Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 505

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 505

Episode 505

Kwak Tae-gang looked down at Doyeon Mountain with a cool expression.

Even if it wasn’t, the overbearing face felt even more frightening.

“oh my! How about that?”

“What the hell is going on?”

The guests on deck stomped their feet.

One was a normal-sized boy, and the other was a giant, reminiscent of a steel tower.

It was a landslide victory for the giant.

No matter how great the boy’s martial arts was, it seemed impossible to defeat such a giant.

That was people’s perception.

Kwak Tae-gang said.

“Will you kneel down yourself? Or will I break your knee?”

He was clutching the huge stick that he had carried on his back before he knew it.

The bar with its sharp thorns was so intimidating that just looking at it made my hamstrings tingle.

Kwak Tae-gang’s prayers were so great that ordinary people would urinate just by looking at him. However, there was not the slightest bit of fear on Do Yeon-san’s face as she faced him.

His eyes were deeply sunken, and the expression had completely disappeared from his face.

The face of Do Yeon-san, whose smile had disappeared, was truly frightening.

‘This guy!’

Kwak Tae-gang felt his heart grow cold.

The eyes of a boy who was only half his height made him shrink.

It felt like seeing fire containing ice crystals.

Do Yeon-san’s cold anger seemed to stab Kwak Tae-gang’s chest as a dagger.

The only thing Doyeonsan couldn’t stand was the silver yo.

He could tolerate insulting himself, but he could never tolerate belittling Eunyo or making fun of it as a s.e.xual object.

At that moment, Kwak Tae-gang raised the bar high.

“If you won’t listen to me, I will force you to kneel.”


Kwak Tae-gang swung the stick.

“100 million!”


The people who saw the scene turned their heads in fright. It was because I was afraid to see Do Yeon-san’s head smashed.


At that moment, a huge rupture sounded.

Everyone looked at Do Yeon-san, thinking that her head would be smashed. However, what was revealed was different from what they expected.


Fragments of broken rods rained down on the deck.

In Kwak Tae-gang’s hand, only the shaft of the broken bar was held.

The shock was so strong that the hand holding the stick was torn and blood was flowing.


Kwak Tae-gang looked at Doyeon Mountain with an expression of disbelief.

Do Yeon-san was looking at him with an outstretched fist.

The moment Kwak Tae-gang swung the pole, Do Yeon-san also swung his fist.

The bar made of cast iron could not overcome the destructive power concentrated in Doyeonsan’s fist and shattered.


Gwak Tae-gang’s lips were squeezed and blood flowed.

Do Yeon-san’s blow was not enough to destroy the cast iron pole at once, but also inflicted serious internal injuries on Kwak Tae-gang.

It was a power beyond imagination.

Kwak Tae-gang threw away the stick and asked in a loud voice.

“Who are you?”

“You should have asked earlier.”


“You guys definitely did. If they look easy and weak, they stab them first, and if they think they are stronger than expected, they ask about their true identity belatedly. How do you keep doing that?”

“This kid…”

“My name is Do Yeon-san. You b*stards!”

With a cry filled with resentment, Doyeonsan struck again.



Kwak Tae-gang was pushed back with a groan.

His crossed forearms were dangling.

The part that blocked Doyeonsan’s attack was broken.

It was truly formidable power.

“That me?”

Only then did Jo Han-pyeong realize the unusual atmosphere and spit out a guard.

At that moment, Doyeonsan’s storm-like offensive poured into Kwak Taegang.


The fists, the backs of the hands, the elbows and the shoulders turned like a wheel and exploded at Kwak Tae-gang.

Kwak Tae-gang could not resist and was hit by Doyeonsan’s attack with his whole body.

I couldn’t even scream.

It’s because the moment I hit the third attack, my consciousness was already blown away. However, Do Yeon-san did not allow him to pass out comfortably.

In an instant, twelve attacks hit Kwak Tae-gang’s body.


Finally, the elbow hit Kwak Tae-gang’s temple.

That was the end of Kwak Tae-gang.

As if all the bones in his body were broken, Guo Taigang moved slowly and fell down. And never moved again.

it’s obvious

It was a terrifying link attack.

“what? Taegang… What are you doing? Cubs! Don’t kill that b*stard.”

Jo Han-pyeong belatedly shouted at his subordinates. Then, his subordinates drew their swords and approached Doyeonsan.

It was then.

Nam Shin-woo and Chae-ok Choi, who had been quiet until now, gathered around Doyeonsan.

Nam Shin-woo thought of Do-yeon-san as an older brother, so he stepped forward without hesitation, and Chae-ok Chae set out to repay the favor to Do-yeon-san.


Salno let out an exclamation involuntarily.

That’s because the formation of the three boys was perfect.

I’ve never been able to match my hands and feet, let alone passed, but they were building the best camp on their own.

Their camp, which took the form of a wedge horn centered on Doyeon Mountain, looked very solid.



Cho Han-pyeong’s subordinates attacked all at once with screams.

At that moment, Do Yeon-san and Nam Shin-woo and Chae Soo-ok started counterattacking.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Explosions erupted one after another.


“100 million!”

At the same time, a scream echoed across the boat.


Jo Han-pyeong opened his mouth wide.

It was because all those who fell like fallen leaves in the wind were his subordinates.

The condition of the subordinates was miserable.

It wasn’t just the limbs that were broken, but the severe paralysis seemed to be in danger.

It all happened in an instant.

At that moment, someone slowly approached Jo Han-pyeong.

The petite girl was Eunyo.

