Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 504

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 504

Episode 504

Lee Joo-eun and Oh Cheon-woong led their subordinates out of the inn.

Contrary to their spirited appearance when they came, they looked miserable as if they had been hit by rain. But no one sympathized with them.

“I knew it would be like that someday.”

“Looks good.”

“They acted like they were doing anything.”

“Big! It tastes good.”

The guests in the inn laughed at their backs.

In the meantime, they were two people who recruited young equipment and did all kinds of evil.

They had no justice or ideals.

There was no option to fight for the ideal or to fight for the ideal by participating in the Great War.

They were only thinking of making money by using strong wars.

Even though they clearly knew their sword intentions, people watched because they were not alone.

Many people participate in the Great War with the dream of good luck, but there are many who see the chaos of the strong as an opportunity to build wealth.

Lee Ju-eun and Oh Cheon-woong were such people.

To those who have watched their depravity for a long time, Chae Chae-ok’s courageous behavior left a great impression on them.

“My friend, I will buy you a drink today. Drink to your heart’s content.”

“I pay for all the food at that friend’s table.”

“No, I…”

The guests argued with each other and said they would pay for the food for Chae Chae-ok and her party. Seeing such people, Chae Chae-ok scratched the back of her head with her face blushing slightly.


Nam Shin-woo burst into laughter as he saw Chae-ok. Eunyo and Doyeonsan also laughed together.

Chae Soo-ok scratched her head and thanked Do Yeon-san and Salno.

“Thank you for your help. Thank you for your help.”


“The martial arts are quite good. I was properly taught by the consul.”

Chae Soo-ok’s face became even more red at Salno’s praise.

Pyo-wol looked at Chae-jae in silence.

Hong Ye-seol whispered next to him.

“Your face looks innocent, but you have a strong personality.”

“It seems so.”

“how is it? I think it would be useful, but what you collect is.”

“it’s okay.”

“why? Isn’t it worth it?”

“I’m not the kind of person to take someone down and lead them.”

“You underestimate yourself too much. You are more capable of leading than anyone I have ever seen.”


“Otherwise, there is no reason for those children to follow you voluntarily. I’m just denying it because you’re cumbersome and annoying.”

“it’s okay! Right now, I don’t have the spirit or the confidence to lead someone.”

“If you change your mind anytime, let me know. You are a man who deserves it.”

Hong Ye-seol looked at Pyo-wol with a mischievous expression.

‘No matter how you look at it, you’re handsome.’

Even though she transformed into a reverse bone ball, she couldn’t completely hide her beautiful appearance.

He knew very well that a handsome man would pay for his face.

Even if he stays still, the women around him will constantly shake him.

Pyo-wol did not dare to reject the woman who took care of him. Because of this, women were always around him.

It has been so until now and will be so in the future.

‘It’s such a pain in the ass. If Hong Ye-seol had been an ordinary woman, she would have been obsessed

with Pyo-wol and tried to cut off the women around her. But she wasn’t a girly woman.

She was the best of Baek Guryun.

At the end of a desperate struggle, he killed the previous lord and became the new lord, but he was not omnipotent.

Just like her predecessor, she will face numerous challenges.

Living as Baek Guryunju was the story of being challenged like that for the rest of your life.

A normal life cannot even be dreamed of.

It was not possible to quit the assassination job even if you wanted to, and you could not return the position of Baek Guryunju.

As long as he rode on the tiger’s back, he had no choice but to go to the end whether he died or lived. On such a subject, she couldn’t seek only one man like an ordinary woman.

‘I can’t monopolize it, but I can’t leave it alone…’

The more I thought about it, the more my head hurt.


Eventually, she stopped thinking and drank from the glass in front of her.

The moment the hot drink passed down her esophagus, she forgot all the worries she had been thinking about.

Curiously enough.



With a dull sound, a large ship docked at the dock.

It was a huge Unmado riverboat that could load horses and wagons at once.

