Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 511

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 511

Episode 511:

Changsai Huang each flung his body in different directions.

Although he is young, Lee Chu-su, who is bloody, is raising his name as Kang-ho’s new murder star.

Although her fame was confined to Lake Poyang, Zhang Saixing already knew her fame and martial arts skills.

This is because collecting information on trends and dangerous people was fundamental to surviving in the river.


Lee Chu-soo only snorted as he watched the two run away in different directions.

In a way, it seemed that he had given up on pursuing it. But she wasn’t generous enough to let go of those who hated her.

I am standing by because I believe in everything. And it soon became clear what she believed.




With a strong blow, the Jangsai’s chest bounced back to its original position.


“Did you think you would be safe even after insulting Blood?”

Two women came in through the window where Jangsaimyeong was about to jump out.

They were beautiful women dressed in red as much as Lee Chu-soo.

One was as gorgeous as a red rose, and the other was as neat as a lily.

The gorgeous woman gave off a passionate atmosphere, and the neat woman’s expression was as cold as ice.

The atmosphere was completely different, but there were similar parts.

It was the atmosphere and gaze that seemed to contempt the opponent.

They slowly approached Jangsaimyeong.

“Are these b*tches ambush?”


Jang Sai-Hyeong hurriedly raised his body and raised his life.

Although he was suddenly attacked and bounced back into the inn, he was not seriously injured.

“What are your years?”

“We are the ice and flame twins of Rakshadae.”

said the women proudly.

The woman with a gorgeous appearance like a rose was Jang Hwa-young, and the name of the neat woman was Ginga-ran.

Heolnachal Lee Chu-su was the most trusted younger brother and the head of the Rakshadae together.

The companions that Lee Chu-su decided to meet at the inn were Jang Hwa-young and Bing-gyeong-ran.

They were as infamous as Lee Chu-soo.

“Ice salt twins?”


Jangsai-hyeong spat out a curse.

This is because they are well aware of the notoriety of ice salt pairings.

Those who were rumored to be more poisonous than Lee Chu-soo were Bing-Yeom Ssang-Hwa.

Jang Sai-hyeong spread grass on Ice Flame Ssanghwa without covering his back.

In an instant, Glacier’s palm spread wide to block the front.

It was a handicraft called Cheon Bing-Soo (天氷手).


Bingsoo Cheon deflected the attack of the Master of Mercy.

Jang Sai-Heung staggered, unable to overcome the shock.

At that moment, Jang Hwa-young approached the two and punched them.


Her small fist struck the whole body of Jang Sai-Hyeong more than a dozen times in an instant.



Jang Sai-Hyeong vomited blood from the shock, as if he had been hit all over with a sledgehammer. Their faces swelled up in an instant.

At that moment, Lee Chu-soo, who had been quiet until now, moved.


Something flashed on her waist, and a line of blood was drawn on the neck of the chest.

Jang Sai-Hyeong widened his eyes.

The lines of blood on their necks seemed to get darker, and soon blood began to flow out.

Lee Chu-su cut their throats with his quicksword.

It was a truly remarkable connection.

After Gingeran blocked it and Jang Hwa-young overpowered it, Lee Chu-soo definitely finished it.

coo kung!

The body of Zhang Sai-Heung collapsed.

They wriggled like worms and died just like that.

Lee Chu-su looked down at their bodies with cold eyes.

“Who do worm-like things dare to attack?”

I killed two people in an instant, but I didn’t feel any guilt.


Chusu Lee called the owner of the inn.


The owner of the inn came running with a frightened expression.

I never wanted to come, but I couldn’t run away because I was the owner of the inn.

Lee Chu-su took out a bag from his bosom and threw it at the owner of the inn.

“Get the body away. That should be enough to make up for the fuss.”

“I see.”

The moment he checked the amount in the bag, the owner’s face brightened noticeably.

Although it was embarrassing to clean up the corpse, for this amount of money, the effort could have been done.

He hurriedly called Jeomsoi and together they removed the body.

Lee Chu-soo and Bing-yeom Ssang-hwa waited for all the bodies to be removed before sitting down.

Lee Chu-su smiled and said to Bingyeom Ssanghwa.

“It’s a little late.”

“Haran is lost.”


“How stubborn you are on the subject of gilchi.”

Jang Hwa-yeong shook her head as if she was fed up. Then the glacial egg protested.

“It’s not my fault. The person who gave me the directions gave me the wrong information.”

“He got it right.”

“no. Don’t you believe me?”

“I can’t believe it.”


In response to Jang Hwa-young’s firm answer, Gingeran made a slightly pouting expression. However, within a moment, he smiled and told Lee Chu-su.

“Did you wait long?”

“No, I haven’t been here in a while.”

“thank god. You thought I was very late again.”

“From now on, listen to Hwayoung.”

“Because my sister is too forceful… I got it.”

Eventually, the glacial egg took a step back.

I realized that no matter how much I try to make excuses, it is useless.

She looked around the inside of the guesthouse with her face slightly distorted.

Inside the guesthouse, it was quiet as if no one was there.

