Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 487

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 487

Episode 487 Song

Chun-wu looked at the sword in his hand for a moment.


Dark red blood flowed down the blade.

A puddle of blood had formed on the floor.

The blood that flowed from the bodies of one or two people could not have created such a puddle.

A puddle like this could only be created when an uncountable number of people died and the blood that flowed from their bodies gathered in one place.

In fact, countless people were dead around Song Chun-wu.

Song Chun-woo did not do this alone.

It was something the Bloodgwi Corps accomplished together.

Around Song Chun-wu, the Blood Demon Corps was lined up.

Even if it wasn’t so, the red clothes were stained more red with fresh blood. He became a true blood demon.

Quite a few blood demons died in the fierce battle. Even so, there were still many blood demons left.

The blood demons were looking at Song Chun-wu without even breathing.

The appearance of such blood ghosts was enough to make the soldiers of Guryongsalmak sick.

Most of those who died at the hands of the blood demons were the leaders of Guryongsalmak and the soldiers who followed them.

Their rebellion was very violent.

Normally, they did not acknowledge So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu.

Although So Yeo-wol was born with the lineage of a top-notch local name, she was only a woman.

Giant forces like Guryongsalmak were not accustomed to accepting women as the best. They revere power so much, and since it is a male-dominated society, they want a man with power to become the supreme.

Guryongsalmakdo was also created by a woman, Koo Mun-hye, but after she resigned, women refused to hold important posts.

Furthermore, So Yeo-wol had been away from Guryongsalmak for a long time, so he lacked an internal base. Even though he raised the Bloodghost Corps, he was slandered as an assassin.

After all, there was no difference between a ronin and an assassin. But even the ronin saw the assassins below them.

More than anything else, the problem was that Woo Dam-ha, the hostess of Guryongsalmak, hates So Yeo-wol terribly.

Woo Dam-ha, who has the most power after Koh Go-myeong, ignored So Yeo-wol, so others could not get along with her.

“Do you think it will be all right?”

“Mrs. Wu will not be alone.”

The warriors who had been subdued by the blood demons and were on their knees shouted.

They were the ones who did not show any hostility towards Sawyeowol. Because of that, he saved his life, but he couldn’t take a good look at Soyeowol, who caused this tragedy.

Then Sawyerwol appeared.

There was someone’s body in her arms.

It was the body of Woo Dam-ha that the survivors were looking for.

“Uh… madam?”


“Killing Mrs. Wu? How can I handle the anger of Zhuang Zhu?”

The high-ranking officials were shocked to see the body of Damha Wu.

They could not take their eyes off the corpse of Udamha.

So Yeo-wol put down the body of Udam-ha in front of them and said.

“I didn’t kill him.”

“Do not deceive us.”

“The one who killed Mrs. Wu is Pyo-wol. He killed the Sleeping God and Mrs. Wu. The scars on their bodies are proof.”


“You guys saw it too. that the pyowol had intruded. I just dealt with the traitors who opened the door for the moon to enter the new moon field.”

Sawyerwol was confident.

Her whole body was radiating tremendous momentum that overwhelms the crowd.

The crowd was overwhelmed by her.

‘Was So Sojeo like this?’

‘It’s not the achievement of a simple assassin.’

Like masters, they easily noticed that Soyeowol’s achievements were very far-fetched.

Sawyerwol looked at the unmanned people and continued.

“I already informed my father of the trouble that happened here.”

“Did you really tell the last lord?”

“There is no reason for me to lie. Not only did he lose his sleeping god, but even his mother lost his life.”


“I’ll say it again, I’ve only dealt with the traitors of Guryongsalmak. If this is wrong or if I misjudged it, I will gladly be punished by my father.”


The crowd, overwhelmed by Soyeowol’s momentum, couldn’t say anything.

I couldn’t even breathe out loud.

So Yeo-wol took full control of Guryongsalmak.

She revealed the presence she had been hiding until now.

Sawyerwol continued.