At the dock, there were people waiting like clouds to get on the Unmado Riverboat from the morning. Among them was the Pyowol group.

Only one boat came in a day on the Unmado River.

Because of that, it was not easy to obtain a ticket itself. However, Salno sought a good vote too simply. No one knew what he was doing to get the ticket.

Thanks to this, Pyowol and his party were able to easily board the Unma Dogangseon.

It was only after seeing the horses and wagon safely settling in separate seats inside the Unma Riverboat that Salno came up to the deck.

A pyowol stood on one side of the deck, and Doyeonsan Mountain Hong Ye-seol was sitting around him.

It was so natural that it seemed like they had known each other for a long time.

Salno murmured.

“At this rate, I don’t know if Baek Guryun will be subordinated to him.”

It was Baek Guryun who had reigned for a long time as a pronoun of fear in Gangho.

Until now, no one has been able to completely subjugate Baek Guryun. There were many greedy people, but Baek Gwi-ryun defeated all their challenges and reigned as the loser of the assassin world.

Baek Guryun’s Ryuju was like the king of assassins.

Even those who had nothing to do with Baek Gwi-ryun acknowledged that Baek Gwi-ryun was their superior. Of course, that didn’t mean he was under the command of Baek Guryun.

Like the assassins belonging to Baek Guryun, most of the assassins of Salmun had a strong rebellious temperament. He hated listening to other people’s orders rather than dying, and was reluctant to get involved in matters that had nothing to do with him.

For that reason, it was impossible to integrate Salmun into one.

Everyone at the door thought so.

Before meeting Pyowol, Salno was just like everyone else. However, after meeting Pyowol in person, I realized.

If there is a person who can unify the world of Salmun, it will be Pyowol.

Pyowol was different from any assassins he had ever met.

Compared to Pyo-wol, not only the former Ryeon-ju of Baek Gwi-ryun, who is said to be the highest peak of assassins, but even the current Ryeon-ju, were inferior to Pyo-wol.

‘The true strong are not created by someone else, they are perfected by themselves.’

Salno shivered slightly.

Whenever I looked at the moon, I couldn’t control it and a raging wave raged in my heart.

So he was sure.

The fact that Pyowol is the only existence that can integrate Salmun.

Then Hong Ye-seol gestured to him and said.

“What are you doing there, blankly? Come on.”

“yes! going.”

Salno stooped slightly to join the group.

“What were you thinking? No matter how many times I called, I couldn’t hear.”

“Oh, I just thought of something else.”

“What are you thinking?”

“I have a different idea.”


Hong Ye-seol looked at him suspiciously.

Salno took her canine-like gaze with a nonchalant expression.

In the end, she couldn’t figure out Salno’s intentions and put on a sullen expression.

It was then.

“Confucius’ stomach is quite wide.”

With a loud voice, a group of people came up to the Unma Dogangseon.

A massive body reminiscent of a steel tower and a shaved head. And a giant with an impressive face and fierce eyes like a lion was at the head of them.

Behind the giant’s back hung a huge iron bar with sharp spikes.

It was such an overbearing appearance that the 5 joints would go numb just by looking at it.

Behind the giant, a man in his early thirties quietly followed.

The man was wearing a leopard vest, and even his face looked ferocious like that of a tiger.

muttered the man.

“If you take this boat, you can go straight to Lake Poyang, right?”

“Yes, Confucius!”

The iron tower-like giant replied politely.

A man called Confucius looked around the deck with his arms crossed.

“It’s okay!”

I like the wide deck.

He moved towards the player. Then the giant and more than a dozen warriors followed him.

At their unusual momentum, the guests sitting in the player noticed and quietly avoided them.

The man didn’t even care about the reaction of those guests.

He took his place as a player.

Giants and his minions surrounded him like a wall.

In the tent of phosphorus, the man rested comfortably.

Salno muttered as he looked at the man.

