Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 516

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 516

Episode 516

Joo Gong-jin’s nickname was Black Seo.

A black rat that lives in the gutter.

It was a humiliating nickname in a way, but Joo Gong-jin was proud of his nickname.

Even though it may be called the rat of the gutter, it was because it was outstanding in its ability to survive.

He has suffered numerous deaths so far. But even in the worst of circumstances, he survived.

He boasted excellent information-gathering skills based on his formidable survival skills.

Geum Cheonhoe, who appreciated Joo Gong-jin’s ability, hired him. And Joo Gong-jin boasted of outstanding achievements to the extent that he had never broken the expectations of Geumcheonhoe.

“Huh! It’s boring.”

Joo Gong-jin yawned as he leaned against the boat moored at the dock.

Last night he was very busy.

He was the one who asked for the meeting information of the Hundred Council and gave it to the Rakhaldae.

Getting information about the Hundred Society was never easy.

Since only five out of a hundred met secretly, Joo Gongjin had to go through all kinds of hardships to get information.

Thanks to that, I managed to get the information and passed it on to the guards.

He only checked the movements of the rake and took his time separately.

Because his job is to gather and impart information, not to punish by force.

Since the mission was completed, they found Giru and played with each other all night long.

It was good to spend an enchanting time with a gisaeng until dawn, but thanks to that, my whole body was full of fatigue.

“I guess I’m old now. Seeing the sound of death coming out like this. Whoa!”

Joo Gong-jin yawned and stretched.

It was then.

A group of people appeared at the dock.

Those who rode horses and wagons were Pyowol and his party.

Joo Gong-jin watched closely as they loaded horses and wagons onto the Unma Riverboat and went up to the deck.

He still didn’t know the identity of Pyowol’s group.

No matter how much Gongjin Joo said he had an excellent ability to collect information, he couldn’t find out the information of someone he didn’t know at once.

Only by persistently biting, stretching, and observing is it possible to obtain useful information.

“I don’t think they are normal people?”

Pyowol and the others seemed to have the magical power of attracting people’s attention. So I couldn’t take my eyes off it easily.

However, Joo Gong-jin soon lost interest.

Although Pyo-wol and his company were bothering him, it was because they were people who had nothing to do with him.

Instead, he got nervous.

“Why aren’t you coming anyway?”

Yesterday, while giving information to Rakshadae, we decided to meet here.

I was angry at the guards who didn’t show up even though it was past the appointed time.

“Anyway, I don’t have a concept. The concept is… Once you set a time, you have to keep it. If you’re going to do this, what the hell are you going to do?”

Joo Gong-jin’s grievances ended only after the Unmado riverboat left the dock.

I waited too long even if I waited.

No matter how ignorant the Rakhaldae may be, it was never to the point of making people wait this much.

“What is going on?”

Joo Gong-jin immediately set out to find Rachaldae.

It is said that the upper sound is wide, but there were not many guest cups large enough for Nachildae to stay. And all such large guest cups were remembered in Joo Gong-jin’s mind.

Joo Gong-jin searched through three or four inns and was able to find the rachelor.

“What is this?”

Joo Gong-jin’s face turned white.

It was good to find Rachaldae, but it was because their condition was so miserable.

All of the guards were lying on the floor with large and small wounds.

Some were moaning with a broken arm, while others were enduring pain with a deep cut covered up.

Not a single one of the 100 people on the Rakhaldae looked normal.

The most serious among them were the three leaders.

Lee Chu-soo was staring at the sky like a person who had gone crazy, and Bing-Yeom Ssang-Hwa was barely breathing hard as she became blood.

All three of them looked so precarious that even the slightest touch with a finger would break them.

It wasn’t just because of the physical wounds.

It seemed like a big blow to the psyche.

Joo Gong-jin approached Lee Chu-soo.

“That… Daelord!”


I spoke cautiously, but Lee Chu-soo didn’t answer as if he was truly stunned.

