Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 508

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 508

Episode 508

Haeungbang (海鷹房) was a breakwater made by fishermen working in Dongdong Lake to protect themselves.

Fishermen were treated as lower class people in Dongdong Lake. Although they could barely make ends meet due to the abundance of meat, they were the most exploited category.

Because of that, they felt the need to fend for themselves. So they started getting together.

Among the fishermen, there were those who had learned martial arts, and they united tightly around them. At first, it was weak, but as time went on, it gradually began to be organized, and those with stronger martial arts joined. As it has been going on for such a long time, Haeungbang has formed a force that cannot be ignored.

As a group that started with fishermen, there were many boats in Haeungbang. They ranged from small fishing boats to large transport ships.

Haeungbang conducted various businesses using ships.

In particular, Haeungbang’s power has expanded exponentially in recent years.

This is because the demand for boats increased rapidly as the Great War broke out in Lake Poyang.

There was quite a distance between Dongdong Lake and Poyang Lake, but Hae Eung-bang’s boat crossed the two lakes without hesitation.

Sometimes he transported the members of the Geumcheonhoe, and at other times he made huge profits by transporting people related to the Eunryunhoe.

Thanks to this, Haeungbang was enjoying the best success.

There were even rumors that Hae Eung-bang owned half of the boats on Dong Dong Lake. Of course, the rumors weren’t true, but it was true that Haeungbang’s prestige was great.

Salno said, pointing to some boats on the Dongting Lake.

“That one also belongs to Haeungbang, and that rice carrier is also owned by Haeungbang.”


“It’s great. But if I had made my money the normal way, I would never have owned that many ships.”

“Do you mean that you are using boats for business externally and operating sales gates internally?”


“I don’t know who the ark is, but he’s a great resource.”

“The name of the Ark is Choo Yeon-seung, who is known externally as Jeong In-gun, but in reality he is a very sinister and ambitious man. More than twenty knights have already lost their lives at his hands. They were all competitors who would threaten Haeungbang.”

The level of martial arts of Choo Yeon-seung, known to the outside world, was not so great. In fact, it was. But he had a hidden secret.

Hong Eunbi Dosul (紅隱飛刀術).

It was the name of Hong Eun-bi-gaek (紅隱飛客), an assassin who was active in the shadow of Gangho a hundred years ago.

Choo Yeon-seung, who accidentally obtained Hong Eun-bi’s magic trick, mastered it secretly. And he taught some of his trustworthy henchmen the Hong Eunbi magic trick and made them act as assassins.

“Chu Yeonseung is currently involved in both the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe. We are repeating the selection according to the situation without clearly determining the route. It’s like an old fox.”

It was surprising that Choo Yeon-seung was a person with a deep conscience, but what was more surprising was Salno’s intelligence.

At least when it came to information about the Assassin’s world, there was no one who could surpass him.

Thanks to this, Pyowol was able to comfortably acquire information without having to move his body.

Pyowol asked.

“Is Haeungbang’s home base?”

“As far as it is known, it is a village called Gungshi Village located south of Dongting Lake.”


“It is a fairly large town with a population of 3,000. It looks like an ordinary village from the outside, but Chu Yeon-seung’s subordinates are deployed everywhere, and it boasts an impenetrable security net. You won’t be able to access Haeungbang with Yeonseung Choo by ordinary means.”

“In the usual way, that would be it.”

“It is.”

Salno replied with a smile.

“How long will the boat you are on stay on Dongting Lake?”

“Probably until tomorrow morning.”

There was a lot of luggage on the Unmado riverboat.

Many loads will be unloaded from the Dongting Lake and loaded again. So did the sailors.

Those whose destination is Lake Dongting will get off here, and those whose destination is Lake Poyang will board a new one.

In the meantime, the ship had to carry drinking water and food.

The day will pass quickly if you prepare for this or that.

“You have plenty of time.”

“yes! Enough.”

Salno responded politely.


Even in her early 50s, Choo Yeon-seung boasted youthful and strong muscles comparable to those in her 30s.

The bronzed skin made his strength stand out even more.

“Did the ark come out?”

“Meet the ark.”

When he appeared, the people who worked at the dock bowed their heads and greeted him.

The faces of those who looked at Choo Yeon-seung were full of respect. It is also because Haeungbang is located here, so you can work safely.

Most of the people living in Gungsi Village made a living by catching fish in Dongting Lake.

Before Haeungbang appeared, it was exploited by many people. However, after Haeungbang was fully established, no one dared to exploit them freely.

That’s why quite a lot of people respected Chu Yeon-seung and Hae Eung-bang. But not everyone was looking at it that way.

Some secretly glared at Choo Yeon-seung with eyes as if they were looking at Cheolcheon’s enemy.

Whether he knew this or not, Choo Yeon-seung passed the dock and headed for the biggest ship.

Among the ships docked at the dock, the ship that boasted a huge hull that stands out was the flagship of Haeungbang.

Dozens of Haeungbang masters were lined up on the deck of the ship.

When Choo Yeon-seung appeared, they greeted each other with one voice.

“We warmly welcome the ark aboard.”


Choo Yeon-seung gave a satisfied smile at the hospitality.

All the people on board this ship were the elite of Haeungbang and the henchmen of Chu Yeonseung.

Only those who sincerely believe in Choo Yeon-seung are on board.

“What are the boundaries?”

“It was built in double and triple.”

Lee In-ja Oh Seok-gyeong lowered his head and replied.

