Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 495

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 495

Episode 495

The fight between the Blood Demon Lord and Doyeonsan was fierce.

The two collided with all their might.

There were many wounds on their bodies. It was a wound inflicted on each other.

There were deadly wounds on the neck and chest that would have been fatal if it had missed even an inch.

‘He’s a great guy.’

The blood demon could not hold back his admiration.

Doyeonsan’s inaction was so great that I would applaud him generously if it wasn’t for the enemy. He was still crude, but he had the talent to become a strongman’s divinity with a little more refinement.

It was clear that if Do Yeon-san was kept alive, there would be an afterthought.

‘Today must kill.’

The blood demon master focused his energy on the sword.

Geomki or sword steel was not formed.

It is foolish for an assassin to perform such a conspicuous feast.

The basics of an assassin are no scars.

It was the assassin’s martial arts to strengthen the power by condensing the bet, rather than releasing it to the outside.

Red Fleece Sword.

The sword training he learned was one of those martial arts.

An assassin’s only swordsman who can win with a single blow.

Do Yeon-san clenched her fists at the unusual momentum of blood demonism.

Instinctively, he sensed that something unusual was about to happen.

‘Will my older brother be all right?’

At that moment, the thought that came to Doyeonsan’s head was the comfort of Pyowol.

For now, I had no choice but to trust Nam Shin-woo and Eun-yo.

It was then.


The blood demon lord made a surprise attack after learning that Doyeonsan had other thoughts.

When Doyeonsan suddenly came to his senses, the sword of the blood demon was about to pierce his chest.

Only then did he realize his mistake, but it was already too late to react.

Doyeonsan opened her eyes wide and prepared for the pain. However, the blood demon’s sword stopped right in front of his chest.

Now, the blood demon lord had a feeling of pity, and there was no way he would take care of the situation.

It was not his own will that the blood demon lord stopped the sword.

Dozens of swords protruded from the white mist.

Dozens of swords were closely attached to the neck, chest, arms and legs of the blood demon. The masters of the swords were hidden from view by the mist.

Even if the blood demon lord moved even slightly, he would be cut by the sword that surrounded his body.


The blood demon’s eyes shook.

I didn’t notice at all until the sword touched my body.

It was a sight I would never have believed unless I had experienced it myself.

His killing method and sense were absolute to the extent that he became the master of the Bloodgwi Corps. Because of that, I was very proud of myself.

He couldn’t believe that he didn’t even notice the signs of those approaching him until the sword touched his body.

At that moment, the fog cleared.

A wind that blew from somewhere quickly cleared the mist. Then those who had been hidden by the mist appeared.

Dozens of warriors in black uniforms were holding their swords close to the body of the blood demon.


Seeing the scene, Do Yeon-san unknowingly exclaimed.

Goosebumps had risen all over his body.

It was because the way the assassins subdued other assassins was creepy.

Just then, a dwarf old man walked out of the dispersing mist.

I couldn’t feel any momentum from the old man, whose face was full of age spots and his back was slightly bent, holding a cane. However, the moment he saw him, Do Yeon-san felt a strong sense of crisis.

The old man looked at the Blood Demon Master who had been subdued by the Dark Slayer for a moment.

The blood demon lord opened his mouth for the first time.

“Who are you guys?”

For a moment, a faint smile appeared on the old man’s lips.

“They are called the Black Slaughter Band. These are the swords that protect the Lord Baek Guryun.”

“Baek Guryun? Why are you guys?”

The blood demon lord made an expression of disbelief.

This is because Baek Guryun and Guryong Salmak were cooperating.

When Guryongsalmak requests it, Baek Guryun faithfully follows it.

The blood demon lord was well aware of this fact, as he had directly subcontracted it several times. So their appearance did not make sense.

“Is it a betrayal?”

“Are we discussing betrayal? After all, it’s just a relationship by contract.”

“You dare to break the contract? Baek Guryunju?”

“That’s the meaning of the new master.”

“trust? So, does that mean that the yeonju has changed?”

“Hehe! So it happened. So please understand.”

The blood demon master’s face distorted at the dwarf old man’s words.

“Call the Lieutenant. I will speak directly. I will hold you accountable for daring to interfere with the Guryongsalmak event.”

“You talk a lot.”


“For an assassin to say, he talks a lot. You didn’t take the right steps.”


The old man waved his hand as if nothing more had to be said.

At that moment, the Black Slaughter Squad cut their swords.


Ten swords separated the body of the blood demon.

Divided into dozens of pieces, the blood demon lord’s body collapsed.

A look of astonishment flashed on Do Yeon-san’s face as she watched the whole scene.

When a dwarf old man found Doyeonsan Mountain, he politely took possession of it.

“Sorry to startle you.”

“iced coffee! yes!”

“The small person is called Salno.”


“yes! As you can see, he is an old assassin who is about to retire. Now I’m old and I don’t even have the energy to raise a sword.”

At Salno’s words, Doyeonsan swallowed her silence.

‘I don’t have energy…’

I didn’t even feel the presence of Salno until he revealed himself. If Salno had had the will to live just a moment ago, he would have already died.

Cold sweat was still running down his back.

Salno said politely.

“The inside should have been cleaned up by now. Please go in.”


Do Yeon-san nodded and moved. However, the boundaries were not completely relaxed.

He got help right away, but he wasn’t sure that he and the assassins were on their side.

Preparing to leave the water at any time, Doyeonsan moved along with Salno.

When he left the labyrinth and arrived in front of the house, a bleak sight greeted him.

All the blood demons who broke through the labyrinth and entered were dead.


Doyeonsan let out a quiet voice.

At that time, Eun-yo approached Do Yeon-san.

“are you okay?”

“uh? uh!”

