Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 493

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 493

Episode 493

It’s pure white inside the mist.

Both the sky and the ground seemed white.

The blood demons had never seen such a thick mist.

It was impossible for the misty haze to cause sensory disturbances to have formed naturally.

‘It’s true.’

They immediately realized that this was a phenomenon caused by Jinbeop.

A sneer hung over the blood demon master’s mouth.


The Bloodgwi Corps led by him were severely trained by So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu.

So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu reproduced the underground cavity where they practiced. Not only was it simply reproduced, but the gate was designed much more elaborately.

They were two people who valued extreme efficiency even when they were in an underground cavity.

They were well aware of how hard it is to raise elites who have reached the highest level.

They, Pyowol and Sogyeoksan were all gifted. Acquired training was very helpful, but it was basically supported by talent, so I was able to achieve my current achievement.

However, there were not many people who were born with such a talent. And those with that level of talent were bound to preoccupy the prestigious school.

No matter how much he borrowed the power of Guryongsalmak, it was impossible to secure the talented children So Yeo-wol wanted.

So Yeo-wol changed his mind.

If we couldn’t secure children with the potential to reach the top, we would rather have a large number of children with a certain level of power.

They have kidnapped orphans from Gangho and Saewei. Then he drove them into an underground cavity of his own design.

Various elixirs and secrets were put in step by step.

Everything was meticulously calculated to maximize efficiency.

That’s how the blood demons progressed under So Yeo-wol’s plan.

Of course, there were also countless deaths. Still, Sawyerwol didn’t care.

As the process progresses, of course there will be victims. There was no reason to worry about such trivial things.

That’s how he mass-produced blood demons.

Assassins who are not the best, but possess a certain amount of power.

Each person’s skill was nothing compared to Pyowol or Soyeowol. However, the number of blood ghosts mass-produced through a series of processes is over seven hundred.

Those who were killed by Pyo-wol Excluding those who died in the process of seizing Shinwoljang, more than four hundred people remained.

Hundreds of them were put on a mission to track down the moon. The rest of the staff were on standby so they could be put in at any time.

Considering that Pyowol was seriously injured, this level of manpower felt excessive. However, So Yeo-wol, who knew Pyo-wol’s potential, thought that even this was not enough.

Blood demons were needed to stabilize the newly-occupied New Moon Field. It was just a pity that I couldn’t put all my energy into it because of that.

Among the gateways made by Soyeowol, of course, there was Jinbeop.

It was also a highly advanced method of killing power.

In order to establish this jinbeop called Infinite Salhwanjin (無限殺幻陣), a ghost called the most outstanding jinbeopgist in the world was invited.

To the bloodghosts who experienced the Infinite Killing Incident, this kind of truism seemed like a child’s play.

One of the key elements of the jinbeop was the disturbance of the senses.

By injecting false information, it prevents you from making correct judgments and makes you unable to trust your senses.

Cloud fog was a device to disturb the senses.

Being preoccupied with cloud clouds prevents you from taking in the information you truly need.

The blood demons closed their eyes.

I was able to grasp the situation using my other senses without having to look with my eyes.



At that moment, a rupture and a scream were heard from somewhere at the same time.

The blood demons hurriedly ran to the source of the sound. However, no matter how much I ran, the destination did not appear.

Apparently the sound came from somewhere nearby.

It was only then that the blood demons realized that the truth they entered was unusual. I thought it was a simple jinji, but it’s more sophisticated than expected.

No matter how much I ran, I couldn’t come out of the place where I heard the scream. Not only that, but none of the subordinates who were nearby were visible.

They ran together, but broke up before they knew it.

The blood demon lord bit his lip.

‘The power of Jinbeop is greater than I thought.’

I had a hunch that things weren’t going to be as easy as expected.


Screams were heard again.

He recognized at once that it was his subordinate’s voice.

The blood demon’s expression hardened.

It became clear that those he pursued were hiding in the mist and attacking his men.

‘What a fool!’

This made it clear.

That there is a pyowol here.

To protect him, it was clear that he was desperately resisting and setting up a camp here.

They said they were playing tricks, but their actions confirmed him that there was a pyowol here.


The sound of a fight accompanied by an explosion could be heard right at hand.

Those guarding this place attacked the subordinates again. However, this time his subordinates did not go so smoothly.

The sound of a series of workshops could be heard.

It was a fight going on right next to it, but the Blood Demon Lord knew very well that it would be useless to run towards it.

The blood demon ran in the wrong direction.

If the mist disturbed his senses, there was a high probability that the sound he was hearing was also coming from a completely different direction.

It was when I turned the corner once again after breaking the wall of fog a couple of times. A still young boy could be seen dealing with his men.

It was Nam Shin-woo who attacked the blood demons.

Since there were three blood demons united, Nam Shin-woo was unable to deal with it at once.


The blood demon spurned the ground and ran toward Nam Shin-woo.

Nam Shin-woo widened his eyes in surprise at his sudden appearance.

I knew with my head that I had to avoid it, but my body was tied to the blood demons and I couldn’t respond.

‘I can’t avoid it.’

It was when the word death came to Nam Shin-woo’s mind.


The blood demon stumbled along with the binge drinking.

A familiar figure stood in front of him.

Do Yeon-san recognized his identity at once.


He was Doyeonsan.

“Leave the interest to me and take care of the others.”


Nam Shin-woo replied vigorously.

