Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 492

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 492

Episode 492


Namgungwol was the man who sighed while looking at the huge lake.

There were countless bodies floating in Poyang Lake.

These were the soldiers who died in battle today.

The clash between Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe resulted in numerous casualties.

More people were dying than Namgungwol thought.

With so many victims, it’s gotten to the point where we can’t stop even if we want to.

Geumcheonhoe, Eunryeonhoe, and numerous munpa related to them participated.

Numerous Eunwons were newly created, and among them there were Munpas that disappeared without a trace.

Even now, according to their own interests, many warriors and sects in the world were joining the Geumcheonhoe and Eunryeonhoe.


Namgungwol sighed once again.

He made Eunryeonhoe with the will to prevent the runaway of Geumcheonhoe, but he did not even expect that it would become the starting point of such a cataclysm.

He could no longer stop the civil war on his own.

“If I knew it would turn out like this, I would rather be the head of the club.”

Yong Ha-sang of Yongcheon-gok, who became the head of the Eunryeonhoe, was a person with high spirits, like the nickname Sopae-ryong (小覇龍).

As soon as he became the head of the party, he showed a warlike tendency.

Despite the opposition of his subordinates, he allowed the operation to result in many casualties.

The result was a disaster right in front of my eyes.

Hundreds of soldiers of the Union Federation died in one day.

Including the warriors of the Geumcheonhoe, the death toll reached nearly a thousand.

The blood they shed was staining the huge Poyang Lake red.

Eunryeonhoe and Geumcheonhoe divided Lake Poyang into north and south.

Eunryeonhoe set up its headquarters in the southwest and Geumcheonhoe in the northeast.

They often provoked each other by going in and out of each other’s territory. Every time a big battle took place and there were so many victims.

Namgungwol told Ha-sang Yong that he should deal with the provocation of Geumcheonhoe more calmly.

Yong Ha-sang listened to Namgung-wol’s opinion. But I was just listening. When actually responding, contrary to Namgoongwol’s opinion, he reacted violently.

There are two ways to put out the fire.

One is to extinguish it with water, and the other is to set fire to it.

Yong Ha-sang chose to set the fire back.

“If you lose momentum from the beginning, you can never recover. We have to set a strong counterfire and remind them that this side is not easy.”

Yong Ha-san’s words were right. But the sacrifices they had to make were too great.


Namgungwol let out another deep sigh.

It felt like going through the sea in the dark without being able to see the front.

At times like this, I thought it would be nice if someone could be a torch to light the way ahead.

“Would things have been different if Pyo Dae-hyeop had been here?”

Namgungwol shook his head.

Because it was a useless idea.

The Pyo-wol he knew had a strong personal inclination, he didn’t like leading others, and he hated being active outside the country even more. It was impossible for someone like that to lead the Union Association.

It was then.

Suddenly, a group of boats appeared on the other side of the lake.

“It’s a golden round.”

“Everyone be alert.”

Unlike the subordinates making a fuss, Namgungwol watched the situation with cold eyes.

At that time, a white cloth was hung over the boat.

Understanding that it meant that he had no intention of fighting, Namgungwol gave the order.

“Float the boat. I will go myself.”

“It is dangerous.”

“You don’t believe me? I have enough ability to protect myself.”

“If you feel danger, you must get out immediately.”

“I’ll do that.”

In the end, the subordinates set the boat on Poyang Lake.

The boat that Namgungwol rode on quickly approached the boats approaching from the other side.

Namgungwol’s face hardened as the ship approached.

It was because the warriors, who gave off an unusual presence to the opposing ship’s players, were standing tall like cranes.

Namgungwol recognized his identity at a glance.

“Dokgo Hwang?”

He was Dokgo Hwang of Mugeomryeon.

As he approached while being hit by the wind all over his body, momentum like a tidal wave was emanating from him.

Behind Dokgo Hwang was his confidant Eom So-so.

The boat they were on stopped right in front of them.

Namgungwol was the first to speak.

“It was you!”

“Long time no see.”

“When did you come here?”

“It’s been a while.”

“Is it okay to leave Mugeomryun empty and wander around carelessly like this?”

“Unlike thousands of times, martial arts training is quite stable.”

“Is that why you emptied martial arts and ran all the way here? I have nothing to do.”

“It’s a position where the hegemony of the world depends, so shouldn’t I be there?”

Dokgo Hwang did not hide his ambition.

The war, which began with the clash between the Geumcheonhoe and the Eunryeonhoe, was shaking the world.

There was no better opportunity than this for the ambitious seekers of world hegemony.

Namgungwol asked.

“So what can I say? You didn’t invite me just to chat.”

“The first business is to collect the body of the deceased.”


“Why don’t we take a truce for today and deal with each other?”


“You must be distressed that the bodies of Unryeonhoe soldiers are left in Poyang Lake like this, right? So do I.”

“So let’s not attack each other and collect the bodies.”


“I don’t trust you, but I agree to collect the body.”

“I would have known that if it were you.”

“What is the second business?”

“I have a question for you.”

“You mean me?”


Namgungwol frowned.

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t come up with what Dokgo Hwang should ask him.

“All I want is the whereabouts of one person. If you answer honestly, I promise to stop the war for the next three days.”

“It’s a three-day truce…”

“I promise you in my name.”

“Good! What are you curious about?”

A three-day ceasefire could save at least hundreds of lives. If he could save that many people, he could have answered Dokgo Hwang’s questions.

Dokgo Hwang said.

“I have one death penalty.”

