Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 501

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 501

Episode 501

Chae Soo-ok was a young soldier in his early twenties.

His monk was a school called Sajomun.

Chae Sang-ok was the chief disciple of a very small clan with only 30 disciples.

Originally, Sajomun was not that small.

Sajomun was a middle-ranking literary faction that was well known in the area. However, he clashed with other factions over the hegemony of the area and was defeated.

The words of the defeated Munpa were obvious.

Numerous disciples left and the master became a disabled man. Sajomun only had twenty disciples left.

The remaining disciples were only left because they had nowhere to go, not because of their loyalty to Sajomun.

Although he was defeated in the battle and his power shrank, there were still quite a lot of wealth left in Sajomun. Taking care of the remaining disciples was not a problem.

The real problem is that the future is invisible.

He might be able to survive for some time with the remaining wealth, but the sajomun as a martial artist was no different from the end.

Chae Sang-ok was well aware of how miserable the words of the forces whose life as an unliterate had ended were.

Just as if you put a frog in a pot of cold water and gradually increase the temperature, it will stop breathing without knowing that it will die.

So he kicked out the sajomun and came out.

Chae Chae-ok was proud that he was a true military man.

The place where he would die was that rough battlefield, not the Sajo Gate that was all crumbling.

The master and the priests tried to dissuade him, but he didn’t even pretend to listen.

“I will use my fame to revive Sajomun.”

I shouted so loudly and went to the long sword.

His destination was Lake Poyang, where the Great War was taking place.

Lake Poyang, where the Great War broke out, has now become a battlefield.

The munpa supporting Geumcheonhoe and the munpa supporting Eunryeonhoe were fighting fiercely across Lake Poyang.

Poyang Lake was a place where countless people died every day.

There were numerous casualties, but on the contrary, heroes appeared.

It was not uncommon for a soldier whose name was unknown until yesterday to kill a master at his peak and gain a fiery reputation.

As such, the war produced heroes one after another, and their fame spread across the river like wildfire.

Kang-ho was enthusiastic about the newly emerged heroes. and said A new era is opening.

Chae Chae-ok also wanted to become a hero of the new era. So I wanted to revive the fallen Sajomun. In order to do that, I had to blow up my reputation first.


However, the journey to Poyang Lake was not easy.

He had been walking on Guandu for several days already.

A thick dust piled up on Chae Chae-ok’s head and shoulders, as if to tell of the hardships he had gone through.

Chae Chae-ok was a terrible gilchi.

He was able to find a way that others could easily find after wandering around several times.

Because of that, his journey was getting longer and longer.

At this rate, I felt like I was about to collapse from exhaustion before I even reached Lake Poyang.

“It can’t go on like this!”

Chae Chae-ok gritted it.

A sense of danger overtook him.

Then came the sound of horses hooves from behind.

Someone is approaching on horseback.

Chae Chae-ok looked back and saw a group of people riding horses.

Three men were riding horses, and behind them was a rather large carriage.

Momentarily, a strong desire to ride in the carriage rose in Chae Chae-ok’s heart.

He blocked the middle of the coffin without looking back and waved his hands.

“Wait a minute.”

Then the train of horses and carriages slowly stopped in front of him.

One of those on horseback came up to him.

He was an old man with dark spots all over his face.

“What is it?”

“The cow’s life is a soldier called Bae Soo-ok of Sajomun.”


“If you’re not rude, can you take a ride in the carriage?”


“Ah, that’s why I couldn’t find the way, and I’ve been wandering around here for two days.”

“like! is it?”

“yes! So, if you drive me to the next city, I will never forget this grace.”

“The story is perfect. I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry about? I was born that way.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Tears welled up in Chae Chae-ok’s eyes.

It’s because I met someone who understood me for the first time.

Seeing the old man smile, Chae Chae-ok had hope. He thought that the old man would understand his situation and give him a ride in the carriage.

“Then are you giving me a ride?”

“huh? why?”

“That’s why you understand my situation…”

“Understanding your situation and fulfilling your request are two different things.”


Chae Soo-ok’s shoulders drooped.

The old man chuckled as if it was funny.

“But you can ask my master. don’t expect Our master hates trouble very much.”

“Thank you for your words.”

Chae Chae-ok looked at the old man with thrilled eyes.


At that moment, the boy behind the old man burst into laughter.

Chae Chae-ok’s expression was quite funny.

Normally, if someone burst into laughter like this, he would have been in a fit of humiliation, but Chae Chae-ok couldn’t even think of such a thing. because he was so tired.

The old man moved his horse to the man next to the boy.

Even though it was a fairly hot day, he was wearing a hat on his windbreaker.

The old man whispered to him in a low voice.


Chae Chae-ok looked at the man with earnest desire.

I couldn’t tell his true identity because he was wearing his hat so deeply, but I hoped he would be a good person. So, I wanted you to put yourself in the carriage.

I could see the man nodding his head, as if his earnest desire had worked. And the old man spoke for him.

“Fortunately, my master allowed it. But you can’t ride in the wagon, so ride on the roof. Are you okay?”

“thank you. thank you.”

Chae Soo-ok bowed his head and thanked him.


“yes! Then I’ll take care of you.”

Chae Chae-ok walked past the old man and the man and approached the carriage.

In the driver’s seat was a boy who looked a little younger than he.

“Welcome bro!”

