Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 51

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 51

Light Novel: Volume 3 Episode 1

Manhwa: N/A

More than twenty members gathered at the meeting of the Blue Moon Association. All of them were disciples of famous sects in Sichuan Province.

Many of the men gathered in that place to admire and look at Seonha’s beauty. Seonha was a flower that many bees wanted. But she didn’t want to end up being just a flower.

‘I am not a flower waiting for a bee to fly. I will become the queen bee and put them all under my control.’

That was how the nickname Poisonous Bee was born.

Although she did not reveal her overriding ambition the people gathering around her saw through her acts and thus gave her the name Poisonous Bee.

A queen bee harboring poison.

That was how the public saw her.

There was only one reason why Seonha stayed in the Blue Moon.

It was just to help the Emei sect.

To be precise it was to set a big ball for the Emei sect.

The Hundred Flower Room is a subsidiary sect of the Emei sect. This also means that they share the same destiny with the Emei sect.

The Hundred Flower Room was working hard to help the Emei sect. It was also because of that reason that Woo Seonha tolerated the Blue Moon party which was made up of men who followed her around.

All of the men in the Blue Moon were people who could be called the chiefs of Sichuan. Naturally their influence was not small. So this would be a great help to Emei. Their influence in Chengdu keeps them from falling behind the Qingcheng sect.

Even in the Emei sect she was recognized for her work and was treated like a main disciple. But she never intended to be this satisfied with just this much.

‘I will surely become the master of the Emei sect and command the entire Sichuan City.’

There were several barriers to overcome to do so. However Woo Seonha was willing and ready to do anything to get over those barriers.

Seonha thoroughly concealed her feelings and looked at the members of the Blue Moon party with a smile.

“I sincerely thank all of you who answered the call of such a humble woman.”

“If it’s Woo Seonha’s call of course we would have come running.”

“Where are we?”

“We are ready to join the Woo Seonha at any time.”

At the men’s replies Seonha’s smile grew brighter. Again the men were mesmerized by the sight. She was well aware that her appearance was very beautiful. She also knew how to use it to her advantage and attract men more easily.


Seonha gently crossed her legs revealing her white calves. The men were easily distracted as they tried to steal a glimpse at her exposed skin.

She wanted to laugh at those men.

‘Heh! All men are the same. They are all snobs.’

However she hid her true thoughts thoroughly and continued to speak.

“The situation of the Hundred Flower Room is not very good due to the pressure of the Qingcheng sect but there is now room to breathe. Thank you very much.”

“No matter how strong the Qingcheng sect is they can’t use their power and influence in Chengdu. But even if they do it doesn’t matter. We can still protect the Hundred Flower Room.”

“That’s right. So you don’t have to worry Woo Seonha.”

The original owner of Chengdu was the Tang family.

When the Tang family was still standing no one could be said to be their rival in Chengdu. There was a time that even the Emei and Qingcheng sect had to pay attention to the Tang family.

But it was such a distant story that she can’t even remember.

Then after the fall of the Tang family Chengdu became free for all. Several sects have entered Chengdu since its owner has disappeared but none of them have fully ruled over Chengdu.

As a result the small to medium sized sects remained and fought in Chengdu. Although they were not large sects their influence was never small.

Seonha was holding the leaders of such influential sects under the width of her skirt.

“Oh! I may not be able to come to the next meeting please understand this in advance.”

“Really! I may not be able to go to the Rareummyeon meeting so I hope you will do your best for this first time.”

“Woo Seonha cannot come? Is there anything going on?”

“Since the movement of the Qingcheng sect has become unusual there was a summoning order from the headquarters. All of the disciples or descendants of the Emei sect must enter the main mountain.”


The men felt sorry for her. Then Go Seongak asked in a loud voice.

“Would we be able to join the Emei sect too?”

“I know your good intentions but you can’t.”

“Is this because of the policy of the Emei sect?”

“It’s not that… but I feel bad”

“Then there will be no problem. This Go Seong-ak will climb Mount Emei1 to protect Woo Seonha.”

“The same goes for me! I am willing to sacrifice my life for the sake of the Seonha!”

“I will also go and climb Mount Emei!”