Doyeonsan’s eyes deepened to see how much he had mastered the ghost king’s martial arts.

‘I wish I had more time, but it’s worth a try.’

Doyeonsan raised her air power.

It was much more natural to raise my inner skills after thinking about it a little. He regretted why he hadn’t thought about how to use his power earlier.

‘I’ll regret it later and focus on defeating interest now.’

Just by looking at his prayers, he could tell that the man in front of him was on a different level from the other blood demons.

If it had been before, it would have shrunk, but now it was different.

I thought it was worth a try.

‘I just have to hold on until my brother wakes up.’

It was then.

The blood demon lord, noticing that he was thinking differently, made a surprise attack.

There was no warning or sound.

Silent combat is the basic skill of an assassin.

The Blood Demon Lord was an assassin who had reached a great level.

He attacked Doyeon Mountain in the manner of an assassin.


However, his attack was blocked by Doyeonsan’s blow.

This is the first time he is fighting an assassin who has reached the same level as the Blood Demon Lord, but he was able to not panic because he had been with Pyowol for a long time.

Pyowol was a warrior who had reached the extreme of an assassin.

Do Yeon-san, who had watched his fighting style for a long time, was able to block the attack of the blood demons without panic.

Rather, it was the blood demon master who was taken aback.

The still young boy was too easily blocking his attacks. It was so natural for me to act as if I knew in advance which technique he would use.

As time passed, Do Yeon-san’s response became more and more smooth.

The blood demon’s eyes became increasingly ferocious.

He was angry with himself for not being able to handle a young kid properly.

‘Definitely kill.’

The blood gwidanju bit his lip and pushed Doyeonsan even more ferociously.


Eunyo, who was watching the whole situation from atop a high tree branch, murmured.

“It changes the truth.”

The maze separated the blood demons.

Fortunately, through his labyrinth, the demons were unable to navigate. But this alone was not enough.

Now, the blood demons were gradually approaching the gate of life, as if they had become accustomed to Mirojin. If left as it is, it was clear that they would pass through the labyrinth.

It was a big adventure for Eun-yo to change the active line method in the middle. But she had no other options.

Now is not the time to doubt yourself.

I had to do it.

she jumped from the tree

Eun-yo had ten wooden sticks in her hands.

These were the things prepared after unfolding the maze.

Eun-yo quickly began to insert the stick into the labyrinth gate.

puck! puck!

At first glance, it seemed to be inserted arbitrarily, but Eun-yo inserted the stick into the place where the energy of the earth was strongest.

As she inserted the stick, the cloud and mist surrounding Mirojin shuddered greatly.


Suddenly, blood flowed from Eun-yo’s lips.

Changing to another line in the middle of a line gave her a tremendous repulsive force.

Because of that, the load was put on the body.

My heartbeat was shaking and my blood was shaking, making my head dizzy.

Objects overlapped in two or three layers.

Still, Eun-yo forcibly endured the pain and completed the teachings. However, just before the last rod was inserted, more than a dozen blood demons appeared through the fog. Gears passed through the maze.

Their eyes lit up when they saw Eun-yo holding a stick in both hands.

At a glance, I could tell that Eun-yo was up to something.


They kicked the ground and attacked Eunyo.

Even when dozens of unmanned soldiers attacked, not a single sound came out.

Shh shh!

All I could hear was the piercing sound of their swords.


Eun-yo clicked her tongue and blocked their attack with her baton.

Follow me!

The sound of sticks and swords colliding echoed countless times.

At least, it was a shame because the silver yo had injected inner energy into the bar, otherwise it would have been cut off right away.


A blood demon was pierced through the chest by Eunyo’s stick and lost his life.

Even watching their comrades die, the blood demons did not blink an eye.

They ran madly at Eun-yo, as if they had no feelings.

Eun-yo held up So-roe-eum-sa’s teachings and dealt with their wave of attacks alone.

It was not an easy task to capture as many as nine assassins alone.

Some of them broke away and tried to enter the house where Pyowol was being treated.


Eun-yo stretched out her pole to block their path.

The blood demons, who had no choice but to return to their places, attacked Eun-yo.

Now they know too.

The fact that Pyowol, their goal, is in that house.

So it was clear that Eunyo was desperately trying to stop them.

It was then.

Through the fog, four more blood demons appeared.

He made his way through the maze and eventually came inside.

The blood demons who dealt with Eunyo pointed to the house with their hands.

They recognized the will of their colleagues at once.

The newly appeared blood demons ran straight home.

Eunyo bit her lip gently.

‘Is it possible?’

She immediately shook her head.

Now was not the time to worry.

It was time to unleash the martial arts.

“Chaa! Paranggucheon Demon Sword (波浪九天魔刀).”

Sorroeumsa’s strongest swordsmanship unfolded in her hand.


The blood-red river spread like a net all over the area.

Dogang attacked the blood demons in an instant.

The blood demons opened their mouths and crumbled into blood-sand.

It was truly terrifying power.

But Eun-yo couldn’t be happier.


He suffered deep internal injuries from unreasonably using the best swordsmanship of So-roe-eumsa. She vomited dark red blood.

It was as if my whole body was disintegrating, so I couldn’t even lift a finger. Still, she forcibly tried to complete the jinbeop, but the most important pole was nowhere to be seen.

It could not withstand the river crossing and disappeared without a trace.

At that time, the blood demons broke through the mist and appeared abruptly.


Eun-yo bit her lip until it bled and stood up.

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