“Now is not the time to fight among ourselves. Now that we’ve dealt with all the traitors, we need to catch Pyowol who caused this sadal. He is truly our main enemy.”

“The main enemy?”

“The moon!”

“that’s right. Without the leap moon, none of this would have happened today. We must track him down and kill him. If I miss him today, the aftermath will be endless.”

Sawyerwol did not miss the shaking of people’s hearts.

“I already sent the old enemy king to Cheonwonsa to kill Pyowol. But it’s too early to be reassured by that alone. As we all know, the killing method of Pyowol is beyond imagination. If you do something wrong, you could lose even the lord in his hands.”

“The last lord…”

“No way?”

The unmanned people’s eyes shook.

The word that the malfunction might be dangerous was enough to paralyze their reason.

My doubts about So Yeo-wol disappeared and I just thought that I had to go to Cheonwonsa Temple to find Go-jangmyeong. So Yeo-wol shouted with all his energy.

“We are going to Cheonwonsa to save the Lord right now.”

“let’s go!”

Chunwoo Song followed suit and shouted.

His voice was the catalyst.

“Let’s go to Cheonwonsa Temple.”

“Let’s go find the last lord.”

The soldiers of Guryongsalmak shouted together.

Sawyerwol led them from the front.

The warriors of Guryongsalmak followed her as if possessed by something.

Shin Gong-ha took the lead in leading the soldiers of Guryongsalmak, and thought while watching So Yeo-wol’s back.

‘It’s a great demagoguery.’

Shin Gong-ha was a great warrior who was in the top 10 of the Guryongsalmak hierarchy. However, he has a gentle personality and hates trouble, so he usually doesn’t get involved in the affairs of Guryongsalmak.

More than anything, he felt sorry for Soyeowol.

It is because he saw vividly the hardships So Yeo-wol had to go through since childhood.

When he found out that So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu were raised as assassins by Dam-ha Woo, he felt heartbroken as if it were his business. That’s why I didn’t have to intervene in this incident and stood by my side.

He had the belief that even if he just stood by, everything would go back to normal when the last owner, Gong Myung-myeong, returned later.

No matter how great the soyeowol was, it was like a firefly in front of a full moon compared to Go Myung.

No, I didn’t even have to go to the breakdown.

All problems can be solved with only Ko Il-won, the son of Goh Myung-myeong and So Yeo-wol’s half-brother, stepping out.

Ko Il-won, the sole owner of the ghost fleet, loved the sea and stayed at Shinwoljang very few days. However, many people still thought that Go Il-won was the next generation’s supreme.

When the problem gets serious, the two will step out.

That’s why he was able to calmly observe Soyeowol’s actions. And there were quite a few people who thought like Shin Gong-ha.

They all followed Soyeowol to Cheonwonsa Temple.

Soyeowol, who was in the lead, murmured.

“Now die splendidly for me. A leap!”



With the explosion, the huge Daeungjeon collapsed.

The enemy king soared through the rubble and into the air.

His entire body was drenched in sweat and blood. He was wounded by Koo Guo-hye’s terrifying attack.


He gritted his teeth and looked down at his feet.

At that moment, I saw Koo Hye-hye flying through the dust and debris.

The appearance of Koo Mun-hye rushing forward with red eyes radiating was reminiscent of a demon from hell.

“Calm down, Roh Tae-tae!”

The King of the Redeemer burst into the lion’s roar, but it did not have any effect on Koo Guo-hye’s psyche.

The enemy king had no choice but to attack her again.


A powerful river crossing hit Koo Guo-hye. But this time, the anti-tank energy that swirled around her body offset all the shock.

The enemy king despaired.

Koo Guo-hye’s formidable inaction.

Because of his situation, he had no choice but to attack her.

Despair turned to anger, and his anger turned to the moon.

See it!

Pyo-wol was wielding a suhonsa against the Suranang people.

The people of Suranang were losing their lives to the condensation of energy that was too minute to be seen.