In an instant the floor became noisy. Those who follow Seonha said that they were all willing to climb Mount Emei for her.

Seonha quietly took a glass of wine.

A dark smile appeared on her lips which was covered with a glass of wine.

* * *

As the night deepened many of the guests left leaving only a few left in the guest house.

Pyo-wol was one of the few remaining guests.

There was still some food left on the table. Since Pyo-wol ate so slowly and did not end up eating it all. Pyo-wol left the leftover food and tried to get up.

A loud noise was heard from the stairs on the other floor. Seonha and the members of Blue Moon were coming down after their meeting.

The atmosphere they had going on was very pleasant.

Seonha had a satisfied smile. Because the results came out in the direction she wanted.

It was clear that her influence would also increase if she led the members of the Blue Moon Assembly to join the Emei sect.

As she was walking towards a rosy future her gaze suddenly stopped at a certain man. The man that caught Seonha’s attention was Pyo-wol.

Their eyes met in the air.

In an instant a blush appeared on Seonha’s face.


She involuntarily let out a sigh. She was instantly overwhelmed by Pyo-wol’s appearance and unique atmosphere.

It was the first time for Woo Seonha who had seduced countless men with her beautiful appearance and manipulated her according to her will was so mesmerized by another man.

After staring at Pyo-wol for a long time she noticed that there was a soft red light in Pyo-wol’s eyes. But she found it more mysterious than ominous.

She was greedy for those eyes that looked like rubies.

Unknowingly she turned to Pyo-wol. She opened her mouth with a bright smile.

“It seems like this is the first time I’ve seen you here. Since the Dead Sea is Dongdo that’s our common name. I’d like to give priority to the department store. If it’s not rude I’d like to know the name of this Young Master.”

Pyo-wol looked at Seonha without saying a word for a moment.

She felt my heart pounding heavily.

His reaction was so unfamiliar that she was even embarrassed.

Then Pyo-wol opened his mouth.


“Since Young Master Pyo-wol is alone are you perhaps a warrior?”

“Think what you like.”

“Is there something you can’t say?”

“Do you usually ask a man you’ve seen for the first time like that?”

“Yes. I mean–?”

Pyo-wol’s reaction was different from what she expected so she could not hide her bewildered expression. Then Go Seong-ak erupted in anger.

“Are you trying to mess with Woo Seonha?! Don’t you think you should apologize?”

His face was full of jealousy.

Seonha had never shown such interest in himself before. She always showed a smile but it felt like there was still an invisible line clearly drawn.

However when Seonha saw Pyo-wol he couldn’t see the line in between them.

That fact made him angry. He couldn’t be angry with Seonha so his anger naturally directed towards Pyo-wol instead.


“Yeah! Get down on your knees and apologize politely to her right now! Otherwise I won’t let you go.”

“What if I don’t?”


“No matter how blindly attracted you are towards a single girl you have to recognize the other person before running wild.”

“How dare you insult me? Unforgivable!”


Go Seong-ak pulled out the sword he was wearing around his waist and swung it at Pyo-wol.

“Hck! Don’t! Young Master!”


The men standing beside him were all shouted in surprised because the sword of Go Seong-ak was already on the verge of reaching Pyowol’s neck.

Go Seong-ak’s weakness was that when he got angry he swung his sword recklessly without thinking. If a large sect such as the Clear Sky House was not behind him all the accidents he had caused would not have been resolved.

The men closed their eyes tightly thinking that Go Seong-ak would cause an accident this time as well.

Go Seong-ak’s hands were so cruel that they could not bear looking at his unfortunate opponent. The wounds of the people that ended up suffering from his hands were so horrendous that they could not afford to open their eyes.

People expected that the same result would happen this time too.

However contrary to their thoughts Pyo-wol’s scream was not heard.

When the men opened their eyes and looked up they saw Go Seong-ak’s weapon being blocked by Pyo-wol. They thought that Go Seong-ak would quickly take care of the situation but they soon realized that he still hasn’t.

As soon as Go Seong-ak swung his sword Pyo-wol stepped back.

The distance between Pyo-wol and the sword was only about one finger.

It was a situation where Pyo-wol’s eyes would have been pierced if he retreated late. People thought that Pyo-wol just got lucky and avoided the sword of Go Seong-ak.

