Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 489

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 489

Episode 489

Soyeowol hurriedly took out the Admiral from his bosom.

It was an elixir that he usually carried as a means of lifesaving.

Admirals were taken by Song Chun-wu. However, even after taking the Admiral, Song Chun-wu’s condition did not improve.


Song Chun-wu vomited blood and suffered.

The blood he vomited smelled awful.

Sawyerwol thought he was lucky. It was clear that if he hadn’t vomited up poisoned blood, his condition would have gotten worse.

It was only after he coughed up blood that Song Chun-wu’s expression became more comfortable. The Admiral Corps is finally seeing its effect.


Soyeowol trembled.

I never thought I would carry a snake in my arms. And I didn’t even know that the little snake had such a terrible poison.

If the two of them had been even a little late, Song Chun-wu would not have been a man of this world.

“thank god. Alive…”

So Yeo-wol murmured as she embraced Song Chun-wu.

One arm was cut off, making him a one-armed man, but that didn’t matter.

It was important that Song Chun-woo was alive.

Song Cheon-woo was the support of So Yeo-wol.

Without him, Soyeowol didn’t have the confidence to endure this harsh world.

So, the anger rose even more.

It was anger towards Pyowol who tried to take away the most precious thing from himself.

“What are the blood demons doing?”

She blamed the blood demons for no reason.

It seemed like a good amount of time had passed since I crawled down the cliff, but there was no news yet. But in reality, it wasn’t long before they went down.

Even after running down the well-paved mountain path, it was still too early to reach the bottom.

“Pyowol! You devil! You will die meekly, will you make such a cowardly move?”

Hatred for the moon rose like fog.

He swore that if he were caught, he would kill him with the worst pain imaginable.

So Yeo-wol looked at Song Chun-wu’s face.

Song Chun-wu passed out, probably because he couldn’t bear the pain with his sober mind.

Sawyerwol thought he was lucky. Still, the young fraud on his face had disappeared.

It has passed the hangobi.

So Yeo-wol tied a white cloth tightly around the part where Song Chun-wu’s shoulder was cut off.

The appearance of her standing up after all the measures were taken was reminiscent of blood.


She let out a sigh of relief and looked up at the cliff on the ceiling.

There was still no news from the blood ghosts who had crawled down.

“I’m sure you didn’t miss it?”

Sawyerwol bit his lip at the ominous feeling.

The plan to seize the full power of Guryongsalmak by using Pyowol succeeded.

Mrs. Woo, Mak-joo, and Koo Hye-hye. All beings blocking her path were removed by the Pyowol.

Ko Il-won, her half-brother, will be in the middle of the vast sea by now, so she cannot prevent her from becoming the ruler of Guryongsalmak.

As time passes and the leaders of Guryongsalmak find a reason, they will surely raise a problem or object to her. But that much could easily be overpowered.

She was the one who seized the victory, and she was prepared for those who would rebel.

The problem was the moon.

If Pyowol returned alive, there would be no end to the aftermath.

The person who knew best how tenacious Pyowol was was Soyeowol.

Once he set a goal, he never gave up, and Pyowol was the one who would always assassinate him regardless of means or methods.

“no! it won’t be! I will definitely bring his head.”

Soyeowol waited for the blood demons to bring good news.

I didn’t know how much time had passed.

Suddenly, a red shadow rose above the cliff of the ceiling.

He was one of the blood demons who crawled down following the moon.

So Yeo-wol hurriedly asked about the return of the blood ghost.

“What about him? Where is his supply?”


“sorry? Did you miss it?”

“When we went down, it was already gone and invisible. It was probably washed away in the valley water.”

The blood ghost answered.


“yes! I searched all over, but couldn’t find any trace.”


“The Danju is directly tracking them.”


A faint feeling of relief appeared on Sawyerwol’s face.

The leader of the Bloodghost Corps was the one she trusted the most.

He was recognized for his outstanding skills among the blood demons and became a sober, so he was excellent in both tracking and killing techniques.

To the extent that he would never fall behind his former self.

If he did, he would surely be able to find and kill the moon.



The net was spread wide over the water.

The net soon sank into the water and entangled the objects inside.

“it’s okay! pull up.”

Soon the people on the boat started pulling up the net.

A large object, entangled in the net, came aboard the ship.


As soon as the object touched the deck, two men rushed in and untied the net. Then the identity of the object inside the net was revealed.

it was a man

The man with pale skin like a corpse was Pyowol.


“Come on and pull it out.”

The men who pulled Pyo-wol out of the net were Do Yeon-san and Nam Shin-woo.

Behind them was Eun-Yo.

Eun-yo pointed out the context of Pyo-wol.

It was weak, but I could feel the pulse.

“He is still alive.”

“thank god.”

“It’s time to be at ease. There must be a pursuer. Hurry up and get out of here. CNU, hurry up and drive the boat.”


Nam Shin-woo answered and prepared to move the boat.

Do Yeon-san asked Eun-yo.

“Is my brother okay?”

“Corruption is severe. We have to take her to Shinui as soon as possible.”


Do Yeon-san nodded.

At first glance, Pyowol’s condition did not look so good.

Pyowol’s physical condition was so bad that it was said that it was a miracle that he was still alive.

The reason he could still be alive was thanks to his body that had been trained to the limit and the Great Law of Exorcism.

As soon as Pyo-wol fell into the valley water, he instinctively performed the Great Law of Return and stopped all physical activities.