He was not enough to kill the last owner, Koo Myung, and he had a fight with himself and Koo Mun-hye. My teeth trembled at his brutal yet meticulous mind system.

‘You must kill him. If we leave him alive, there will be no future in Guryongsalmak.’


At that moment, Guo Guo-hye’s attack hit him hard.

The enemy king flew and landed on the wall.

The walls collapsed in a cloud of dust.

Koo Mun-hye opened her eyes to find the enemy king’s trail.

At that moment, the Red King broke through the dust and ran to Pyowol.

Gu Guo-hye tracked down such an enemy king.

The enemy king’s intention was simple.

He wants to return it just as Pyowol did to him.

At that moment, Pyo-wol noticed the enemy king’s intentions and moved toward the gathering of the Suranangin and the white-clad ghosts.

If Koo Guo-hye is guided in the direction of Pyo-wol, even his subordinates will suffer great damage.

The enemy king put on a dejected expression.

‘This goblin is trying to suck out all the bone marrow.’

Even if it’s wrong, it’s firmly wrong.

Pyowol was more persistent than a leech and more cruel than any demon.

Even on the battlefield outside of the new world, I had never seen a human like this before.

King Jeok gave up on guiding Koo Guo-hye to the place where Pyo-wol was.

Instead, he cried out loud.

“I will be blocking Roh Tae-tae, so Suranangin and Baek-gwiyeongdae should do everything in their power to eliminate the envoy. Kill him at any cost.”

Suranangin and White Gwiyeongdae did not answer.

They know it too.

As long as Pyowol exists, there is no future in Guryongsalmak.

‘Definitely kill.’

‘Even if I sacrifice my life, I will kill him.’

They were just as desperate as the enemy king.

I don’t know what skills he learned, but Pyowol was gradually recovering his strength even during the fierce battle.

I really didn’t know what kind of move Pyowol would use if he recovered all his energy.

Before he could fully recover, he had to somehow end his life.



Like a herd of wild dogs running after seeing prey, they rushed at Pyowol like mad.


The warriors who were pierced by the suhonsa fell forward. However, the warriors in the back didn’t care and climbed over the corpses of their colleagues and attacked Pyowol.

The Tao sword cut through the air.

Pyowol’s clothes were torn and his muscles were split.

Drops of blood splattered and a sharp pain struck, but Pyowol did not let out a single scream.

It’s a fight where you die if you stop.

I couldn’t rest because I was sick and tired.

I had to move as long as I could breathe.

Fortunately, Guo Guo-hye can’t pay attention to this side because she is dealing with the enemy king.

Goo Moon-hye’s madness reached its peak.

The enemy king was also a great warrior, but he was no match for Koo Guo-hye.

The whole body of the Red King was dyed as red as the moon.

In the first place, the enemy king was an unfavorable fight.

King Jeok couldn’t use his life force as much as Goo Guo-hye did. So I was more on the defensive.

It was unknown how much longer the enemy king would last. But while he was still holding on, he had to fight.

It was then.


Noticing that Pyo-wol’s nerves were distracted, the white-clad ghost Daeju rushed to him.

In his eyes, who lost his master’s name, he could only see Pyowol.

Pyo-wol belatedly noticed his approach and swung the suhonsa.

Instead of avoiding the wedding ceremony, the white-clad ghost Daeju raised his left arm and blocked the front.


His left arm was cut off and he flew through the air.

He lost an arm in an instant, but the white-clad ghost master didn’t blink an eye.

Thanks to sacrificing one arm, he was able to get close to the moon.


The white-clad ghost Daeju did everything in his power to set the stage.

Pyowol could not avoid his attack and allowed it.


With the heavy drinking, Pyowol’s body flew away like a kite with a string cut off.

The excruciating pain made him lose his mind. However, Pyo-wol did not lose his mind.

Rather, it flipped over in the air and increased its speed.

Where he was flying, Koo Hye-hye and the King Jeok were entangled in a fight.

The white-clad ghost Daeju, who belatedly realized Pyowol’s intentions, shouted.

“Oh, no!”

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