Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 500

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 500

Episode 500

Hong Ye-seol and Salno stood shoulder to shoulder on the roof of the ruins.

The wind blew and tossed both of their hair.

Hong Ye-seol ran his long, white fingers through his hair.

Salno silently looked at Hong Ye-seol’s profile.

The silence between the two continued for a while.

It was Salno who broke the silence.

“What are you going to do?”


“I will follow whatever decision you make.”

“Can I?”

“What else can’t be done?”

Hong Ye-seol frowned at Salno’s answer.

If Salno had moved the Black Slaughter Corps when fighting the Baekgwiryunju, she would have already died. However, he prevented the assassins from intervening in the fight between Baek Gwi-ryun-ju and Hong Ye-seol, and thanks to that, Hong Ye-seol was able to kill Baek Gwi-ryun-ju without anyone interfering.

Despite helping Hong Ye-seol, Salno did not want anything in return.

“Why did you help me? You could have taken the side of the former master.”

“Because he is an assassin.”


“Some people look down on me as an assassin, but I am proud of myself. In fact, our job is also a job that cannot last long if there is nothing to rely on.”

“You mean the alternative was pride?”

“That’s right. Even though it’s a job that people look down on, I still commit murder with my will. This was my pride. At least, I was free to decide what kind of quest I would do. However, the situation changed when the former owner Ryeon signed a contract with Guryongsalmak. I also had to commit unwanted killings. It wasn’t just me. All the Assassins of Baek Guryun were compelled to do so implicitly.”

Of course, there were those who rather liked Ryeonju’s decision. Most of them were young assassins who wanted to blow their reputation in the river. However, assassins like Salno, who were old and were about to retire, were not happy with Ryeonju’s decision.

They hoped that Ryeonju would continue the basic tone of Baekgwiryeon that had been maintained so far. However, he couldn’t stop Lianju’s arbitrariness.

The assassination of Chilhyeonseosaeng was also the discretion of Yeonju. Knowing what kind of chaos would come to Gangho if he killed Chilhyeonseosaeng, Salno objected to being commissioned. But Yeon-ju didn’t care and pushed on.

In the end, the death of Chilhyeon Seosaeng earned Kang-ho’s anger, which sparked the World War.

No matter how much life is lived by the death of others, it was not nice to see the world fall into chaos and so many people die because of them.

That was one of the reasons Salno took the side of Hong Ye-seol.

Salno laughed bitterly.

“Of course I know it is sophistry. What kind of pride would a mere assassin talk about, but that’s how I feel.”


“It seems that Ryunju-nim’s heart is also set?”

“Does it look like that?”

“Aren’t you trying to be with the Shinigami?”

“Doesn’t it suit you?”

“It suits you well.”

“I knew it.”

Hong Ye-seol smiled.

Until now, I had bumped into and fought with Pyowol countless times. They made love casually and then stabbed each other in the back. After fighting and bumping into each other for so many years, I came to know.

“I need him.”

“In what way?”

“For survival.”

“survival? Aren’t you still alive?”

“Just because you’re breathing doesn’t mean you’re alive. How can we see living according to the will of others? If we leave it like this, there will be people who will continue to use us.”

“Like Guryongsalmak?”

“that’s right. Eunryeonhoe, Geumcheonhoe, Cheonmujang, Gwangmumun, and any other sect with ambition will try to use us. We are really useful tools.”


At Hong Ye-seol’s words, Salno let out a quiet voice.

Because her words got right to the point.

Salno asked.

“Do you think you won’t be taken advantage of by following him?”


Suddenly, Hong Ye-seol smiled mischievously.

Salno wondered if he had said something wrong.

Hong Ye-seol flicked his index finger and said.

“We’re not following him, we’re using him.”

“Use? we?”

“that’s right. It is to set up the death god as a shield. There is no better shield than that in the current strong game.”

“That makes sense.”

Salno shook his head.

No matter what anyone said, Pyowol was the highest peak of an assassin.

In addition, he was the best martial artist recognized in Gangho.

An assassin and an unmanned person. And he was recognized by both sides.

In Gangho, Pyowol was the only one like that.

If the pyowol can be set up as a shield, no munpa will dare to attempt to wield the baekgwiryun.

Hong Ye-seol smiled, showing his white teeth.

“Ho Ho! That’s a good idea.”

“yes! That’s definitely a good idea. Just…”


“You can’t be honest.”

Hong Ye-seol’s face distorted at Salno’s sudden words.

“What? What’s not being honest?”

“Hehe! Do you know?”

“joy! I have no idea what Salno is talking about.”

Hong Ye-seol snorted. However, she turned her head away from Salno’s persistent gaze.


Pyowol came out and declared.

“We are going to Lake Poyang.”



Eunyo and Doyeonsan looked at Pyowol in surprise.

I thought it might be so, but hearing it directly through Pyowol’s mouth was quite a shock.

This is because Pyowol’s words meant that he would intervene in the current great war.

Pyowol pondered all night.

He had neither the desire to rise in the world nor the ambition to become the first person in the world.

