Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 49

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 49

Light Novel: Volume 2 Episode 24

Manhwa: Chapter 31

After leaving the store Pyo-wol’s gaze turned to the next alley.

“Who told you to go use the hammer?”

“Are you crazy? How dare you grab a hammer that we’ve never held before?”

Some men were trampling on someone.

It was the Tang Sochu who he saw in the workshop.

He was being ruthlessly beaten with his back bent like a shrimp. The people trampling on Tang Sochu were the apprentices who were learning blacksmith work in the Fire Dragon Room.

Fire Dragon Room was basically a clan made by artisans. The ark is operated but the authority of the Fire Dragon Room comes from the craftsmen.

That’s why it was important to be an apprentice of a particular master artisan. Buntaju was a very good craftsman in the Fire Dragon Room and there were countless apprentices who wanted to be taught by him.

However in order to become a formal apprentice a lot of waiting was required and in the meantime it was an implicit rule to have to do chores.

Tang Sochu broke that rule and grabbed the hammer.

In a way it was natural for the apprentices to be angry with Tang Sochu.

“This is for having such dirty blood of the Tang family.”

“This is for breaking the rules every now and then.”

The apprentices spit out curse words and used violence. Even though Tang Sochu was beaten like that he did not scream once. His eyes remained ull of poison and his lips were clenched. His flesh was torn or burst and blood was flowing red but his eyes never softened.

Pyo-wol looked carefully at the face of Tang Sochu.

As time passed the violence of the apprentices became more severe. However Tang Sochu gritted his teeth even more and persevered.

Pyo-wol liked the poisonous eyes of Tang Sochu.

Because he himself survived with such an attitude.

Tang Sochu’s eyes turned to Pyo-wol as he felt his gaze.

Their eyes met in the air.

Pyo-wol’s eyes as if the flow of time had stopped and Tang Sochu’s eyes which seemed empty but full of poison were somehow similar.


Pyo-wol threw the throwing knife which he just bought from Buntaju towards Tang Sochu.

The throwing knife fell right in front of Tang Sochu’s hand.

Pyo-wol replied to Tang Sochu’s eyes who had a questioning gaze as if asking about the meaning of Pyo-wol’s action.

“Human beings are more ferocious than beasts. Once you look down on them they will bite until they die. Their beating will not end if you put up with it like this. Don’t endure it. If it becomes your habit to endure the pain and beatings you will continue living like a wretched dog.”



It was only then that the apprentices realized that someone was standing in the alley. They had a puzzled expression.

This kind of violence was usually done in secret. There was nothing good about going outside. The oldest of the apprentices said with a fierce expression.

“Hey customer! Don’t talk nonsense and just go. This matter only concerns our Fire Dragon Room”

His voice was polite but the meaning of his words wasn’t. The very mention of the Fire Dragon Room was used to pressure Pyo-wol.

In fact the prestige of the Fire Dragon Room in Sichuan was great.

Although the force itself is declining many sects in Sichuan Province were connected with them as they are the only clan that can supply high-quality weapons in large quantities.

For that reason some problems were resolved by using the name of the Fire Dragon Room.

The apprentices were also aiming for that so they used the name Fire Dragon Room. However Pyo-wol was neither intimidated nor scared by the name of the Fire Dragon Room.

He already experienced too much to be terrified of such a threat.

Pyo-wol didn’t even look at the apprentices but only looked at Tang Sochu. Such an attitude of Pyo-wol further fueled the anger of the apprentices.

“Go before—”

It was a moment when the atmosphere of the apprentices became even more sinister.


Suddenly one of the apprentices screamed.

The other apprentices flinched and quickly turned around. They saw Tang Sochu biting the shoulder of the apprentice who had been screaming.

With how deeply he bit an enormous amount of fresh blood flowed from the apprentice’s shoulder staining Sochu’s face and chest red.

“You crazy b*stard!”

“Come on let go!”

The apprentices were frightened and tried to get rid of Tang Sochu’s head from the apprentice. However when Tang Sochu threatened to wield a dagger they could not approach him ahead of time.