But the next moment they realized that it wasn’t like that at all.


Go Seong-ak once again opened his swordsmanship.

It was the Thunderstorm Sword Technique2 a sword technique of the Clear Sky House.

The Thunderstorm Sword Technique consists of seven deadly attacks and it was a brutal sword technique that cannot be underestimated.

The fact that he carried out the Thunderstorm Sword Technique was proof that Go Seong-ak’s anger had gone all the way to the tip of his head.


Go Seong-ak repeatedly used the Thunderstorm Sword Technique to attack but regardless of which technique he unleashed he couldn’t touch Pyo-wol.

Go Seong-ak’s sword could barely hit Pyo-wol. There was always just a finger size difference.

Pyo-wol moved only by a centimeter when he attacked and when Go Seong-ak stepped back to catch his breath Pyo-wol moved again by only that much.


“How is that possible?”

All the people watching were warriors who had mastered martial arts so they know how great Pyo-wol’s actions were.

If he miscalculates the distance or if the sword sticks out even a little more Pyo-wol can easily lose his life.

Constantly maintaining that centimeter gap to dodge Go Seong-ak’s attack meant that Pyo-wol understood the breathing and limitations of his opponent.

However even if he understood everything about his opponent it was impossible to show such a movement not unless he’s absolute confidence in his own martial arts.

At least none of the martial artists who were currently watching could move at a level similar to that of Pyo-wol.


Go Seong-ak rushed and swung his sword. Although desperate efforts were made one after another his sword never touched Pyo-wol as his opponent dodge a gap of about a single finger.

Go Seong-ak felt like he was dealing with a ghost.

“A are you using sorcery?3 I can’t forgive you!”

He defined the movement of Pyo-wol that he could not understand as sorcery. It was impossible for him to comprehend Pyo-wol’s movement.

However the ghostly movements that Pyo-wol was showing now were not magic.

It was a synchronization based on his fine senses.

It was a killing method that intuitively predicted and followed the movement of his opponent by matching his breathing and reactions with the enemy he was dealing with.

Pyo-wol accurately grasped the limits of Go Seong-ak through synchrony. He quickly grasped the length of his limbs the limits of the sword and the distance of his stride. So Pyo-wol only moved exactly by a distance he needed to dodge the incoming attack.

A single mistake can lead to his death but Pyo-wol remained unconcerned.


A shrill breath came out of Go Seong-ak. .

He looked like he had been possessed. This was because no matter how much he swung his sword he could not reach Pyo-wol.

As he unfolded his technique with all his might without thinking his stamina was exhausted in an instant making him out of breath.

Pyo-wol looked at Go Seong-ak and muttered

“This is the limit.”

“What— do you mean by limit?!”

Go Seong-ak became furious and ran towards Pyo-wol again. He thought that this time too Pyo-wol would use his cowardly technique to back down.

However Pyo-wol’s movements exceeded his expectations.

He saw Pyo-wol’s body wriggling like a snake and suddenly went for Go Seong-ak’s chest.

It was a meandering walk that reproduced the movements of snakes.


The moment Go Seong-ak opened his eyes wide in surprise Pyo-wol’s palm already hit his chin. The force that hit his chin shook his brain.

Go Seong-ak’s eyes suddenly lost focus.

Then his consciousness was blown away.

“Young Master Go!”

“Come on and save him!”

Surprised by Go Seong-ak collapsing like a sand castle the men rushed towards Pyo-wol at once. Whatever the circumstances Go Seong-ak had to be saved from Pyo-wol’s hand. Only then could the status of the Blue Moon Association be maintained.

That was then.


A dozen lines shot out from Pyo-wol’s waist.

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Mount Emei. 3099-meter-tall (10167 ft) mountain in Sichuan Province China and is the highest of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China

Other translations: Brain Wind Test Method 뇌풍검법(雷風剣法)

雷 Thunder

風 Wind Air

剣 Sword

法 Law Rule Regulation Skill

Sorcery. Other translations: Witchcraft black magic 사술(邪術)

邪 wrong evil vicious

術 art skill method technique

Synchronization. Raws: 동조(同調)

同 similar same

調 transfer move change

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