Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 488

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 488

Episode 488

The enemy king raised his head in a chilling feeling while fighting Goo Mun-hye’s attack. It was the same with Guo Guo-hye.

Even at the peak of madness, I paused for a moment as if I felt something strange.

At that moment, the Red King saw that the long thread between himself and Guo Guo-hye was tightened like a noose.

“Oh, no!”


At that moment, an eerie cutting sound rang out, and Pyowol passed them by and crashed into the wall.

The white-clad ghost Daeju looked at Pyo-wol and Goo Mun-hye in turn.

Pyo-wol was buried in the rubble of the collapsed wall and did not know how to move, and Koo-hye and Jeok-wang only looked at each other.

Then Koo Hye-hye opened her mouth.

“The enemy… the king?”

“Are you awake?”

The enemy king opened his eyes wide.

Koo Guo-hye nodded and said.

“I’m sorry for you.”


“I wandered in a dream for too long. I think I can go to him now. Will you forgive me?”

“You will forgive me.”


“yes! I’m sure it will.”

“Would you like me even though I’m so old and ugly?”

“You are beautiful. More than anyone else in the world.”

“I’m glad. Even if it’s just empty words, you say that.”

“It is not an empty word.”

The enemy king shook his head.

Gu Guo Hye smiled.


At that moment, blood flowed from her lips.

Gu Guo-hye looked up at the sky and let out a sigh.

“It took too long. Too…”

“Roh Tae-tae!”

“I’m sorry. Enemy King!”

“no. It was an honor to be able to serve you until the end.”


In an instant, red blood lines formed on the enemy king’s waist, and blood flowed down. It was the same with Guo Guo-hye.

The extreme!

The blood lines on their waists grew thicker and their upper bodies separated and fell to the floor.

“Noh Tae-tae! Enemy King!”

The white-clad ghost Daeju ran like crazy.

However, when he arrived, it was right after Gu Guo-hye and Jeok-wang were cut into two and died.


The white-clad ghost Daeju hugged the bodies of the two and screamed.

It was as if the two died because of themselves.

Pyo-wol reversed his attack and approached Koo Mun-hye and the enemy king. Then, he gathered all his last air power and spread the Sasa River.

Goo Moon-hye and Jeok King simply thought that Pyo-wol was attacked by the white-clad ghost and flew away, but they could not even imagine that he would attack.

All of this was a picture drawn by Pyowol.

“Pyowol! I won’t let you go.”

The white-clad ghost Daeju’s eyes were torn and blood flowed down.

Tears mixed with blood became bloody tears.

The white-clad ghost Daeju raised the body after carefully laying the bodies of the two people.

The place he walked to shine through was a wall covered with a moon.

“I will chew and eat all of your flesh.”

The white-clad ghost Daeju removed the remains of the collapsed wall. However, Pyowol could not be found anywhere.

In the short time when everyone’s eyes were focused on Goo Hye-hye and the King Jeok, Pyo-wol escaped.

The white-clad ghost Daeju shouted at his subordinates.

“The guy is gone. Go find him.”

The white-robed ghosts and the people of Suranang scattered and found Pyowol.

But at that time, it was after Pyo-wol had already escaped Cheonwon-sa.

Pyo-wol led a tired body and ran down the mountain path.

he was a wreck

He suffered serious injuries that would have killed him if he was a normal person, and his inner energy was completely exhausted.

He made four rivers with the internal energy he gathered to the bottom and used them to kill Koo Mun-hye and the enemy king.

I didn’t even have the strength to gather my energy anymore.

The best that Pyowol can do now is to get out of the mountain where Cheonwonsa Temple is located as soon as possible.

Pyowol gritted his teeth and ran.

Branches and grass scratched his face and body mercilessly.

In my mind, I wanted to take a break at least for a while and have a fairy tale about Ungong. But the leap didn’t stop.

By now, they would have known that they were missing and had been tracking them.

He had no time to rest and no time to fly.

My breath was at the tip of my chin and my lungs were about to tear. Still, Pyowol moved desperately. However, the speed of Pyowol, which seemed to continue forever, came to an end.


Pyowol took a deep breath and looked ahead.

A dangerous ceiling cliff stretched in front of him.

As he ran away without hesitation, he ended up running away to a dead end.

Pyowol took a deep breath and looked back.

At that moment, a group of people appeared in the direction he was running.

Pyowol took a deep breath and looked at them.

Those who appeared leading the soldiers in red uniforms were people he knew well.

“So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-woo!”

They were So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu.

The two appeared with the Blood Demon Corps.

Sawyerwol stepped forward and said.

“amazing! After all, you never disappoint.”

“Moon Moon!”

“I didn’t think it was possible, but to kill all the kings of Makgoo Roh Tae-tae, Mrs. Wu’s wife. It is beyond imagination.”

“Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“that’s right!”

Sawyerwol nodded.

It was ridiculous to even come here and get away with it.

“I always wanted to kill them. Makju doesn’t know, but Mrs. Wu has enough power to kill. But I couldn’t. Do you know why?”

“If you kill it with your own hands, it must be because you will incur the wrath of the lord and his subordinates.”

“that’s right! If you get blood on my hands, you lose your legitimacy. The warriors of Guryongsalmak will not accept me as their master. So your role was important.”

“I thought so.”

“As expected, you know everything. so i like to talk You don’t have to elaborate.”

Sawyerwol smiled.

Pyowol’s inaction was beyond imagination.

I thought it might be possible, but I really didn’t know that I would kill Mak-ju and Roh Tae-tae.

The last owner, Goh Myung-myeong, was her father, and Roh Tae-tae was no different from her grandmother. However, Sawyerwol did not feel any inspiration from their deaths.