“uh? uh!”

“Hurry up and get on the roof.”


“But you can’t talk. The people inside don’t like noisy things.”


Chae Chae-ok answered in a crawling voice.

It was because he felt an unknown sense of intimidation from the boy who called him older brother. Still, I was grateful that he called me hyung, whom I had never seen before.

It was only then that he realized that he did not know anything about them.

In their haste, they rode the wagon without even recognizing their identity or destination.

‘Wait, didn’t I make a hasty decision?’

If the party he joined was the Apostle Breakthrough, his life could be in danger.


He swallowed dry saliva and looked closely at the group. However, it was impossible to find out their identity just by looking at their appearance.

It was then.

The boy in the driver’s seat smiled and said as if he had read his mind.

“There is nothing to be so nervous about. We are not bad people.”


“My name is Doyeonsan. I’ll be with you until we reach the next city, so feel free to call me by name.”

“Doyeonsan? My name is Cheo Chao-ok.”

“I just heard. You’re from Sajomun, right?”


“Be friendly while we go together.”

“Oh thank you.”

Chae Chae-ok was very grateful to Do Yeon-san for treating her so kindly.

It felt like the vigilance I had a moment ago melted away.

‘He’s a naive older brother.’

Do Yeon-san glanced at Chae-ok’s face and smiled.

If I knew who was riding in the carriage, I wouldn’t have climbed onto the roof without hesitation.

Inside, silver yo and Hong Ye-seol were burning.

Eun-yo, who has trouble with her eyesight, preferred to ride the carriage driven by Do Yeon-san rather than drive the horse herself.

Hong Ye-seol also chose to rest comfortably in a comfortable carriage rather than riding a hard horse.

At first, the two of them were face-to-face, but after riding the carriage together for a few days, they were now quite close.

The two women put their heads together and discussed their future steps.

As I listened, little by little, their voices leaked out through the window. Do Yeon-san was happy listening to Eun-yo’s voice among them.

Of course, the three people riding horses in front were Pyo-wol and Nam Shin-woo, Salno.

For some reason, Salno offered himself as Pyowol’s servant.

At first, he said it as a joke, but now it seems to have become a habit at all, so it was quite natural.

Pyowol looked at Salno and opened his mouth.

“Are you trying to use the author?”

“He is just the right person to distract attention.”

“It looks like you know the Sajomun school.”

“yes! This is where Munju’s overeagerness led to the disaster. He was not aware of his true ability and recklessly went to war with other munpa. You are paying the price now. Most of the disciples left and only a few remained. Right now, thanks to the wealth we have, we are barely holding on, but when we use up even that, it will completely collapse.”


“Anyone who has informational power will know all of this information. In their eyes, it would not be strange at all for Cha Jae-ok to enter Lake Poyang.”

“So let’s disguise ourselves as his companions?”

“A man who wants to become a hero in order to save the fallen munpa. and the people who were in harmony with him. This should get you past the surveillance net without much suspicion.”

“It’s meticulous.”

“thank you. Hehe!”

Salno smiled broadly.

He accepted Pyowol’s praise with sincere delight.

Salno said as he drove.

“If you go a little further, you will arrive at the mouth of the Cold Water River. If you take a boat on the Naengshui River, you can easily get to Poyang Lake via Dongdong Lake. But…”


“As it is easy to access Lake Poyang, numerous sects send their servants to watch over it. If you do anything suspicious, they will catch you.”

Of course, if you move Baek Guryun, you can perfectly manipulate Pyowol’s information and avoid their surveillance network. But it was a very cumbersome task.

“You could call it reciprocity, for example. The author can easily reach his destination and we can easily fool their eyes.”

“That alone is not enough.”



In an instant, the sound of bones flowed from Pyowol’s face.

It is to change the face by spreading the reverse bone ball.

The overall shape of the face changed as the bones were moved minutely and the position of the muscles slightly changed.

After a while, the moment Pyowol took off his hat, Salno had to doubt his own eyes. Because the face of a completely different person appeared.

Originally, Pyowol’s face was magical. Beyond being simply beautiful, there was a magical power that captivated people. So everyone could recognize him at first sight the moment they saw him.

Even though he learned the reverse goal ball, Pyo-wol acted in his true form.

Because of that, only a few people knew that Pyowol had learned Yeokgolgong. Other people did not know that Pyowol could change its face at will.

No one was able to recognize Pyowol’s true identity by looking at Pyowol’s face. Because it was so natural.

Pyowol’s reverse goal was so great that even Salno would not have believed it if he hadn’t seen it in person.

“At this point, they won’t suspect it.”

“It certainly seems so. You may not like it, but this side looks much better.”

Pyowol’s new face was very ordinary.

It was the kind of face you would see anywhere on the street.

It was impossible to find out his identity just by looking at his appearance.

Even Salno would never have believed it if he hadn’t seen Pyowol perform a reverse goal.

Salno said.

“From now on, Pyo Daehyeop’s status is Confucius Jin Somyeong of Samcheongbang.”

“Jin’s name?”

“I lost my life two months ago in a remote area, but no one knows about it yet. Because of his closed personality, there was little external exchange even when he was alive. Even if Pyo Dae-hyeop steals his identity, no one will know.”

“Good! Did you kill him in Baekguiren?”


Instead of answering, Salno gave a meaningful smile.

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