Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 503

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 503

Episode 503

Chae Soo-ok said with a straight face.

“I am a disciple of Sajomun. Are you saying that I should abandon Sajomun and go to the Black Room? I am not such a shameless person.”

“Ah, that’s…”

Lee Joo-eun put on a slightly embarrassed expression at Chae-ok’s tough appearance. However, he soon calmed down and spoke calmly.

“I am not saying to throw away the sajomun. Black Abang is a temporary association to overcome the world’s impasse. It’s not a formal munpa, so it won’t be a big flaw if you rely on your body for a while. Our Heukabang was created to support the Geumcheonhoe. So, if you join the Black Room, you will have a high chance of holding an important position in the Golden Heaven.”

“By the way.”


“Is there any reason for me to go to the Black Room? It would be better to go directly to the Golden Temple.”

“Of course you can. However, getting into the Golden Temple is never easy. The admission process and qualifications are very strict. It would be much easier to get into it after you’ve made your mark in the black room.”

Lee Joo-eun spoke as if she were running away from liquidation.

It seemed like he hadn’t done this once or twice.

Chae Chae-ok looked at Lee Joo-eun with her eyebrows slightly frowned. Despite his strong eyes, Lee Joo-eun did not shrink and was smiling.

Lee Joo-eun believed that Chae-ok Chae would eventually choose Black Abang. This is because many warriors who have passed through this place have chosen Heukabang.

Geumcheonhoe was a collection of equipment under the world.

Until the advent of Eunryeonhoe, Geumcheonhoe was the dream of all equipment. Just by belonging to the Geumcheonhoe, his status rose several times. However, getting into the Geumcheonhoe wasn’t always easy.

They had to meet strict qualifications to apply for membership, but most of them knelt before crossing the threshold.

If you couldn’t join the Geumcheonhoe at once, it was a good way to aim for an opportunity while setting up a ball in the black room.

Lee Joo-eun has so far persuaded numerous players with this logic and has succeeded in recruiting them to Heukabang. Heukabang grew in scale in that way and formed a force that could not be ignored.

Lee Ju-eun held out her hand.

“Take my hand. Then we will help you enter the Golden Thousand Society within a year.”

“joy! If you hold that hand, you will definitely regret it.”

Then another voice interrupted.

It was a middle-aged man in a fancy dress.

He was the owner of a reckless impression like a wild boar.

Lee Joo-eun’s expression slightly distorted at his appearance.

“Oh Cheon-woong?”

“Didn’t we sign an agreement to visit at the same time? You broke your promise and approached me first.”

“haha! Did we have such an agreement?”



Embarrassed, Lee Joo-eun cleared her throat.

Oh Chun-woong looked at Chae-ok.

“I am Oh Cheon-woong of Daewoongbang. I’ll put it simply. Choosing our Daeungbang would be much more helpful. Our Daeungbang is connected to Eunryeonhoe and Zen.”

“ha! Is it Union Reunion this time?”

“Forget all the suggestions from someone like Sagar. Even if you enter the Black Room, it will only be used as a consumable and then thrown away, but you will never enter the Gold Heaven. But our daewoongbang is different. If you make a contribution in the Daewoongbang, I will definitely let you enter the Union Association. I, Oh Cheon-woong, have that level of ability.”

Oh Chun-woong’s words were not very different from Lee Joo-eun’s.

If Lee Joo-eun’s eyes were like snakes, Oh Cheon-woong’s eyes were like wild boars.

He thought that Chao Chao-ok would accept his proposal.


Suddenly, Chae Chae-ok let out a big sigh.

His face was very distorted.

It was on the way to participate in the Gangho Daejeon, risking the fortune of the monk. No matter which side I chose, I really wanted to do my best and make a big contribution. It was because he thought that only that could save the fallen monk.

However, I did not expect to receive such an offer even before arriving at Lake Poyang.

More than anything, what makes him devastated is the greed in the eyes of the two people who made the offer.

It was clear that they made this proposal to satisfy their own desires, not with pure intentions.

Chae Soo-ok did not have much experience in the world, but he was not clumsy enough to fall for such an outrageous proposal.

