Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 507

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 507

Episode 507

Lee Joo-myeong hurriedly looked around.

The subordinates were staring blankly at the sky. They also saw the fisherman being fished up.

Lee Joo-myeong asked them.

“What happened? Why did Gok Lord go up?”

“I don’t know.”


The subordinates didn’t know the meaning either.

Lee Joo-myeong burst into anger.

“Come up on the mast. We need to find the grain lord.”


The subordinates started climbing the high mast with the answer.

Enveloped in darkness, the situation on the mast was unknown. However, the only place on the ship where the fish could be fished up was the top of the mast.

His subordinates were making a fuss about climbing the slippery mast. An increasingly nervous light appeared on Lee Joo-myung’s face.

This is because they did not know what would have happened to Jo Gusu, who was dragged onto the mast.

“Eight! get out of the way I will go up.”

It was when Lee Joo-myung, who could not stand it, approached to climb the mast himself.


Something fell on the deck from the mast.

The moment Lee Joo-myeong saw the fallen object, Lee Joo-myung’s eyes widened.

“The late Gok-lord?”

The object whose shape was so bloody that it was unrecognizable was the jogging gun that had been dragged onto the mast.

Jo Gu-soo was bloody and did not even move.

There was a long cut on his neck.

A huge amount of blood was oozing out of the wound.

“Unbelievable! Grain Lord!”

Lee Joo-myeong hurriedly ran to Jo Gu-soo.

He covered the cut in the neck with his hand and raised his upper body.

“Gok Lord! Grain Lord!”

Lee Joo-myung called for Jo Goo-soo, but he did not move.

Lee Joo-myeong put his ear to his chest, injecting energy into Jo Gu-soo’s body.

If he was alive, he should have heard a heartbeat. But no sound came from his chest.

it is already clear

“Gok Lord! Gokjuni!”

Lee Joo-myeong screamed and shook Jo Gu-soo’s body. However, Jo Gu-su’s body only cooled down.

Lee Joo-myung raised his head and glared at the mast.

“What kind of guy are you? Come out!”

He shouted with all his strength in his voice, but there was no answer.


The sound of teeth clashing flowed from the mouths of the warriors of the White Mu Valley.

It was because the fear was unbearable.

It was Jo Gu-soo, whom they regarded as the sky.

Although he is said to be benevolent because of his lack of ambition, his martial arts skills were so great that even strong players recognized him. There were less than 30 warriors who could be said to be above him, even in Gangho.

To be in the top 30 of the entire gang was really great.

It meant that he had the ability to fight the loser of at least one castle.

How could such a great warrior lose his life without being able to resist. The problem is that no one on the ship saw the beast until Jo Gu-soo lost his life so pointlessly. He didn’t even know how he killed Jo Gu-soo.

Something lurked in that darkness.

A dangerous yet strong being enough to kill their supreme leader, Jo Gu-soo, at once.

Goosebumps ran up my spine.

It was as if something unknown was breathing behind their backs. Still couldn’t look back.

The moment they looked back, it seemed that an unknown being would cut their breath at once.


Some people came out to pee in their pants in extreme fear.

It was an insolence that made people frown, but Lee Joo-myung could not blame them. Because he, too, was insane with extreme fear.

“Who are you? Who…”

Thick tears fell from his eyes.

Only he knew whether it was because of the sadness of losing his master or because of fear.

“Who the hell is the lord…”

It was then.


In the midst of a fierce battle, a particularly strong explosion came from the small boats.

I saw someone flying through the air and falling into the river.

Even though Lee Joo-myeong was so far away that it was impossible to distinguish the form, he recognized the face of the person who fell into the river. It was because it seemed strangely clear.


He was Cho Han-pyeong, the son of Jo Gu-su.

Jo Han-pyeong, like Jo Gu-su, did not show any vital signs.

with a splash!

Jo Han-pyeong was drowned in the river. And it didn’t come back a second time.


A sound like the cry of an animal flowed from Lee Joo-myung’s mouth.

Following the master, he also lost his successor.

It was like losing the captain who would lead the ship called Baekmugok.

Now, Baekmugok has become a power without an owner.

Lee Joo-myeong raised his head.

A determined light flashed across his face.

“Collect the corpses and return to Baekmu Valley.”


“Isn’t that what you need revenge on?”

The subordinates asked cautiously. However, Lee Joo-myung was adamant.

“Who do you mean revenge?”

“Of course, to the beast who killed Gok-lord…”

“Do you know who the beast is?”


Subha kept his mouth shut.

I didn’t know the beast’s face or name, or even whether it was a man or a woman.

They would have to know their identities to dream of revenge or plan for the future, but they knew nothing.

I still didn’t know if he was on the mast or left the ship.

I really didn’t know that not knowing anything about the other person would give me such extreme fear.

Lee Joo-myeong said.

“If he had the will to live, we would all be dead. Can you guys handle such a person?”


“Me too. I can’t afford it. So you want to leave. Who has any objection?”


Naturally, no one could object.

Lee Joo-myung rose from his seat holding the body of Jo Gu-soo.

“Return to Baekmugok. And develops the power to avenge the beast. Until then, the hundred dances will not appear in the world.”


“Until then, Lee Joo-myeong will lead the White Dance.”

“Please lead us.”

The unmanned men on board said in one voice.

Now that Jo Gu-soo and his son are dead, Lee Joo-myeong is the only one who will lead Baekmu-gok.

It was because he was the strongest master except for Jo Goo-soo and gained the most people’s trust.

Lee Joo-myeong forced himself to smile.