“I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere…”

“Do you know someone?”

“I think I’ve seen it in the payer list.”

Hong Ye-seol slightly frowned at Salno’s answer.

Baek Gwi-ryun independently collected information on Kang-ho’s key figures. Among them, the books were classified according to the degree of danger by dividing them into heaven, earth and people.

The Cheon-class was a servant-level military officer, and Ji-jeom was an outstanding military officer among the later indices.

“It’s a late index.”

“ah! I remembered The author is Jo Hanpyeong, the successor of Baekmugok. He has such a mad nature that he calls himself the Great Lake in the Mountains.”

“Cho Han-pyeong of Baekmugok? Does he also want to participate in the Great War?”

“It seems so under the circumstances.”

“Now, they are showing their ambition even to greening.”

“Isn’t Kang Ho confused that much?”

Then the moon intervened in their conversation.

“Is the author Nokrimdo?”

“you’re right. The author is Sogokju of Baekmugok, one of the successors of Cheongoseong.”


“A long time ago, you know that Cheongoseong practiced greening. The lord of the castle in the previous era led Cheongoseong with strong presence and leadership, but after that, it was torn apart due to the incompetence of the person who took the position of lord of the castle. In the end, Cheongoseong was divided into two grains and four grains, and now they are no better than others. We do exchange once every ten years, but it’s just a formality.”

Salno replied wholeheartedly.

Hong Ye-seol elaborated on his words.

“Cho Han-pyeong of Baekmugok is known for being self-respecting and very ambitious. And the color was revealed and it caused a lot of problems.”

“Are you saying that women’s issues are complicated?”

“It’s not just complicated. It’s literally a b*tch.”

Hong Ye-seol shuddered as if just imagining it was creepy.

Salno said.

“The giant next to it is called Gwaktaegang, which is said to be the best history of green forest.”

“Does it look strong?”

“It is said that it is gifted with divine power and will not lose even if it competes with a bear.”


“If I met the owner well, he might have become a hero who will remain in Ganghosa, but it is quite unfortunate that he met the wrong person and is taking care of it.”

It was the first time that Salno had such a pitiful expression for someone. So Pyo-wol also took a closer look at Kwak Tae-gang.

It wasn’t just the size that was huge. The huge body, made entirely of muscle, without any scaffolding, seemed to hold overwhelming power.

He stayed close to Jo Han-pyeong like a bodyguard.

Pyowol looked at them for a moment and then looked away.

It was quite interesting, but it had nothing to do with him.

However, Jo Han-pyeong did not seem to think so.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he approached the place where the moon was.

When Jo Han-pyeong moved, Kwak Tae-gang and his subordinates followed.

Where Cho Han-pyeong was heading, there was Eun-yo.

Eun-yo was humming a song with her eyes half-closed, and it looked quite mysterious.

Eun-yo opened her eyes at the sudden presence and looked at Jo Han-pyeong.

Looking at her unfocused eyes, Jo Han-pyeong chattered.

“Are you really blind? Right? Are you blind?”

Cho Han-pyeong said something very rude.

It was Doyeonsan who was furious with his attitude.

“What are you doing?”

“What are you? Can you say this girl’s lover?”

“That’s right.”

“what? Really? Are you dating a blind man? Well, since he has a smooth face, it would be nice to play with him.”

“Cancel that.”

“What is he saying now? A kid. ”

“Cancel the insult you did to her and apologize politely. Then we will move on.”

“what? pass? What are you?”

Cho Han-pyeong made an expression that he was blocked from going.

It was because I really didn’t expect to hear such words from a kid whose name I didn’t even know.

Jo Han-pyeong looked at Kwak Tae-gang.

“Should I put up with hearing this?”

“sorry. I will solve it on my own.”

“And bring that girl. Because the blind girl wants to know what’s special.”


Kwak Tae-gang answered and blocked Doyeonsan.

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