“Both of you, go back. I have no intention of entering either the Black Room or the Daeung Room.”

“You made a foolish decision. You might as well just accept my offer, right?”

“What a crazy guy. I don’t think your lifeline will be that long, seeing as you’re trying to take the easy way with difficulty.”

As if Lee Joo-eun and Oh Cheon-woong made a promise, they spoke viciously at the same time. But Chae Chae-ok was not shaken.

“No matter what you two say, nothing will change my decision. So please go back. Aren’t other people not eating properly because of you?”

“Don’t do that, think again. The world is not such a nice place.”

“Are you sure you won’t regret that decision? Kang-ho is not merciful enough to accept the brazenness of the powerless.”

Despite Chao Chao-ok’s words, the two showed no signs of backing down.

Their goal was to recruit at least one more talent by any means. He had no intention of giving up until his goal was achieved.


At that moment, Chae Chae-ok hit the table with her fist.

He was angry at the two people who kept ignoring their opinions and only talking about themselves.

“I will tell you for sure. I will never enter either the Black Room or the Daewoong Room. So please step back.”

“That’s right… you’re impatient. The great disciple was unable to understand the current trend, so the Confucian scholars collapsed.”

“That master, that disciple. The front and back are blocked.”

In an instant, the string of rationality in Chae Soo-ok’s head was severed.

He could tolerate insulting himself, but he could never tolerate insulting his master.

“Please apologize.”


“What are you talking about now? A kid.”

The two of them made a puzzled expression.

I’ve dealt with many people so far, but it was the first time that someone like Chae Sang-ok was rude.

“I can endure anything that insults me. But swearing at my master is absolutely unbearable. No matter how much the school of thought has fallen and is no longer what it used to be, that is no reason for you to insult your master. Please apologize.”

“You know that you’re a really great warrior when you ask me if I’m right.”

Lee Joo-eun, who had always been respectful, changed her tone.

He had no intention of apologizing to Chae Chae-ok.

Picking up the words once spoken was not in his choice.

he said to Chae Chae-ok.

“You’re a kid who doesn’t know the world. You better not expect the word apology to come out of my mouth. A young guy who doesn’t have anything special just has high pride for no reason… Kaak! Wow!”

The spittle he spat landed on the table in front of Chae Chae-ok.

In an instant, Chae Chae-ok’s eyes changed.

This is because Lee Ju-eun’s behavior was an act of ignoring not only herself but also her companions.

“Wipe your spittle.”


“Wipe it all with your sleeve, leaving nothing behind.”

“This kid…”

“If you still can’t apologize, you have to forcefully accept it.”

“what? Are you saying you want to deal with me now?”

“Why are you afraid?”

“ha! It’s really ridiculous.”

“Chao Bu-ok of Sajomun asks for instruction from Lee Joo-eun and Daehyeop of Black Abang. Please give a few lessons to the younger students of Malhak.”

Chae Soo-ok politely took possession.

When this happened, it was Lee Joo-eun who was taken aback.

The opponent was formally asking for a dance. As a senior, it was quite cowardly to avoid a junior’s fight.

If he refuses Chae Chae-ok’s request, surely many people will laugh at him. However, it was not easy to accept the non-mu. This is because if you lose, your reputation will be reduced to that extent.

It was when his pupils turned cunningly.

“You’re not thinking of stepping down because you’re afraid of the challenge of a junior in Malhak, right?”

Chae Chae-ok provoked.

Hearing these stories, if he endured, he would give up on himself as a warrior.

“good night! I will accept your challenge.”

In the end, Lee Ju-eun had no choice but to accept the military service.

Chae Chae-ok’s eyes turned to Oh Cheon-woong this time.

“You are next.”


“Didn’t you ignore my master too? So I want to be with you too.”

“Your son is mad at you. do it in moderation It means keeping the line.”

“Are you afraid?”


“Are you afraid of being a kid and avoiding the challenge? Be honest. Then I will withdraw my request for military service.”


Oh Cheon-woong sighed with a puzzled expression. His face was full of annoyance.

“good night! If you come after defeating Lee Joo-eun, I will accept your request.”

“Don’t forget that promise.”

“joy! Don’t you guys run away.”

