Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 494

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 494

Episode 494

It was noisy outside.

I couldn’t hear a scream, but the sound of something breaking and bursting came through unfiltered.

Occasionally, Eun-Yo and Nam Shin-Woo’s spirited spirits could be heard.

“This is a fight against an assassin.”

God’s eyes sank deeply.

Until the moment he dies, he doesn’t scream once. Even the occasional screams were only momentary bursts of something deeply suppressed.

They were really terrible seeds.

If you become enemies with these people, you will have to give up sleeping comfortably until you die.

It was a trust that lived without roughness, but I did not want to become enemies with these people. But I have already become their enemy.

Knowing that he was involved, the blood demon will never stand still.

“It’s all because of this guy.”

Sinui looked down at Pyowol who was lying with silver needles stuck all over her body.

Pyowol was still unconscious.

There were numerous stab wounds on the pure white body.

On the wound, Shinui’s specially made golden spear was smeared with it. Sinui’s special golden spear medicine was excellent for trauma.

A blood scab had already formed in the area where the golden spear was applied.


Faith sighed.

He did everything he could.

Nam Shin-woo’s blood was transfused and the life-and-social marriage law was performed.

What remained was Pyowol’s will and resilience.

The stronger the will to leap, and the stronger the resilience of the body, the earlier the awakening time will be.

I just hope I don’t wake up too late.


The noise coming from outside became more and more clear.

It didn’t bode well.

It must mean that the enemies are getting closer.

Nam Shin-woo and Do Yeon-san Eun-yo fought against the enemy with all their might.

At least there was a labyrinth, so I was able to withstand it to some extent, but now even that has reached its limit.

More and more people passed through the labyrinth to avoid Nam Shin-woo, and the burden of Eun-yo, who was responsible for the final defense, was growing.

I squeezed out the last remaining strength and somehow managed to hold on, but I felt that even that had reached its limit beyond the wall.

Guia also raised her head and flicked her tongue, probably feeling uneasy.

It was the first time Guia showed such agitation.

It was then.


Along with the heavy drinking, someone broke through the wall and tumbled into the room where the two were sitting.


It was Eunyo who was coughing up blood while pinned to the wall.


Shinui hurriedly ran to Eunyo.

Eunyo shook her head and tried to stand up. However, his legs had no strength and he collapsed to the ground.

It was clear that his face was white and that he had suffered deep internal injuries.

Sinui hurriedly made her take the top of the life jacket.

Eun-yo chewed on the top of the life jacket and looked at the hole in the wall.

that buck! that buck!

With the sound of footsteps, the blood demons entered the gaping hole.

The ghosts looked at Eunyo for a while, then looked at Pyowol lying on the floor.

A light of joy shone in their eyes.

You have finally reached your goal.

Now, if you kill Pyowol, all missions are over.

Killing a Pyowol lying defenseless was easier than flipping the palm of your hand.


They raised their swords in unison and aimed at the pyowol.


Faith screamed, but they didn’t care and put their swords down.

Sinui tightly closed her eyes as if she did not want to see the disaster that was about to happen. But the sound he expected did not come.

The sound of a sword cutting flesh, and the scream of the moon.

Sinui carefully opened her eyes. Then, I saw the men who stabbed Pyowol with their swords trembling like people suffering from epilepsy.

They staggered, foaming at the mouth.

“It’s an ear.”

Shinui at once figured out the reason.

Ghost bites the ankle of the last man standing. The ghost must have bitten the ankles of the blood demons who had invaded the room before they knew it.

The ghost was so small that the blood demons didn’t notice its existence. The price was death.

The blood demons that had invaded the room collapsed all at once.

There was no time to use internal energy to drive out miasma. Guia’s poison was just as lethal.

All the blood demons were dead, but it was still too early to feel relieved.


Half of the house was blown away in an explosion. Then, Pyowol and Eunyo Shinui’s appearance was clearly exposed to the outside world.

It was the blood demons who blew the house down.


Nam Shin-woo flew in from somewhere and hurriedly blocked Pyo-wol and Eun-yo.

Nam Shin-woo’s whole body was also stained red as if he had bathed in blood.

I really did my best to stop the blood demons. However, it was impossible for him alone to stop so many blood demons.

In the end, Nam Shin-woo was seriously injured.

The blood demons appeared out of nowhere through the fog.

Despite Nam Shin-woo and Eun-yo blocking it, there were still fifty blood ghosts left. They broke through the exhausted maze and all appeared.

Inside the labyrinth, Doyeonsan and Bloodgwidanju were still fighting a fierce battle.

Doyeonsan’s help could not be expected.

Eunyo sighed and muttered.

“I guess I’ve come this far.”


“Still, I have to struggle until I die.”

Nam Shin-woo’s expression hardened at Eun-yo’s words.

It was said that there was no business to be hit by the volume offensive, and it was just that.


The blood demons rushed in unison.

Their goal was one leap.

He didn’t even pay attention to Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo.



It was the moment when the screams of the two resounded.


Suddenly, a sharp piercing sound rang out.

At the same time, the head of the bloody ghost who rushed from the front was cut off diagonally.

The blood demons were startled and stopped.

“Oh my goodness! Who wants to put their hands on my male body?”

A woman in red appeared in front of Pyowol like a ghost. Blood dripped from the dagger in her hand.