Cho Han-pyeong screamed.


“Perhaps you have no intention of apologizing.”

“What is he saying now? This blind man…”

“People like you are just like that. They tried to confirm their sense of superiority by looking down on and crushing the opponent with such harsh words. Does that increase your self-esteem?”


For a moment, Jo Han-pyeong could not hold back his anger and drew out his sword and swung it.


A formidable pottery flew aiming at Eun-yo’s neck.

For a moment, Eunyo ducked and avoided his attack.

She raised her head again, and before she knew it, Jo Han-pyeong’s subordinates could hear the shed sword.

Eun-yo grabbed the sword and rushed at Jo Han-pyeong.

“This cheeky b*tch…”

The thing Jo Han-pyeong was most confident in was the art of painting.

Eun-yo’s act of daring to win against him exploded his anger.

Cho Han-pyeong concentrated all his energy on the island and spread the solstice.

In an instant, his swords increased to dozens and attacked Eunyo.

In response, Eun-yo drew the sword horizontally.

It was a herbivore called Hoengsocheongun, widely known in Gangho.

A young smile appeared on Cho Han-pyeong’s lips.

It was because, in his eyes, the skill with which Eun Yao wielded the sword looked really poor.

Jo Han-pyeong had no doubt that his sword would tear Eun-yo’s body apart.


The moment the cutting sound resonated, Jo Han-pyeong widened his eyes.

It is because the Doyoung he created was cut like a can of millet in Eunyo’s horizontal slashing.

Docho, which Jo Hanpyeong thought was a simple Hoengsocheongun, was actually the cutcho of Paranggucheonmado (波浪九天魔刀), the strongest swordsman of Soroeumsa Temple.

Chow ha ha!

The sword of Eunyo left a deep scar on his heart as it still had enough energy even after cutting down Doyoung of Jo Hanpyeong.


Cho Han-pyeong screamed in excruciating pain and knelt down.

Had the wound been an inch deeper, his heart would have been cut.

Cho Han-pyeong groaned as he clutched the wound with his hand.

Eun-yo looked down at Jo Han-pyeong with cold eyes.

The unfocused eyes were full of cool energy.

Eun-yo put a sword to Jo Han-pyeong’s neck.

“Are you ready to apologize now?”


“You don’t have to apologize. Because I can cut your throat.”

Eunyo said calmly.

It felt even more frightening because there was no sign of anger.

It was only then that Jo Han-pyeong realized that the girl he insulted was actually a terrible master.


As he grieved, his face was full of shame.

It was a life that never knew defeat.

He was very proud of himself because he was born as a small gokju of Baekmugok and has been on a winning streak. However, his pride crumbled in front of the girl he had dismissed as blind.

Eun-yo’s unfocused eyes felt frightening for the first time.

She said.

“Don’t apologize. Just kill you like this.”


“What did you say?”

“I was wrong. Forgive me.”

“I don’t feel sincere. Anyway, this is probably the best you can do. So I won’t expect more.”

“Are you going to… save me?”

“I save you. Get off the boat instead.”

“You mean right now?”

“yes! Right Now.”

Jo Han-pyeong’s face was distorted.

Their boat had already left the dock and had reached the middle of the river. If you get off the boat now, you will fall right into the river.

He glared at Eun-yo with scary eyes, but not a single crack appeared on her face.

He thought that no matter how hard he tried, Eun-yo’s decision would not change.


he groaned and stood up.

He finally reached the railing and looked back.

Eun-yo, who brought him an indelible humiliation, and Do-yeon-san, who killed his confidant Kwak Tae-gang, saw Nam Shin-woo.

Suddenly, Jo Han-pyeong’s gaze turned to the three people beyond them.

It was Pyowol and Hong Ye-seol Salno.

Anyone could see that they were stronger than Eunyo and the boys. Even so, they did not intervene in the fight and just stood by.

It could mean that he believed in Eun-yo and the children, but it was clear that he had confidence that Jo Han-pyeong and his subordinates would not pose a great threat.

That fact made Jo Han-pyeong even more ashamed.

‘I will never let him go.’

He had never let anyone who insulted him go unnoticed. He had to take revenge somehow to get rid of his intuition.

Cho Han-pyeong gnashed his teeth and jumped into the river.

The water splashed up and Jo Han-pyeong disappeared into the water. A deep wound in the chest was not a problem.

This is because when it is melted, the quality of the milk is basically cooked.

Jo Han-pyeong, who disappeared into the water, did not rise to the surface again.

“Oh no!”

Salno let out a pitiful sigh involuntarily.

Hong Ye-seol asked.

“What’s wrong?”

“Unfortunately, Miss Eunyo seems to be inexperienced. If I had had a little more experience, I would not have sent Jo Han-pyeong alive.”

Although deeply wounded, he did not stop breathing. If Jo Han-pyeong’s character was known to the world, it was clear that he would definitely return to retaliate.

If Eun-yo had a lot of strong experience, he would never have left behind. It was a life that I regretted not being able to do that.

Then Hong Ye-seol smiled.

Salno asked cautiously, for her smile was so meaningful.

“Why is that?”

“It was done on purpose.”


“A child named Eunyo. I’ve known that person for a long time. He’s one of the people I’ve been most influenced by. Would such a child be so lax? I don’t think so.”


“I didn’t leave any scars behind, I sent them alive to get rid of all the remaining ones.”

Hong Ye-seol’s cold smile made Salno look at Eun-yo.

“no way?”

At that moment, Eun-yo also had a smile similar to Hong Ye-seol.

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