Having his shoulder bitten the apprentice struggled with pain.

Just before he lost his breath Tang Sochu released the shoulder tha he had bitten.

“You crazy b*stard–”

“Are you crazy? How can you bite a person like a beast?”

The apprentices supported their bloody comrade and stared at Tang Sochu. Despite their accusations Tang Sochu did not care.

“When did you guys treat me like a human? You treated me like an animal.”

“Do you think you’ll be safe after this?”

“It doesn’t matter now I’m tired of being beaten by you guys for no reason. I’m going to attack any b*stard who abuses me again.”

Tang Sochu threw his dagger at the apprentices. Then the apprentice’s eyes shook.

There seemed to be naturalization in the eyes of Tang.

Those bloody eyes made the apprentices feel weak.

Even rats bite when they’re cornered and that’s exactly what Tang Sochu did. The only difference is that the rat has only a small fang but Tang Sochu has a dagger in his hand.

It is also a dagger that has been forged in a blue color.

“Damn! You you! Just wait and see!”

“Crazy b*stard!”

The apprentices eventually withdrew with the injured apprentice. When they all disappeared only then did Tang Sochu spit.

“Kaak! Heek!”

Blood was mixed in with his saliva. His internal organs were very badly damaged.


Pyo-wol supported the body of Tang Sochu when he fell and asked


“No! Take me to the dormitory inside the workshop.”

Pyo-wol took Tang Sochu to the place he was talking about.

Tang Sochu’s accommodation was so poor that he could only escape the rain and wind. Even a pigsty couldn’t be any worse than this. Inside the room there was only a single shabby lump of paper.

Pyo-wol looked into the room and murmured.

“It’s nice.”

“You like this? Are you crazy?”

“It’s like an avenger palace. I lived in a place infested with snakes.”

“You don’t have to lie. Do you think I will be comforted if you say that?”

“Do you see me as a person who can comfort others?”

“Not really.”

Tang Sochu said. It didn’t seem like a person with emotionless eyes like Pyo-wol could comfort others by telling lies.

‘Then is it true that he really lived in a snake pit?’

Tang Sochu let out a sigh of relief. It was because he instinctively felt that Pyo-wol’s words were true. Pyo-wol got up from his seat.

Tang Sochu asked.

“Where are you leaving?”

“I have a place to go.”


“Are you really that interested in other people’s affairs?

“Didn’t you also meddle in the affairs of a stranger?”

“I guess so.”

Pyo-wol looked at Tang Sochu. A face resembling himself was staring straight at him.

“I’ve been there before. Thoroughly exploited abandoned and chased.”

“So you want to get revenge?”

“Of course.”

“Your opponent seems to be quite easy-going. Seeing that you can even try to get your revenge.”

“Not really. They’re pretty strong.”

“Who’s your opponent?”

“The Emei sect and Qingcheng sect and all the other sects that follow them.”

“Aren’t you crazy?! Are you going to declare war against the entire forces of Sichuan?”

Tang Sochu raised his voice. It was a look of real excitement.

Pyo-wol shrugged.

“Maybe it’s crazy. But that doesn’t mean I’m crazy.”

“Then are you really going to try it?”

“I have no reason to lie to you.”

“You’re really crazy.”

“Now give me back the dagger. I bought it because I needed it.”

“This trash?”

Tang Sochu looked at the dagger he was holding in his hand.

“The trash is worth a coin. Heh heh! If you rush to get revenge on something like this it’ll break quickly. Just throw this garbage away.”

Tang Sochu threw the dagger away and searched in the far corner of his room. He showed up after a while with a leather belt in his hand.

“Take it!”


“You’ll know when you try it.”

Pyo-wol took the leather belt and examined it. On the outside it was just a simple belt but looking inside there’s a bag with dozens of throwing knives stored in it.

Pyo-wol took out throwing knives and examined them closely.

