Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 512

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 512

Episode 512

Komujin was a young warrior in his mid-twenties.

As well as his generous appearance, his spirit was also amazing, so people around him continued to follow him.

Chiljeolmun (七絶門), where he learned martial arts, was not a great or famous school. However, that did not mean that the martial arts of the Munpa were insignificant.

It is because the ugly descendants did not learn martial arts properly, but the martial arts of Chiljeolmun were very desperate.

Under the full support of his master, Gomu-jin learned the seven clauses.

As a result, he was able to become a greater master than his master.

As soon as he achieved a certain degree of achievement, Koh Jin went straight to Gangho.

His destination was Lake Poyang, where the Great War was taking place.

At Lake Poyang, he saw hell.

Of course, the first thing I saw was the soldiers who were massacred by the equipment of the Geumcheonhoe.

With a sense of rebellion against him, he entered the union association.

After entering the union association, he began to assemble middle-of-the-road equipment and young warriors.

That was the beginning of the white meeting.

Since it was an organization created to support the Unryeonhoe, there was no choice but to proceed very secretly.

So, he held the meeting at Dongting Lake instead of Poyang Lake.

Not all hundred were present.

Only five members of the leadership gathered secretly to discuss how to lead the White Council in the future.

The problem is that the rabbis raided after knowing about their secret meeting.

In the raid of Rachaldae, Koh Jin and the leaders chose to flee.

It was because the strength of the Rachaldae was overwhelming and Lee Chu-su’s notoriety was so great.

This harvest was not scary.

The problem is that in his arms, there is a trial board containing the resolution of the White House.

It was clear that if the trinket fell into the hands of Lee Chu-soo at all, there would be bloodshed.

‘Never get caught!’

It wasn’t for himself.

It was to protect the White House.

Koh Jin-jin really put all his strength into the light-gong technique.

It was then.


Suddenly, a sharp piercing sound rang out.

Gomujin pulled out his sword and swung it towards the front.


Suddenly, something hit him and bounced off him.

It was a hairpin worn by women.

The hairpin did not inflict any damage on Gomujin’s body. But it was enough to keep him on his feet for a moment.


The owner of the hairpin appeared.

The beauty with a cold atmosphere was one of the ice flame twins, Gingeran.

Ginger Ran ran towards Komujin with fierce momentum.

At the moment Koh Jin’s eyes narrowed, Gingeran flew the hairpin she had on her head again.


The hairpin flew at a speed reminiscent of a flash war.

“Get out of the way!”

Gomujin shouted and swung the sword again.


The hairpin bounced off with a metal sound. But it was too early to be relieved. It’s because the glacial egg came right away.

“You have a tribunal? Give it up.”

“Ice Witch! What nonsense are you talking about?”

Gingeran did not miss the trembling around Gomujin’s eyes.

She was sure her guess was correct.

In fact, I didn’t know which of the five Hundreds had a tribunal. So I stabbed him once, but the other person reacted unconsciously.

“As expected, you have a tribunal.”

Ginger Ran took something out of her arms with a cold smile.

The long, cylindrical object was a signal firecracker.


Gomujin reached out and tried to snatch the fireworks. However, Glacier ran back and set off firecrackers.


A red flower bloomed in the night sky.


Gomujin bit his lip.

After a while, the raksaldae will be crowded.

Now that this has happened, there is no choice but to defeat the glacial egg as quickly as possible and get out of this place.


Go Moo-jin attacked Gingeran by unleashing the Chil-jeol Gwang-wave, the season of Chil-jeolmun.

“No way.”

Gingeran sneered and spread the ice water.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

As the sword and bare hands collided, a series of ruptures erupted.

The impact shook both of their bodies.

It was Glacier who suffered a little loss.

No matter how much Cheon Bing-soo was said to have lost his martial arts, if he collided with a sword containing powerful pottery with his bare hands, he would inevitably suffer losses.

If you’re like a normal soldier, you’ll feel resentful for being pushed back. However, Glacier was not an ordinary uninhabited.

There was no shame or emotion on her face.

Because it was not a fight to win.

Her purpose was to grab the ankle of Gomujin by maximizing the time.

There was no need to dwell on the game, as all I had to do was pass the time somehow.

As time went by, the more urgent was the rubber band. She only had to wait until Rachaldae joined.


Ko Jin-jin stretched out the seventh of the seven-year-old light wave and drove the glacial egg. However, he could neither injure nor shake off Glacier.

Glacier eggs were like leeches.

It adhered tenaciously and did not stretch and fall off.

“Get out of the way! This witch.”


The two exchanged about 50 seconds in an instant.

‘There is no end if we go on like this.’

A determined light flashed in Gomjin’s eyes.

He charged at Glacier like a buffalo.

Glacier snorted.

“Because it’s okay.”

As she had done before, she spread ice water and kept the rubber band in check. However, Gomujin’s reaction was different from before.

It completely ignores defense and attacks.


The ice-cold water hit Gomujin’s whole body.

My head was cracked and my nose was bleeding. My intestines were also shaken and I couldn’t breathe properly. Gomujin gritted his teeth and endured the pain.

He suffered a lot of wounds throughout his body, but he was able to get close to Glacier instead.

A confused look was evident on the glacier’s face.


Koh Jin-jin unfolded the best of the seven-year-old light wave.