Like that, Pyowol floated down the valley and was able to reach the river that winds down the mountain.

The river was very wide.

Due to the gentle flow, all the people living in the vicinity lived here by catching fish.

Thanks to being in a state of suspended animation and flowing all the way here, the wound didn’t get worse, but it was dangerous if it wasn’t treated quickly.

Eunyo said.

“Go according to plan.”


Do Yeon-san shook her head and blew a whistle. Then, the fishing boats that were fishing nearby gathered around the boat they were on.

In an instant, more than dozens of ships gathered around the ship with Doyeonsan and others on board.

Doyeonsan said to the fishermen.

“From now on, just do as I explained earlier.”

“So you’re saying that each of us can drive the boat and scatter in all directions?”


“If someone calls from the land, don’t burn it?”



The fishermen nodded their heads in unison.

“Let’s move.”



At Doyeonsan’s words, the fishermen drove their boats and scattered in all directions.

Upstream and downstream, they drove their boats through tributaries connected like a spider’s web.

The boat driven by Do Yeon-san moved downstream.

All of this was Eunyo’s plan.

After Eun-yo had enough rest, she followed the Red King to this place.

By the time she and Do Yeon-san arrived, Shinwoljang had already turned upside down.

Eun-yo and Doyeon-san Nam Shin-woo scattered and gathered information.

As a result, he noticed that Pyowol had climbed the mountain behind the New Moonjang.

I wanted to climb the mountain myself and help Pyo-wol escape. However, it was impossible because the mountain was already full of power from Shinwoljang.

Unwillingly, Eun-yo circled around the mountain looking for a place where Pyo-wol could escape.

“It is only here. This is the only valley where the mountain joins the river.”

Eun-yo immediately ordered Do Yeon-san and Nam Shin-woo to recruit fishermen working nearby.

He gave them a large sum of money and asked them to move as they wanted only once.

For the fishermen who make a living by catching fish, the hermit that Do Yeon-san and others gave was a great temptation that they could not handle.

In the end, all the fishermen replied that they would follow Eun-yo’s words.

Late at night, Eun-yo led all the ships out and waited for Pyo-wol to escape. I stayed up all night like that.

Her wait was not in vain.

Just before the sun rose in the east, the pyowol had washed up from the valley.

Doyeonsan, who found the pyowol, threw a net and caught it.

“We need to take her to a place of trust as soon as possible.”

First of all, I had to fool the eyes of my enemies. And the means to track it had to be blocked at the source. That’s why they captured all the fishing boats.

It was impossible to find and track all the fishing boats moving in different directions. Even if it were possible, by that time the ship they were on would be out of whack.

It was then.

“Look over there.”

Suddenly, Doyeonsan pointed in one direction.

It was the point where the valleys from which the Pyowol drifted joined together.

Red shadows appeared there.

It was not possible to know the reality because they were so far away, but it was immediately apparent that they were the ones who had been tracking Pyowol.

They were amazed at the sudden size of the river.

It was not large enough to be tracked by swimming. So I tried to save the ship. However, all ships in the vicinity were bought by Eun-yo.

The blood demons beckoned and called, but all ships turned away.


The blood demon lord widened his eyes.

It was improbable that one of so many ships would not respond to the call.

The boats on the river were scattering in all directions, not even looking at them.

“He’s on one of those boats.”

The problem is that it is not possible to specify which ship the Pyowol is on. Even if he found out, there was no way he would get on board.

No matter how good the wind speed was, it was impossible to chase a ship that far away.

I couldn’t give up just like that.

Danju ordered the blood demons.

“You guys move along with the boat downstream. If anyone ever lands, take the boat and chase it. The rest follow me upstream.”

The blood demons did not answer.

It’s because you’ve been trained to never say anything unless it’s necessary.

The Bloodghost Corps split into two groups and pursued the ships.

They ran along the river and watched the boats. But there were too many ships for them to keep an eye on.

A few tributaries came out and the ships scattered along the tributaries, leaving some ships completely out of sight.

The boat that Eunyo was driving was one of them.

Doyeonsan said.

“I completely dropped my pursuers.”

“Now drive the boat with full power.”


So far, to fool their eyes, they have driven at similar speeds to other ships. However, since the pursuer was gone, no one was suspicious even if the boat was driven with all its might.

Nam Shin-woo spread the sails wide and filled them with wind.

The ship moved at an unprecedented speed.

Only then could Eun-yo take care of Pyo-wol in peace.

It was time to lay Pyowol’s head on his lap and examine the wound closely.


Gwiah crawled out of Pyowol’s arms.

Guia twisted the coil over her chest as if to protect the moon. It looked as if it would bite its fangs at any moment if it approached carelessly.

Eunyo said to Guia.

“I will never do anything to harm my brother. So could you step aside for a moment?”

Perhaps understanding Eunyo’s words, Gwiah soon uncoiled and came down from his chest.

Only then did Eunyo let out a sigh of relief.

She hurriedly pulled the wooden box from her bosom.

Inside the wooden box was a single ring wrapped in gold leaf.

Dan-hwan was Cheongyeong-dan, a rescue team.

It was a spiritual group that took care of you, saying that you might need faith.

Eun-yo hurriedly made Pyo-wol take Cheongyeong-dan.


Cheongyeongdan melted in an instant and flowed into the esophagus.

Pyowol’s complexion improved a little. Still, I couldn’t be completely relieved.

“We must join God soon.”

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