Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 502

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 502

Episode 502

Naengsu was a city naturally formed at the mouth of the Naengsu River.

If you take a boat on the cold water, you will pass through Yueyang and enter Dongting Lake. If you go down the Yangtze River from Dongdong Lake, you can enter Lake Poyang at once.

Because of this, unmanned people who tried to enter Poyang Lake through the cold water gathered. Then, numerous munpa sent officers to the cold water to confirm the identities of the unmanned people who were trying to enter Poyang Lake and try to capture them.

The fight between Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe was not a fight between political parties.

One is clear justice and the other is not clear evil.

Those who participated in the Great War thoroughly weighed how to maximize their profits.

This tendency intensified for unmanned soldiers who achieved decent achievements.

They know instinctively.

It means that this strong battle is the only chance to increase their reputation.

They didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

In the cold water, there were so many people who were aiming for such people.

In particular, such people were gathered at the entrance to the cold water.

They closely watched those entering the cold water in groups of twos and threes.

A suffocating atmosphere was formed at the beginning of the cold water due to the unmanned people who kept each other in check.

It was then.

A group of people appeared with the sound of horses’ hooves.

For a moment, everyone’s attention was focused on them.

A group of horses and carriages came into view.

I saw three people on horseback and two people sitting in the coachman’s seat and on the roof of the carriage.

At first glance, they were not ordinary people.


I could tell just by looking at the momentum of those riding on the horses.

That they are shamanic figures.

If so, it was the target of subsumption.

But I didn’t approach it hastily. First of all, it was first to find out their identities.

In cold water, there were people who specialized in such things.

“Please pause.”

Without anyone directing them, a few unmanned men blocked the newcomers.

“We are the warriors of the Thunderstorm, who have enemies in the cold water.”

“A brain attack?”

Visitors stopped their horses and carriages.

Those who identified themselves as brainless warriors approached them.

“I don’t know if you know, but we manage the cold water. We do not want unknown persons to enter the cold water and cause chaos.”


“If you wish to enter the cold water, please identify yourself. And you have to swear not to cause trouble in order to come in.”

It was a sound almost forced to hear.

The Moorim Bangpa, which is not a government army, blocked the entrance to the city and had no right to inspect.

It was possible because the world was in chaos.

Brain Eungbang asked the questions the monitors wanted and received a substantial sum from them.

It is to make huge profits in ways beyond imagination.

At that moment, the person sitting on the roof of the wagon jumped out.

He introduced himself to the brainless warriors.

“The resuscitation is said to be Bae Soo-ok of Sajomun.”


“Are you referring to Sajomun in the Samgang area?”

Chae Chae-ok smiled broadly at the whispers of the brainless warriors.

“You know, too.”

“Did you say it was a sajomunchae sohyeop?”

“you’re right. It is debt prison.”

“I think I’ve heard of it.”

Fortunately, Noe Eung-bang was somewhat aware of Sajomun. Thanks to that, Chae Soo-ok did not have to explain every phrase.

“How is the consul?”

“I have a lot of time lying down due to severe internal injuries.”


“May I go in now?”

“Who are you with?”

“My… companions.”

“If so, are you from Sajomun?”

The answer came from Salno’s mouth.

“We are from Samcheongbang. I met Chae So-hyeop on the way and came with her.”


The eyes of the brainless warriors shone.

Samcheongbang was a breakwater located not far from here. There was no communication with the brain, but I knew roughly the internal circumstances.

Their eyes turned to the moon. Then, Pyowol took a hug and greeted him.

“This is the true name of Samcheongbang.”

“ah! I think you gave Jin a firefighter.”


The Brain Eungbang soldiers took a closer look at Pyowol’s face. But I couldn’t figure out his real identity just by looking at his appearance.

If I hadn’t known anything about Samcheongbang, I would have had strong doubts. However, I knew about Samcheongbang, albeit clumsily, so I didn’t doubt it.

At that time, Chae Chae-ok asked the soldiers of the Noeungbang.

“Then why are you asking in such detail? Any problem?”

“That is not true.”

The brain-eating warriors were a little confused.

It was because I couldn’t say that I was doing this after receiving gold from both the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe.

Moreover, if he was a great disciple of Sajomun, he would have possessed formidable martial arts. I heard that the reason Sajomun endures at least is because of his great disciple Chae Chae-ok.

I didn’t know which of the Geumcheonhoe, Eunryeonhoe, or other munpa, but there was no need to touch the planting more than this.

Just by finding out his identity, Noe Eung Bang had done his job.

Instead of questioning further, the brainless warrior looked closely at the men on the horse.

One was an old man with dark spots on his face, and the other was a normal-looking man. And even a boy who looks younger than him.

No one seemed particularly noteworthy.

Brain Eungbang Muin said.

“Excuse me. I want you to come in.”

“thank you.”

Chae Sang-ok gave him a hug and signaled to the people waiting in the back.

“Didn’t you say Sajomun’s Chae Soo-ok?”

“I know that martial arts are quite useful. If you can recruit them, it will definitely be of great help.”

“We recruit from our side.”

“What is the true name of Samcheongbang?”

“The military veterans are mediocre and not worth recruiting.”

“It’s as normal as it looks.”


The watchers whispered among themselves.

They did not hastily approach Chae Soo-ok.

Some showed a great reluctance to those who approached recklessly. In that case, it would have the opposite effect, so we had to be careful in approaching it. So today, I decided to find out which inn the group was staying at, and make a plan to approach them.


Upon entering the cold water, Chae Soo-ok let out a sigh of relief for a moment.

He looked at Salno and took a fist.

