Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 510

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 510

Episode 510

The inn that Salno caught was quite large.

It is located near the marina and the inside is neat, so many people have found it. In particular, the food prepared by the hostess at the guesthouse was so delicious that guests came from far and wide.

Salno said.

“There is no outbuilding, so we just took four rooms. I think we can split it up later and go in.”


Pyowol nodded and looked around the restaurant on the first floor of the inn.

Even though it was still early evening, there were quite a few people in the inn. Most of the guests were unarmed armed.

On the outside, it seemed like they were laughing and chatting casually and drinking alcohol, but inside the guest cup, I could feel some unknown tension.

The warriors seated at each table were busy observing the warriors at other tables while drinking.

He had nothing to do with him now, but if he entered Lake Poyang, he could have met him again as an enemy.

You don’t know when you’ll encounter an enemy, so you’re trying to gauge your strength in advance.

As a result, few people were vigilant while drinking.

As Pyowol and his party entered, the soldiers occupying the table looked at them warily.

They concentrated all their nerves to figure out the identity of the newcomers to the guesthouse.

‘Who is it?’

‘Which one will join the Golden Reunion or the Union Reunion?’

The faces of the guests were full of curious light.

Although the hot gaze was burdensome, Pyo-wol calmly sat down without any sign of that.

Hong Ye-seol sat next to Pyo-wol as if it were natural, and he sat down in the appropriate seat, taking care of Salno and Eun-yo.

Only Chae Chae-ok stood there, looking at her eyes, awkwardly.

“Brother, sit here.”

Do Yeon-san pointed to the seat next to him to Chae-ok.

“uh? uh!”

Chae Chae-ok noticed and sat down next to Do Yeon-san.


Hong Ye-seol burst into laughter.

It was because he seemed to know what Chae Soo-ok was thinking even if he didn’t have to ask.

By now, Chae Chae-ok must have doubts about Pyo-wol’s identity. No matter how ignorant a person was, seeing the actions of Pyo-wol and his party, it was enough to be suspicious.

In fact, Cheo Jeong-ok was very confused right now.

Baekmugok was never a green place.

It was a munpa with strong power enough to be at the top of the green forest. He possessed power strong enough to wipe out even the rumored factions of the stronghold at once.

However, Doyeonsan killed Baekmugok’s Sogokju without anyone’s help.

The martial arts of Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo were never lacking compared to Doyeonsan. While Do Yeon-san dealt with Cho Han-pyeong, they showed off their tremendous incompetence against the elites of Baekmugok.

Even Chae Chae-ok was swept away by the intense heat they radiated and fought frantically.

When I came to my senses, the small boat was piled high with corpses.

Many of them lost their lives to Chae Chae-ok.

From the time he appeared in Gangho, he was prepared to commit murder, but he never thought that he would be able to kill so many people in such a short time.

What I felt after the passion was gone was deep frustration and self-loathing.

Although he pretended to be calm on the outside, his mind was still very confused.

“This is where the paths of many diverge. Either just sit down or overcome your heart and completely immerse yourself in the river. Which one is that young boy?”

Hong Ye-seol muttered.

Her voice was so low that it didn’t reach the ear. However, Pyowol and Salno, who were nearby, listened carefully.

Still, they said nothing.

It is not something that can be decided by the advice of others or poor advice. I had to make up my mind and make up my mind.

It was the first mountain that Choi Bu-ok, the first strongman, had to climb.

Hong Ye-seol smiled and raised his glass.

Of course, as an assassin, I don’t drink enough to get drunk. It was simply enough to quench my throat.

Compared to Pyowol, she was a nobleman.

He didn’t even drink a drop of alcohol.

No matter how much moderation is the basis of an assassin, the only one who could control himself this thoroughly was Pyowol. At least, Pyowol was the only person Hong Ye-seol knew.


Hong Ye-seol rested his chin on his hand and looked at Pyo-wol.

Her gaze could have been conscious, but Pyowol did not even look at him.

Salno whispered beside him.

“Looking at him like that, Pyo Daehyeop’s face will be pierced.”

“What did you say?”

“Keep your body tight. His name is White Guryunju…”

“So, are you ashamed of me?”

“I am a little embarrassed.”

“I’m not ashamed, so it’s okay.”


Salno clicked his tongue at Hong Ye-seol’s shameless answer. But there was also a faint smile on his face.

‘It’s changed a lot.’

Even when he was a member of Ten Blood, he was loved for his unique optimistic personality and impudence, but after he became a ryeonju, somehow the atmosphere became more toxic. However, it does not mean that the martial arts are weakened or that the poison is missing. It would be more natural.

Being with Pyowol, it was clear that he had been influenced without even realizing it.

‘Not bad.’

Salno shook his head.

It was a pleasant time.

It was then.

The door of the inn opened and a woman entered.

She was a mysterious woman with a veil covering her face. Although I couldn’t see his face, it was clear that he was the owner of an unusual appearance, judging from the curvy body exposed above his clothes.

The appearance of the woman caught the attention of everyone in the inn.



Exclamations erupted from everywhere.

The men couldn’t take their eyes off the woman.

The woman looking around the inn soon found an empty seat and walked away.

When the woman sat down, Jeom So-yi ran quickly.

“Are you alone? Or are more people coming?”

“There will be more people coming, so bring plenty of food.”

“how much?”

“Two more are coming, so three will be enough.”

“How about a drink? By the way, our guest cup is Sohongju, which is very excellent.”