“What happened here?”

The bizarre scenery frightened him.

Suddenly, the people I met at the dock came to mind.

“Are they?”

There was no evidence or link, but it is probably not a coincidence that they were associated.

Joo Gong-jin was a person who believed in his intuition.

“Hurry up and report…”

He hurriedly sent a message to the Geumcheonhoe.


A large fort was built on a hill overlooking Poyang Lake.

Originally, it was a large manor, but it was reborn as a fortress through repeated extensions in recent years.

The huge fort with a wall height of three cubits and a thickness of more than three cubits was a perfect fortress in itself.

Numerous unmanned guards stood guard around the wall, so unauthorized persons could not even approach.

People called the huge castle built on a hill overlooking Poyang Lake Geumcheonseong.

It is called the castle that is the base of the Geumcheonhoe.

It was not an official name, but many people called it that way.

Now, Geumcheonhoe was no longer just a gathering of equipment.

The munpa who sponsored and supported Geumcheonhoe also sent soldiers, and the number of soldiers who voluntarily came in was innumerable.

Although the inside was chaotic because the system had not yet been fully established, it was still overflowing with energy.

Geumcheonseong had a very unusual structure.

The further you go inside, the higher the terrain becomes.

For this reason, it was impossible to look inside from the outside, but on the contrary, from the inside, the structure outside and the inside could be clearly seen.

The leadership stayed in the depths of Geumcheonseong.

Of course, Dokgo Hwang stayed inside Geumcheonseong Fortress.

Dokgo Hwang’s residence had a panoramic view of Poyang Lake at a glance.

Dokgo Hwang stood on a high pavilion and looked down at Poyang Lake.

Black smoke could be seen rising from all over Poyang Lake.

It was smoke rising from the burning of several boats floating on Lake Poyang.

A little while ago, the ship that the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe were riding collided with at Lake Poyang.

An invisible imaginary boundary existed in Poyang Lake.

There was no negotiation whatsoever, but they implicitly divided each other’s territories.

Indiscriminate attacks continued on ships that crossed the boundary line.

Today, a ship belonging to the Eunryeonhoe crossed the border and was attacked by the Geumcheonhoe.

Even when the Gangho War broke out for the first time, Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe originally obtained and used boats in Poyangho.

Sometimes small fishing boats were mobilized, and sometimes large boats were mobilized.

Soldiers from both sides boarded the ship and attacked each other.

Sometimes the Geumcheonhoe won, and other times the Eunryeonhoe won. It continued the whitewash.

It was when Mugeomryeon intervened in earnest that the war situation began to change rapidly.

Dokgohwang sent a ship brought from the South Sea to the front line.

The ships of the martial arts that sailed up the Yangtze River by sea boasted incomparable performance to the ships in Dongting Lake.

It was much faster, harder, and overwhelmingly large.

If it was crushed using its huge size, even a fishing boat would be crushed in an instant. From then on, the war turned in favor of the Geumcheonhoe.

“Whoever seizes the hegemony of Lake Poyang will soon become the ruler of the world.”

Dokgohwang’s eyes shone eerily.

In the current river, there is no ship capable of dealing with the ship he brought. No matter how long the Yangtze River is and how vast Lake Poyang is, it cannot be compared to the sea.

A boat that used to play only on rivers or lakes could not be defeated by a boat that sailed the sea waving through waves the size of a house.

There was no comparison in terms of size and rigidity.

Occasionally, I heard that Munpa, which was active in the Yangtze River, had a big boat, but it could not be matched by Mugeomryun’s boat, which was active in the ocean.

Seizing Poyang Lake was simply a matter of time.

Still, he wasn’t in a good mood.

It was because he felt uncomfortable, as if he hadn’t cleaned his bottom after doing his errands.

Dokgohwang knew very well why he was in such a bad mood.

“Yoo Soo-hwan!”

