Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 514

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 514

Episode 514

“So did it go well?”

“It seem to be like that.”

“I see.”

At Pyowol’s answer, Doyeonsan shook her head.

It was the expression that he knew it would be.

It was the same for Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo.

The three of them were not surprised by the news that Chae Soo-ok had saved Go Mo-jin and left for the federation.

It was because he knew that Chao Chao-ok was the one who would leave someday.

However, it was unexpected that he saved Gomujin.

The three of them also heard an explosion coming from outside. However, they forced themselves to sleep, fearing that they would be swept up in trouble.

They were not like Chae Chae-ok, nor were they reckless enough to intervene in unreasonable affairs simply out of will.

Although it was regrettable that I couldn’t say goodbye to Chae Chae-ok, I wasn’t sad because I knew that if I stayed in Kang-ho, I would see him again someday.

“Then, Moo-ok will be a member of the Union Association from now on?”

“I guess so.”

“The door to suffering has been opened.”

“Because it’s the path you chose.”


Do Yeon-san shook her head.

Entering the Union Association now meant that he would fight on the front line of the Great War.

There was no way to moderate a rookie who had not yet been verified.

Even if he is the benefactor who saved Ko Jin-jin, the main figure of the Union Reunion.

The Eunryeonhoe and the munpa that support them will want Chae Soo-ok to be verified.

There was only one way for Mu-in to prove himself.

It is to prove one’s inaction and ability on the battlefield.

Unknown unmanned people like Chae Soo-ok will be put on the front line.

If he survives, he will gain great fame, and if he does not, he will not be remembered by anyone and will be lonely forgotten.

In any case, it was the path Chao Chao-ok chose.

Since they had already chosen and left, there was no reason for the remaining people to argue.

Then Hong Ye-seol came down to the restaurant.

“Why is the atmosphere so serious?”

Hong Ye-seol sat next to Pyo-wol as if it were natural.

“My older brother Moo-ok has left.”

“Ah, that…”

Nam Shin-woo’s answer made Hong Ye-seol shake his head as if he had realized it only then.

She also received a report from Salno.

“You said you went safely?”


“Then what!”


Nam Shin-woo also agreed with her opinion.

It is common to meet new relationships and break up while touring Gangho.

Not everyone can do well, and it is extremely rare to accompany the person you meet to the end.

It was the same with Chae Chae-ok.

It was a different path from the start.

Now that the time of fate is over, I had no choice but to wish it well.

The six ate as usual.

In a little while, the Unma Island River Line will leave.

We had to finish our meal quickly and load the horse and wagon onto the Unmado River.

If you miss the boat leaving today, you will have to wait another full day. So, I had to hurry up and get ready.

It was while they were eating.


Suddenly, the door of the inn opened violently and someone entered.

As soon as she entered the inn, the woman who looked around with cold eyes was Lee Chu-soo.

Bingyeomssanghwa and Rakshadae came in behind her.

Lee Chu-su walked straight to the table where Pyo-wol and his party were eating.

Doyeonsan raised her head and looked at her.

“What happened?”

“One is empty.”

“What do you mean?”

“There was one more person yesterday, right?”


“Yesterday there were seven people, but today there are six people. Where did one go?”

Do Yeon-san frowned.

It is because Lee Chu-soo’s words have gone too far.

Do Yeon-san put down her chopsticks and said.

“I left because I had something to do.”


“I don’t know.”

“I don’t know?”

At Do Yeon-san’s answer, Lee Chu-soo’s eyes turned wild. However, Do Yeon-san’s expression, facing her, was very comfortable.

Doyeonsan shrugged.

“You said you didn’t know.”

“How could you not know?”

“You may not know.”

“How dare you tease me?”


Lee Chu-soo hit the table with the palm of his hand. Then the food on the table splattered in all directions.

In an instant, Do Yeon-san’s eyes changed.

“What is this?”

“You better not think of fooling me. Where are you? The guy I was with yesterday. If you don’t tell me, everyone present here will be sent to the Golden Temple.”

“What qualifications do you have for transporting by force?”

“You should have seen it yesterday. I am Chusu Lee, Lord Rakshadae. I have enough qualifications and status to do so.”

“This is the first time I’ve heard that Rakshadae is qualified to transport an innocent person.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you admit it or not. It’s because the rachaldae definitely has that kind of authority.”

Lee Chu-soo was confident.

No, I was arrogant beyond being confident.

The problem is that she has the ability to do that.

When Lee Chu-soo raised his voice, Bingyeomssanghwa and Rakshadae, who were behind, raised their lives.


“What is this?”

“Let’s get out quickly.”

Other diners were terrified and ran outside.

The fear they felt was very great because they watched the atrocities of Lee Chu-su and Bing-Yeom Ssang-Hwa last night.

Fortunately, the guards did not block or catch other guests.

A cold smile formed on Ichigo’s lips.

Because it is good for her that there are no other guests.

No matter how unruly Lee Chu-su and Raksha-dae were, if their notoriety went too far, the Geumcheonhoe could ban them.

