Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 491

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 491

Episode 491

Eunyo asked.

“What about blood?”

“I need to replenish someone’s blood.”

“Is that possible? Giving your own blood to someone else?”

“Is it possible!”


Eun-yo kept her mouth shut at the firm words of faith.

Because it was impossible in her common sense.

God has spoken.

“It cannot be explained in words, but the nature of blood is different for each person. It’s like it’s compatible with blood. If you inject blood with a different nature, it will only last four months.”


“Originally, we have to distinguish the nature of blood with herbs, but there are no such herbs here.”

Shinji furrowed his brow.

If you are a Gigauibang in Soyang, you will be able to distinguish the nature of blood without difficulty. But there was no such herb here.

Himself and Eun-yo Nam Shin-woo and Do Yeon-san.

Among them, it was unknown whether someone’s blood had similar properties to Pyowol. If you mistakenly inject the wrong blood, it would only speed up Pyowol’s lifeline.

Shin-woo looked at Shin-woo Nam with sincerity after thinking for a while.

“I must use your blood.”

“yes? Me?”


Nam Shin-woo had the ability to immortalize.

Sinui thought that Nam Shin-woo’s ability came from blood. A certain ingredient contained in his blood maximizes his regenerative power.

If it is Shinwoo Nam’s blood, even if it is of a different nature, it will be able to trigger the regeneration of Pyowol.

“What are you going to do?”

“I will give you my blood.”

Nam Shin-woo answered without hesitation.

If it wasn’t for Pyowol, he would have died instantly.

I would have given not only my blood but also my life if I could save him.

god said

“Then let’s begin. Roll up your sleeves and lie down next to the moon.”


Nam Shin-woo obediently followed his words.

Sinui took out the cloth package he had been carrying in his heart.

When the cloth bundle was opened, a hollow bamboo needle and an empty tube made of reed leaves were revealed.

Sinui put a large acupuncture needle on both sides of the tube.

He said to Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo before inserting a needle into Shin-woo Nam’s arm.

“You guys keep out. While Dafa is being spread, don’t let anyone enter the room.”


“all right.”

The two went out with an answer.

They, too, were aware of the seriousness of the matter. From now on, I had to keep away from a single ant cub.

After the two left, Shinui put a great acupuncture needle into Nam Shin-woo’s arm vein. Then, he inserted the opposite needle into Pyowol’s arm.

Nam Shin-woo’s blood flowed into Pyo-wol’s body along the pipe.

Faith said to Nam Shin-woo.

“It won’t take long, so be patient.”

“I’m fine.”

“You are proud.”

“If it wasn’t for my brother, I wouldn’t have been alive until now. I also met Master thanks to my older brother. My brother is my benefactor. I can give you life, not blood.”

“I don’t need even my life. All I need is a little blood to prime it.”


Sinui calculated the amount of blood flowing from Nam Shin-woo’s body while they were talking.

The more, the better, but if too much blood is drained, Nam Shin-woo will be hurt. Conversely, if it is too lacking, it cannot boost the weakened vitality.

Sinui watched the condition of Pyowol.

If Pyo-wol showed a rejection reaction, he had to pull out the acupuncture immediately. However, there has been no reaction so far.

Still, God was not vigilant.

Even if there was no rejection at first, there were cases where it appeared after a long time.

Fortunately, the process of transfusing Nam Shin-woo’s blood into Pyo-wol went smoothly.

Sinui pulled out the great acupuncture needle that connected the blood vessels of the two people.

Shinwoo Nam rubbed his arms and stood up.

“Is it done?”

“for now!”

“Is there anything else I can help with?”

“It is enough to share blood. I’ll do it from now on, so you go out and help the two of them.”


Nam Shin-woo went outside with an answer.

Shinui looked at Pyowol for a moment.

A bit of color returned to his pale face. But this was not enough.

Like I said to Nam Shin-woo earlier, it was just a matter of pouring water into the priming water. To save Pyowol, something more was needed.

Sinui took out a wooden box from the cloth package.

Inside the wooden box were hundreds of silver needles too fine to be discerned with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Sinui took out a silver needle and muttered.

“The Great Law of Life and Death! It is the only thing to believe in.”

It was a legendary great law that could save people even if they were in danger, as long as they had a breath.

Sinui traveled all over the world to perfect this acupuncture.

Now, the nickname of Shinui has come to refer to him, but there were people called Shinui before that.

Those who possessed medical skills that reached the level of gods.

They disappeared with the flow of time. Shinui wandered all over the world, gathering their medical skills one by one. What he completed in this way was the Law of Living and Social Marriage.

In order to unfold the Law of Life and Social Marriage, an elixir was needed.

Fortunately, Shinui had such an elixir.

It didn’t make sense that there wasn’t at least one elixir of vision when the name was faithful.

Sinui took out the order that he had cherished so far.

One hundred herbs were used to make Yeongdan, which was named Baeknyeong Ilwon Sindan (百靈一元神丹).

All of the 100 herbs are hard to find in public life, and Sinui only made three pills.

Sinui opened Pyowol’s mouth and let him take the Baengnyeong Ilwonshindan.

When the saliva touched it, the Baengnyeong Ilwon Shindan melted like water in an instant and passed down Pyowol’s esophagus.

“I don’t know if this will be a blessing or a disaster for you.”

After receiving Nam Shin-woo’s blood transfusion, he took Baengnyeong Ilwonshindan. I couldn’t believe what kind of effect would be if the life and death marriage law was added to it.


