That’s right. If you go down a little further along the Yangtze River, there is a place where the width becomes wider. There is an abandoned island there.”


“yes! It is a completely useless island made of rocks and pebbles. At least it looks like it from the outside. Moreover, because of the strong eddy currents around the island, ships going to and from the Yangtze River are reluctant to approach.”

“Is that the base of Baekwoldan?”


“How long is it until the island?”

“It’s about half an hour left.”


Pyowol went straight to the railing.

“let’s go together.”


“I will just watch. I promise you.”

“That’s it.”


Hong Ye-seol smiled lightly.

Salno looked at such a Hong Ye-seol and said.

“It’s a good time.”

“What? Am I just going to look around?”

“I’m just saying I like it.”

“Damn old man!”

“Now that I am deaf, I keep hearing tinnitus. Or is it that mosquitoes are hovering around?”

Salno pretended to pick his ears with his fingers.

Hong Ye-seol’s face turned red. However, he only pouted his lips, knowing that he would only lose himself by arguing any longer.

Perhaps Hong Ye-seol’s expression was cute, so Salno smiled.

“Then have a good trip. If you finish within half an hour, you will be able to get back on board before the ship passes.”

“Let’s try.”

Pyo-wol said nonchalantly and threw herself into the Yangtze River.

“let’s go together.”

Hong Ye-seol followed suit.

The two got it without a sound.

Salno made an admiring expression at the sight of the two disappearing into the water without splashing a drop of water.

If you are an assassin, of course you must also learn handicrafts.

Those who were good at handicrafts were able to churn at a faster speed than the speedboats that go to and from the Yangtze River.

Hong Ye-seol was one of those people. However, Pyo-wol’s handiwork surpassed Hong Ye-seol.

After he got it, he never came to the surface and just disappeared. The figure of Hong Ye-seol, who followed him, was reflected on the surface of the water at first glance.

Salno sat down on the deck and murmured.

“Then, shall we rest comfortably for half a meal?”


Assassins of Baekwoldan wear white clothes in an unusual way.

Most assassins kill in the dark.

Black clothing that assimilated into darkness was an essential attire for assassins. However, Baekwoldan usually wore white clothes as if rejecting such common sense.

Also, the killings were mainly done in broad daylight, not at night or dawn.

Rather than inflicting visible wounds, he preferred to kill by accident or disguise himself as a soldier.

Because of that, the families of those who were killed by Baekwoldan’s assassins couldn’t even dare to take revenge.

They do not even investigate the cause of death because they think they died of an accident or disease. For that reason, Baekwoldan was not even known for a long time.

Although it has been known lately, there are still far more unknowns than known.

In particular, few people knew the island, their base.

Several ships passed by the island every day, but no one noticed that there were Baekwoldan assassins on the island.


Li Si-chang, the Danju of Baekwoldan, looked at the boats passing the Yangtze River with his arms crossed.

From where he is, the entire Yangtze River can be seen at a glance, but people on the boat could never see him.

There was a fairly wide flat area behind Sichang Lee.

From the outside, it seems that there are only gravel and rocks, but in fact, it had a good enough environment for people to live inside.

There were several mooks in the plain.

It was the place where the assassins of Baekwoldan usually stayed.

The number of assassins currently staying on the island was seven. The other five had gone out to kill.

One of the peculiarities of Baekwoldan is that there are very few people who support them.

Most murders employ quite a number of people to support assassins who go on a killing spree.

Those who collect information, those who prepare shelters, and those who secure the escape route are subdivided. However, the assassins of Baekwoldan prepare the whole process by themselves and carry out the request.

Because of this, it took a long time to kill, but it had the advantage of leaving almost no traces.

Sichang Lee recalled the assassins who went on a killing spree.

A few days ago, the Baekwoldan received a request from the Geumcheonhoe.

It was a request to assassinate a key member of the Union Federation.

Of course, the cost of the request was also very high.

If he completed this request just once, he could run Baekwoldan without receiving any other requests for at least two years.

For that reason, he accepted the request of the Golden Heaven, even though he knew it was impossible.

“Please, you should come back safely after killing yourself.”

It was not known to the outside world at all, but in fact, Baekwoldan was all made up of blood relatives.

His son and nephew were also among the assassins who had gone out to kill. The remaining assassins were either brothers or cousins.

That’s why we can completely trust and rely on each other.

“Still, Shimoon followed me, so I’ll be back safely.”

Lee Si-mun was his cousin.

Excluding Sichang Lee, he was the strongest assassin in Baekwoldan.

Not only was he good at killing, but his mother was also excellent, so he was able to get out of any crisis.