Choo Yeonseung said with a satisfied smile.

“I will receive a report from the cabin.”

“Even if you don’t, I prepared it. Please go in.”


Choo Yeonseung nodded and entered the cabin.

Oh Seok-gyeong and his servants followed.

The cabin was luxuriously decorated.

On one side was a large bed with silk needles, and on the other side was a table and chairs for meetings.

Choo Yeonseung sat down on the chair in the middle and said.


“yes! I received three requests from the Geumcheonhoe and contacted the Eunryeonhoe. However, union associations are excluded because they are in the contact phase.”

“Is the Union Association still hesitating?”

“It seems that moral notions are holding back.”

“You fool! That in order to win the war, all means must be mobilized. That kind of morality would leave you behind in the competition.”

Choo Yeon-seung laughed at the eunryeonhoe.

“I’m still hesitating, but I think you’ll put a request to us soon.”

“Until then, completely exclude the union association. More important people need to be assassinated before they come to their senses and grab our crotch.”

“I will.”

“What is the Golden Heaven’s request?”

“Two cases are to assassinate a member of the union association, and one is…”

“What is it?”

“That’s a contract to get rid of your government.”


“yes! A client has asked me to get rid of the government that has been going through Jung for several years. I ask that you disguise yourself as an act of the union association so that you do not become suspicious.”

“Do it! It’s not that difficult.”



When Oh Seok-kyung showed hesitation, Choo Yeon-seung frowned.

“That’s because the mistress is too young… Even the woman said she didn’t know that the person she had a crush on was already married.”

“What does that have to do with us?”


“Keep your mind straight. We live. Fairness is a word that has nothing to do with us, and it has nothing to do with the circumstances of the target.”


“Oh Seok-kyung!”


“We are assassins. It’s forbidden for us to be left alone. okay?”


“Then what should I do?”

“I will accept the request.”


Only then did Choo Yeon-seung let go of his hard expression.

Choo Yeon-seung thoroughly separated and managed ordinary Haeungbang and Salmun. The flagship, which he occasionally stopped by, only had him take care of sales.

Oh Seok-gyeong was no different from a disciple whom he personally selected and raised. Oh Seok-gyeong was talented enough to teach most of the tips of Hong Eun-bi’s magic tricks.

Oh Seok-gyeong took care of everything related to the murder.

However, it was a bit of a flaw that he hesitated when such a reluctant request came in because he had a weak mind.

‘If it wasn’t for that, it would have been more useful.’

he clicked his tongue inwardly.

Still, among his subordinates, there was no talented person as outstanding as Oh Seok-gyeong.

Choo Yeon-seung said to Oh Seok-gyeong.

“I will sleep here tonight.”


“Why are you dissatisfied?”


“Then go away and bring the prepared girl inside.”


Oh Seok-gyeong withdrew with his subordinates.

Choo Yeon-seung, who was left alone, undressed and sat down on the bed.

His face was red with excitement.

After a while, Oh Seok-kyung’s voice was heard outside.

“I will let you in.”


As soon as permission was granted, the cabin door opened and a young-looking girl cautiously entered.

The girl, who appeared to be only about sixteen years old, had a white face, and tears were clearly visible around her eyes.

It was clear that he had been crying a lot before entering this place.

The girl was a fisherman’s daughter.

Despite her young age, her beauty is outstanding and rumors have already spread around the neighborhood.

Choo Yeon-seung also heard the girl’s rumors and took notice.

His name was Choo Yeonseung, the ark of Haeungbang.

Moreover, there were also children who had grown up through marriage. He couldn’t openly covet the girl. So, I had to do a lot of work.

The girl’s father, knowing that the situation was difficult, lent him the Yeomwangchae. Naturally, the girl’s father was unable to pay the debt and had to send his daughter in lieu of the debt.

There were several girls in Gungshi Village who ruined their lives that way. However, the rumors did not spread because Choo Yeon-seung was thoroughly cracking down on his entry.

Those who saw him at the dock and looked at him with hostility were the parents who ruined their daughter’s life.

The girl also knew about Choo Yeon-seung’s secret rumors. And what will happen to you after a while.

“come here.”


Step by step, the girl struggled toward Chu Yeon-seung.

The trembling seemed pitiful, like a bird in the rain. That appearance further boosted Choo Yeon-seung’s music.

“Come quickly.”


The girl closed her eyes and walked quickly.

Soon you will feel the hot breath and you will be defiled.

Hot tears ran down her cheeks.

Even with my eyes closed, I could feel Choo Yeon-seung reaching out his hand.

The girl closed her eyes and waited for Choo Yeon-seung to dispose of her. But strangely, no matter how long I waited, I couldn’t feel Choo Yeon-seung’s hand.

Eventually, the girl carefully opened her eyes and looked at Choo Yeonseung.

At that moment, an unbelievable sight came into her eyes.

Choo Yeon-seung’s body stiffened as he did when he reached out to the girl.

There was a long cut on Choo Yeon-seung’s neck, and blood was constantly flowing from his exposed neck.

“Turn it off!”

A weak groan escaped from his lips.

He tried to look back with a look of disbelief. But the blood flowed so much that I couldn’t even move a finger. Even so, the reason he is still holding on without collapsing is because someone is supporting him from behind.

It was he who left a stab wound on his neck.

I couldn’t feel any sound or presence.

Until he slit his throat. ‘Who



It was because Choo Yeon-seung died.


The girl’s screams echoed throughout the cabin.

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