Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 506

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 506

Episode 506

The Unma Riverboat sailed through the river.

It had rained a while ago and the river was swollen. The flow was also very fast. Nevertheless, the Unma Dogangseon went forward without any sign of danger. It is so large that it is unaffected by water currents of this magnitude.

Instead, it was very slow.

The biggest virtue of the Unma Dogangseon was its safety.

As it was very large, it was full of horses and wagons. Delivering cargo safely to its destination was the reason Unma Island River Line existed. Because of this, it was not possible to increase speed even to protect the cargo.

Pyowol sat on the deck and looked up at the sky.

The sun went down and darkness came.

The ship continued sailing with numerous lanterns hung on the bow.

Both the captain and the sailors who drove the ship were enlightened by the terrain because they had traveled here countless times. That’s why you can drive a big ship around the reef even in the dark.

When darkness fell, all the other passengers went into the cabin and only Pyowol was left alone.

Pyowol raised his head and looked at the night ball.

The sea of stars was wide open.

The stars, each showing off their presence, were emitting a brilliant light.

Pyowol’s pupils were filled with starlight.

‘No matter how dark the night is, there is light.’

It is a fact that I already know, but seeing it with my own eyes like this was different in the level of inspiration I felt.

Since ancient times, people’s destiny has been compared to the stars.

Some people said that they were born with the fate of Zami Star (紫微星) and saved the world, while others were born with the Celestial Star (天殺星) and said that they would cause harm to the world.

If so, should we call the absolute masters who are most widely known in the current Gangho as the Palseongjwa (八星座)?

Brilliant stars that light up the darkness.

Among them, the eight stars that shine the brightest.

However, some of them lost their lives at the hands of Pyowol. Even so, the constellation was not attached to the nickname of Pyowol.

He is the deepest darkness in the deepest sea of stars.

It eats other stars and grows in size, but people never know about it.

The reason the star-eating darkness is scary is because it is not revealed.

People were more afraid of invisible threats.

The epitaph had to be like that too.

Until now, I have been active with my face and identity exposed, but I will thoroughly hide myself from now on. So he did not step forward even when Jo Han-pyeong and Eun-yo collided.

Those who were with him had to know how to deal with that level of threat on their own.

It was then.


Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard.

When I turned my head, I saw Eun-yo.

Eun-yo walked lightly and approached Pyo-wol.

“What are you thinking?”

“Just this and that…”

“The screening looks complicated.”

“Then why did you come out without sleeping?”

“I’m a little confused in my head too.”

“Is it because of daytime work?”


“Do not doubt your choices. You did well.”

“Are you serious?”


“thank god.”

Eunyo let out a sigh of relief.

Although it was decided on its own, it was actually a car that was worried that Pyo-wol would not like it. Because of that, I couldn’t sleep, so I came out and found Pyowol.

Eun-yo stood beside Pyo-wol and looked at the dark river.

A cool breeze blew and gently brushed her hair.

Eun-yo, who was tidying up her tousled hair, suddenly brightened her eyes.

She stopped in motion, staring at the darkened river.

Squeak! Squeak!

A subtle noise came from the other side of the river.

It was so small that you would never hear it unless you paid close attention.


“You seem to be right.”


Eunyo let out a sigh.

Human psychology, which is foolish, does not deviate an inch from predictions.

The sound I heard now was the sound of rowing.

In Pyowol’s eyes, he could see dozens of small boats approaching on the Unmado riverboat.

There were more than a dozen people on each boat.

They were rowing toward the Unma Dogangseon.

At the forefront was Jo Han-pyeong.

It looked like he was looking at a poisonous wildcat with his teeth clenched and his eyes wide open.

Jo Han-pyeong came back with the elite of Baekmugok.

“But I gave you one last chance…”

I knew it would happen, but I felt foolish for thinking that I might do something else.


Eunyo whistled lightly. Then, as if they had been waiting, Do Yeon-san and Nam Shin-woo came out.

They were not surprised by the majesty of the ships approaching the Unmado River Line.

“You’re back too.”

“What is Sanjungdaeho? Even a small person won’t do that.”

The two shook their heads.

They, like Eunyo, were not letting go of their guard.

I was already prepared, so I wasn’t surprised if Jo Han-pyeong returned with the elite of Baekmugok.

The only thing that bothered me was the passengers on board the ship.

If they did something wrong, innocent passengers could be swept away and suffer great damage. Such a situation had to be prevented.

No matter how chaotic the world is, he had to keep what he wanted to protect, even if it was difficult to take care of himself.

At least innocent people had to be prevented from being swept away by the quarrels of strong people.

Eunyo said.

“You must never take them on the Unma Riverboat.”

“I’ll have to settle it on the river.”

“That’s as quiet as possible…”

The three nodded as they looked at each other’s faces.

Do Yeon-san spoke to Pyo-wol as the representative.

“I’ll come and go. brother!”


Do Yeon-san grinned at Pyo-wol’s answer, then kicked the Un-ma-do steel wire and threw herself.

After that, Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo followed.

Chae Chae-ok, who came out later, was conflicted for a while after seeing that. However, it also flew after them in a moment.

Pyo-wol remained alone and watched them from behind.

I could see the small boat bouncing around as the four people climbed aboard. From then on, a fierce battle began.

It was too far away to be heard by normal human hearing. So, the passengers on the Unma Dogangseon did not notice that a fierce fight was taking place nearby.

At least it was over the moon, so I could hear people shouting and screaming.

The four of them were like wolves running into a flock of sheep.

Every time they cut corners, someone screamed and fell into the river.

The four of them were invincible in the cramped boat.