Sichang Lee shook his head and let go of useless thoughts.

There was no point in worrying about those who left the killing anyway. Now was the time to pick up the remnants.

Gangho’s situation was changing rapidly day by day.

Countless people were dying every day, and public sentiment was hitting rock bottom.

These heinous days were a golden opportunity to make money for a group of assassins like Baekwoldan.

I had to do as many murders as possible to raise money.

I didn’t know how much tighter I would have to tighten the belt again. I had to earn as much as I could while I could.

It didn’t matter how many people fell into catastrophe because of the murder they committed, and whether the world was clouded.

If I had worried about that, I wouldn’t have entered the path of an assassin from the beginning.

The most important thing for an assassin was to earn money by completing as many requests as possible.

“I guess I’ll have to accept the Union Federation’s request this time.”

They are already carrying out the request of the Geumcheonhoe, but they receive a request from their enemy Eunryeonhoe? If someone had known this, they would have cursed at me for not even having the slightest intention. However, there was no reason for Salmun to care about such public evaluation.

“You shouldn’t be left behind by other sales departments.”

Taking advantage of the Gangho Daejeon, numerous prostitutes gathered around Poyangho Lake.

They couldn’t get behind their rivals.

It was the time when Lee Si-chang walked with such a promise.

Suddenly he narrowed his eyes.

Because I saw something strange.

A woman was sitting on a fairly wide rock and waving to him.

His appearance was so natural that I thought he was an assassin of Baekwoldan. However, there was no woman among the assassins of Baekwoldan. And there should be no one on this island except the assassins of Baekwoldan.

So, the woman waving her hand was neither an assassin from Baekwoldan nor a person living on the island.

In Lee Si-chang’s eyes, he was too young to live.

“Who are you?”

“You are very talkative. Do you mean ‘year’ in your first meeting?”

Lee Si-chang’s expression hardened even more at the woman’s nonchalant reply.

A woman who came into the base of Baekwoldan and spoke so calmly could not have been an ordinary person.

Moreover, until the woman revealed herself, Lee Si-chang did not even sense her existence.

Although Lee Si-chang is not a known master, he prided himself on being one of the best in the world when it comes to killing and sense.

With his senses, at least, he could detect every slight movement on this small island. Even so, he never noticed that the woman was hiding on the island.

That meant that the woman possessed enough subtle movements to deceive his senses.

There weren’t many people in the stronghold who had that kind of stealthy movement.

“Reveal your identity. Who are you?”


Sichang Lee pulled out the sword from his waist.

The woman frowned slightly and stood up from the rock.

“no way! You are inflexible. Are you pulling out your sword at all? I knew that Baekwoldan was originally closed, but it is really too much.”

“I asked who are you? I don’t ask any more.”

A formidable life force radiated from Lee Si-chang’s whole body.

The woman didn’t even blink an eye, despite living a terrible life that would have made a normal person urinate.

The atmosphere in Li Shichang became more and more formidable.

The woman introduced herself as if she knew that she was no longer in a situation to do farmland.

“My name is Hong Ye-seol.”

“Hong Ye-seol?”

It was definitely the first name I had heard of. But somehow it felt awkward.

Hong Ye-seol’s red lips drew an arc and went up.

“I told you to reveal your identity, but you don’t know? So how about saying this? Baek Guryun.”

“Baek…Gwiryun? Could it be that you are one of the Ten Bloods?”

“It was like that not too long ago. That is, until I retire the former lynx.”

“Could it be that you are a hundred ghosts? Are you asking me to believe that now?”

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. But I have no reason to lie.”


Sichang Lee let out a quiet voice.

It was because I instinctively felt that Hong Ye-seol’s words were true.

It was understandable that if the other person was really the lynx of the Baek Guryun, he had completely deceived his senses and hid on the island.

“Why did Baek Guryunju come? Surely you didn’t come here to say nonsense about subjugating Baekwoldan to Baekguryun again?”

“I have no intention of raising Baekgwi-ryun any more.”

“Then why did you come?”

“I just want to see you.”

“What do you want to see?”

“I wanted to see Baekwoldan kneel down with my own eyes.”

“If you continue to talk nonsense, I will cut you down. Just because it’s Baekguiryunju doesn’t mean it can’t be used with a knife.”

“Sure. I am a human too. Being cut by a sword hurts me too, and I hate it.”


“There is someone else who will kneel you down. Ah! Here he comes.”

Hong Ye-seol smiled and looked at the island.

Pyowol was walking there.

The moment he saw the moon, Lee Si-chang’s face hardened.

‘That guy!’

A faint scent of blood emanated from him.

Sichang Lee was not stupid enough to not know what that meant.

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