Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 50

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 50

Light Novel: Volume 2 Episode 25

Manhwa: Chapter

Pyo-wol really liked the phantom dagger.

It was nice to have the weapon completely hidden inside his belt. Furthermore from the beginning it seemed like that the phantom dagger fits well around his hand.

A small phantom dagger was spinning on the palm of Pyo-wol. Just by moving the muscles in the palm of his hand he can control the phantom dagger at will.

One of the most important things to the assassin was the sensation of his bare hands.

Pyo-wol’s hand sense was very delicate. So he was able to freely use any of his muscles as long as he set his mind on it.

As time passed he became more proficient in using the throwing knife and by the time the sun went down the weapon could twirl freely on Pyo-wol’s hand like a living creature.

As he spent time playing with the throwing knife like a toy Pyo-wol suddenly thought of how to connect it with his Soul-Reaping Thread.

If it can be used by connecting the Soul-Reaping Thread at the end of the knife its use will be endless.

‘Is it possible?’

The biggest advantage of Pyo-wol is that he has no hesitation. If there is something that comes to mind he could execute it immediately to satisfy his curiosity.

For him there were no side effects or backlash from experiencing failure.

If he fails he can try again and he can endure the side effects.

Pyo-wol has lived like that until now so he took on another challenge again.

His disposition did not change just because he went out.

Pyo-wol operated the Soul-Reaping Thread.

An invisible thread of qi came out at the tip of his index finger. Pyo-wol moved the Soul-Reaping Thread to grab the ring of the phantom dagger.

At first it seemed that the Soul-Reaping Thread could carry the weight of the phantom dagger. However as soon as he moved it a little the Soul-Reaping Thread could not bear the weight of the phantom dagger and broke off.

For a moment Pyo-wol felt his inner qi flowing backwards. A recoil occurred when tthe Soul-Reaping Thread was cut off.

Pyo-wol once again controls his inner qi and tries to attach the Soul-Reaping Thread to the phantom dagger.

The phantom dagger hanging from the Soul-Reaping Thread swayed precariously.

The moment Pyo-wol moved his fingers the Soul-Reaping Thread ceased again. With that reaction Pyo-wol’s complexion turned pure white.

If it were an ordinary person they would have given up at this point. This was because if their internal qi experiences a repulsion they may get caught in a painful backlash.

However Pyo-wol’s body was different from that of ordinary warriors.

His blood veins were as flexible and tough as snakes and they stood firm against any shock. Even if he felt the pain he can endure the runaway of the inner qi to some extent.

Pyo-wol also knew that fact so he was able to take on the challenge despite the continued failures.

While walking on the road Pyo-wol did not stop practicing.

At first it was difficult to maintain a single angle. However as the number of his trials increased the length of time Pyo-wol maintained the connection with the phantom dagger increased.

The phantom dagger connected to the Soul-Reaping Thread moved back and forth like a pendulum hung on a string.

It’s still dangerous but the Soul-Reaping Thread could now bear the weight of the phantom dagger.

It was then that Pyo-wol collected the Soul-Reaping Thread and phantom dagger.

There was a hint of fatigue on his face but a satisfied smile appeared on his lips.

Now that he has learned to some extent how to deal with the phantom dagger through practice all that remains is to get used to it through constant training.

It is daunting to deal with just one ghost at the moment but later when his realm deepens he will be able to handle all ten ghost knives with his ten fingers.

Pyo-wol suddenly raised his head and looked around.

A large city could be seen in the distance.

He came here while training using the phantom dagger and he was getting closer to Chengdu.

Chengdu was incomparable to any other city Pyo-wol had ever seen. It was enough for him to be overwhelmed by its size just by looking at it.

Pyo-wol paused for a moment and looked at Chengdu.

Numerous thoughts ran through his mind. However Pyo-wol shook his head and threw away all useless thoughts.

From now on every moment matters.

A single negligence could cost his life so Pyo-wol once again strengthened his resolve.

After calming down to a certain extent Pyo-wol moved towards Chengdu. Chengdu was bigger and more splendid than it looked from the outside.

The road was wide enough to allow several large carriages to pass at the same time and the huge pavilions continued endlessly. People of all kinds were filling the streets and they were overflowing with vitality.

However there was a sense of tension in the faces of the people passing by on the street. There were a few warriors in possession of weapons.

The confrontation between the Qingcheng sect and Emei sect is also affecting Chengdu.

Pyo-wol set out to find a guest house.

As it is the largest city in Sichuan Province there were many large guest houses in Chengdu. Among them Pyo-wol entered the guest house which is a place that was visited by many people.