All the people on board were the elite of the Baekmu Valley. But paradoxically, they weren’t used to fighting on a boat.

It was not adapted to the movement of the ship, which swayed violently even with a slight movement.

Originally, their purpose was to get on the Unma Island River and make a surprise attack. This is because you don’t have to worry about the movement of the river when you get on the Unma Dogangseon. However, as Eunyo and others boarded the small boat first and attacked, any advantage they could have had was lost.

Pyo-wol stood dumbfounded and watched the scene.

Hong Ye-seol and Salno approached Pyo-wol.

Salno burst into exclamations while watching the silver yoyos in fierce battle.

“her! Truly, like Ryeonju said, you let go of Jo Hanpyeong in order to completely eliminate the aftereffects.”

Salno had an expression of sincere admiration.

It is simply surprising that a young lady who has just arrived in Gangho, rather than a worn-out warrior like Pyo-wol or Hong Ye-seol, has such a meticulous mind.

Not only was he strong-willed, but he also had the power to turn the plans he had conceived in his head into reality.

It was a description of a combination of literature and martial arts that is difficult to see.

There were as many as three such people.

The more I looked, the more I admired it.

Chae Sang-ok, who joined temporarily, had three people who could revive a school even if it was out of the question, but they were united around Pyo-wol.

‘If it’s at this level right now, how much more will it grow in a few years?’

Goosebumps ran up your spine just by imagining it.

His eyes seemed to show the inaction of the three fully grown people.

The scariest thing of all is that the three sincerely follow Pyowol. Their bond was so strong that it was difficult to break easily.

‘Whoa! That’s scary. scared!’

For the first time in his life, Salno felt afraid of someone else.

It was then.


The figure of Pyowol disappeared with a light foot cloud.


Salno was shocked.

It was because even his senses did not sense that the moon was disappearing. It was only recognized after the moon disappeared.

It was an assassin with thick bones.

As far as the sensitivity of the senses, he was proud of being the best in the world. However, even with his senses, he couldn’t figure out where the moon had disappeared.

“What the hell…”

Goosebumps came up on his forearm.


A huge ship comparable to the Unmado Riverboat was floating on the river.

If you didn’t know, the ship was so huge that you would mistake it for a small island.

The name of the ship was Sawangseon (蛇王船).

The four kings were the treasures of Baekmugok.

It was big and wide enough for all the unmanned soldiers of Baekmugok to ride, and it was equipped with mobility, so it could be called a fortress on the river.

It was extremely rare for the four kings ships to sail out of Baekmu Valley.

Because it is so large, it is expensive to maintain. So even in Baekmugok, there was almost no movement of the Four Kings ship except when it was time to show off the majesty of Gokju.

The gokju of Baekmugok was Jo Gu-su.

Unlike his ambitious son, he had little greed.

Jayeonggok’s grain wine, which split from Cheongoseong, Gu Seonhak tried to reunite the split green forest with two grains and four grains, but Jo Gusu was satisfied with just Baekmugok’s grain wine.

Because of that, I tried not to participate in Kang-ho’s work if possible. But his son, Jo Han-pyeong, was different.

Cho Han-pyeong, who called himself Sanjung Dae-ho from a young age, was very ambitious. So, I was only looking for an opportunity to blow my reputation.

Jo Gu-soo did not trust such Jo Han-pyeong.

Jo Han-pyeong was proud to be a completed martial artist, but to Jo Gu-soo, he still looked like a child. So, when Jo Han-pyeong announced that he would appear in Gangho, he also secretly followed his son in the Four Kings ship.

If everything goes well with his son, he will just watch, but if he is in danger, he intends to intervene.

Indeed, he tried to intervene once. However, because her son escaped, she was forced to endure it. Instead, he gave his son the best of Baekmugok.

Jo Gu also knew.

It means that what he is doing is ruining his son even more. Even so, he couldn’t stop because Jo Han-pyeong was his only blood relative.

Jo Gu-soo’s brow was furrowed.

It was because he could see that the boat with the elite he had attached was shaking violently.

The targets launched a counterattack before the ships even approached the Unma Dogangseon.

The targets were running wild on the little boats that had been mobilized for a silent approach. Each time, the elites of the Baekmu Valley fell into the Ussu River like autumn leaves.

“Where did these guys come from?”

Jo Gu-soo muttered with an expression that he did not understand.

He tried not to directly intervene in his son’s event if possible. Because I thought it was the last way to keep my son’s pride and grow. But when I saw my son in danger, I couldn’t stand it.

“I can’t. Move the four king ships. I will punish them myself.”

“Oh, Gok-lord, that’s…”

Jo Gu-soo’s henchman Lee Joo-myeong hesitated.

It is because he respects Jo Gu-soo, the owner of the grain, but thinks that his behavior of being devoted to his son’s work is blocking Jo Han-pyeong’s growth.

Jo Gu-soo gave the order once again.

“I will punish them myself. Come on, drive the boat over there.”

“All right.”

He could no longer refuse Gokju’s orders.

In the end, Lee Joo-myung ordered his subordinates to move the ship.

“Drive the boat to the place where the small grain wine is.”


The subordinates moved busily to move the Four Kings Ship with the answer.

It was then.


Suddenly, Jo Gu-soo’s moaning was heard in Lee Joo-myeong’s ears.

Lee Joo-myeong looked in surprise, but Jo Gu-soo was nowhere to be seen.

Instinctively, I raised my head and looked up, and I saw Jo Gusu’s legs being carried up into the air like fish caught on a fishing line.

“God master!”

Lee Joo-myeong cried out.

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