“Thank you for driving me this far. As a reward, can I replace the cold water with a safe return?”

“Hehe! Did you know?”

“I barely noticed.”

“You are more attentive than you look.”

At Chae Chae-ok’s words, Salno burst into laughter.

He didn’t know that Chae Chae-ok would notice his true intentions.

On the outside, it looked foolish like a bear, but in reality it was a fox with ghostly eyes.

‘This is why the world is interesting. I’ll make it so you can’t be vigilant for a second.’

Even someone who looks clumsy like Chae Chae-ok has eyes like a ghost, so even if she acts a little clumsy, her true identity will be revealed.

Salno asked.

“Have you decided on a place to sleep?”

“I am trying to find a suitable inn to stay.”

“If you don’t have a place to go, come with us. This is also a fate, so can’t we share a drink?”

“Is that okay?”

“Hehe! Of course not.”

“Then I will take care of you.”

Chae Soo-ok scratched her head and answered.

I didn’t have the confidence to get to Poyang Lake safely after parting with Salno’s party. If Gilchiin himself went alone, he did not know how many more days he would wander.

At least until he entered Poyang Lake, his heart was to want to be together.

Salno seemed to like Chae Soo-ok very much.

Chae Chae-ok was different from all the people Salno knew.

Most of the people Salno knows and is friendly with belong to the Salmun.

Those who put their bodies in the salmun couldn’t be bright.

They were dark in nature to live parasitically in the dark part of the world. No matter how bright a person may be, the moment he immerses himself in life, he has no choice but to take a sudden plunge.

Living with such people, I am naturally drawn to someone with a bright energy like Chae Sang-ok.

“There you guys. Come in this way.”

“This Hyang-wol will take good care of you. Come into our room.”

“Ho Ho!”

The streets were filled with the laughter of prostitutes.

The men came into the cold water with Woongji in their arms, and the gisaengs settled here after targeting the pockets of such men.

They seduced men on the road with their smiles.

The men who succumbed to temptation bravely crossed the threshold of the gibang, and those who resisted the temptation drank at a nearby inn.

It was late in the evening, but the streets were full of warm energy.

Pyo-wol and his party made their way to the inn through the hot night air.

The cold water inn was almost full.

At the untimely boom, the owners of the inn were screaming for joy. They rented rooms to their guests at a premium.

Because of that, those who entered the cold water late had to stomp their feet because there was no room. But that didn’t happen to Pyowol’s group.

“You can go in here.”

Salno laughed and pointed at the annex.

It was an annex attached to the inn.

Salno found a private room that could not be obtained no matter how much money he paid. No one knew what method he used to get the outbuilding.

“How did you get the outbuilding?”


Do Yeon-san couldn’t stand her curiosity and asked, but instead of answering, she just laughed.

Anyway, thanks to Salno, I got a comfortable bed, so no one complained.

They simply unpacked their luggage in the annex building and went out to the restaurant on the first floor of the building to have a meal.

The first floor was crowded with people.

The dining room was so full that you could hardly see an empty table.

Pyowol and the others barely grabbed an empty table and sat down.

Salno said to Chae Soo-ok, who was standing in an awkward position.

“You may sit down too.”

“Can I join?”

“Are you going to come with me and come now?”

“That’s when…”

“Stop talking and sit down. But if I came with you, would you treat me kindly? Have a nice meal.”

“thank you.”

Chae Soo-ok sat down cautiously.

His gaze was fixed on Pyowol who was sitting in the middle.

Pyowol was still in the state of opening a reverse goal ball.

The only thing Chao Chao-ok could see was Pyo-wol’s ordinary face. It was the kind of face you probably wouldn’t even look at if you bumped into it on the road. Even now, he couldn’t notice the extraordinaryness of the moon at all. Even so, the reason he couldn’t take his eyes off it was because of the reaction of Salno and the people around him.

Everything was happening under the permission of Pyowol. The process of grabbing a guest cup and the movement of the party were also done after seeking Pyowol’s consent. It meant that Pyowol was the center of the party.

‘Because who the hell is that man…’

Even if he didn’t know anyone else, he knew for sure that Salno was not an ordinary person.

The airflow and atmosphere that flowed throughout.

None of them were unusual.

At least among the people Chao Soo-ok knew, there was no one who had such an atmosphere. So Chae Soo-ok was convinced that Salno was not an ordinary person. However, even Salno was consistent with a very cautious attitude towards Pyowol.

Even a person without notice can see that Pyowol is treated as a superior. So I became more curious about the identity of Pyowol.

‘Samcheongbang’s Jin So-myeong…’

Pyo-wol was savoring the hot tea little by little, whether or not he knew his hot gaze.


That was the moment Chae Ok-ok tried to talk to Pyo-wol.

“Chae Xiaohyup!”

Suddenly, someone called Chae Chae-ok.

Chae Chae-ok looked at the owner of the voice with a puzzled expression.

He was a man in his late thirties with a goatee-like beard.

Chae Chae-ok looked at the mature man with a puzzled expression.

“I… you mean?”

“That’s right. Chae Sohyeop!”

“Who are you?”

“ah! You didn’t introduce me. My name is Lee Joo-eun of Black Abang.”

“Why is this Daehyeop of the black afang looking for me?”

“Actually, we want to recruit Chae So-hyeop to our Heukabang.”


Chae Chae-ok made an absurd expression.

Lee Joo-eun lowered her voice with a coy expression to Chae-ok.

“We, Black Abang, have a close relationship with Geumcheonhoe. When you enter our black room, it is no different from entering the Geumcheonhoe. How about coming into our black room?”

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