As soon as he entered the guest house the people’s attention was focused on him at once.

It was because Pyo-wol’s appearance stood out.

Pyo-wol didn’t blush and simply found an empty seat. He already experienced receiving those kinds of looks and reactions countless times on the way to this place.

As he sat down a warm-looking middle-aged woman approached with a tray.

“Ho-Hong! Welcome guest!”

She was the hostess of the guest house.

Usually it was usually a waiter or servant who greeted the guests. However due to Pyo-wol’s outstanding appearance the hostess ran over and beat the servant to it.

‘Oh my gosh! How can a man be so handsome! I’ve been running this guest house for twenty years but this is the first time I’ve seen such a handsome man.’

The hostess looked at Pyo-wol with a look as if possessed.

“Ho Hong! Are you just going to eat?”

“I’m going to stay for a few days. Is there any room?”

“Of course. We have a very spacious and clean room. The other guests need five coins but you only pay three coins. Ho-Hong!”

A blush appeared on the hostess’s face. If it was a handsome man like this it wouldn’t matter if she didn’t get the extra two coins.

“Then I’m going to eat and stay.”

“You thought well. No matter where you go in Chengdu there is no place that is cleaner and has better food than ours.”

“Okay I hope you can give me some tasty food.”

“Aiku! Look at my spirit. What kind of joke is this for a customer who has come a long way. If you wait a little bit I’ll bring you some food. Ho-hong!”

The hostess went back to the kitchen shaking her buttocks.

The guests who saw the scene spoke

“Huh! I’ve been coming here for a long time but it’s the first time I’ve seen the hostess have such a bright expression on her face.”

“He’s so handsome so damn good-looking. Even if I’m a girl I think I’ll untie my skirt.”

“If I could live just one day with a face like that I would have no wish.”

Pyo-wol listened to them with one ear and let it out through the other. It was because he got used to it many times while coming here. Pyo-wol looked out the window with an indifferent expression.

Red lanterns were lit up one by one on the street as the sun went down. The street dyed with fire was colorful and beautiful.

At that time the voice of the hostess of the guesthouse broke Pyo-wol’s thoughts.

“Ho-Hong! I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long. I’ve mastered cooking but now the food has arrived. Enjoy your meal and if you need anything please call me anytime.”

The hostess put down the food and smiled at Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol nodded his head without saying a word. As if regretful the hostess looked at Pyo-wol’s face once more and returned to her original position.

Then Pyo-wol picked up his chopsticks and tasted the food little by little.

The stir-fried pork rice and a few side dishes were all it took but they were all delicious because of their good cooking skills.

In fact for Pyo-wol everything he ate outside was delicious. No matter what kind of food he ate it was bound to taste better than moss or snakes.

Pyo-wol chewed the food tightly. Not even a single side dish was lightly chewed.

That was then.

“It’s Seonha.”

“Clear Sky House’s1 Go Seong-ak is also with her.”

“Then is today the day of the Blue Moon meeting?2“

The voices of people shouting came from outside.

The murmur grew louder and louder eventually leading to a guest house where Pyo-wol ate.

When Pyo-wol raised his head with a slight frown on his forehead three men were entering the guest house in the form of escorting one woman.

All the men were young.

They all looked different but it was clear that they all had a good body and had a strong physique.

Their eyes were all on the woman walking in the middle.

The woman was like a gorgeous rose.

She wore a beautiful dress made of heavenly silk with colorful ornaments on her neatly curled up hair. But what stood out most was her snow-white skin and beautiful features.

The woman resembled a red rose.

The people in the guest house lost their minds and looked at the woman.

“Seonha can obviously be said to have the most beautiful appearance comparable to that of the Yong Seol-ran from the main mountain of the Emei sect.”

“I’m guessing that’s why the Young Master of Clear Sky House lost his mind and followed her.”

Seonha lowered her eyes slightly and moved forward. Because of this an unusually white neck was exposed above the collar. It was so alluring that people couldn’t take their eyes off it.

After entering the guest house all she did was just walk gently. However with that simple act she completely took control of the atmosphere in the guest house.

Seonha lifted her head slightly and looked around the inside of the house.

A soft smile appeared on her lips confirming that everyone’s attention was focused on her.

She had to get everyone’s attention like this before her job was released. She hasn’t seen anyone other than herself getting attention.

Go Seong-ak and the other two people in Clear Sky House who came with her were also mentioned as nae-ro in Chengdu. They always followed and courted her.

Although Seonha did not directly set up the group her followers naturally gathered and formed a group called Blue Moon.

Today was the meeting day of the Blue Moon. For the meeting the Blue Moon borrowed the entire floor of the guest house.