It was the woman’s skill that cut the head of the leading blood demon.

A woman with a bizarre charm who seemed ordinary but beautiful smiled as she turned her dagger.

The blood demons flinched at her cold smile.

Instinctively, they recognized that the woman was of the same kind as them.

Eunyo asked the woman carefully.

“who are you?”

In an instant, the woman’s red lips drew an arc and went up.

“me? That man’s lover.”


Eunyo did not understand the woman’s words for a moment and widened her eyes. Then, a small smile formed on the woman’s lips.

“My name is Hong Ye-seol.”

“Hong Ye-seol?”

“It’s also the new Hundred Ghost Runner.”

“Hundred Ghosts…Ryeonju?”

Eunyo’s eyes shook.

I didn’t know the name Hong Ye-seol, but I couldn’t help but know Baek Gwi-ryeon.

Until the appearance of Pyowol, Baek Guryun was called the best assassin group in the world.

The eyes of Hong Ye-seol, the new white ghost lord, turned to the blood demons.

In an instant, a deep gorge opened between her brows.

Because it smelled of the same kind.

‘No wrong! They stink.’

Assassins who have been raised normally will erase even the body odor that comes from their body.

Among the targets of the murder, there were also those with a sensitive sense of smell. This is because if you get caught wrongly by such people, you may lose your life instead of making the killing a success.

Through various experiences, assassins tend to erase not only their body odor, but also their insignificant characteristics.

The assassins who survived and perfected themselves for such a long time did not show any smell or external characteristics.

However, a faint stench emanated from the people in front of them. It is imperceptible to the average person, but fellow Assassins could smell it.

It made no sense that Hong Ye-seol couldn’t sense such a smell when ordinary assassins could.

‘It was raised as an attribute. As I skipped stages and grew up, I didn’t realize the basics and the items I needed to learn.’

In Hong Ye-seol’s eyes, life was too young.

Having walked the path of an assassin from a young age, she took pride in her profession.

Others ignore it as a lowly job, but they still think that they can find the way in this.

Assassin’s Tao.

In a way, it could have been self-deceptive.

It was absurd to find the way in a job created to kill others. But even so, the job that could not be endured without self-deception was an assassin.

I didn’t feel any emotion in the eyes of the blood demons looking at me. Of course, the higher the assassin’s achievement, the better he becomes at hiding his emotions. But it was literally hiding it, not the absence of emotion itself.

The problem is that the blood demons do not feel any emotion at all.

It’s like a being whose emotions have been completely castrated.

“hmm! It’s embarrassing. It’s been a long time since I came to see you, and there are so many heinous things like this? I’ll just make one suggestion for you. just back off If you step back from this point, I will give you my life.”


The blood ghost did not answer.

As if they hadn’t heard Hong Ye-seol’s words, they advanced with their swords in front.

Hong Ye-seol sighed quietly.

“after! Are you going to come out like this? If that’s the case, I have no choice but to erase it from the world.”


she snapped her fingers


At that moment, black shadows silently appeared behind the blood demons.

Nam Shin-woo and Eun-yo’s eyes widened.

The blood demons who saw it realized that there were other beings behind it.


The moment the blood demons turned around in a hurry, black shadows attacked them.


Shut up!

In an instant, three or four blood demons lost their lives. But thanks to that, the rest of the blood demons were able to counterattack.


Swords collided with swords, and a metal sound exploded.

There were no shouts, no cheers, no screams.

It was a silent war.

“oh my god!”


Nam Shin-woo and Eun-yo let out quiet voices.

It was the first time in my life to see such a sight.

Their common sense did not understand how they could make no sound when they were moving so violently to take each other’s lives.

“Is this a fight between assassins?”

Nam Shin-woo could not close his open mouth.

The black shadows fighting the blood demons were Hong Ye-seol’s subordinates.

Black Slayer.

The elite assassins who escort Baek Guryun-ju.

Those who were raised only to listen to the command of Baek Guryunju and to protect Baekguryunju were the Heuksaldae.

Even the ten-blooded man, the best assassin of Baek Guryun, could not belittle them.

Moving the Black Slaughter Team meant that Hong Ye-seol became the new master of Baek Gwi-ryun.

Shia! Hiss!

The sword light cut through the air along with the hole-in-the-wall.

Bloodghosts died every time.

The Bloodgwi Corps were definitely assassins who had reached a high level. However, the Black Slaughterhouse specializes in catching assassins.

Baek Gwi-ryun-ju stands at the peak of the assassins.

He summoned countless assassins, but on the contrary, there was a threat of losing his life to the assassins.

Assassins aiming for the Hundred Ghost Runju were everywhere, and the basic mission of the Black Slaughter Force was to protect the Hundred Ghost Run Zhu from them.

Because of the circumstances, the Black Slaughter Unit was well versed in detecting and dealing with assassins.

Even if the blood demons used the trick of disappearing in front of their eyes, they were not deceived. Rather, I found it by chasing after the wave of energy they left behind.

Shu Gak!

He killed the blood demons like a master slaying an animal.

It wasn’t without any damage, though. The power of the blood demons was also not formidable, so the Black Slaughter Corps also died. But neither the one who killed nor the one who died spoke.

The silent war continued for a long time after that.

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