In the first place, she had never thought of them as her blood relatives. He only shared blood, but Goh Sang-myeong almost neglected So-yeo-wol, and even when he was sold, he remained indifferent.

Koo Guo-hye wasn’t even a blood relative, and because she spent a lot of time engulfed in madness, she had no reason to feel any more affection for her.

Their deaths were a great boon to So Yeo-wol, but not something to be sad about.

“Thanks to you, I will become the owner of Guryongsalmak.”

“Quit! It must have lost a lot of power. Is it still good?”

“Pyowol! You don’t know, but you don’t know too much. Surely you don’t think that the power in New Moon Field is all about Guryongslaughter? The true power of Guryongsalmak is not here. Mostly scattered except birds. Of course, it won’t be easy to integrate them, but I have the cause anyway. Because I am the blood of Guryongsalmakju and the rightful successor.”

“Are you the only blood relative?”

“There is one more. A half-brother brother. Now I’m leading the ghost fleet.”

“Will he be still?”

“How does he, who spends most of his time on board, know what happened here? I don’t care if you know By the time he found out, I would have had full control of this place.”


“Stop it now. transcendence! It looks like he’s trying to recover his energy somehow by dragging time. I can’t look at you anymore because I feel like crying.”

Saw Yeo-wol saw right through Pyo-wol’s intentions.

While continuing the conversation, Pyo-wol was struggling to regain his inner strength by flying through the sky.

Chunwoo Song stepped forward.


He approached Pyowol with his sword drawn.

Pyo-wol looked at Song Chun-wu with his waist slightly bent.

The wounds and pain were so severe that he could not even straighten his back.

Song Chun-Woo looked at Pyo-Wol with a cool expression.

“It ends up like this.”

“Song Chun-woo!”

“Now I’m telling you, I’ve never liked you. It wasn’t once or twice that I wanted to cut your face with a knife, pretending to be lofty alone in an underground cavity.”



“Because my wish came true. Even though you didn’t win it with your own strength.”

At Pyo-wol’s sarcastic words until the end, Song Chun-wu’s expression stiffened.

Pyo-wol’s words touched Song Chun-wu’s deep-rooted sense of inferiority.

I hate to admit it, but I had to admit it.

The fact that he always felt inferior to Pyo-wol.

The inferiority complex that took root in the heart from the underground cavity grew and became a giant tree.

The only way to get rid of the inferiority complex was to kill Pyowol, the very source.

Song Chun-wu stopped right in front of Pyo-wol. Then he raised his sword and slowly stabbed Pyowol’s abdomen.


Pyowol gnashed his teeth at the feeling of a cold blade cutting through his flesh.

Song Chun-wu smiled with satisfaction as he looked at Pyo-wol’s distorted face.

“I won’t kill you right away.”


Song Chun-wu thrust his sword all the way into Pyo-wol’s abdomen.

The black puppet pierced the abdomen and protruded from the waist. Still, Pyowol did not die.

It was because Song Chun-wu deliberately pierced the sword avoiding the main organs.

Pyowol pursed his lips tightly, his face distorted. It was an expression of enduring pain.

Seeing Pyowol’s face like that made me smile even more.

Song Cheon-wu thought that he wanted to see Pyo-wol’s face up close. So we took a step closer.

“how is it? I feel like you’re dying…”

“Couldn’t you rather have killed him at once?”

Pyowol finally answered.

An even colder smile appeared on Song Chun-wu’s lips.

“why? Is it painful?”

“Otherwise… none of this would have happened.”


At that moment, something jumped out of Pyo-wol’s chest and bit Song Chun-wu’s arm. Song Chun-wu was so close to Pyo-wol that he couldn’t avoid it.

Song Chun-wu blankly looked at the object that bit his arm.

A red snake with horns on its head.

it was a ghost


Song Chun-wu was speechless.

This is because the arm bitten by Gwiah turned black in an instant.

It was a truly terrifying extremity.

At this rate, the miasma would pass through his shoulder and enter his heart in an instant.

Once the miasma entered the heart, it could not be saved even if Daera Shinseon came.

When I looked up, I saw Pyowol smiling.

“I told you. I should have killed him at once when the opportunity came.”


Chunwoo Song gritted his teeth.

Biting his arm, Gwiah was already back in Pyowol’s clothes.

There was no time to think further.

Song Cheon-woo hurriedly pulled out the sword that had stabbed Pyo-wol in the abdomen and cut off his own shoulder.



Sawyerwol cried out in surprise. But at that time, Song Chun-wu’s arm had already fallen to the floor.


Chunwoo Song grabbed the cross-section of his shoulder where blood was gushing out and stepped back.

Pyowol smiled at him.

“Next time it won’t end with one arm. Chunwoo Song. See you again!”

“Pyo wow!”

So Yeo-wol’s wondog-young scream echoed across the ceiling cliff.

Pyowol left behind her screams and threw herself onto the cliff of the ceiling.

‘I hope there will be water…’

I bet everything on the faint possibility.

In an instant, the figure of Pyowol disappeared under the cliff of the ceiling.

So Yeo-wol gave an order to the Blood Demon Corps.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and track him down. Be sure to bring his supplies to me.”

The blood demons who received her orders began to crawl down the ceiling cliff.

So Yeo-wol hurriedly approached Song Chun-wu.


“Keuuuu! Hurry up and catch him.”

“Healing the wounds comes first.”

“Huh… Ugh!”

Suddenly, Chunwoo Song rolled his eyes and passed out.

Even though the arm was cut off, the miasma had weakly penetrated.


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