All he wanted was to live comfortably in the city of Sichuan. However, circumstances did not allow him to live comfortably.

Guryongsalmak, which was controlled by Soyeowol, was still hostile to him, and many people were threatening him.

The best way to escape a threat is to become something they cannot dare to step into. But being alone has its limits.

Until now, Pyowol had been alone without anyone’s help, but now he had to build a stronghold to protect himself.

Pyowol declared.

“I will put all the gates of life in the world under my feet.”


Everyone was speechless at his mad declaration.

If others had said this, they would have immediately laughed at it, but it came more realistic because the person in question was Pyowol.

Up until now, none of Pyowol’s words had not been fulfilled.

He made sure what he said came true. That is why the declaration now does not feel empty or false.

Then Hong Ye-seol smiled and stood beside Pyo-wol.

“I was waiting for that. Our Baek Guryun will be with you.”

“If you’re going to get out of the way, you’d better not start at all.”


“Because I won’t allow it.”


A look of bewilderment appeared on Hong Ye-seol’s face.

It’s because I didn’t expect Pyowol to say this.

Then Salno came out and bowed her head.

“That will never happen.”

“It’s not about you.”

“My thoughts are the Lord’s will. Your will will never change.”

Salno’s voice was calm. And he was very polite.

Salno respected the man in front of him.

The age difference didn’t matter.

Looking at the path Pyo-wol had walked, I couldn’t help but respect him as a fellow assassin.

“Can you take responsibility for that?”

“It’s shameful, but I’ll risk my life.”

“Trust me.”

“thank you. I will never disappoint you.”

Salno answered with a fist.

Pyo-wol looked at Hong Ye-seol. Then Hong Ye-seol shrugged.

“I will not change my will and kill Salno. He is also very important to me.”

“thank you. Lord Lian!”

Salno thanked Hong Ye-seol.

Hong Ye-seol wrinkled his nose in embarrassment.

Doyeonsan muttered.

“In order for this many people to move, we must first find horses.”

Taking a boat was the best. However, there was no boat that went directly from Giyang to Lake Poyang, and there was a high probability of being noticed by people using the waterway. It was much better to move around on horseback.

Eunyo said.

“I will get the horse.”

“Do you have a look?”

“There was a horse market that traded with Shinwoljang. If you use it, you will be able to get it easily.”

Huge powers such as the New Moon Chapter periodically purchase horses.

Because of that, a large market was formed around the giant power.

Since the new moon market disappeared overnight, the horse market must have been in great confusion. I was looking for a lot of horses to sell at Shinwoljang, but suddenly there were no places to sell them. So the price of horses was also very low.

As soon as the horse came out, Eun-yo took Nam Shin-woo and went to buy a horse.

Do Yeon-san also headed to the market to buy necessary items.

Salno gave a slightly admiring look at their unstoppable appearance.

‘Everybody definitely knows what to do.’

It wasn’t even that Pyowol ordered anything, but each of them did what they thought was necessary. Being so active has never been easier.

Nevertheless, the fact that they were doing things on their own was proof that the three of them were working hard to help Pyowol in any way possible.

Pyo-wol said to Hong Ye-seol.

“I have something for you to do.”


“Find as many materials as possible for the investigation.”

“all right.”

Hong Ye-seol answered right away.

Her face was flushed red.

It was because seeing Pyo-wol give orders without hesitation, he strangely felt better.

Pyowol asked Salno.

“Do you know of any good studios around here?”

“If it’s a workshop, is it because of the weapons?”

“that’s right!”

Pyowol nodded.

It was Pyowol who had reached the point where he no longer needed any equipment.

The suhonsa alone could have killed quite a few masters without making a sound. A slightly stronger enemy could use the Sasa River.

If there were only a few enemies, that was enough, and there were more. However, he did not know how many enemies he would face in the future.

The more prepared, the better.


Salno snapped his fingers. Then, a Black Slayer assassin appeared over the fence.

Salno told him.

“Bring the weapon box.”


The assassin disappeared with the answer. However, he soon reappeared with a large box on his shoulder.

An assassin placed a box the size of a coffin in front of Salno.

said Salno, opening the lid of the box.

“These are the weapons we carry for supply. It will probably be of better quality than the ones made in quite a few workshops.”

The box was full of weapons used by assassins.

All of them were made by craftsmen belonging to Baek Guiryeon and boasted the best quality and performance.

Pyowol carefully inspected the weapon in the box.

A dagger as long as a child’s forearm.

A deformed scythe with chains.

A small ax that can be thrown.

A feather needle as thin as a cow’s hair.

Its variety was also diverse.

Literally every weapon an assassin could use was contained in the box.

Pyowol took out each weapon and inspected it.


“You are free to choose.”

Salno bowed his head even deeper.

After examining the weapons for a long time, Pyowol found a bundle of daggers.

They were daggers smaller than the palm of a child.

Pyowol recalled the ghost rain he had used before.

It was inferior to the ghost daggers made by Dang Sochu, but instead was much smaller and lighter. There were over twenty such daggers in all.

Salno asked cautiously.

“Do you like it?”


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