Shinui sighed for a moment and began to insert acupuncture needles into Pyowol’s body.

If even one of them is slightly out of position, a catastrophe will occur. For that reason, Sinui focused her mind as much as possible and inserted each needle one by one. That is how the Law on Living and Social Marriage began.


Eunyo looked around the village.

The village was so remote that it didn’t even have a name. Not too many people knew about this place. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely isolated.

In Eun-yo’s eyes, this place seemed halfway.

If Pyowol’s wound wasn’t deep, we would have met here and moved to another place. However, because the details of the pyowol were so critical, I had no choice but to stay here for about a day.

Once the bloodghosts were out of the way, I couldn’t be relieved.

You never know when they might come after you again.

Eunyo said.

“I need to spread the truth.”

“What shall I prepare?”

Do Yeon-san asked as if he knew that.

“I’m going to open the maze. I need seventy-two polished wooden poles.”


Doyeonsan ran to the nearby forest and started cutting down a slender tree.

A tree the size of a forearm had all its twigs cut off and polished in a few strokes.

Nam Shin-woo came out and asked Eun-yo.

“Sister, what shall I do?”

“You keep an eye out for any abnormal trends outside. If you detect even the slightest strange movement, immediately return and report it.”

“all right.”

Shinwoo Nam climbed like a squirrel up a tall tree nearby.

He gave a lot of blood to Pyo-wol, but there didn’t seem to be any aftereffects.

Eun-yo thought Nam Shin-woo was proud.

After waiting for a while, Do Yeon-san returned with an armful of the wooden stick she had ordered.

Eun-yo accepted one of them.

She stood in front of the house and looked to the front.

It was Eunyo who lost his eyesight due to the influence of the Dafa he received at Soroeumsa. But instead of losing an eye, he gained a mind’s eye.

The world we see with our eyes is very different from the world we see with our eyes.

The world she saw was composed of light and flow instead of the shape of objects.

Light was the essence of things, and flow was the flow of energy that originated from the essence.

Everything that exists has an essence and a flow.

It also applied to the land.

There are places where the energy is particularly strong.

There was always a strong current with bright energy in such a place.

At first I didn’t know what that meant. But now I know for sure. as well as how to use it.

If you use the flow of qi well, you can create a variety of harmony.

That was the truth.

Jinbeop is to create harmony between heaven and earth by slightly twisting it using manpower.

Ordinary people have to spend their whole lives trying to learn the jinbeop, but she doesn’t have to.

because it is visible


Eunyo put the first stick in a place where the flow of qi is particularly strong.

I could see the flow of qi changing.

A second rod was inserted into the diverter of the flow.

The flow changes again.

Eunyo controlled the flow like that with a stick.

No other jinbeopga in the world could spread the jinbeop like her.

So far, he can only use the methods he learned at Soroeumsa, but as he deepens his realm, he will be able to use much more complex and deadly tactics.

Eun-yo inserted the sticks one after another.

When about forty or so were plugged in, mist began to slowly form around them. It was a phenomenon that appeared when the truth was manifested.

The appearance of this phenomenon even though the jinbeop had not yet been completed meant that the rod of silver yoke was piercing the core.

When the labyrinth was completely completed, the fog grew thicker.

Not only the house where Pyo-wol was being treated, but the entire village was enveloped in thick mist.

In an instant, a village was engulfed in mist and completely obliterated.


Only then did Eunyo let out a sigh.

It couldn’t have been this difficult if it was simply to stick the stick in the flow of qi.

The depth at which the rods were inserted was different for each flow and the degree of bearing capacity was also different. So, she also struggled with a temporary sense of exhaustion after practicing the jinbeop.

Eun-yo bent over for a moment and took a deep breath.

Do Yeon-san came up to Eun-yo and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“are you okay?”

“I can’t stand this much.”

“great job.”


“I hope there are no pursuers, anyway.”

“That’s not for the best.”

Eunyo straightened her back and said.

I tried my best, but it was best not to use it.

She prayed for the time to pass without incident.

“You worked hard, so I’m resting.”


“I have work to do.”


“I think I need to study.”

Eun-yo narrowed her eyes at Do Yeon-san’s unexpected answer.

Do Yeon-san smiled as if she found Eun-yo cute.

“Until now, I have used the power of the Demon King without much worry. I didn’t have to worry You can pull it out if you just put your mind to it.”

Do Yeon-san did not know even a second and a half of martial arts until she gave her body to the ghost king.

Although he did not know the principles of martial arts, he gained strong power.

It is no different from giving a child a knife to slaughter a cow.

All the ones I’ve dealt with so far have been lower than him. Even if he wielded a large sword at random, he could overwhelm him. So I didn’t worry too much.

That thinking has changed recently.

This is because the level of the unmanned opponents has risen dramatically. Doyeonsan’s random attacks did not work on them.

From then on, Doyeonsan’s troubles began.

What should I do to properly utilize the power that the ghost king has left in my body?

“To be honest, I don’t know how much I can use just because I’m looking for it now. But you have to do something. Because you can’t just do nothing and be defeated.”

“I am proud of you.”


“I don’t know what you’ll get, but let’s start. If something happens, Mirozin will buy you some time.”

Eun-yo’s smile gave Do Yeon-san confidence.


Do Yeon-san immediately sat cross-legged.

Looking at Doyeonsan like that, Eunyo murmured.


It was up to her and Nam Shin-woo to endure until Do Yeon-san achieved some level of achievement.

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