His blade left a deep cut on Glacier’s side.

The ice egg collapsed with a scream.

In my heart, I wanted to take the life of Glacier, but I couldn’t.


“this guy!”

This is because Lee Chu-su and Jang Hwa-young appeared while breaking through the bushes.

Behind them, I could see the guards coming like a herd of wild dogs. If you hesitate any longer, you will miss your last chance to escape.

Gomujin gritted his teeth and left the place.

“You dare to hurt Haran. I will never miss you.”

Lee Chu-soo gritted his teeth and tracked down Gomu-jin.

Jang Hwa-young looked at the wounds of Glacier.

Fortunately, his life was not in danger, but deep scars seemed likely to remain.

“Are you okay?”

“No, it’s not okay.”

Glacier shook his head and stood up.

I was fed up with the drama, but I tried to ignore it.

He applied gold spear medicine to the waist to stop the bleeding and tied the wound tightly.

she said with a young expression.

“I will definitely chew him up.”

“So that’s my brother.”

Jang Hwa-yeong smiled as if she was proud of such a glacial egg. However, a chill welled up in her eyes.

It was because it was heartbreaking to know that there were scars on her body as fine as an ice jade from Bingarran.

Jang Hwa-yeong said to Gingeran.

“I will follow Chusu-sister, so don’t overdo it and follow me.”


Jang Hwa-young threw herself, leaving the glacial eggs behind.


At that moment, firecrackers for signaling exploded in the distance.

Jang Hwa-young and his subordinates ran at full speed to the place where the fireworks exploded.

The place they arrived was a reed field by Dongdong Lake.

There were Lee Chu-su and Rachaldae there.

They were besieging Gomujin.

“Huh! Whoops!”

Gomujin was holding his shoulder and breathing heavily.

There was a deep cut on his shoulder.

It was the scar left by Lee Chu-su on his body.

If the wound had been a little deeper, the shoulder would have been completely cut off.

Komjin tried to stop the bleeding by pointing to the bloodstream, but the wound was too deep and the bleeding did not stop.

He lost so much blood that his complexion was pale.


Jang Hwa-young stood by Lee Chu-soo.

Lee Chu-soo asked without even turning his head.

“What about Haran?”

“I will be back soon.”

“I’m glad.”


Jang Hwa-yeong nodded and ran to Koh Jin-jin.

It was his will to take the tribunal with his own hands.

Lee Chu-soo watched Jang Hwa-young’s actions with his arms crossed.

Jang Hwa-yeong’s expression now only appeared when the painter reached the peak.

As Jang Hwa-young approached, Go Mo-jin raised his head and looked at him.

Jang Hwa-yeong threw a fist at such a rubber jin.



The face of Gomu-jin, who had been hit by the fist, turned around.

“How dare you injure Haran?”

F*ck! puck!

Jang Hwa-young’s merciless assault began.

Gomujin didn’t even have the energy to resist, so he had to deal with her violence with his whole body.

His face exploded and his ribs were broken.

Jang Hwa-yeong cleverly applied violence to the extent that Go Mo-jin did not die. After venting their anger, they want to take away the tribunal.

“As expected, it is a fire flower.”

“Ho Ho! Seeing it makes me feel refreshed.”

Rachaldae smiled at Jang Hwa-young.

No one sympathized with Gomujin.

Rather, they were enjoying this moment with an expression of relief.

Lee Chu-su did not scold or scold such a rachal-dae.

It was because she, too, was enjoying Jang Hwa-young’s anger.

He was not interested in the life or death of Gomujin.

Her interest was only in Komu-jin’s chain store.

I caught everyone else and made sure there was no tribunal. So, Komujin must have the lathe.


A terrifying scream erupted from Gomujin’s mouth.

His whole body was stained with blood, reminiscent of blood.

Jang Hwa-yeong was grinding the rubber jeans carefully from the tips of her toes.

If he continued like this, even if he saved his life, he would become a ruined man.

“To kill at once is too much mercy for you.”

In Jang Hwa-young’s eyes, even madness shone.

Her goal was to cut Gomujin’s short circuit.

It is to break the dantian and make it impossible to perform martial arts a second time.

She raised her fist high into the sky.

A light of despair flashed in Ko Jin-jin’s eyes when he saw that scene.

‘Is it over?’

It was then.

Fu Chemistry!

Suddenly, flames rose from the reeds where they were.

The fire spread quickly because the reeds were dry.


“A sudden fire?”

“Come on, avoid it!”

Rakshadae ran in all directions like grasshoppers to avoid the flames.

They did not notice that the flames were approaching as they enjoyed watching Jang Hwa-young use violence against Koh Jin-jin.

Because of that, I was so flustered that I couldn’t cope with it, so I ran here and there to avoid the flames.

The unexpected fire quickly turned the reed field into a mess.

Lee Chu-soo was the first to come to his senses.

“Someone started a fire.”

Only then did Jang Hwa-yeong, who suddenly came to her senses, look down at the floor.

“doesn’t exist?”

The rubber band that had been hit by him in a defenseless state just a moment ago was gone.

Someone set a fire and everyone was focused on it, so they went to get Gomujin.

Jang Hwa-young hurriedly looked around.

Then she saw a small boat moving away from the reed field.

“It’s that boat. They get on the boat and run away.”

Jang Hwa-yeong shouted at her throat.

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