“thank god.”

Eunyo sighed in relief.

Only then did Do Yeon-san come to her senses.

Salno passed by Doyeon Mountain and approached Hong Ye-seol.

“All sorted out. Lord Lian!”

“great job.”

“It was nothing.”

Salno gave a small smile.

He looked at Hong Ye-seol with an expression as if he were looking at his granddaughter.

“Sorry for bothering you.”

“Don’t talk like that. If you need anything at any time, just give us a command. There is no need to be sorry. That’s because it’s the lord’s authority. Wouldn’t you rather go inside?”

Salno glanced at the house.

Hong Ye-seol nodded and moved on.

Salno silently watched her back as she entered the house.


When she finally closed the door and disappeared, Salno looked at Eunyo’s back.

“Everyone has suffered. Our Black Slaughter Team will stand guard, so everyone, please rest a little.”


“it’s okay. Take a break as our children are already in complete control of the surroundings. If you are uncomfortable, I will be scolded by Yeonju.”

“I don’t think I’ll get scolded at all…”

Eunyo blurted out her words.

Salno smiled silently.

It made the look even more terrifying.


Hong Ye-seol carefully opened the door and entered the room.

The room was full of incense.

Sinui, who had been looking at Pyowol, cautiously turned her head to look at her.

“What about the kids outside?”

“Do not worry. Because the children are safe.”

“I’m glad.”

Faith let out a sigh of relief.

It was because he noticed that Hong Ye-seol had no ill intentions. Hong Ye-seol sat down beside Sinui and asked.

“How is his condition?”

“I have done all I can. The rest is up to his will.”

“Then it will be fine.”

“Why are you so sure?”

“He is the most strong-willed person I know. I have never met anyone with a stronger will than him.”

“is it? Well…”

Shinji shook his head.

“Did you say you did everything you could?”


“Then I will take care of him from now on.”


“Do not worry. I have no intention of harming him.”

“Okay… I see.”

Shinui rose from his seat.

I couldn’t completely trust Hong Ye-seol, but I couldn’t help it.

If she harbored ill will, it was because he and Pyo-wol were already dead.

I had no choice but to trust her now.


When Sinui closed the door and went outside, Hong Ye-seol came closer to Pyo-wol.

I saw a gwi-ah coiled around Pyowol’s bedside.

Guia saw Hong Ye-seol’s face and showed no reaction. This is because he knows that Ye-seol Hong is an acquaintance of Pyo-wol.

Hong Ye-seol looked at Guia and Pyo-wol in turn.

“Somehow they look alike.”

It was a one-man-one-soo in many ways.

Hong Ye-seol sat cross-legged in front of the moon and looked at his face.

“Now things have changed.”

In the past, Pyo-wol accepted the ghost king’s request to save Hong Ye-seol.

Thanks to this, he was able to find the mysterious land and save Hong Ye-seol.

If it wasn’t for Pyowol, Hong Ye-seol would have died then.

Now the situation is reversed.

Hong Ye-seol was happy about this situation.

“There are times when you are defenseless like this.”

The moon was the most perfect assassin she knew.

A person who is never vigilant and doubts everything that exists. It felt human that he lay there defenseless like that.

When he wakes up, he will return to being a perfect assassin, so it will be the last time he sees Pyowol in such a defenseless state.

Hong Ye-seol enjoyed this moment.

Looking at Pyo-wol’s face, I felt like I was being rewarded for my hard work.

After parting ways with Pyo-wol, she entered Baek Gwi-ryeon’s headquarters.

Baek Gwi-ryeon was upset at the safe return of Hong Ye-seol.

It was after Baek Gwi-ryunju declared that Hong Ye-seol was dead.

From Baek Guryun’s point of view, it was no different from the dead coming back to life.

Hong Ye-seol questioned Baek Gwi-ryun-ju.

“Why did you do that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you use me as bait?”

“Are you just doing this with it? It’s enough if you’re alive and well, do you dare to challenge my authority?”

“I just want to reveal the truth. Did you really try to throw me as bait and cause chaos?”


Baek Guryunju did not answer. However, his appearance alone was enough for Hong Ye-seol.

Dying while carrying out the request was acceptable.

It’s because I’ve been determined since I chose this job anyway.

The reason she put herself in the Baekgwiryeon was because she believed that the Baekgwiryeon would at least protect her from external threats.

However, Baek Gwi-ryun exactly betrayed her expectations.

I didn’t know anything else, but I couldn’t forgive as much as the person who betrayed me. So she fought with Baek Guryunju.

Baek Gwi-ryunju, of course, tried to kill her using the black sword.

At that time, the one who stopped the Black Slaughter was Salno.

He was the one who raised and trained the Black Slaughter Corps.

At least to the Black Slayer, his remarks preceded those of the Baek Guryunju.

“The Black Slayer is not participating in this fight. Ryunju, who does not protect Baekgwiryun’s assassins, cannot become our supreme.”

In response to his declaration, the Black Slaughter Corps remained neutral.

Hong Ye-seol had a fierce fight with Baek Gwi-ryun-ju and eventually was able to win.

Baek Gwi-ryeonju had not been killed for a long time, and her body was dull. On the other hand, Hong Ye-seol carried out all kinds of requests and his senses were at their peak.

Ever since he was hiding behind the wall of the Black Slaughter, he didn’t even know that the outcome of the fight had already been decided.

Hong Ye-seol killed Baek Gwi-ryun-ju and proudly became the new Ryu-ryun-ju.

After that, he led the Heuksaldae and ran all the way to this place to help Pyowol.

“Then wake up.”

Hong Ye-seol quietly whispered in Pyo-wol’s ear. Then Pyo-wol opened his eyes in response to her call.

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