Oh Cheon-woong snorted and pulled a chair and sat down.

Chae Chae-ok left Cheon-woong Oh behind and faced Lee Joo-eun.

Lee Joo-eun said.

“Come on. Don’t give up the player with the duty of becoming a senior.”

“No regrets.”

“What are your regrets?”

It was the moment Lee Joo-eun snorted.


Chae Chae-ok’s fist stretched out in a straight line with an intense advance.

It was Bung Kwon (崩拳).

It was the simplest herbaceous diet that any uninitiated person would know. However, the power of Bungkwon that Chae Chae-ok unfolded was never simple.



With a frustrated moan, Lee Joo-eun’s body bounced back.

Even though he put both hands together to block Chae Jae-ok’s fist, a strong shock penetrated his entire body.

Both of his forearms were swollen from being hit by Chae Chae-ok’s fist. If the impact had been a little stronger, it would have broken a bone.

“What is it?”

Lee Joo-eun was stunned by the power of Bungkwon, which exceeded expectations.

He hurriedly drew the sword from his waist.

At that moment, the full-fledged offensive of Cheo Jae-ok began.


Fists as strong as rocks continued to rush in.

Lee Joo-eun swung her sword to block Chae-ok’s attack. Even though the sharpened sword and fist clashed, not a single wound came out.



Chae Chae-ok’s leg soared into the air in an unpredictable trajectory and then plunged right into Lee Joo-eun’s head.


Lee Joo-eun hurriedly raised her sword and blocked her head.


At that moment, the heel and the sword collided.

Lee Joo-eun, of course, expected that Chae-ok’s ankle would be severed. However, the reality was different from his expectations.


The sword shattered along with the explosion.

Chae Ok-jak’s legs hit Lee Joo-eun’s collarbone as it was without any time to escape.


With a scream, Lee Joo-eun fell to the floor.

The clavicle of Lee Joo-eun, who had been hit by Chao Chao-ok’s Buwolgak, was finely shattered. He tried to get up while enduring the pain, but it was difficult to even raise his upper body because his arms had no strength.


Oh Cheon-woong jumped up from his seat in surprise.

Although she plays the role of captain in a small well called cold water, Lee Ju-eun was never an easy opponent.

Even Oh Chun-woong had to do everything in his power to deal with him. Chae Sang-ok overpowered such an opponent so easily.

It was a tremendous inaction far beyond his imagination.


It was difficult for him to handle an inaction that was enough to subdue Lee Joo-eun at once. There was no significant difference between him and Lee Joo-eun’s armed forces.

The fact that Lee Joo-eun was subdued at once meant that there was a high probability that he would also be subdued at once.

‘I have to attack him now.’

He grabbed the greatsword hanging from his waist.


Oh Chun-woong attacked Chae-jaeok as it was.

Chae Soo-ok was defenseless as he did not notice Oh Cheon-woong’s ambush.

The greatsword wielded with full force was about to touch Chae Chae-ok’s neck.

“That won’t work.”


At that moment, someone stopped Oh Chun-woong with a fresh voice.

It was Doyeonsan who intervened.

Do Yeon-san’s fist, filled with a powerful match, shattered Oh Chun-woong’s greatsword like glass.


Oh Cheon-woong stumbled at the shock as if he had been beaten with a huge hammer.

Do Yeon-san dug into Oh Cheon-woong’s arms and placed her palms on his chest.


An intense shockwave emanated from Doyeonsan’s palm, shaking Oh Cheonung’s insides.


Oh Cheon-woong knelt down, coughing up blood.

Do Yeon-san looked down at Oh Cheon-woong and said.

“Excellent! Contrary to what it looks like, it’s cowardly. This is why people don’t know just by looking at their appearance.”

“you you?”

Oh Cheon-woong trembled with humiliation.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and attack him…”

He was about to order the waiting men to attack. But all he could see were the men spread out on the floor and an old man sitting on the torso of one of them.

Before Lee Joo-eun and Oh Cheon-woong noticed, the old man who overpowered the subordinates was Salno.

Salno asked with a smile.


For a moment, Oh Cheon-woong closed his eyes tightly.

‘Now, I touched you wrong.’

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