Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 496

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 496

Episode 496


Hong Ye-seol involuntarily exclaimed.

It was because Pyo-wol, who had opened his eyes before he knew it, was staring at her.

I rubbed my eyes and looked again, wondering if I was mistaken, but Pyowol was looking straight at her.

“what? Are you coming to your senses?”

“Are you opening your eyes?”

“Is that why you came to your senses?”

“I came to my senses a little while ago. I just didn’t open my eyes because I was organizing my thoughts.”

“That’s naughty!”

Hong Ye-seol rolled her eyes.

Pyowol asked her while lying down.

“Baek Guryun?”

“Cleaned up… I did. Now I am the lord of Baek Guryun.”

“You must have suffered.”

“A little bit. How about you?”


“Is it really good?”

Hong Ye-seol looked at Pyo-wol with a suspicious expression.

If it was really okay, it was because Pyowol should have already kicked off his seat and got up.

Pyowol closed her eyes for a moment and contemplated her body condition.

An unknown, hot aura ran through his entire body.

It was the harmony of Nam Shin-woo’s blood and the life and death law of faith. The powerful vitality contained in Nam Shin-woo’s blood was maximized through the Life and Social Marriage Act.

Because of that, Pyowol’s body was on the verge of exploding.

Even Shin-ui, who performed the law on live and social marriage, did not expect such a result.

It was important from now on.

Pyo-wol opened her eyes and said to Hong Ye-seol.

“Pick me up.”


Hong Ye-seol supported Pyo-wol’s back and raised him up.

Pyowol said while sitting cross-legged.

“I need to do some luck. You stand guard.”

“Do you mean protection?”

“Because right now I have no one to trust but you.”

“Do not worry. Because I will protect you.”

Hong Ye-seol replied with a wide smile.

“Then please.”

Pyowol immediately closed his eyes and went into cloud air.

One o’clock was in a hurry.

If he does not control this energy that is swirling inside his body right now, his body will explode like a bag full of wind.

Pyo-wol operated the Bunroesa Hon-simbeop.

My whole body was hot.

It was as if a snake made of fire coiled around the body along the veins.

It was an ordeal in and of itself to operate air power.

I felt the pain as if my blood vessels were burning.

Among the pains that humans can feel, the greatest pain is burning pain.

In other words, it was the pain you felt when you were burned.

That was the pain Pyo-wol was feeling right now.

Still, there was no change in Pyowol’s expression.

I was accustomed to pain from a young age.

Pyo-wol, who was living in pain, was very used to this level of pain.

to be patient and wait.

These were the two things that Pyowol was most confident about.

Dduduk! Dudeuk!

The sound of bones crashing came from Pyowol’s body.

Hong Ye-seol looked at Pyo-wol with a nervous expression.

It wasn’t just the sound of bones, but the muscles of the leopard were convulsing arbitrarily.

It was clear that something unusual was happening inside Pyowol’s body.

At a glance, it was clear that something was at a critical crossroads.

Hong Ye-seol was nervous without realizing it.

She knew very well that if she was interrupted at a time like this, she would most likely fall for the coin intoxication.

It was then.

Suddenly, blood vessels bulged out over Pyowol’s body.

The protruding blood vessels wriggled like earthworms.

At the same time, intense heat radiated from his body.


Hong Ye-seol was taken aback and stepped back without realizing it.


As if an earthquake had occurred, Pyowol’s body shook violently. At the same time, sweat rained down from his pores.

A foul stench emanated from the sweat running down his body.

Something was changing from within Pyowol’s body.

Hong Ye-seol looked at Pyo-wol with his nerves on edge.


At that moment, Pyowol’s skin split.

His skin was cracking and falling like a shedding snake.

Hong Ye-seol knew well what was happening in Pyo-wol’s body.

‘Hwangol metamorphosis (換骨奪胎).’

When martial arts reach the highest level, the body changes into an optimal state for martial arts.

The skeleton and muscles change, the old skin falls off and new skin sprouts.

Transforming into a new species by escaping the limits of human beings was the metamorphosis.

Hong Ye-seol covered his mouth with his hand and looked at the scene.

The dry skin fell off, revealing a new, immaculate skin like a baby.

When he attained enlightenment in the underground cavity, Pyowol acquired a body as smooth as a snake. All previous scars were erased and a body as smooth as a snake was acquired. However, Pyo-wol’s body, which had been smooth while going to Gangho, was again engraved with numerous scars.

Some disappeared leaving only faint scars, but others were so deep that they still remained clear. Not even scabs fell off the wounds he had suffered while fighting against Guryongsalmakju recently.

Like that, Pyowol’s body was engraved with wounds like a net. However, all those scars disappeared when I was transformed.

It was like a baby’s white and smooth skin.


Hong Ye-seol exclaimed at the unbelievable sight.

Even though he finally cast off all his skin, Pyowol did not stop clouding.

no i couldn’t stop

This is because the energy that was running rampant inside the body did not calm down even after the metamorphosis was achieved.

If the energy inside the body is not completely rectified, the heart vein will be torn to shreds.

Because of that, Pyo-wol did not know that he had achieved a metamorphosis and focused only on Woon-gong. However, it was not easy to control the runaway energy.


It was then that Guia moved.

After uncoupling and moving, Gwiah rode up Pyowol’s body and wrapped around his neck.

Gwia opened her small mouth wide and bit Pyowol’s chest.

“That me?”

Hong Ye-seol widened his eyes in surprise.