“Ho Ho! You know how to do business. good night. Bring me a bottle of So Hongju too.”

“All right.”

Jeomsoi bowed her head and quickly ran to the kitchen.

The woman soon turned her attention away from Jeom So-yi and looked around the inside of the inn.

Suddenly, her gaze stopped at Pyo-wol’s group.

It was because it was the most prominent combination among the guests in the guesthouse.

There were four boys who seemed to be the same age as a young man, a woman of similar age, and an old man with age spots on his face.

‘Are they going to Poyang Lake too?’

Even if they went to Lake Poyang, it wouldn’t be strange at all.

Two-thirds of the people staying in this inn were all heading to Lake Poyang.

What the woman found interesting was the composition of their staff.

The fact that there were so many people who didn’t fit together in one place intrigued her. But that was only for a moment.

She immediately stopped paying attention and waited for the food to be served.

It was then.

“If Soju came alone, how about joining us?”

“Wouldn’t it be better to be with us than to eat alone?”

There were men approaching her.

All of the men were bald and were strikingly similar.

They were the same, even the clothes with huge muscles and huge bodies of seven inches.

It was clear that they were twins.

The twin giants naturally took their seats at the empty table. As if they were together from the beginning.

One of the twins introduced themselves.

“We call it Changsaiung (長沙二雄). Like a special issue, they are active in the business around here.”

Their actual nickname was Changsai Heung (長沙二凶).

He was active based in the Changsha area, but he believed only in high martial arts and committed all sorts of depravity, so he was self-sufficient.

If the world hadn’t been confused by the Great War of Gangho, he would have been eliminated as an achievement of the prestigious faction.

If he had survived thanks to heavenly luck, he should have been self-respecting. But they were people far from self-respect in the first place.

If he had known how to control himself, he wouldn’t have earned the vicious nickname of a business man.

My heart was moved when I saw a woman who seemed to be beautiful even though I couldn’t change my habit.

I hadn’t checked her face yet, but just by looking at her body, I could guess what a beautiful face she had.

said the woman wearing a veil.

“Are you Jang Sai-ung?”

“exactly! He is a famous hero in the Changsha area.”

“is that so? But why have I never heard of it. I’ve heard that there are two dogs called Changsai Huang. Have you guys heard of it?”

In an instant, the old man’s face turned red.

Because it was clear that the woman knew their identity and was mocking them.


During the trade war, Dae-hyung slammed the table with his fist and shouted.

“Who are you, hiding your identity and approaching us?”

“You have to speak straight. Wasn’t that the first to approach me? My face is red like a dog in heat.”

“Have you seen these twins? Let me see you face.”

Dae-hyung stretched out his big hand and tried to tear off the woman’s cotton thread.


At that moment, the woman snorted and stretched out her seomseomoksu to grab Daehyung’s wrist.

“Gold Nasu? No way.”

Dae-hyung did not withdraw his hand even after recognizing the woman’s feast.

His forearms were as thick as a small log.

He was not weak enough to be overpowered by the gold nuggets that the woman had learned.


A woman’s seomseomjak wrapped around his wrist.

Dae-hyung focused his energy on his wrist and tried to bounce off her hand. But the moment I injected my energy, I realized something was wrong.

Instead of deflecting the woman’s hand, it was because his wrist was twisted.



Dae-hyung screamed involuntarily at the pain of his wrist being torn and his muscles being torn.


The younger brother saw his brother’s wrist twisted and punched the woman to save him. But the woman easily blocked his attack.

This time, he opened his golden fist and twisted his younger brother’s wrist.



In an instant, the younger brother, whose wrist was twisted, put on a painful expression. However, he did not suffer from the bad luck of the trade.

They kicked the table at about the same time.

First of all, I’m going to use a table to keep my distance. But at that moment, the woman pressed the table with her palm.

The table didn’t even budge even with the kicks of the merchant, as if the woman had injected her inner energy.



Only then did Jang Sai-hyeong realize that the woman was a far greater master than they expected.

“Who are you?”

“Whose order did you come from?”

They said, stepping back.

The woman was speechless for a moment.

It was invisible because of the veil, but I could see what kind of expression she was making now.


The woman sighed.

Her annoyance was palpable.

First of all, the attitude of a merchant who speaks as if he deliberately dug a trap and waited for the subject of a dispute is absurd.

Jang Sai-Hyeong asked, raising his life.

“Reveal your identity! girl!”

“If you know my identity, do you have the confidence to handle it?”

“A crazy year! Cheeky pierces the sky. It doesn’t matter if it’s four years. You will pay the price for touching our brother.”

“You can take that as an insult to the Geumcheonhoe.”

“what? Are you really related to the Geumcheonhoe?”

“My name is Chusu Lee.”

“This harvest?”

“Could it be blood… Rachal?”

The master’s eyes fluttered.

That’s because the identity of the woman was shocking.

Blood Nachal (血羅刹) Lee Chu-soo.

It was a reporter who had recently joined the Geumcheonhoe.

Her appearance hidden under the cotton thread was so beautiful that it was rumored that she was one of the best in the world. But more famous than that was her martial arts and her hands.

Her hands were so cruel that she was given the nickname Blood Rachal.

Her character of not showing any mercy to those whom she once defined as her enemies was famous even in the Golden Age.

It wasn’t long before she joined the Jincheonhoe, but her notoriety had already spread to Lake Poyang.

Merchant’s chest was the flagship.



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