This is because the warriors, surprised by the inaction they showed, did not breathe loudly.


Gingeran snorted at the unmanned people.

Her face was full of contempt.

Having reached a high level at a young age, she had a bad habit of looking down at others.

It was the same with Jang Hwayoung.

As I only ran to the solid road, I had little understanding of those who were lagging behind. That’s why I tended to look down on people who were inferior to me.

They believed in and followed Lee Chu-soo like an older sister.

Although the period of their departure to Gangho was short, they gained notoriety for their brutality.

It would have never been welcomed in a time of peace, but it was a troubled time now.

When the river was confused like this, strong and resolute people like them were moderated.

Geumcheonhoe also moderated the rachaldae led by them.

Although notorious for its cruelty, it was a very effective weapon for the Geumcheonhoe.

Thanks to their status, they were able to be recognized for their independent command within the Geumcheonhoe.

Lee Chu-soo asked in a low voice.

“How did you find out?”

“As you said, I think there will be a meeting here.”

“Where and when?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet.”

Jang Hwayoung shook her head.

Glacier said with a confident expression.

“Don’t worry, sister! Because I’m in contact with Hao Mun right now. Through them, you’ll quickly find a place for those cute humans to gather.”

“Use Haomen, but never let them notice. got it?”


Glacier nodded.

Lee Chu-soo muttered.

“If you thought that you could avoid our prying eyes by having a secret meeting at Dong Dong Lake instead of Poyang Lake, you would be mistaken.”

Baekinhoe (百人會) was a recently captured group.

On the surface, it seems to have nothing to do with the Geumcheonhoe or Eunryeonhoe, but in fact it was a group of people who supported and supported the Eunryunhoe.

They secretly ran a banquet hall and supported the Unryeonhoe.

Their support was so great that the Eunryeonhoe gained momentum and the Geumcheonhoe suffered a lot of damage. So Geumcheonhoe moved Lee Chusu to search for Baekinhoe.

Lee Chu-su moved the rachet and tracked Baekin-hoe.

It was not easy to track down the Hundreds.

They never got together.

Only a handful of people met regularly to avoid the prying eyes of the Keumcheonhoe, and one of them said that he had a banquet hall with a sugyeol.

The goal of Lee Chu-soo was to secure the tribunal by catching those who were meeting right away.

Lee Chu-soo said to Jang Hwa-young and Binggi-ran.

“At any cost, we must secure a repeat market.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll secure it by killing all those who get in the way.”

“Our guards are the strongest. No one can keep the tribunal in front of us.”


Chae Sang-ok looked at Lee Chu-su and his company with a furrowed brow.

It was so far away from the table they were sitting that I couldn’t understand what they were talking about.

In the past, just seeing such beautiful women gathered together would have made my heart race.

Chae Chae-ok was also a man, so it was natural for him to be attracted to beautiful women. However, after seeing the brutal hands of the three people before, that feeling disappeared.

If it was their inaction, they would have been able to subdue them without having to kill the menace. But instead of overpowering, they chose to kill like flies.

Even after killing the mastermind, they were engrossed in conversation among themselves without any guilt or inspiration.

Such appearances seemed too inhuman to Chae Chae-ok.

Their beautiful appearance was no longer attractive.

Salno burst into laughter as he saw Chae Chae-ok.

“Hehe! Your expression is worth seeing.”


“Why are you making such a face that the world is full? That expression suits an old man like me.”


“Is it because of those wives?”


“Is it too cruel?”


“You should be too.”


“If you decide to live on the knife in the world of Kang Ho, then you should be that determined too.”


“Of course, the choice is yours.”

Salno smiled and raised his glass.

Suddenly, Chae Chae-ok looked at Pyo-wol.

Even though he has been with them for several days, he still does not know the true identity of Pyowol.

Both Do Yeon-san and Nam Shin-wu were kind to him, but they kept quiet about Pyo-wol.

Jin So-myeong of Samcheongbang.

That was the identity of Pyowol that Chao Chao-ok knew.

But he knew now that that wasn’t his real identity. It’s because he also has an eye. However, he has not yet been able to find out what his real identity is.

Salno smiled at Chae Soo-ok, who was troubled.

I didn’t know that watching a boy who had nothing to do with family life would be so enjoyable.

Then Pyo-wol asked Chae-ok.

“Have you made up your mind?”


“I think it’s time to choose between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”


“That’s why I’m worried…”

“It doesn’t seem like either side is attracted.”


“Anyway, Lake Poyang wasn’t far. You’d better decide before you get into Poyang Lake.”

“I will.”

Chae Chae-ok replied helplessly.

When I arrived at Poyang Lake, I had to part with them.

Although we had been together for a short time, we were quite attached to each other.

It was quite disappointing to think that I would have to be alone again.

When I thought so, my appetite disappeared.

Chae Chae-ok finished eating and went into the room.

He wrote one shot with Nam Shin-woo.

Nam Shin-woo fell asleep right away, but he couldn’t sleep easily and only looked at the ceiling.


It was then that a burst of noise was heard.

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