She tried to strike Guia with her sword. He didn’t know that Gwia was trying to harm Pyowol. But at that moment, I could see that Pyowol’s complexion noticeably softened.

When the ghost’s poison came in, the energy that seemed to burn his body changed the target of the attack.

The hot energy started to calm down slowly as it burned Guia’s poison.

The body of Pyowol, which had been heated with heat, also regained its tranquility.

Only then did Hong Ye-seol realize that Gwi-a did not intend to attack Pyo-wol. Rather, poison was injected to help Pyongwol.

Thanks to this, Pyowol even gained resistance to Gwia’s poison.

Guia’s poison could be said to be the most poisonous in the world.

The development of resistance to the poison of a gwia also meant that it became a non-poisonous body.

At least, the poison present in Gangho could not harm Pyowol.


After a while, Pyowol opened her eyes with a light sigh.

Seeing his eyes, Hong Ye-seol froze.

It was because the moment I saw the young red light in Pyowol’s eyes, my mind went blank as if possessed by a snake.

The mental strength of Hong Ye-seol, who suffered from an assassination attempt, was incomparable to that of ordinary people. In terms of mental strength, Hong Ye-seol was the one who was at the top of the river. But even she had a momentary loss of consciousness.

“What the hell…”


“Come here. I’ll take care of your wounds.”

At the word of trust, Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo of Doyeonsan approached.

Eun-yo was the first to show the wound.

“Tsk! It will leave scars.”

It was a huge burden for women to have indelible scars on their bodies.

Moreover, if it was a young woman like Eun-yo, there was nothing more to say. However, Eun-yo, the person in charge, responded calmly.

“are you okay.”

“The scar must be quite large?”

“You are innocent. You have to accept that much.”

“Being unmanned…”

“If I wanted to live a normal life, I would have chosen the life of a woman rather than a strong woman.”


“It’s the life I chose, so I can handle this level of scars.”

“I see! You are already unmanned.”

Shinji shook his head.

He thought of Eun-yo as a woman, but Eun-yo actually thought of himself as a warrior.

The difference was great.

Eun-yo was neither afraid nor ashamed of scarring. Her aloof appearance made her more ashamed of her faith. After applying Geumchangyak, he corrected the tangled qi and blood with acupuncture. Finally, I handed her a gift wrapped in traditional Korean paper.

“It’s called Blue Young Dan. If you take it, you will be able to heal quite a few internal injuries quickly.”

“thank you.”

Eun-yo immediately took Cheongyeongdan and went into the sky.

He knows how great Shinui’s skills are, so he doesn’t even have the slightest doubt.

It was Do Yeon-san who received Shin-ui’s treatment after Eun-yo.

He had large and small wounds all over his body because he fought a fierce battle with the Blood Demon Lord.

“You have suffered.”

“I’m nothing compared to my brother.”

“Your brother is already beyond the human category. Judging him on the same line is too harsh for you.”

“I know. Still, I want to be a little like him.”

“I see.”

While talking with Do Yeon-san, Sin-eui performed acupuncture on him.

God’s acupuncture was truly amazing.

Do Yeon-san felt refreshed as soon as the saliva was pierced all over her body.

Lastly, Shin-woo Nam’s wounds were thoroughly examined before finishing. Nam Shin-woo was recovering quickly enough that he did not need treatment. It was a resilience beyond imagination.

Salno silently watched as Sinui healed from one side.

I could feel it just by looking at her sleeping.

It means that trust is a rare name.

‘Has there ever been a member of the parliament like that?’

It was Salno who prided himself on being able to penetrate all the strong people. But I’ve never heard of loyalty.

‘I heard there are as many people as grains of sand in Gangho…’

No matter how many people you know, it’s not enough to know someone who has great medical skills. Faith and the fact that he knew it was no different from guaranteeing the life of an extra bee.


Salno smiled sullenly and sneaked closer to Sinui.

Sinui opened her eyes and was vigilant.

“What’s going on?”

“Can you take a look at this old man?”

“Are you injured anywhere?”

“It’s not like that, but I’m running out of energy…”

Shinui frowned at Salno’s words.

Salno was heartbroken for no reason and looked elsewhere. But he did not leave God’s side.

Seeing Salno like that, God sighed softly.

Salno’s insides were obvious, but he was a lifesaver anyway.

If he hadn’t appeared with the Black Slaughter Corps, he wouldn’t have been treating the children like this.


Sinui let out a sigh and took out a piece of Cheongyeongdan from his chest.

“Severe internal injuries can be cured in no time with one tablet of this Cheongyeongdan. Take it sparingly.”

“Hehe! thank you! I will never forget this grace.”

“Okay! Go ahead.”

Shinui waved his hand, but Salno did not leave his side.

Salno said in a quiet voice while holding the blue-young-dan in her hand.

“We’re about the same age, so let’s be friends.”

“Okay! What are friends at this age?”

“no way! Don’t do that, let’s be friends. Are you okay? I wonder if I can help them…”

“I don’t need any help.”

“Let’s not do that, let’s be friends.”

“Ugh! Because it’s done.”

Shinui made an impression as if he didn’t want to hear it. But that was not enough to shake off Salno.

“I like you very much.”

“I don’t like you.”

“How can I please you?”

“If you stay away from me…”

“That won’t work. Let’s be close.”

“This old man really…”

Shinui clenched his fists and shook his shoulders.

Even when he saw his face full of anger, Salno did not erase his smile.

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