Although the death of Jo Gu-soo was sad, it was because his death gave him the possibility of becoming the best of Baekmugok.

It was something that could not even be dreamed of when Jo Gu-soo was alive. So I was satisfied with Lee In-in and decided to live and die for Jo Go-soo for the rest of my life. However, since Jo Gu-su died, someone else had to lead Baekmugok.

The only person who could do that was himself.

The joy of finally being able to become the supreme made his body tremble. But I couldn’t show my joy in front of everyone.

Now was the time to show a sad face.

“Come on, collect the bodies and go back.”


The subordinates moved along with the answer.

Eventually, the Four Kings, who recovered the body, disappeared as if it never existed from the beginning.



The moon suddenly appeared without a trace, just like when it disappeared.

Even Hong Ye-seol and Salno recognized his existence after the Pyowol appeared.

Hong Ye-seol and Salno frowned at the same time.

It was because he could feel the faint scent of blood on Pyowol’s body.

It was clear that he had killed someone.

Salno made a questioning expression.

Pyo-wol obviously did not intervene in the fight with Eun-yo and others. I opened my eyes and looked at it, but I didn’t see that the moon had intervened.

That said, it was a story that someone had been killed somewhere else. That is, someone outside the realm of their perception.

I couldn’t easily imagine how sensitive and expansive the kigam had to be to show off this ability.

Hong Ye-seol asked.

“Where have you been?”

“The ship the father of eight children is riding on.”

“What is it?”

“There is such a thing. Don’t worry, it’s over.”

“all right.”

Hong Ye-seol could not straighten his wrinkled face even as he answered.

It didn’t feel so good to have something different happen without you knowing. If it wasn’t for Pyo-wol, he would have found out the secret even if he had been inquiring. However, he was not the kind of person who would answer that Pyowol was like that, nor was he the type to succumb to coercion.

I was more comfortable giving up.

It was then.


With light footsteps, Eun-yo, Doyeonsan Nam, Shin-woo, and Chae-ok Chae landed on the deck.

Their bodies were drenched in sweat and blood.

Apparently, a lot of blood splattered as they fought inside the narrow boat.

“I’m back.”

Eun-Yo spoke on behalf of everyone.

Pyowol looked at their bodies and asked.

“Are you okay?”

“I got a few minor injuries, but it doesn’t interfere with my movement.”

“Good work. Go in, wash up, and rest.”


Eun-yo went into the cabin with the answer.

Since she is a woman, she wants to quickly wash off the blood and bodily fluids of others on her body.

“Brother, I will wash too.”

“I’ll wash and change my clothes too.”

Do Yeon-san and Nam Shin-wu followed Eun-yo into the cabin, and Chae-ok Chae, who stayed until the end looking at Pyowol, also left.

Even after such a fierce battle, there was no emotion on their faces.

For them, what would have been the pride of a lifetime for others was their daily routine.

There was no reason to brag about everyday work or to think of it as special.

Rather, it was Salno who was surprised.

The more I looked at them, the more unusual they seemed.

He had secretly prepared the Black Slaughter Corps.

If the four of them were in danger, they tried to mobilize the Black Slaughter Corps, which quietly followed them. However, it did not happen that the Black Slaughter Corps would mobilize. And it didn’t seem like there would be any in the future.

‘This is amazing.’

Salno licked his lips.

It’s a pity why I couldn’t find such talented people in the first place.

If only they had discovered it earlier, Baek Guryun would have grown several times more than it does now. But that was already past.

Now, if you reach out to them, Pyowol will not let them go.

I just wanted to decline that.


Salno licked his lips again and turned around.

Both Pyo-wol and Hong Ye-seol Salno went back to their rooms, and the ship continued sailing in silence.

The other passengers on the Unma Dogangseon did not notice at all that something terrible had happened while they were asleep.

There were a few sailors who saw the silver yolk kick the ship last night, but they couldn’t see what had happened with their eyes.

I thought something had happened because of that, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what was happening around me.

Thanks to this, the atmosphere inside the Unma Dogangseon was very peaceful.

The boat moved along the river without much incident to the point of boredom and finally came into the great lake.

The name of a lake as huge as Poyang Lake, the destination, was Dongting Lake.

The lake is so beautiful that many poets and calligraphers have visited since ancient times.

The Changchun Meng, who once commanded all of Gangho, also had its base in Akyang on the shores of Dongdong Lake.

It has faded now, but Dongdong Lake was once the center and top of the river.

After the collapse of Changchun Meng, small and medium-sized literary factions appeared like bamboo shoots in Dongting Lake. Each of them claimed to be the successor of the Chang Chun League, but it was only an empty cry.

It was simply a claim to aim for the halo of the Chang Chun League, but in reality there was no connection whatsoever. Still, thanks to the emergence of so many literary factions, Dong Dong-ho regained his vigor.

As if proving that fact, there were numerous boats afloat on the Dongting Lake.

There were many fishing boats and hwaseons that enjoyed boating with gisaengs on board, but there were more unmado riverboats with soldiers on board.

This is because the Yangtze River flows through Dongdong Lake to Poyang Lake.

Most of the warriors seen in Dongdong Lake now were those who went to Poyang Lake to participate in the Great War.

The light of excitement and anticipation coexisted on their faces.

It is an honor in itself to take part in a huge fight that could blow your reputation.

Salno approached Pyowol who was looking at the warriors.

“There is a breakwater called Haeungbang (海鷹房) here. On the surface, it is an ordinary Bangpa living on the stage of Dong Dong Lake, but in fact it is a living room. Pyo Daehyeop is the first place to be conquered.”

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