Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 490

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 490

Episode 490

“Heo Eok! Whoa!”

Fengjian breathed heavily.

My heart was beating violently, as if it would burst at any moment.

No matter how much I chose to breathe, my heart wouldn’t calm down.

It’s because he really pulled everything out of himself to the limit.

I can’t remember when was the last time I poured my all into this.

“Only… killing people!”

Fengjon looked at the corpse scattered in front of his eyes.

It was the man-in-law who had driven himself so ferociously a moment ago. However, in his appearance now, the majesty of the past could not be found.

The appearance of the disheveled appearance was no different from the meat of a butcher’s shop.

Dying is like this.

No matter what you look like in life, no matter what reputation you have, everyone is fair in front of death.

It’s so shabby and pointless.


Feng Zhen let out a sigh.

It was only one number.

The difference that determined their destiny.

Feng Zun bet everything on the number of days and gambled with his life.

The mistake of Manslaughter is that he rushed at the gamble of abundance, thinking it was a fatal mistake.

As a result, Fengjon won, and Mansal turned into a cold corpse like this.

If Fengjon’s gamble had failed, it would have been him to lie as a corpse.

Fengjon sat down next to Mansal.

He was so exhausted that he no longer had the strength to stand up.

“I don’t know what became of him.”

Poongjon recalled Pyowol.

Even though he himself had a terrible time, Pyo-wol must be struggling much harder than he was.

“You will do well. Because he has the ability to do that.”

“Who is said to have that ability?”

Then a calm voice reached his ears.

For a moment, Feng Zun felt a chill as if he had been bathed in ice water.


It was a voice that should never be heard here.

So I thought it was an illusion.

Feng Zun cautiously turned his head in the direction the voice came from.

there he was

The moment he saw him, Feng Zun’s eyes trembled.

“How are you?”

“It’s been a while.”

he said calmly.

Obviously, there is not a big difference in age from Pungjon, but he kept his youthful appearance as if he had gone backwards in time.

He was the owner of a strong internal energy enough to reverse the flow of time. He was the only person in the present era who had such a strong internal energy.

At least in the group of people Fengjon knew, only he was possible.

He said.

“I was passing by and heard that you were around here.”

“Did you hear it while passing by?”


“It’s coincidental rather than coincidental.”

“The reason of the sky is so profound that it is impossible to see through it completely with the human mind.”

“A thousand li is coming out of your mouth. It’s funny.”

“It may seem that way. Well, I’m funny too.”

The corners of his mouth went up in an arc.

He was obviously smiling, but Feng Zun unknowingly shuddered.

Although he was not afraid of anyone in the world, he was as frightened as the man in front of him.

It’s hard to breathe just being in the same space.

“Old man!”

Then someone’s voice was heard.

Even without turning my head to check, I could identify the owner of the voice.

She was Ki Seon-hye of Giga’s room.

Ki Seon-hye was holding a wooden box with needles in it and looking at Poong-jon and him alternately.

Seeing that Poongjon’s wounds were serious, he ran to get treatment, but when he found him, he hesitated.

Ki Seon-hye’s face was so pale that it was hard to see.

Even though he doesn’t radiate any momentum, he feels a lot of pressure. Just because you are in the same space as him.

Feng Zhen said hastily.

“Get away, Seon-hye!”

“But the old man’s wounds…”

“I don’t care, get back.”

A vein stood on Feng Zun’s neck.

Sensing the unusual atmosphere, Ki Seon-hye tried to withdraw. But his voice caught her.



At that moment, Seonhye Ki’s body froze.

By simply hearing the voice, the heart is subdued by him.

He said to Ki Seon-hye.

“What is your name?”

“I’m Ki…Seonhye from Giga’s room.”

“Giga’s room? That’s a name I’ve never heard before.”

“It’s a small medical clinic that practices medicine in the slums of Soyang, so it’s natural that you’ve never heard of it.”


He looked at Ki Seon-hye and his eyes lit up.

In an instant, Feng Zun wrote an evil word.

“Don’t pay attention to that kid, bro!”

“like! You finally call me brother.”

“older brother!”

“Nice to hear.”

he shook his head.

Conversely, Feng Zun’s face was contorted even more fiercely.

Poongzon knew.

That none of those he cares about remain sane.

He was like a plague.

Destroying everyone except himself.

I hated him and wandered all over the world.

I didn’t even go near his residence, in case I ran into him by chance. I’ve been avoiding it for decades, but today I met him here.

I would have thought of running away if I was in good health, but I didn’t have the strength to even lift a finger right now.

“Since I haven’t seen my brother in a while, I want to drink together for three days and nights to strengthen brotherly friendship. What do you think?”

“Are you sure you want to take this little brother with you?”


“Brother Cheonhwa!”

“You know better that I do not recommend it twice.”


Fengjon closed his lips.

Normally, I would never listen to him. But now he had no choice.

If you reject his words, everyone here will die.