Lee Chu-soo sat down on the table and said.

“Last night, someone helped the man we were after to escape. I think the one who helped me was the one who ate here.”

“Do you have any proof?”

“Whoops! evidence?”

It was at this time that Lee Chu-su’s smile grew even thicker.

“Take that ass off.”

Hong Ye-seol, who had been quiet until now, opened his mouth.


“Clean up that dirty ass. You put your big ass on the table where you’re going to eat divinely. With a saggy butt like a water buffalo…”


“Did you not hear me? You seem to have deaf ears to the ugly subject.”


In an instant, Lee Chu-soo’s face turned red.

His reddened face was full of shame and anger, as if he was about to explode at any moment.

“What is your year?”

“Rachaldae? It’s not even very funny. Hard-nosed b*tches get together and go around messing around. Do you think anything happened because they were so united? I can’t do anything without the halo of gold.”

“Are you dare to insult the Geumcheonhoe?”

“It’s not a golden meeting. It is an insult to you and the b*tches who follow you.”

Hong Ye-seol pointed at Lee Chu-su and Rakshadae with his fingers.

In an instant, the guards were furious.


“I want that girl to die…”

Among them, the most angry were Jang Hwa-yeong and Bing-gyeongran.

They strode toward Hong Ye-seol.

Lee Chu-soo did not stop the two.

Because she was just as angry as both of them.

I couldn’t just leave Hong Ye-seol, who dared to be arrogant with me. Because her prestige was at stake.

Hong Ye-seol’s disposal was left to Bing-Yeom Ssang-Hwa, and she decided to focus on Do Yeon-San. It was because Do Yeon-san was as arrogant as Hong Ye-seol.


Then, suddenly, the figure of Pyo-wol, who was eating in silence, came into her eyes.

Hong Ye-seol was confronting Bing-yeom Ssang-hwa, and Do Yeon-san and the children were giving her hostile eyes. Nevertheless, Pyowol and Salno were eating without much disturbance.

As if the fuss going on right now had nothing to do with them.

It was as if he and Salno existed in a world apart.

Among them, Pyowol was especially notable.

At first I didn’t even notice it, but once I became aware of it, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

The face was plain.

This is because Pyowol changed his face to a reverse goal ball. However, the unique atmosphere flowing from him made her unable to take her eyes off him.

‘The center of this group is Iza.’

It was a woman’s intuition.

It instinctively sensed the leader of the pack.

Lee Chu-su spoke to Pyo-wol.

“What is your name?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Isn’t it polite to speak out first if you want to talk to other people?”

“Is a person who knows manners arguing like this without revealing his identity?”

“You were here yesterday too, right? Then you would know who I am?”

“It’s different from formally introducing yourself. I don’t know if you learned martial arts from a good master, but the master seems to have forgotten and didn’t teach you manners.”


Lee Chu-soo’s speech was blocked by Pyo-wol’s unexpected vitriol. But within a moment, her face turned poisonous.

“How dare you insult my master.”

“You have to speak straight. You disgraced the master’s face.”

“profit! I can’t forgive you.”

Lee Chu-soo’s anger exploded.

She held out her white hand toward the moon, regardless of front or back.

It was Cheonra Geumnasu (天羅擒拿手), her name season.

The ultimate study that even the sky cannot escape once unfolded was Cheonra Gold Nasu.

Chou Shu Shu!

Her hand split into dozens and hit the pyowol.

At that moment Salno clicked his tongue.


I just tried to hold on and watch. However, even if Lee Chu-soo’s actions crossed the line, he went far beyond that.

Salno reached out his hand.

“This old man doesn’t even know the subject…”

Lichu’s eyebrows rose to the sky.

She put more energy into her hands.

It was about to break Salno’s finger at once.


As the two hands intertwined in the air, a terrifying sound of bones erupted. Someone’s finger bone is broken.


It was Lee Chu-soo who screamed.

All of the finger bones in her left hand, which were intertwined with Salno’s, were broken.

Lee Chu-su’s eyes turned white with pain when he saw his deformed hand.

He has caused pain to others countless times, but this was the first time he felt pain himself.


“Crazy old man…”

Seeing Chu-su Lee’s fingers snapped, Rakshadae’s eyes turned upside down and ran to him.


“It ends up like this.”

“They say you don’t even touch a dog when you eat.”

Do Yeon-san, Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo stood up.

Hong Ye-seol was already exchanging ice salt twins and herbivores.

Fighting was inevitable.

Doyeonsan said.

“Let’s organize everything before we get on the boat.”



As soon as Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo answered, they threw their bodies at the rake stand.

Do Yeon-san practiced martial arts inherited from the ghost king, Eun-yo learned martial arts from So-roe-eumsa, and Nam Shin-wu learned martial arts from Pung-jon.

Although the types are different, the martial arts that the three learned were all the best martial arts of Kang Ho.

No matter how notorious Rakshadae is, but looking at the level of martial arts, he was inferior to the three.


The three of them swept across the rafters like a raging tidal wave.


“100 million!”

In the place where they passed, the scream of the rachaldae resonated.

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