It was because of Yoo Soo-hwan, the death penalty.

After escaping from Eom So-so’s hands, his whereabouts are unknown.

A chase team is being tracked down, but no news of him has been heard anywhere.

It would be better if he lived in seclusion forever, but considering Yoo Soo-hwan’s personality, it was highly unlikely.

Certainly, someday Yoo Soo-hwan will appear in Kang-ho again.

He had to be caught and silenced before he could reveal what he had done.


It was when Dokgohwang clicked his tongue and turned around.

Someone trotted towards him.

The woman with a calm expression on a curvy body was his henchman Eom So-so.

When Eom So-so appeared, Dok-go-hwang slightly frowned.

It was because I felt like I had brought some bad news. And his hunch came true.

Umsoso carefully opened his mouth.

“A sentinel has flown in from Dongjeong Lake.”

“Dong Jeong-ho? Is it a rattlesnake?”

“It was sent by a person named Joo Gong-jin, who had attached it to the rachet.”

“So what about the content?”

“It is said that all members of the Rakshadae were seriously injured.”

Dokgo Hwang’s eyes narrowed at the unexpected content.

“Didn’t you chase after the b*stards who said they were white people or something? Was the Baekhoe great enough to damage the Rakshadae?”

“It is not. Even those who meet in the East Lake are only part of the White Society.”

“By the way, the rake stand collapsed?”


“Explain in detail.”

“It seems that there was friction with the guests staying at the inn.”

“What is the identity of the guest?”

“I am figuring it out. Just…”

“Tell me.”

“I think we should mobilize one of our ships.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It is said that it is difficult to track after leaving Sangeum on the Unma Dogangseon.”


Dokgohwang rubbed his chin with his hand.

Seeing Dokgo Hwang like that, Um Soso calmly continued.

“It is said that Rakshadaeju Lee Chu-su became a disabled person.”

“Are you saying it’s completely broken?”

“The wounds on the body are serious, but it seems that the damage to the mind is bigger than that. Seeing that they keep talking nonsense…”


“The ice flame twin flower has also been damaged beyond repair. It seems that some unusual masters have appeared. I like it.”

“Is that enough?”

“It’s true that it bothers me.”


In Dokgo Hwang’s eyes, Lee Chae was young.

Although he lost face by missing Yu Su-hwan, Eom So-so was still the one he trusted the most.

Umsoso was never one to talk nonsense.

If she was bothered, it must be because she felt a strange feeling that no ordinary person would notice.

Dokgo Hwang thought for a moment.

Currently, the power of Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe was in the middle of the day.

Miraculously, as many soldiers joined the Geumcheonhoe, the Unryeonhoe also joined.

As a result, it was maintained evenly with almost no difference in power.

Of course, it would be different if the elites of Cheonmujang or Mugeomryun joined. However, if that happens, shamans and munpas who have been temporarily enshrined, such as Shaolin Temple, will intervene again in Kangho Temple. Then the world will fall into true chaos, and days of unpredictable chaos will continue.

That was not what Zhang Mu-geuk or Dok-go-hwang wanted.

They hoped that the great war would continue on the line they could control.

For that reason, they refrained from putting their full power into the text as much as possible and tried to organize it on their own lines.

‘If there was a conflict with Rachaldae, there is a high possibility that he would join the union association. Those who incapacitated Rakhaldae like that will join the union association?’

Suddenly, my brow furrowed.

If you make a mistake, you could miss the chance to win.

More than anything, the fact that I didn’t know their identity was reluctant.

If I had at least known his true identity, I wouldn’t have liked him so much. That’s why I was more concerned.

“You go yourself.”

“Is that okay?”

“But you must never fail this time.”

“If I fail, I will kill myself.”

“That’s it.”

“I will definitely get rid of them.”

“Take the black spectacle. It will help.”

“thank you.”

Eom So-so bowed her head and said thanks.

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