It cost a lot of money to rent the whole floor as it is a very well-run business but it was no problem for Go Seong-ak and others who were blinded by Seonha.

They were willing to pay a huge sum.

It was to get closer to Seonha even a little more.

‘If I can marry her I will sell my soul.’

‘She’s really beautiful. How can a human be so beautiful? Whoever gets her can be said to be the luckiest person in the world.”

Go Seong-ak and the others looked at Seonha lost in their hearts. However Seonha’s eyes were focused on someone else.

It was towards the beautiful man sitting by the window.

Even though he was a man he was more beautiful than a woman and had a strange atmosphere that could not be expressed in words.

The moment she saw Pyo-wol she felt a chill in her spine. She couldn’t hide the bewildered expression that took precedence over the unfamiliar emotions. It was the first time she felt such an emotion in her life.

However Pyo-wol was only eating food as if he had no interest in her.

Seonha was lost in the middle of her thoughts. Then Go Seong-ak asked with a worried expression.

“Are you okay? Do you feel anything?”

“It’s nothing. It was because I was dizzy for a while.”

“Then shall we cancel today’s meeting?”

“No. I’m fine now. Thank you Go Song-ak! You’re always taking good care of me.”

“No. I just want Seonha to always be alright.”

“I am always grateful for the consideration of Go Song-ak.”

Seongha smiled at Go Seong-ak. Then Go Seong-ak put on an ecstatic expression and the crew members around him stared at him with jealous eyes.

Those who followed Seonha gathered together and named it Blue Moon but in reality they were nothing but competitors.

If any of them wins the competition and takes priority the Blue Moon will be disbanded on that day.

Knowing that fact she did not give her heart to anyone who took precedence and she exquisitely walked the tightrope and burned the troubles of the crew.

With a nonchalant look on her face she took a step back. However Go Seong-ak was already staring at the place Seongha had been looking at a while ago.

Although it was momentary he realized that Seonha was looking at Pyo-wol.

A glimmer of envy flashed in his eyes.

Pyo-wol didn’t do anything but just because Seonha gave him his gaze he got angry from the bottom of his heart.

What made him angry more than anything else was Pyo-wol’s appearance. Even with their similar gender his handsome face stimulated his inferiority complex.

‘I’ll see him later.’

His poisonous eyes were shot at Pyo-wol like a dagger.

The first to notice this were the people near Pyo-wol.

People hurriedly turned their heads to avoid Go Seong-ak’s eyes.

Clear Sky House where Go Seong-ak is the young master was based on the outskirts of the city as one of the four rooms.3 For that reason his influence in Chengdu was greater than that of the Emei and Qingcheng sects.

It was virtually impossible to stay away from the eyes of Go Seong-ak in Chengdu.

When Go Seong-ak followed Seonha up to the next floor some people looked at Pyo-wol with regretful expressions.

Among them a middle-aged man who looked a little older spoke to Pyo-wol.

“Hey if you don’t live here you better leave the city as soon as possible. It’s all because I’m worried about you so get out of here before the night is over. That’s the only way for you to live.”

“Why should I do that?”

“Huh! I guess you’re not really from here. Seeing that you don’t know anything about the Young Master Go Seong-ak.”

“Who is he?”

“He’s the fire lord of the Clear Sky House. He’s easily jealous so he’ll never allow the Seonha to stare at other men.”

“I have no interest in her.”

“Your interest is not very important. First of all the fact that the Seonha has given you her attention is important. Go Seok-ah wants the Seonha to see only him. He does not let anything get in the way.”

“That woman is a pretty great person right?”

“Huh! Do you mean you don’t know the Poisonous Wasp4 Woo Seonha? She’s the fire lord of the Hundred Flower Room5 which is made up of women. The Hundred Flower Room is no different from the Emei sect’s sub-family clan. So how could she not be great?”

“Did you just say the Emei sect?”

“Yeah! The Hundred Flower Room is a follower of the Emei sect. Seonha is a very prized person in the Emei.”

A white smile appeared on Pyo-wol’s lips.

“That’s interesting.”

Editor’s Notes

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Clear Sky House. Other translations: Cheongmyeongbang 청명방의.

Blue Moon Festival. Raws: Cheongwol 청월회(青月舍).

青 blue

月moon month

舍 house dwelling

Four Rooms. Raws: 사방(四房)

四 four

房 house building room

Poisonous Wasp. Other translations: Dokmobong 독모봉(毒母蜂)

毒 poison venom

母 mother female

蜂 bee wasp

Hundred Flower Room. Other translations: 백화방(百花房)

百 one hundred many numerous

花 flower blossom

房 house building room

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