The sharpened blade was perfect for both balance and strength. A small ring was attached to the end of the handle of the throwing knife so that something like a string could be connected.

It was such an excellent item that Pyo-wol immediately understood what Tang Sochu’s words meant when he said that the dagger he bought in Bunta was garbage.

“Did you make it yourself?”

“Who else would make them? Of course I made them all myself.”

“You must have had a hard time.”

“Hard? It was only hard because I didn’t have the time to make it secretly but the process of making it myself wasn’t hard at all.”

There was a sense of pride in Tang Sochu’s voice.

“Is it really okay for you to give me something like this?”

“You’re going to take revenge on the Qingcheng and Emei sect right?”


“The reason the Tang family collapsed was because of them of course it doesn’t mean that the Tang family was good. In any case it is wrong to stand on the side of the demon sect and betray Jianghu. However I cannot forgive the fact that they pressured the Tang family in every way and caused them to fall apart.”

Tang Sochu inherited the Tang family’s spirit and resentment.

“So you want revenge with this weapon?”

“If my weapons can taste their blood then it’s enough.”

“It’s not a difficult request but how can you believe in me and give me such a piece of equipment? This can make me a lot of money if I sell it in the market.”

“Money is not important to me.”

His voice was full of resentment.

Just because he inherited the Tang surname the hardships he suffered were indescribable.

The Fire Dragon Room didn’t fully come into his side either. It was unavoidable because of the pressures of the sects.

The Fire Dragon Room was extremely afraid of the rebirth of the Tang family. So they are trying to keep a close watch on Tang Sochu who has inherited the Tang surname.

If he was a disciple they would have allowed him to hold a hammer but because he was just an apprentice they didn’t pass on their skills.

Because of that Tang Sochu learned secretly at night and today this incident happened.

“Everyone told me to endure. You’re the first one to tell me not to.”

“I didn’t know your circumstances but your eyes must have impressed me quite a bit.”

“Sometimes a dog whistle is sweeter than a cowardice.” (“어떤 때는 개소리가 감언이설보다 더 달콤한 법이거든.”)

“Okay I will use this.”

Pyo-wol loosened the existing belt and wore the leather belt made by Tang Sochu on his waist. It was so luxurious that no one would even think that there were weapons in it.

Pyo-wol moved his hand and picked up the stored throwing knife.

The weapon came out without a sound.

Pyo-wol repeated the act of inserting and removing the dagger several times.

Tang Sochu couldn’t hide his surprised expression at the speed of Pyo-wol’s actions. It was because his eyes could not even grasp Pyo-wol’s hand movements. It was as if the weapon was moving on its own.

‘My eyes weren’t wrong. He’s the owner of my weapons.”’

He did not know Pyo-wol’s name or identity. But he was convinced that he was the owner of the things he had made.

“Oh come to think of it I don’t even know your name.”

“Pyo-wol. That’s my name.”

“I’ll remember it.”

“Whenever you hear this name know that I’m using these Phantom Daggers.”1

“Phantom Daggers?”

“If such a good weapon doesn’t have a name it would be a waste.”

“Phantom Daggers… Good!”

Tang Sochu smiled for the first time. It was a name that suited the object he had worked hard to create.

“Then take good care of yourself.”

“My name is Tang Sochu. If ever the Phantom Daggers would break down come to me anytime. I’ll fix it for you.”

“I will.”

Pyo-wol tucked the Phantom Daggers into his belt and went outside.

Sochu who was left alone muttered as he watched Pyo-wol disappear through the door.

“Pyo-wol! I’m praying that your name will spread throughout Sichuan Province!”

The more the name Pyo-wol is heard the more likely the Emei and Qingcheng sect will decline.

He did not really believe that a single person could really do anything to the two major powers of Sichuan the Qingcheng and the Emei sect.

He’s just looking forward to it.

In order to relieve his resentment a little by inflicting a certain amount of damage.

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Phantom dagger. Raws: 유령비(幽霊ヒ)

幽 quiet secluded dark

霊 spirit soul

ヒ knife spoon ladle

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