Not to mention Ki Seon-hye, but also all the people in the slums.

He was a man of sufficient ability.

“I will follow.”

“Good idea. I heard that you took a disciple. I will take that child too.”

“My disciple is not here right now.”

“after! little brother I’m not feeling well right now. I care about you, so why don’t you trust me?”

“It’s real. sent far away.”

Fengjon thought it was fortunate that Nam Shin-wu was not here.

It was obvious what would happen to Nam Shin-woo if he fell for his older brother.

He did not miss the relief that passed by the corner of Pungjon’s eyes.

‘It’s clear that he’s not here.’

It was a little regretful, but I didn’t want to take Poongjon’s disciple by overdoing it.

Anyway, as long as Fengjon is with him, the disciple will have no choice but to join him naturally.

“let’s go! little brother.”


Pungjon rose to his feet.

Before following him, Pungjon looked at Seonhye Ki.

He didn’t say anything, but Seonhye Ki nodded as if she understood.

Feng Zun also nodded slightly and followed him.

He said.

“It feels so good to walk with you for such a long time. Please let us be together for a long time.”


Feng Zhen replied weakly.

He moved like a cow being led to the slaughterhouse.


A boat entered the thick reed forest by the river.


The ship stopped with a dull sound. Then the man jumped from the boat and looked around.

“no one is here. You can get down.”

The man talking to the ship was Do Yeon-san.

As soon as he finished speaking, Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo appeared.

Nam Shin-woo had a Pyo-wol on his back.

Eun-yo asked Do Yeon-san.

“Is this right?”

“Are you sure! If you go a little further, God will be waiting for you.”


Only then did Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo get off the boat.

As the two walked away from the boat with the Pyowol on their backs, Doyeonsan picked up the knife that was usually used on the boat.


Do Yeon-san swung the sword with spirit.

Then, an intense pottery came out and cut all the reeds in the area.

Doyeonsan threw away the sword and spread both hands toward the flying reeds. Then a strong wind rose and scattered reed leaves over the boat.

The small boat was quickly covered with reed leaves.

At this rate, unless you look closely, you won’t even notice the presence of a ship here.

“let’s go!”

After finishing the camouflage work, Do Yeon-san told the two of them.

They left the anchorage and moved along the reed fields.

It would be more convenient to move to Guandu, but it was a foolish choice.

At this time, there will be not one or two people walking the Guando. If you move to Guandu, you will definitely open their eyes.

Luckily, I got rid of the blood demons, but I didn’t think they would give up so easily.

They will do everything they can to find and kill Pyowol.

I had to stay out of their sight until I got out of Hunan completely.

They mostly moved to deserted places.

Pyo-wol tried to fly the sky while completely entrusting himself to Nam Shin-woo. However, his body was so badly damaged that even Ungong did not go his way.

For now, it was best to prevent the condition from getting any worse. But even that wasn’t easy.

Because too much blood was shed. No matter how astounding, even the owner of martial arts is bound to die if he sheds so much blood.

Pyowol’s condition, which had lost consciousness, gradually deteriorated.


Nam Shin-woo, who was carrying Pyo-wol on his back, noticed the fact first.

Eunyo looked at the condition of Pyowol and said.

“Dangerous! I need to speed it up. Let’s run through the road.”

“But what if people notice you?”

“I’m not in a position to cover this and that. The more the tip is delayed, the less likely it will be saved.”

“Shit! Let’s do it.”

In the end, Do Yeon-san agreed with Eun-yo’s decision.

The three of them jumped out of the canal.

As I ran through the well-polished pipe, my speed doubled.

Some people walking along the Guandu were surprised to see the three running. It was because ordinary people ran at a speed that could not be dared to imagine.

In an instant, the three disappeared from sight of the others.

They ran for almost half an hour without stopping. The place he arrived at was a small village far from Giyang.

Someone was standing at the entrance of the village.

Suddenly, a welcome light flashed on his face.

It was because I saw three people running away.


It was Shinui who welcomed the three people.

“he is?”

“Here you go.”

Shinwoo Nam pointed at his back.

Sinui’s face stiffened as he saw the unconscious Pyowol.

“You are also seriously injured. Move inside.”


The four of them hurriedly took Pyo-wol and entered the largest house in the village. It was the village chief’s house, but I gave it to you today for your faithfulness.

There was a time when God healed the village chief’s daughter who was seriously ill. So the village chief readily gave up his house for the sake of trust.

“Lay me down here.”

Shinui pointed to the bed.

Nam Shin-woo hurriedly put Pyo-wol on the bed.

As Pyowol lay down on the bed, Guia crawled out.

Gwiah coiled himself around Pyowol’s head like a watcher.

Sinui did not even look at Gwiah and pointed to Pyowol’s veins.

His expression became increasingly serious.

“Huh! I lost too much blood.”

It was surprising that he was still alive with such scars.

To that extent, the condition of Pyowol was serious.

“First of all, what should we do with the blood?”

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