“execution? Weren’t there several people?”

“I am looking for one of them. It’s a name you’ve probably heard of. Yoo Soo-hwan’s death penalty.”

“Yoo Soo-hwan grand bargain?”

There was a deep gap between Namgungwol’s forehead.

“Is Hyung-hyung Yoo staying at the union association? Be honest.”

“Is he at Poyang Lake?”

“Are you saying you don’t know?”

“This is the first time. If I hadn’t listened to you, I wouldn’t have known he was at Poyang Lake.”

Namgungwol calmly lied without the slightest hesitation.


Dokgo Hwang closely watched the change in Namgungwol’s expression.

‘I don’t think it’s a lie. If so, where did he escape to?’

As a result, Eom So-so could neither kill nor subdue Yu Su-hwan.

Even though it was not long after his martial arts had been restored, Yoo Soo-hwan showed off his amazing skills and escaped the crisis.

Although he suffered considerable wounds, he eventually escaped the encirclement and disappeared.

Eom So-so led his men in pursuit, but Yoo Soo-hwan was nowhere to be found.

To Dokgo Hwang, Yoo Soo-hwan was Shim Bok-hwan.

He was a person who would be a threat to his legitimacy if left alive.

Now, Dokgohwang almost dominated Mugeomryeon, but there were still many people who followed Yu Suhwan in Mugeomryeon.

If they found out that Yu Su-hwan was alive, Mugeom-ryun could have been torn in half.

That’s why I had to catch Yoo Soo-hwan.

Dokgohwang asked again.

“Really? Aren’t you cheating?”

“joy! If Daehyeop Yu was here, it would have been widely known. A lot of people will question you if you say you’re on our side with a problem.”


Namgungwol’s words were right, so Hwang Dokgo sighed for a moment.

The Namgungwol he knew was not one to conspire or lie. That’s why I had to believe it.

‘If I hadn’t gone to the union meeting, where would I have been hiding?’

His gaze turned to Eomsoso, who was behind him. Then, Eom So-so bit his lip and lowered his head.

Because it was embarrassing.

She had never once betrayed Dokgo’s expectations. However, he disappointed Dokgo Hwang for the first time by missing Yoo Soo-hwan, whom he thought was the fish he had caught. So I couldn’t forgive myself for being complacent.

Dokgo Hwang secretly sent a telegram to Eom Soso.



-Make sure to find him and kill him. Never disappoint me this time.


Umsoso’s face turned red.

Dokgo Hwang looked at Namgungwol.

“As promised, the Geumcheonhoe will not move first for the next three days.”

Namgungwol frowned at his declaration.

Namgungwol said quietly to his confidant standing next to him.

“Find the Yu Daehyeop. If we secure him, we will surely be able to shake the martial arts practice.”

Mugeomryeon had the potential to be ranked among the top three of the forces supporting Geumcheonhoe. If he could secure Yoo Soo-hwan, he might be able to drive Mugeom-ryun into self-immolation.



Shinwoo Nam sat down on top of a tree and let out a long yawn.

It was pretty boring after being up in the tree doing nothing for a long time.

Shinwoo Nam muttered, rubbing his eyes with his fingers.

“I want to see Master. Awesome!”

It was the first time he had been away for such a long time since he became a disciple of Fengjon.

Although he was feared and feared by others, he was an infinitely good protector to Nam Shin-woo.

Pungjon did his best to protect Nam Shin-wu and passed on all his martial arts to Nam Shin-wu.

Poongjon’s martial arts were so vast that Nam Shin-wu could not understand them all or master them in a short period of time. Still, Pungjon made me memorize it unconditionally.

With the saying that if you learn the basics, you will learn it later. Thanks to this, all of Pungjon’s martial arts were remembered in Nam Shin-woo’s head.

His achievements right now are insignificant, but as he gets older and his understanding of martial arts deepens, his achievements will increase by leaps and bounds.

“Are you all right? Well, who would do him?”

Nam Shin-woo firmly believed that Pungjon was invincible.

It was then.

Nam Shin-woo, who was talking to himself, suddenly shut his mouth.

Because a strange atmosphere was detected.

He focused his eyes and looked straight ahead.


Something was moving in the distance.

The moment he saw the red shadow approaching through the bushes, the drowsiness disappeared from Nam Shin-woo’s face.

The red warrior from head to toe could not have been an ordinary person.

‘It’s bloody.’

Nam Shin-woo recognized the identity of the opponent at once.


At that time, I could see the blood demon approaching from the other side as well.

Looking around didn’t seem to notice the town yet.

They advanced cautiously, exchanging signals.

At this rate, it was clear that they would soon reach the entrance of the village.

Nam Shin-woo prayed earnestly.

‘Please just pass by.’

However, his wish was put to shame and the blood demons managed to reach the front of the village.

The blood demons looked at each other’s faces in the thick mist that blocked their way.

He realized that the sudden appearance of the mist was not normal.


The blood ghost blew a long whistle.

Suddenly, red shadows suddenly appeared here and there.

They followed the whistle and approached the village entrance.

Blood demons were infested in front of the village covered in thick mist.

Among the blood demons, a soldier with a particularly strong presence came forward. It was Danju who led the Bloodghost Corps.

Danju looked at the thick mist for a while and then nodded to the bloodgwi who was beside him.

Even after waiting for a long time, the blood ghost that entered did not come out again.

A cold smile appeared on the corner of the blood demon master’s mouth.


He snapped his finger, and the blood demons entered the mist.

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